Flowering Flatmate Friendship

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Author’s note: This story builds slowly. As a fantasy it is unrealistic, but I’ve tried to treat the characters with respect. I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to KrysieJ and LostLittleLamb for the detailed and thoughtful feedback. They made this silly story better than it deserves to be.

Disclaimer: Although not stated explicitly, all characters are over 18 years old.

* * * * * * *

After a long day of moving into the new apartment, Bill gratefully crawled into bed. The room was small, but the apartment building was relatively new construction and he had his own tiny patio with a view of the pool. Best of all, it was a short walk to work.

The other bedroom in the apartment was shared by Amanda and Janelle, friends of a friend from university. They had been on the university softball team together and after graduation had both been hired as assistant coaches. Bill had only met them a few times during his time at school, and they didn’t have much in common, but he couldn’t pass up such an affordable place to live. As long as he had his private room, he figured, it didn’t really matter how well he got along with them.

Fatigue took him easily to sleep for some time before strange sounds woke him up. For a moment he thought he heard a woman crying, but then he realized with a shock that these weren’t sounds of sadness. Through the wall of his bedroom, he plainly heard both Amanda and Janelle moaning in sexual pleasure. Bill found himself wide awake listening, his dick growing in response. The intensity of the moaning increased over several minutes, until they peaked in sharp cries and then all was silent again.

He hadn’t realized they weren’t just roommates. Bill had a nagging feeling in his brain that he had stepped into a more complicated living arrangement than he had expected, but his brain was unable to complete that thought as he grabbed some tissues and vigorously masturbated himself. After an intense release, he easily drifted back to sleep.

Later that night, the pressure in Bill’s bladder woke him out of a deep sleep. He pulled on sweatpants and crept quietly into the hall so he didn’t wake his new flatmates. The bathroom light illuminated the hall through the open door, but he heard nothing and so figured one of them had left it on. As he stepped through the open bathroom door, though, he was jolted awake by the sight of Amanda sitting on the toilet.

Her shoulder-length hair was a tangled mess of black clumps pointing every direction. Her brown eyes were puffy from sleep, but wide with surprise. She wore a faded softball t-shirt that was tight across her small breasts, and plaid boxers were bunched around her ankles.

“Ocupada, motherfucker!” she said with a laugh. He caught a brief glimpse of black hair between her beautiful dark thighs as she pushed the door closed in his face. Through the door he heard the hiss of a powerful stream of pee blast into the toilet.

He instantly became fully erect, and he hurried back to his room and closed the door. He sat there in silence, his powerful arousal fighting with his painfully full bladder, listening. After what seemed an eternity, but was probably only a minute, he heard the toilet flush and Amanda return to the room she shared with Janelle and close the door.

As silently as he could, Bill crept back into the bathroom and took care to lock the door. After a few painful minutes of trying to relax his erection and not think about Amanda’s bush, he finally managed to empty his bladder. Back in his bed he masturbated again, his imagination running wild about what Janelle and Amanda had been doing with each other. Exhausted, Bill fell asleep a final time that night with the image of Amanda’s bush dancing in his brain.

* * * * * * *

The next morning, he was eating cereal in the kitchen when Janelle came in to get her own breakfast. She greeted him with a chipper but perfunctory “good morning!” She was dressed in Wildcats softball gear in preparation for work. Her straight blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail pulled through a visor. She had thick, strong arms and legs and a solid torso with large breasts compressed into a sports bra beneath her tight shirt. Bill guessed that if she ever stopped exercising so much she would become fat, but at this point in her life she was solid and powerful. She was about as tall as he was, maybe 5’9″. Her face was not particularly pretty, but she did have a voluptuous figure. Spooning cereal into his mouth, Bill tried to stop himself from imagining her naked, her thick thighs spread wide with Amanda’s face pressed between them.

Amanda joined them in the kitchen, her straightened black hair still damp from the shower and pulled into a ponytail, but otherwise dressed identically to Janelle. But where Janelle exuded power, Amanda’s taut and compact body was quick and nimble. Amanda was at least six inches shorter than Janelle, and far thinner. Her small breasts were nearly flat beneath the compression of her sports bra. Her legs were striking, beautiful dark brown skin with bursa escort nice muscle definition. Bill tried not to think about the dark patch of hair he’d seen between them.

