Flirting With Becky

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I had always admired her body. There was something very sexy, very erotic about the way she carried herself. Her shoulder length brown hair danced up and down when she walked. She was 29, but didn’t look any older than the 18 year old girls my age. Her breasts were small, but firm. She had very dark brown eyes that emanated a “cuddle me” look if you stared into them.

We both worked at a General Merchandise store. I was a shelf stocker, she worked in the accounting office. I would accompany her around the store on occasion when she would have to skim money from the cash registers. But this one particular day, things were different.

She called me to the office to go on the pickup run, and right away I felt an electric charge between us. It was like she had a force field of sexuality that was reeling me in. “Hi Becky.”

“Hey Steve.”

“Ready to be my escort?” The twinkle in her eye and her smirky grin sent ripples through my body. I felt my cock stir in my jeans. “Sure,” I replied with a grin.

Things went along as usual for the first two pickups, but on the third pickup, in the automotive department, pendik escort things changed. We were joking about the girl that worked in the department and how all the male customers drooled over her. I said, “she’s alright, but I think you’re much prettier than she is.” She stopped, looked me dead in the eye and said “flattery will get you everywhere.” Again my cock stirred. Was I misreading her, or was her flirting revealing her hidden desires? As we finished our rounds, I shrugged the idea off as just playful flirting.

I had fantasized about Becky for several months. She had frequently been the object of my masturbation sessions. I dreamed of sucking her small, firm tits. It took me totally off guard when she invited me into the back office.

“Wanna come in and visit for a few minutes? We never have time to just talk!,” she said. I replied and emphatic but shaky “Cool” and followed her in. Here we were, behind a locked door, alone, me and my masturbation fantasy. My heart was racing. I could feel my breaths coming in short succession.

“Did you know that today is my birthday?” kartal escort she said coyly. “No, I didn’t Becky, Happy Birthday!” cracked out of my nearly adolescent throat. I wasn’t a virgin, but I sure felt like it! I was taken totally by surprise when she said “Don’t I get a birthday hug?” My mind raced…was she coming on to me? Was she trying to seduce ME? This was like a dream come true!

I wrapped my arms timidly around her, feeling somewhat awkward that a woman eleven years my senior was being so blatant with her flirting!

She squeezed me tight…moaning into my chest. “I’ve wanted you to hold me like this for a lonnnng time,” she cooed. My heart was throbbing, my knees felt shaky. Was this really happening? I stammered “Really?” as she rubbed her hands up and down my back. “MMMMMM yes!” she exclaimed!

I was astounded! Here I was, being held tightly by this sexy older woman and I was choking on what to do next! I finally regained my composure and blurted out “I’ve wanted to hold you like this too!” She looked up into my eyes and confessed “when I look at maltepe escort you it makes me almost cream in my jeans!” That was it. Passion took over and I slammed my mouth onto hers. My tongue finding it’s way inside her already parted mouth. We kissed, and caressed each others backs. I ran my hands up under her hair…up her neck and over the top of her head. Her hair teasing up with sexual electricity.

Our bodies were pressing together tightly. My hands wandered down to her ass and as I squeezed her cheeks and pulled her closer, she moaned loudly. My cock was throbbing and aching….I ran my hands around to her cunt. I could feel the heat emanating from her jeans. “I want you” was all I could manage to gasp into her ear. “Not here, not like that” she whispered.

Before I could register a complaint, she was unbuttoning my jeans and releasing my cock. She immediately dropped to her knees and wasted no time in sucking the full length of my rod into her hot mouth. Her tongue danced wildly all over my shaft, and in a matter of minutes I could feel the urge to blow beginning to boil up in my groin. “I’m going tooo cuuum” was all I could muster. The reply came as I was cumming… “MMMMMMMMMM.” She drank every drop of my jism and licked my shaft clean.

She stood up and we kissed deeply, tasting my cum on her lips. “Wait till next time!” she said. “I’m looking forward to it!” I grinned!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32