Flight Delay

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Airplane flights always seemed to raise his libido. Maybe it was the freedom of going a way alone, escaping humanity. Maybe it was the sound of the engines, or the buffeting of the air against the wings and fuselage, or the fact that attractive young women walked up and down the aisle, bumping his shoulders with their hips. He didn’t know, but he knew how aroused he became, thankful for the tray table which he could lower and hide the conspicuous bulging of his hardness. The flight to Denver was exactly that way. But now, on the flight back home, a delicious memory caused it to happen more intensely. His pleasurable engorgement brought with it a delicious soreness, telling of extended, loving use. He thought back to this morning, after having taking the red-eye from Los Angeles to Denver, to meet his loving friend…

His heart beat like a drum, his hand resting on her leg as he drove. He could feel the warmth and anticipation in her hand as it touched his, resting on her knee. The feeling of both exhilaration and adventure permeated his body, and he felt a bit boyish driving with a full erection. She began sliding her hand up and down his thigh. When it bumped into the end of his fullness she hesitated, moved her hand downward, then back up again, brushing the large bullet shape of his head. Curiously, she used her forefinger and thumb like calipers, testing what was there. He winced in pleasure, both the pleasure of her sensual touch, and the knowledge that she was feeling something very substantial. As he turned into the motel her fingers were gently caressing up and down his full length.

He’d fantasized just such a meeting from the first time they talked on line, when he realized that there was something very special about this woman, wanting to send pictures that he’d taken in secret, and let her know what an exhibitionist he was. But he withheld, then gave in to his urges. He was a bit amazed that he made the trip, just for lunch. Such was the allure of this exciting young woman. The time at the restaurant sped by; hours seemed like minutes. But they seemed to know each other so well so quickly. Of course, the time spent on line had opened a kind of communication that made such a meeting easy.

She was seated next to him in the booth, flirting and laughing. He slapped at his leg in his laughter, and his hand touched her knee. He looked into her soft eyes and she blushed. At the same time he felt her leg loosen and move toward him. His hand slipped beneath her skirt, and moved deliberately up her inner thigh. The feel of smooth nylon on her firm legs was like catnip to him, and he eagerly walked his fingers to the warmth of her crotch. As he felt the humid warmth between her legs, he heard her breath quicken, and saw her nostrils flare. His middle finger felt for the verge of her two lips, and moved toward the delicious güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri swelling sandwiched between them.

The time in the restaurant was deliciously provocative. He couldn’t believe that he could ejaculate, by just touching, and felt cheated that he’d so foolishly made the trip “just to say hi.” It was interruptus from the word go, and he hated the fact that his plane would be leaving so soon.

She walked him from the car to his gate at the airport. They kissed hungrily. Reluctantly she turned to leave when he grabbed her hand. The way she ended up in his arms was like a sensuous dance step. Their lips eagerly kneaded, and their hips ground together in a primitive fertility rite. Oblivious of the curious stares from passers by, primal moans came from deep within them. He looked up at the schedule board and saw another plane due to leave in 6 hours.

He unlocked the door to the motel, smiling at how the female clerk had given him a knowing wink while handing him the key, and he thought …would be nice if she could join us. As the door closed they locked in a passionate embrace, lips moving, tongues exploring, hungry fingers fumbling with buttons and zippers. They were completely naked, yet somehow their kiss never broke. Like starving children, their lips smacked, their tongues exploring wildly, and saliva ran down their chins.

This hunger had to be satisfied. She began stroking his engorged cock, while he moved his finger in and out of her vagina. The words came from deep within as she moaned, “I want you inside me Teddy. Fuck me, Fuck me!” She fell on the bed, her legs spread and raised. He positioned the shiny head of his swollen cock against her opening and slid deeply inside her spongy vessel. There was no holding back their primitive needs as they began to undulate and pump, his hardness sliding in her lubrous vagina like a piston, their stomachs slapping together in sensual applause. Moaning and grunting, they moved together in wild abandon. He let out a scream…”Oh baby!” as he plunged deeply one more time, and spurted his warm semen inside her. Her legs wrapped around his body and she moaned, “Oh my god, this is good!”

Spent, they lay together, semi blacked out…now coming down to earth, both knowing that their pent up lust had been released, but implored satiation. Their heads rested close together, sharing one pillow. He stroked her hair, combing it with his fingers as she caressed his cheek with the backs of her fingers. Their feet moved up and down each other’s legs.

Gazing intently, looking beyond their eyes, they both smiled, just before their lips pressed together softly, gently suckling, pulling sensually at the other’s soft lobes, extending, and parting with tiny clicks of vacuumed wetness. His fingers stroked her thigh ever so gently; neither he nor she could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri barely feel the touch. She was so aware of his sensual finger prints gliding over her skin, and it sent a chill down her spine, which raised goose bumps on her arms.