“Good morning, Mr. Pee Peeper!” Amanda said cheerfully, clearly pleased with her wit. Bill felt his face go red. Turning to Janelle, Amanda said, “Can you believe it? Last night our new flatmate walked right in on me while I was peeing!”

“No way!” Janelle said. “Did he peep your pussy? Did he stare at your snatch?”

Amanda laughed and turned to Bill, who was frozen in terror. “I wonder! Hey Bill, did you glimpse my gash? Did you see my slit?”

The women howled with laughter at their jokes and Bill’s mortification.

“It… it was an accident!” Bill stammered out.

Amanda punched him in the upper arm, hard. “Relax, Bill! I know it was an accident. I was the one who forgot to close the door. I’m just pulling your leg.”

Bill tried to relax as she moved on to getting breakfast. Amanda ate quickly and noisily, chewing with her mouth open, which was just disgusting enough to distract him momentarily from his embarrassment.

“Come on Jay, we’re gonna be late,” Amanda said with her mouth full of her final bite as she dropped her dishes in the sink. At the door they collected their gear bags and keys as they prepared to depart.

“Wait, wait,” Janelle said. “Did he view your vag?” Amanda burst out laughing again. “Did he scrutinize your thighs? Did he behold your folds?” Wheezing with laughter they hung on to each other for support.

When Amanda finally caught her breath again, she said, “Have a good day at work, Beaver Bill!”

“Bye-bye, B.B.!” Janelle said.

Laughing too loudly for an apartment hallway, the women closed the door behind them and left Bill alone. He felt confused, and embarrassed, and a little irritated that the women had left dirty dishes in the sink and a banana peel on the counter. He tidied up the kitchen and left for work himself, hoping that they would have forgotten about the bathroom incident after work.

* * * * * * *

On the way home from work he stopped to pick up ingredients for dinner. He knew it was a long shot, but he hoped that making food would help put the embarrassing incident in the past. The secret weapon he pinned his hopes on was pizza.

When he got home, Amanda and Janelle were absorbed in a movie. As he started working in the kitchen, Amanda came over to investigate. When she heard he was going to be tossing the pizza dough in the air like in the cartoons, she was hooked. She wanted to learn everything, and he had a surprisingly fun time making dinner with her. The pizza dough never once fell on the floor, and the result was delicious.

Bill was feeling pleased with his little ruse until he went to bed and Amanda called out, “Goodnight, B.B.!” She would probably never forget.

Despite his embarrassment, he still found himself sitting in bed with a hard-on imagining Amanda and Janelle naked. Soon enough he heard sounds in their bedroom through the wall. Would they be having sex again tonight? He held his dick in hopeful anticipation as he listened in silence. Sure enough, he started to hear soft moans that quickly grew louder. Grabbing some tissues, he stroked himself along to the moans, trying to imagine what wonderful things were happening on the other side of the wall. When he heard the cries peak in ecstasy, he ejaculated all over his belly. After a quick cleanup he rolled over and slept soundly.

The rest of the week kept to the same basic pattern. Things were normal during the day, and every night Amanda and Janelle had sex in the next room while Bill listened and masturbated.

One thing that felt odd to Bill was that he didn’t even remotely have a crush on either of them. All his previous sexual fantasies had involved some level of infatuation, perhaps even love. With Amanda and Janelle, he wasn’t even sure he liked them very much. They were slobs, always leaving the kitchen a mess and all kinds of junk strewn over the apartment. They mostly watched sports on TV, and this didn’t interest Bill, so they didn’t spend much time together. The one exception was that Amanda sometimes helped him cook, and he had to admit that was fun. Outside of that, he simply didn’t have much in common with them.

Amanda and Janelle’s relationship mystified him a bit because they never showed affection in front of him. No hugs, no kisses, no affectionate touching. They just seemed like normal friends, though obviously they were more than that. Bill figured they simply weren’t comfortable showing affection in front of him.

He knew it wasn’t right for him to listen to them having sex. But it’s not like he could avoid it. All he was doing was existing in his bedroom. It wasn’t his fault they were so loud. He briefly considered telling them what he could hear, but it just seemed too awkward to bring up.

When he masturbated to the sounds of their lovemaking, his imagination was weirdly focused only on their bodies. He didn’t want to kiss them, bursa escort bayan he didn’t want to love them, and he didn’t want to be loved by them. But he did want to see, and touch, and taste their sexy bodies. It wasn’t the weirdest fantasy he’d had, and he didn’t see why he shouldn’t enjoy this unexpected perk of living in this flat. After a few weeks, this routine, as odd as it was, seemed settled.

