Finding Adam

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Crack!… Crack!… The whip sounded as I flogged my fiancé. I’m sure there isn’t a man in the world who wouldn’t have a concrete erection looking at her right now.

Wrists bound and beginning to bruise, tied to a hook in the ceiling specifically installed there only for this one purpose. Blindfolded and unaware of when or where the next strike will occur. The welts and bruises all over her body starting to take shape into what she’ll look at in the mirror over the next week reminding her of the good whore she’s been.

Her nipples turning purple from the clamps that she forgot she’s wearing. I place one hand on her throat “It’s time to take them off.” I whisper into her ear from behind her.

“Take what off Daddy?” she replies.

I shove my fully erect cock into her dripping wet pussy from behind and at the same time pull her nipple clamps off one after the other. The searing pain of the blood rushing into her nipples feels like a hot poker, making her clench her vagina even harder around my raging hard cock and she loses sense of what is pleasure and what is pain.

She cannot remember what the difference is anymore and only knows that it feels euphoric. I can feel her juices trying to push their way around my cock as her pussy continues to squeeze me. I grab her throat harder and in one final thrust, I release my load into her causing her to loose whatever little bit she was holding back onto me.

I gently untie her and take the blindfold off, kissing every bruise and welt as I do so. I whisper in her ear “I love you, you’re a good whore.”

“Thank you Daddy.” she says.

Afterwards we lay on the bed covered in sweat locked in a embrace, my arm around her as she lays with her head on my chest falling asleep to the rhythmic beat of my heart.

I’m awoken the next day by a gentle kiss. “I love you, I’m off to work.” She says. I would’ve loved to drag her back into bed and had my way with her right then, but unfortunately the real world was beaconing.

I knew she’d be thinking of last night throughout the day though. Her drive to work, sitting at her desk, having to talk to her co-workers unable to look anyone in the eyes for fear they’ll somehow know the whore she really is.

Alas, it was my turn to get up and brave the real world. I got through my routine of waking up and left the house.

I stopped at a coffee house on my way to work, and unlike my fiancé, I love looking people in the eyes and talking to them thinking about the dirty things I do with my whore.

Maybe it’s a power trip or something.

I order my coffee looking straight into the barista’s eyes thinking of just that. He begins to make my drink and I notice that the crotch in his pants seems to be a bit bulged. ‘Does he have a hard on’ I think to myself. He hands me my drink and I think nothing more of it.

I return to the task of driving to work, periodically taking sips of my coffee. As I reach for the cup in my cup holder for the fifth or sixth time I notice a number written next to a name on my cup. The name is not mine.

‘Did he give me the wrong drink’ I wonder. Well, I’ve gone too far to return now so I guess I’m sticking with Adams drink. ‘But what is the number, should I call it. Maybe later’ I think.

I get to work and go through the monotony of the everyday bullshit. Lunch time comes around and I’m getting my things together and see the empty cup still on my desk. “Fuck it, I’m calling it.” I leave the office get in my car and call the number on the side of the cup.

No answer. A voicemail. “This is Adam, leave a message.” Short and to the point. The voice sounded familiar. “Where have I heard it.”

I’m not the brightest sometimes.

Of course it was the barista! He did have a hard on! And he gave me his number! But wait, I’m not gay. ‘Should I leave a message’ I pondered. Nope. I hung up the phone had lunch finished work and went home.

“How was your day sweetheart?” my fiancé Amy says to me.

“It was pretty normal I guess. A man gave me his number.”

“What!” she exclaims. “And how did that make you feel?” She Asks.

I tell her “It was exciting at first then I remembered I’m straight.”

“Well, did you think he was attractive?” she asks.

“I guess, he definitely had a hard on.” I tell her.

“So you were looking at his crotch?” she said with one eyebrow raised.

“Uh, yeah I guess I did.” I admit.

“Maybe you’re not as straight as you kocaeli escort think babe.” She says.

Shit…maybe she’s right.

Almost like magic my phone rings and I immediately recognize the number. It’s him. I answer with a mix of fear, curiosity, and excitement. “Hello”

“Hey this is Adam, sorry to call back so late, but did somebody from this number call me earlier?”

After what was probably a little to long of a silence I respond “Um, yes. This is Andre. You gave me your number at the coffee house this morning.”

“Yes I did. I’m glad you decided to use it. I don’t usually give my number to strangers but when you spoke to me I could see something in your eyes that really turned me on.”

‘Shit. Did he know what I was thinking about’ I wondered.

“I’m not gay.” I blurted out.

He laughed. “I’m not gay either. I like things that turn me on, I don’t need it to be a woman or a man.”

Interesting, I think. “I’ve never been with a man. I’m engaged and have a fucking awesome sex life with my fiancé.” I tell him.

“Have you ever thought of adding a little more to your awesome sex life.” he says.

As I’m about to tell him no, I think of the way his pants bulged from looking at me and instead say “What did you have in mind.”

“Who was that on the phone?” Amy asks.

“It was Adam, the man who gave me his number.”

“And how did that conversation go?”