She smoothed her fingertips over his shoulders and down his biceps. He felt a tiny tingle at the base of his scrotum and could feel his shaft filling with blood again. As he fondled her petite soft breasts, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he felt them begin to throb, filling with her rushing blood.

Reaching over and pulling her on her side he scootched closer, feeling her warmth, as if her nipples were sending out rays of pent-up energy. She wiggled ever so slightly, and her nipples touched the eager flesh of his chest. He walked his fingers down her waist to her hip, them across her bottom and down to the crack, and then to the confluence of her two legs. Back and forth his fingers smoothed. “Sssssssss,” emanated from her lips, and he felt her nipples firming harder against his chest.

She threw her leg over his as a tiny click indicated the parting of her sodden labia. His fingers pressed on the base of her spine and followed it down the crevice of her bottom, opening it slightly. Gathering saliva in his mouth, he dripped it on his fingers and then sent them back to continue their purposeful search.

Wet, his fingers now slid between her cheeks, continuing the journey through her crevice, until they felt the wrinkled surface of her anus. Then in leisurely circles, he coated the puckered orifice with his slick saliva, then circled and pressed, until she undulated forward and back. She reached down, and felt his slick, growing penis. His legs pressed together as he flinched at her sensual touch.

His fingers continued their journey, through her glossy lips, made slipperier by the silky semen left from the bountiful ejaculations of their first coupling. When they reached their destination, he found it swollen, feeling huge to his sensitive fingertips, which skimmed so gently and easily over the slippery surface of her clitoris. The tip of his little finger tickled it ever so gently, and she winced, letting out another “ssssss” and then “mmmmm.” His forefinger and thumb closed gently against her hood, moved it up and down on her clitoris, then pinched a little more firmly and masturbated her clitoris, up and down, like a miniature cock.

As she undulated and moaned quietly, he pushed his fingers to one side of her clitoris and circled faster and faster. Her thighs squeezed together, holding his fingers firmly between them as he continued pressing and circling. “Ooooo, oooooo, oooooo, ooooo, OOH, OHHHHH!” Her body relaxed and air escaped in a long soft stream which flowed through her nose. “Mmmmmmmmm…thank you” güvenilir bahis şirketleri she said.

Amazed at how quickly he became fully erect again, he sighed as her hands were stroking him. He straddled her, then turned, reversing position, and looked down at her thatched mound, then back up the skin between their bodies, her breasts like omelets with hard points. As he spread her legs she looked lustfully at the veined shaft and shiny purplish head that oozed a crystal drop from its slit. He winced as he felt the tip of her tongue probe his slit, and lowered himself to her folded pink lips, as she licked the clear balm around his head.

As his tongue touched her clitoris, her lips rimmed his head. He felt her sucking him deeply into her mouth, just as he began gliding his tongue through her semen coated groove. Her lips, tongue, and soft pallet all excited his male promontory, causing his breathing to become labored. His tongue finally reached her puckered anus, and he heard “mmmm mmmm” muffled by a mouthful of cock, as he probed her tangy ring.

He raised and lowered her legs, his tongue traveling from anus to clitoris and back. She sucked and moved her mouth quickly in matching movements. Slurping sounds came from his lips. Muffled grunts and moans came from hers, so full of his manhood.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth with a sharp “pop”, he bounced off of her, and pulled her legs, straitening her body across the bed. Then he turned her over and pulled up on her hips to bring her to her knees, her face lying on her arms on the bed.

Now on his knees he parted her cheeks and probed her anus with his tongue, then placed his lips like a trumpet player against her labia. His compressed lips blew hard, filling the pouch of her vagina, and ballooned her until she could expand no more. He sucked out, and her spongy insides closed upon themselves, expelling into his mouth, the load left by his first penetration.

He placed his lips against her anus injecting the warm liquid inside her. Then, holding his erect penis in his hand, he placed it against the sphincter of her vagina, formed a socket, and then slid deep inside. Holding her hips he pumped slowly, 10 strokes, pulled back and paused. Then, thrusting deep inside, he stopped when his abdomen slapped against her bottom.

Now, with a steady slap, slap, slap, he moved in earnest, as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Both he and she were wet with perspiration. Almost to the point of exhaustion they fucked one another, both rising to a point of no return. Holding, holding, he waited for signs of her release, until he felt a rumbling from deep inside, and then an outcry “oooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” His balls exploded, sending a warm white stream flowing through the length of his shaft, filling her with his squirting essence. As he collapsed on top of her, he whispered in a moaning breath, “I love you sweet lady.”

He awakened from his momentary siesta. Her body was pressed warmly against his, her breasts flattened against his back. She breathed the shallowness of light sleep. He looked at the clock. Wonderful he thought we still have two more hours…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32