That all changed, however, on the fourth weekend.

* * * * * * *

Bill awoke on that Saturday pleased to realize he didn’t have any obligations the entire weekend. He planned to play video games all day and was eager to get started. Walking into the kitchen, he was pleased to see that there was just enough coffee remaining for him to have a cup.

“Good morning,” he said to the two women sitting at the table in front of dirty breakfast dishes, engrossed in their phones.

“Morning, B.B.,” Amanda said without looking up from her phone. This was of course short for “Beaver Bill” after he had walked in on her in the bathroom, but it no longer made him embarrassed and it wasn’t said with malice. It was simply what she called him.

“Morning,” Janelle echoed, looking up at him and smiling warmly. She looked genuinely happy to see him, which was a first. Bill nervously smiled in return and busied himself fixing a bowl of cereal. Taking his coffee and cereal to the table he realized that Janelle had been watching him the whole time. She shamelessly continued staring at him as he took bites of cereal. A couple times he looked at her in acknowledgment and smiled, hoping that this would make her realize she was staring, but it did nothing to dissuade her.

Janelle unsubtly kicked Amanda under the table. Amanda looked up with a confused expression. Janelle tilted her head at Bill meaningfully, and then Amanda’s eyes registered understanding.

“Listen, B.B.,” Amanda said. “We wanted, well mostly Janelle, wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Um, okay,” Bill said.

“You’ve got a penis, right?” Amanda asked, as casually as if she wondered whether he was left or right-handed.

Bill was stunned but found himself nodding automatically.

“And with this penis,” Amanda continued, “do you like to fuck?”

Bill froze. Unsure what to say, he stared stupidly at Amanda.

“You know what I mean, B.B.,” Amanda continued impatiently. “Do you like to stick your little peen in a person and swirl it around until disgusting white goo comes out?”

Bill felt his face get hot with indignation. Janelle kicked Amanda under the table again, harder. Amanda sighed.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry!” Amanda said. “You can’t help it that penises are disgusting. I don’t hold it against you. But do you like to fuck?”

“I…” Bill hesitated and thought about lying, but even in his flustered state he realized he wasn’t truly embarrassed to be a virgin, and certainly didn’t care enough about Amanda and Janelle to be embarrassed in front of them. “I’ve never had sex.”

“Okay fine, I don’t care about that,” Amanda said impatiently. “What I mean is, are you a sexual person? Do you diddle on your dingus while delving into dirty thoughts?”

Bill stared at her stupidly.

“Dammit, B.B., this isn’t a trick question,” Amanda said. “I’m not trying to embarrass you. Look, let me explain. I LOVE sex. I’ve been fingering my clit non-stop since sometime in grade school. I can’t remember the last time I let a whole day go by without cumming at least once. I like softball, and I like fucking. Those are my priorities in life.”

Bill put the spoon down, having lost interest in eating. Janelle was watching him intently, her expression tense but hopeful. He tried to give Janelle a questioning look, but she just turned back to Amanda. What was happening?

“Now for me,” Amanda continued, “I like women. I like nothing more than burying my face in a wet pussy, except for maybe having a hottie buried in mine. Janelle is an ideal roommate for me because she is hot as fuck and just as horny. An ideal fuck-buddy.” Amanda looked at Janelle, and Bill followed her gaze. “God, she makes me cum so fucking hard.”

Janelle looked down in embarrassment.

“Personally,” Amanda continued, “penises do nothing for me. I just don’t see the point. Sexually I’m a lesbian, though I’ve never had a real romantic relationship with anyone. But Janelle is bisexual. She likes penises. Or, as I keep telling her, she THINKS she likes them even though she has no personal experience with one. I put up with so much porn with penises, you wouldn’t believe.

“Anyway, Janelle has been pushing me to ask you since the first day you moved in here, so I’m asking. I don’t give a shit what you answer, you just damn well better be honest for Janelle’s sake. Do you want to be fuck-buddies with us?”

Bill entered a level of dumbstruck he had never before experienced. Time seemed frozen as his mind tried to process the words Amanda had spoken.

“We’re not talking about ‘making love’,” Amanda continued, making air quotes escort bursa with her fingers and sticking her tongue out disdainfully. “Me and Janelle are not ‘lovers’ and we’re not ‘girlfriends.’ We’re just good friends who like cumming together.”

