Fishing Trip

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You have gone on your fishing trip with the boys.

They are snug in their tent, and you in yours. The evening before had been quite cool, so this night you find yourself in a long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants inside your double sleeping bag. You don’t worry about the boys because they generate enough body heat to keep themselves warm. “Lucky dogs,” you think as you roll over burrowing down into your bag, seeking more warmth.

It seems like hours have passed, but it has not yet been an hour since you fell asleep, but you wake to a noise. Could be some wild life near by, but you hope that it isn’t – all you need is for three boys panicking around you for no reason when you could be sleeping and putting behind you the tensions of work. You look around the interior of the tent, the moon is illuminating the walls, and you make out shapes of trees and shrubs around you by their silhouettes against the tent’s walls. Suddenly you come across a shape in the darkness, certainly doesn’t look like a shrub or a tree – and you startle as it moves towards you.

“How on earth”…. you begin to sprout, as I walk towards you.

“Shush, you don’t want to wake up the boys” I say, “scoot over and give me some room”. You do so without hesitation, holding open the sleeping bag side, feeling the cool night air invade the inside of the bag.

“Quick, get in, the warmth is escaping” you bark, with a hint of humour in your voice.

I nestle down into the sleeping bag beside you. I have my three t-shirts and sweat pants on too. You pull me towards you so that your right arm is around my shoulders, burrowing my head against your chest, one arm down between your and my bodies, the other lying across your chest. My right hand strokes your side and moves across your chest stroking along your skin. Fingers and nails raking over your shirt.

Your hand around my shoulders moves to my neck, moving my hair out of the way, as you lightly stroke along my neck, around my shoulders, responding to the strokes of my hand on your body. No words are spoken, for none are needed. My hand moves lower and finds the bottom of your top and works its way under your shirt. My fingers lightly making their way up your chest reaching up to your nipples where my palm smoothes over your right nipple — making it rise. I know you like by your reaction — it’s hardened tip grazing the palm of my hand as I lightly stroke over it.

You move involuntarily because of the response of your body – feelings are awakening in your groin. Sensing that you are relaxing by my administrations, I move down your body and work canlı bahis şirketleri both hands up under your t-shirt, lightly stroking your nipples my palms over them. Tongue kisses follow along areas of your skin — making my way up along your chest — moving to one nipple and then the other. Alternating between each one, my tongue rolls around each nipple, teasing each to a peak to then lightly take one at a time between my teeth and gently pull and tug, switching between licks, kisses and nibbles – working you into a small frenzy.

My leg moves over your right leg, to rest between your legs. I can feel you begin to harden through your sweat pants, and smile to myself. The flap of the sleeping bag hasn’t been secured, so enables me to maneuver myself to straddle your legs, so I can work on getting your shirt up your arms and off over your head. Fortunately you kindly see my dilemma and assist in taking it off for me, resulting in a deep passionate tongue kiss in appreciation — during which your hands have made their own up under my t-shirts – the warmth of your hands against my skin making me shiver. I raise my arms so that you can draw them up and over my head – but you have other thoughts as you capture my shirts around my arms, exposing my breasts to your mouth so you can reciprocate in kind to my nipples, what I had done to yours. A little tit for tat.. lol.

Our administrations to each other’s bodies are making us warmer and the sleeping bag cover has been forgotten, instead has been scrunched up around us to make for more padding against the hard ground. We are kissing in a frenzy.. nibbling, licking, sucking each other’s tongues, ear lobes, necks. We breakaway from each other to regain our breath and to wiggle our way out of our sweat pants in order to be closer to each other, feel each others skin against skin.

You grab and roll me over your hips – I can feel you hard against my skin. My hands are splayed out on your chest, feeling your warmth and smooth my palms up to your neck, leaning into you as I do so. My fingers stroke your neck, around your ears, playing with your ear lobes. I rake my right hand along your jaw towards your mouth and you move to take one of my fingers into your mouth, holding it gently between your teeth, taking it into your warm moist mouth. Sucking on it gently, the experience is heady, my left hand moves towards the side of your face and my loose right hand fingers hold your face steady as I move into you and replace my finger with my tongue. While in our passionate kiss, your hands are roaming over my shoulders, down my arms, around to canlı kaçak iddaa my sides. Making your way down to my ass, you take a firm hold and lift me slightly so that you can slide your hard cock into my pussy, we both give a guttural grrrroan – it has been some time.

