Finally Eighteen

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Linda knocked on Kate’s window shortly before three o’clock in the morning. She knew her mother had to be up and at work by four o’clock in the morning.

The dark curtain was pulled back from the corner of the window. Kate’s eyes widened as she focused on the daughter’s face. Silently Linda asked her mother to let her in. Kate nodded her head and let the curtain fall back into place. Linda went to the front door and waited for her mother to open up. Hearing the click of the dead bolt Linda opened the screen door just as Kate opened the front door. “What are you doing here at this time of the morning?” Kate asked.

“Jeremy and I had another argument earlier. We were into heavy petting and he wouldn’t stop. I told him “no” but he insisted that the time was now or never. I got mad and left.” Kate saw that Linda’s eyes were red and puffy as she asked Linda if Jeremy had hurt her in any way.

“No Mom, we were both very aroused and stuff but he never had a chance to hurt me. Can I spend the day here? I just need to stay away from Jeremy for a while — until we can both cool off.”

“Okay,” Kate said, “You know that Josh is here and I don’t know what his plans are.”

Linda smirked as she said, “I’ll stay in the guest room and keep out of his way.”

Kate looked at her daughter and laughed. “I know that you and Josh get along like vinegar and water.” she said, “If things start to go bad just lock yourself in here until I get home from work.”

“Okay Mom. I’ll try to be nice.” Linda said as she watched her mother go into her room to get ready for work. Linda turned and walked into the kitchen to wait for Kate. While there she decided to make herself a cup of coffee. ‘Surely Josh won’t mind me having some’ she thought to herself.

Kate came into the kitchen a short time later. She picked up her big mug, filled it with ice from the freezer and topped it off with sun tea from the refrigerator. She looked over at Linda and thought to herself, ‘I wonder just how horny she is’. Kate didn’t mention her observations to Linda. All the signs were there — the erect nipples, the flush on her chest and the scent of sex. With a parting comment about being good Kate went out the door and off to work.

Linda finished her coffee and walked into the guest room. As she reached behind her to close the door Linda realized that her breasts hurt. Walking into the half bath Linda flicked on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. She noted the flush on her upper chest and the way her nipples stuck out from her breasts. Not understanding what was happening Linda jerked her blouse up over her head. As the blouse cleared her hair Linda shuddered — her breasts were swollen with pent up desire and very, very tender. “I guess I haven’t cooled off as much as I thought after Jeremy and I played with each other.” she said out loud.

Turning off the bathroom light Linda found her way to the twin bed. Standing there she decided that as long as she was topless she might as well be bottom-less. Hands went to the sides of her pants and started to slide them off her hips. As her pants started down her legs Linda caught a whiff of something. “I guess I’m still aroused,” she said to herself as she recognized the scent. With her pants at her knees Linda brought her hands back up to her waist and skimmed her panties down over her butt. A new realization struck — her panties were stuck to her crotch. She had to work one side then the other to dislodge them from her pussy. A stronger scent came from her crotch as she finally had her panties down to her knees.

Linda sat down on the bed with a thump. Bending her knees Linda brought both feet up to her butt so she could finish the job of removing her pants and panties. The pants she dropped on the floor but the panties she brought up to her nose. Not only was the crotch of her panties full of her ‘musk’ scent it was wet with her juices.

Dropping her panties on the floor with one hand her other hand found the hair covering her pussy with a soft stroke. Linda combed the hair back from her slit. Changing positions Linda lay down on the bed. Her middle finger glided between the lips of her pussy to find out how wet she was. As sleep overcame Linda she reached down with her toes to bring the light blanket up to cover herself. The last thought to cross her mind was how nice it felt to softly caress her pussy.

Her next conscious thought was her blanket had roughly left her body and the startling confrontation with Josh. — Shock and anger were mixed with amazement and curiosity. Linda was angry with Josh for pulling the covers off and seeing her naked. She was shocked that Josh had touched and then licked her ‘privates’. Linda’s amazement stemmed from her body’s reaction to the hands and tongue. Finally, Linda was justifiably curious about Josh’s penis. Linda knew all boys had a penis and she also knew that when boys got excited their penis got hard. There was stuff leaking out of the hole that piss came out canlı bahis of.

“Maybe Josh will talk to me about what happened,” Linda said to herself as she turned on the water in the shower. Hearing the water hit the tub floor reminded Linda to empty her bladder. She sat on the commode and spread her legs. As she did Linda realized that she ‘smelled’ and her legs were sticky. “Oh well, that’s what showers are for.”

After finishing a quick but thorough shower Linda stepped out, turned off the water and started to dry off. She noted her breasts were still tender and her pussy was leaking again. Linda threw the towel into the hamper ass she left the bathroom.


He woke up this morning at six o’clock. The same time he had for some forty years. So many years in the military had ingrained six o’clock in his mind. He didn’t need to shower, shave, dress, and report to work now — he was finally retired.