“He wants to take us both out on Friday. How would you feel about that?” I ask her.

“I’ll do whatever you want Daddy.” she says.

I say to her “So you’d be okay handling two men at the same time if I wanted you to?”

she says “if that’s what you want Daddy, but hopefully you’ll be able to handle each other as well.”

I sometimes forget what a good whore she is. Her understanding and encouragement of this newfound curiosity immediately turns me on. I grab her hair and lift her off the chair she’s sitting on bringing her face to me where I can devour her. Kissing her and biting her lip and neck and ear.

I rip her clothes off with no care whatsoever to the condition they will be left in. I throw her back on the chair and shove my face between her legs. I suck her clit into my mouth flicking it with my tongue while my fingers are inside of her until I can feel her clit enlarging and her pussy beginning to tremble and I know she’s close to cumming.

I pull my face away from her vagina and kiss her inner thighs licking them working my way back toward her pussy. After having been so close to cumming only to be teased she instantly begins squirting on my face the second my tongue touches her clit. I put my fingers back inside her and continue to lick her until she begs me to stop because she can’t take it anymore.

She begs me to let her suck my cock after. She’s so pleased that she wants to return the favor. But no, she deserved that and she’s going to have her work cut out for her on Friday. A bi-sexual threesome. I’m scared and curious but mostly excited.

Who would’ve thought this could be my life.

It was a long week, probably felt a lot longer than it was though. That’s how it goes when you have something to look forward to.

Friday was finally here though!

We made plans to meet Adam at the tiki bar downtown. We showed up dressed as sexy as we know how to. Adam was already there sitting at a table in the corner.

I gotta say, I was nervous.

He looked at us smiled and waved us over. He stood up when we got to the table. He was dressed pretty sexy himself. I put my hand out for a shake. He ignored it and went straight for the hug. I could feel he already had a slight erection. Then he hugged Amy and I could tell by the smile on her face that she felt his semi hard cock as well.

I’d like to say that we had deep meaningful conversation and had everything in common, but the sexual tension was so strong that it dominated any conversation that might’ve happened. We each had a couple drinks and at some point his hand was on my leg working it’s way to my crotch.

I could feel my cock beginning to rise. Then I feel his fingers rubbing my hard dick over my pants. I look at Amy and she’s looking at him with her eyes half closed and a look on her face that I know all too well. He was pleasing us both at the same time.

I decided to return the favor and felt under the table for his cock. Amy’s hand was already there! She feels my hand on top of hers and takes kocaeli escort bayan my hand and places it on his cock.

To my surprise she had taken his cock out of his pants already. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began stroking it. It was warm and felt right in my hand. It also felt new as if I was holding a penis for the first time although I’ve held my own countless times before.

At the same time I could feel him opening my zipper and pulling my dick out as well. I could feel his grip on my cock slowly stroking it up and down. After a couple minutes of this three-way under the table handjob I’m pulled out of my fantasy world when I hear Amy moan and a couple bar patrons look over at us.

Whoops, forgot we were sitting at a bar.

“We need to leave right now.” I say. “Adam, you’re coming back to our house.”

“yes sir.” he says.

“Hmm, I like the sound of that.” I tell him. Adam pays for the drinks, we get in the car and I drive us home.

The moment we walk through the front door I immediately pull both Adam and Amy to me, kissing them both and them kissing each other. I’m not sure who I kissed first and lost track of who I was kissing in the moment.

As we’re locking faces with each other somehow we make our way to the bedroom. I pull away from the other two and notice we’re all completely naked. I look back and there is a trail of clothing leading from the front door to the bedroom.

‘When did that happen’ I wonder.

When I look back at my two lovers Amy is laying on the bed and Adam is sucking on her nipple. They’re both looking at me beaconing me to join with their eyes.

I lay down on the other side of Amy and take her other nipple into my mouth. As me and Adam are sucking Amy’s nipples and kissing each other I hear Amy moaning and I want to make her moan more.

I work my tongue down her stomach to her inner thighs. I gently kiss and suck on her inner thighs her pussy slowly drawing my tongue closer. I can feel her body tense up as my tongue touches her clit.

Adam’s face appears next to mine and we take turns licking and sucking on all of her soft spots. I can feel his tongue on mine as I feel her pussy on it at the same time. She’s moaning louder and breathing heavier.

She yells out “Oh my God” And I can feel her juices running down my face. Me and Adam are covered in her cum. We kiss each other more tasting Amy on each other’s lips, and he says to me “Your turn sexy.”

I stand up and pull Adam up to my face to kiss him. Amy gets on her knees in front of me and takes my cock into her hands. I can feel the warmth of her mouth as she engulfs my rock hard cock.

It is instantly euphoric.

Adam works his tongue down my body to join her. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and still gripping my shaft offers it to him. He doesn’t hesitate as he opens his mouth leaning his head forward and swallowing my cock.

He sucks it, pulling it in and out of his mouth. I can feel his tongue pressing against my shaft and his lips squeezing my head. He pulls it out and offers it back to Amy. She’s all to familiar with my cock and knows exactly how I like it. Adam begins to lick and suck my balls at the same time.