You slide in easily because I am sooo wet and ready for you, my walls swallow you up and I contract my muscles around you sucking you into me. We are still kissing, tongue tip to tongue tip, flicking gently to then swallow each other’s and suck on each other’s. Lips sliding over lips.

As you are pushing up into me, I am pushing down, engulfing as much of you as I can. Our kiss breaks and I move my hands back to your chest as I move to a more upright position, with you still inside me, moving inside me. We are silently enjoying each other. Your hands move to my breasts, taking my nipples into your fingers, rolling them around and pinching their peaks. You take them into your palms and can feel my hardened nipples against your palms as you make circles over my skin. My head moves back and I emit a contented sigh.

You take me by the sides of the arms and roll me over, I am underneath you and your hands are either side of my body as you thrust yourself deeper into me – if that is possible. Your mouth moves over my breasts alternatively taking each nipple into your mouth, rolling each bud with your tongue, nipping lightly. My fingers are in your hair, around your ears, holding your head over my breasts.

Your tongue moves down my chest, trailing down to my stomach, my hands move to my breast where you have just been, they are still wet from your mouth as I move my palms over my nipples.

You move in and out, in and out of me as you make your way further down, and you then slide out of me. Both of us emit a low grrrroan at this release. You make your way down between my legs, your shoulders between my thighs, spreading my legs so that my pussy is right there for your taking. You alternately kiss the insides of my thighs around my pussy, and I am pushing my hips up in anticipation of more to come.

Your fingers move to my pussy lips and spread them open. You press your tongue into me and lick slowly, deeply up to my clit, where your tongue flicks with pressure against it – resulting in my hips thrusting up and guttural groan escaping from my lips. Your fingers expose the area around my clit so that you can see my engorged bud, and you emit a guttural groan as you take lathe it with your tongue, lips, applying pressure to my bud, which drives me to distraction.

Your fingers now take the place canlı kaçak bahis of your tongue, working them over my bud as you move your mouth down to my opening where you thrust your tongue deeply into me. My hips are rocking into you as you move your tongue in and out, in and out. Your right hand moves down and you move two fingers inside of me, my muscles contracting around them, capturing them as you move them in and out. Your mouth and tongue moves back to my clit where your left hand has been doing a mighty good job!!!.. lol.

We are working into a frenzy, my hands are reaching down to you, finger nails are raking along the tops of your shoulders as you thrust your fingers into me and your tongue teases my clit into a verrrrry engorged state. You are getting sooo hard and you can feel precum ejecting out on to its head. I am soooo wet and you can tell by my sighs, my hip movements and your need that we are ready for release – you replace your fingers for your hard cock and you thrust yourself into me. You lean over me and we kiss passionately, deeply, my hands are roaming over your back and down, digging my nails gently into your ass, making you thrust a little more at the time. You can feel my hardened nipples against your chest as your lips move to the side of my neck and I move my head to one side to give you greater access. You suck and nibble to your hearts content and kiss your way across under my chin to the other side – all the while thrusting in and out. My hips are moving to meet your thrusts. Your hardness pushing against my engorged, sensitive clit. You can feel the pressure bubbling up inside you, ready to explode. We are breathing heavy now against each other’s necks, each knowing that release is close to hand. Hmmm the tension has now mounted, and with one final thrust you fill me. My muscles contract around you, you can feel the ripples around you for what I believe to have been an orgasm. You thrust a couple of times more, my muscles meeting each thrust – milking you dry.

You hold me, while still inside me. We kiss, not deep and passionate, but a little differently – lips to lips. You roll off me and with my head resting on your right arm, my back spooning to your front. Your left arm holding me tight against you, your hand cupping my right breast, my right hand cupping yours. My left-hand fingers entwined in your right, your breath against my neck — we fall asleep.

Daylight breaks through the trees and falls gently over the tent. You can hear the wildlife stirring, the ducks in the background on the water and the birds chirping in the trees. You can hear the stirring of the boys in the tent nearby. You wake suddenly knowing that they can’t find me there with you. But I am not. Your pillow is against your body, the sleeping bag scrunched around you and you feel a wet patch against your warm skin – I was in your dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32