A pressure in his lower groin reminded him that it was a good nine hours since he had relieved himself. Throwing the light sheet off he started to sit up while his legs left the mattress placing themselves on the floor. He continued to rise to his full height and walked the short distance to the in suite bath that was off his bedroom. Going toward the toilet his hand went searching for the slit in the boxer shorts he wore. Like greeting an old friend his cock pulsed a time or two as it felt fingers wrap around its circumference. His cock thickened at feeling the cool air of the bathroom coupled with the warmth coming from the hand encircling its shaft. Josh quickly directed the head of his cock towards the center of the bowl as he felt the rush of urine travel down his length on its journey to the water waiting at the bottom of the bowl.

Josh finally felt the flow decrease and then stop. He reached out with his free hand to retrieve several sheets of toilet paper. Wadding up the paper he held it to the tip of his cock. The hand holding the shaft began a milking action to force the last drops of urine into the paper. Finally finished Josh dropped the paper into the water and reached for the handle to flush the toilet. His other hand, still full of cock, began to guide it back through the slit in his boxer shorts. With a full body stretch Josh turned to leave the bathroom and head for the kitchen.

Passing through the bedroom Josh paused, looked around at the slightly disheveled bed and other items out of place. Shaking his head he continued toward his original destination — the kitchen. As he walked he thought to himself, ‘I’ll straighten up the bedroom after I’ve had my morning coffee.

It wasn’t until he walked into the kitchen that his reactions set in. Looking at the counter where the coffee pot sat he saw the red light was on. Other observations came flooding to the forefront of his thinking. Some things were usual like the door to his office being closed. Normally the third door was open, this being the guest room. The last of the doors was his housemate’s bedroom. It was basically a duplicate of his own, meaning that it had an in suite bathroom. Normally his house kept her door open.

Josh turned away from the counter walking back toward the hall to investigate. Reaching Kate’s door he extended his hand to open it. After a slight twist of the handle he knew that it was locked. Occasionally Kate had a male friend over for an evening of sexual pleasure. Josh knew this wasn’t the case as Kate never had someone over when she had to work the next day. It being Wednesday Kate had three more days of work left before having a day off.

Josh stepped down the hall toward the guest room. He stopped at the door listening for sounds from within. Not hearing anything he reached out to the handle and pushed down on it. The door unlatched and swung into the room on its well maintained hinges. Josh’s eyes traveled around the room finally coming to rest on the bed. Somebody was occupying it but Josh wasn’t sure who, the covers were pulled up over the of head the person. Reaching out tentatively at first Josh grasped the covers in his hand and slowly lifted up and away from the body in the bed. With a firm yank the covers were removed from the body and all was revealed. Lying before Josh in all her natural beauty was Linda, Kate’s daughter.

Josh scanned the body slowly traveling from her feet to her blonde hair. While gazing at Linda’s head Josh aw her eyes squint together. He knew without a doubt that Linda was awake and attempting to fake sleep.

Josh stepped close to the bed reaching out a hand toward Linda. His hand touched Linda at the small of her back. From there Josh moved his hand down toward her legs. Reaching her buttocks Josh cupped each giving them a gentle squeeze. Josh now allowed his hand to continue its journey down Linda’s body. He allowed his fingers to slide between her slightly parted legs. Feeling moisture and heat Josh realized that Linda was sexually aroused. Without thinking Josh bent over Linda placing his lips bahis siteleri at the junction of her legs. His tongue leapt from his mouth to dive between Linda’s legs. Pressing his mouth against her flesh Josh brought his tongue up between the last few inches of her legs, across her anus and finished by traveling the valley between her buttocks.

Linda’s whole body convulsed with a huge shudder. At the same time she launched herself away from Josh towards the head of the bed. As she moved to the head of the bed Linda rolled over on her back while bringing her legs up close to her chest. Josh stood by the side of the bed watching Linda as she attempted to get her breathing under control and her body to stop quivering. He continued to gaze shifting his attention from her heaving breasts to her pulsating pussy. Linda’s pussy won the contest as Josh’s gaze locked on the sight before him.

Linda finally controlled her breathing but not the spasms between her legs. She could feel her juices slide out from her pussy, down across her anus and form a pool on the pillow she found herself sitting on. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car Linda’s eyes were locked on to Josh as he stood by the bed. She felt rather than saw Josh staring at her but she couldn’t move her eyes from the sight in front of her.

Not more than three feet from her was Josh’s cock. During the brief interval between pulling the covers off Linda and now Josh’s cock had gone from flaccid state to fully erect. During the transition Josh’s cock had forced its way out of the slit in his boxer shorts. It now stuck out from his groin at a forty-five degree angle. The tip was covered with pre-cum while the excess slid down the underside of his pulsing shaft. The only parts not visible to Linda’s were Josh’s balls. They were still inside his boxer shorts.

Josh finally broke off his starting at Linda. It was then that he realized what she was staring at. Slowly a smile spread across his face. For the first time since entering the bedroom he spoke, “Linda, I’m going to take a shower and change my underwear. When I’m done I’ll go the kitchen and fix a fresh pot of coffee. After I pass this bedroom you will get up, go into my bathroom and take a shower. You will find towels and face cloths in the cabinet by the sink. When you finish you will join me in the kitchen. You will not, I repeat, not put any clothes on or wear a towel when you come to the kitchen.”