The two of them swap back and forth for awhile taking turns between my cock and balls. At some point I notice it’s just Adam sucking my dick. After further inspection I find Amy’s head in his crotch bobbing up and down. I’m not sure how long she’s been there but find myself jealous of her.

I want to feel his cock in my mouth too.

I lift Adam up to me once again. While he is standing Amy’s mouth remains securely attached to his cock. In the same fashion he did to me, I lick and kiss him working my way down to his concrete hard cock.

My face is now at his crotch and I’m watching Amy slowly taking him in and out of her mouth. She pulls it out and offers it to me. I do hesitate however.

This is the first time I’ve had another man’s cock inches from my mouth. The anticipation feels so amazing that I just stare at it holding onto the moment as long as I can. I didn’t wait that long. The urge to feel his cock in my mouth was too strong, and slowly savoring every moment, I gently put the head of his dick in my mouth.

I work his penis into my mouth as far as I can and begin moving my head up and down. I can feel his hard cock pulsating on my tongue. It’s beautiful. After I don’t know how long, I pull my face away and offer his izmit escort cock back to Amy.

She starts to suck it again and we share it back and forth. A few minutes later Amy says to me “I think his balls are feeling left out babe.” I nod my head, lick down his shaft and begin licking and sucking his balls.

Adam starts moaning with pleasure and I feel amazing giving him the same pleasure he gave to me. We switch back and forth for awhile and I can tell Amy is getting antsy for some cock inside her pussy. I stand up lifting her with me and lay her on the bed.

I spread Amy’s legs and her pussy is already soaking wet. Everything about tonight has turned her on so much. I climb on top of her and insert my cock into her pussy. She pulsates her muscles around my dick squeezing it and releasing over and over.

Adam climbs over to her and kisses her while watching me pound her pussy. He then moves to put his cock in her mouth. She greedily takes it in her mouth without hesitation and he begins to fuck her face while I’m fucking her pussy.

Looking at Amy laid out getting fucked from both ends, used like the whore she is was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever witnessed. I wondered what it looks like from the other side. “Are you ready to switch, Adam?” I ask. He nods in agreement.

I’m sure he was just as excited as me to feel her pussy tightly wrapped around his cock. We switch, him pounding her pussy and me pounding her face. Her eyes are watering and her mascara is running down her cheeks from having my dick slammed constantly down her throat.

Adam is pounding away at her pussy and I can see the look of amazement in his eyes and the way his cock is thrusting in and out of her adds a whole other level of excitement. Everything looks so good, I don’t know where to look. Amy’s moaning with my dick in her mouth makes it feel so much better. I’m ready to fuck her again.

Adam and me switch again. This time though he straddles her face forcing his balls into her mouth while facing me. As I’m fucking Amy, I can see her tongue on his balls and his engorged cock is right in front of me.

I can’t help myself, I lean forward and take his cock into my mouth once again. It’s hard to focus with my cock in Amy and Adam’s dick in my mouth but somehow manage to keep a rhythm going.

I’m not sure if it was my cock or Adams balls or me blowing him, but after just a few minutes Amy let’s out a scream so intense and squirts so forcefully that it sprays onto everybody. There’s a pool in the middle of the bed and she’s laying there shaking whimpering quietly.

Adam looks into my eyes and says “Are you ready to fuck me now?”

I shake my head in agreement, unable to say words.

He lays on his back on the bed. I lay on top of him kissing him. He pulls my body up to him so that my cock is in his face. “Have to get this ready.” he says.

He sucks on my cock taking it all the way down, spitting on it and slobbering on it and once it’s covered in his saliva he tells me “It’s ready for my ass now.” He grabs his calves and pulls his legs back exposing his asshole fully to me.

It’s hairless and very inviting.

I start to put my cock in him.

“Slowly” he says.

I take my time inching my hard dick into his asshole little by little. Eventually I can feel him beginning to relax and I speed up my pace.

Oh my God! I’m fucking a man in his asshole! Somehow I forgot until that moment that I had never done this before.

The three of us fit so perfectly together that it felt natural, like I’d been doing this all of my life. I held his thighs back as I pounded my cock into his tight little asshole.

Amy was stroking his cock and licking and sucking his nipples. Of course she was. She always knows where her hands and mouth should be.

After a few minutes I could feel his asshole tighten up and knew he was about to cum. He lets out a growl and explodes all over Amy’s hand and his stomach.

The sight of his pulsating cock spewing cum on my fiancé’s hand while clenching his asshole tighter around my cock set me off. I exploded inside of him filling every part of his asshole with my cum and for a second I could feel the universe spinning around me as if I was the center of everything.

Afterwards we all lay on our backs on the bed staring up at the ceiling. I’m in between the two of them, sweat glistening off our bodies. Nobody saying a word, left only with our thoughts of the amazing experience we just had.

Finally Adam breaks the silence. “What’s up with the hook in the ceiling?” he asks.

Amy giggles and I say with a devilish grin “Don’t worry baby, you’ll find out soon enough.”

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