She shrugged before continuing. “And if you want to join us, you need to be prepared to put work into it. You don’t get to be a selfish asshole. Your tongue is going to be worn out from licking pussy, and there’ll be no complaints. I’m not interested in your dick like Janelle is, but I don’t mind having another mouth around to suck my clit. If you’re in, you’ve got to be all in.” Amanda turned to Janelle. “Well, does that cover it? Did I forget anything?”

Janelle whispered something to Amanda.

“Oh right,” Amanda said. “And we’re not messing around when it comes to birth control. You won’t be sticking your nasty thing inside me, only Janelle, but we’re both on the pill just in case you spray in the wrong place. And to make extra sure, you’re going to use a condom every time you stick it in her. No spooge in these coochies!”

Bill had always imagined his first time having sex would be with someone he cared about. Something tender, and intimate, and special. What Amanda had proposed was none of those things, and might in many ways be an unbelievably bad idea. But his dick was harder than perhaps it had ever been before, and he knew there was no way he would turn down this offer.

“Okay,” Bill said. “Sure.”

“See,” Amanda said to Janelle. “I told you he’d be cool with it.” She stood up from the table and pulled her shirt off. Bill stared helplessly at her breasts. Her upper body was trim and muscular, with a very flat stomach. Her breasts were small with large black nipples, erect and beautiful.

Without pausing she pulled down her boxer shorts and let them drop to the floor with her shirt. Standing before him naked, she put her hands on her hips as he stared with fascination at the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair between her legs. Seeing all this beautiful dark brown skin was overwhelming. He’d always found black women especially beautiful, but Amanda’s body was simply stunning.

“Come on, you two. We need to shower so we can get started. If I have to deal with a penis in my life, it damn well better be perfectly clean. I will NOT tolerate any stanky ball sacks!” With that, Amanda walked down the hall and into the bathroom. Bill admired her muscular legs and ass. Amanda was crass and a slob, but she had a remarkably fit body.

Bill looked over at Janelle, who seemed as paralyzed as he was. With a tremendous effort, Bill forced himself to stand. He pulled off his shirt, very aware of how weak he looked in comparison to Amanda. Rushing before he lost his nerve, he yanked his pants down too, freeing his erection as it strained in the air before Janelle’s gaze. She looked up at him, smiled, and then looked back to his penis. Feeling both excited and embarrassed, he turned and followed Amanda into the bathroom, hoping Janelle would be following soon.

He found Amanda in the shower, shampooing her hair. She pulled the curtain back and waved him in.

“Hey, not bad,” she said, looking at his crotch. “That’s a respectable peen you’ve got there. I’m relieved that Janelle’s first penis will be a good one.”

Amanda leaned her head back to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. Bill admired her body, watching suds cascade down her chest and catch in the wet hair between her legs. He felt stupid staring at her with his dick pointing straight out, but he didn’t know what else to do. This didn’t feel real. In the space of a few minutes, everything about his sexual experience was turned on its head, to say nothing of his living arrangements.

Amanda finished rinsing her hair and opened her eyes to see him staring. “I’m fucking hot, aren’t I? You are so lucky.” Bill nodded, his eyes locked on her breasts. Amanda pulled him by the arm into the spray of water as she stepped out of it. She squirted body wash on her chest and started rubbing her body, her dark nipples poking out from sudsy breasts.

“Dammit, where’s Janelle? JANELLE GET IN HERE!” she called.

Janelle’s face and a bare shoulder peaked around the door. “I’m here, you don’t need to yell,” she said.

Amanda laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re feeling shy! You’ve been talking about B.B.’s dick for weeks. I got it for you, right here. Now come and get it.”

Bill watched as Janelle stepped into the doorway, completely naked. Her breasts were huge, with wide areolas and pink nipples that seemed flush against them. Her body wasn’t taut like Amanda’s, but still strong and fit. Between her thick thighs he saw the clean-shaven lips of her vulva. Her eyes were locked on his erect cock.

“God, you look so good, Janelle,” Amanda said. She elbowed Bill. “Doesn’t she look good?”

“You look amazing,” Bill said.

“Come on, get in here,” Amanda said. “Check out his dick. He’s so hard for us.”

Without taking her eyes off his penis, Janelle stepped into the shower with them. Amanda pulled Bill out of the water and Janelle into it. She squirted body wash onto Janelle’s chest and then handed the bottle to Bill. Bill started soaping himself, and he watched as Amanda washed Janelle’s breasts.

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