Linda slid her eyes up Josh’s body until she was looking into his eyes. Her stare gave Josh the idea that she didn’t fully comprehend what he had just said to her. Josh spoke for the second time since entering the bedroom. “Linda, do you understand what you are to do?” Linda slowly shook her head up and down while her mouth opened and closed silently.

Josh, raising his voice to penetrate Linda’s blank stare, said again. “Linda, do you understand what you are to do?” Linda took her hands away from her chest and scrubbed them across her face. She cleared her throat a few times to make sure she had not lost the ability to speak. Only then did she look directly at Josh. She shuddered once and said, “Yes Josh, I understand.”

With that utterance Josh turned away from the bed and walked into the hall going towards is in suite bath to take a shower. Once in the bathroom Josh slid his boxers down his legs leaving them in a puddle at his feet. Reaching for the shower door he slid it open. Using his free hand Josh turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to his liking. Stepping inside he reached behind him to close the door. With that done Josh paused to feel the water cascade down over his body. Without looking he reached out to grab the bar of soap and began to scrub himself. Lost in the mechanics of taking a shower it took him several seconds to realize that he was masturbating his cock. Flushing with pleasure Josh leaned against the back of the shower, continued to stroke his cock while thinking of the events that had just taken place. Feeling his ball sack contract Josh knew that he was fast approaching his orgasm.

He looked down at his cock just in time to see it erupt. A huge spray of cum left the tip of his cock arcing into the air followed by another equally large spray even before the first hit the glass panels of the shower. A third and fourth glob of cum left the tip of his cock. These didn’t have the force of the first two. Not achieving the glass panels they fell into the water on the floor of the shower where they were taken to the drain to disappear. While watching his orgasm Josh had continued to rapidly stroke his now softening cock. After shaking his cock a few times Josh quickly finished the rest of his shower. Drying himself off with a large bath sheet Josh walked into his bedroom going towards his chest of drawers. Opening the second drawer he took a clean, dry pair of boxers from within. Quickly he placed his legs through the waistband and made sure his legs went through the proper openings. Now slid the boxers bahis şirketleri up over his slender hips and finished the chore by settling the waistband at thirty-four waistline. Pushing the drawer closed Josh left his bedroom retracing the same route to the kitchen.

Josh stopped when he came to the guest room door. Looking in he was surprised to see Linda in the same position as when he left a short time earlier. Linda’s head jerked toward the door when Josh cleared his throat. Taking note of her far away look Josh entered the guest room and walked over to Linda. She watched his approach drawing back slightly when Josh extended a hand towards her. Josh waited not moving his hand or body. Linda looked up at Josh. He nodded his head once as an indication that he wanted her to take his hand. Slowly Linda extended a hand towards the hand still held out towards her. She felt a shock as their hands touched. Josh, his hand around Linda’s, gave a squeeze and began a gentle but firm pull up and towards him.

Linda, still in shock from earlier events, slowly straightened her legs as Josh pulled her toward the edge of the bed and upwards toward him. In the back of her mind she knew that Josh had a complete frontal view of her body. She was powerless to prevent his gaze and very surprised at her desire to let him see her fully. Josh backed away from Linda as she slowly gained her balance and stood proudly before him. Josh stared at Linda and said, “I have finished my shower. I’m going to the kitchen, make a fresh pot of coffee and wait for you. “Do you remember what I told you before?”

Linda nodded her head in the affirmative. Josh released his grip on her hand and turned toward the kitchen. He didn’t even glance back to see whether Linda was going to follow him out of the room. Somehow he knew that she would do exactly as he directed. Continuing toward the kitchen Josh ‘felt’ Linda leave the guest room and turn toward his bedroom.

Smiling to himself Josh entered the kitchen and began making a fresh pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing Josh got clean cups from the dish strainer. Setting these on the counter Josh opened the frig extracted a bottle of milk, a package of English muffins and a tub of butter. Putting everything on the counter Josh leaned to his right and depressed both handles of the toaster to warm the elements while he split the English muffins. Taking the tub of butter and milk to the breakfast nook Josh put them on the placemat already there.

Josh turned back to the counter when he heard the ‘pop’ from the toaster. He loaded two muffins and pressed the handles down to start the toasting process. When these were done he repeated the process for the second batch. While these cooked Josh buttered the first batch and put them into the microwave to keep them warm. Shortly the toaster finished cooking the second batch. Josh buttered the last two muffins and placed them in the microwave with the first batch.

Pouring himself a cup of coffee Josh went to the breakfast nook and sat in his usual chair. After sweetening his coffee he idly looked out the window. Seemingly lost in thought Josh didn’t really see the steam rise from the coffee cup to mix with the air in the room. Time seemed to be suspended while Josh waited for Linda to join him.


As she entered the kitchen Linda heard Josh, “Why don’t you grab your clothes, the blanket, pillow case and bed spread and put them into the washer?”

Linda was about to say something nasty when she remembered her panties from earlier in the morning. “Oh! Okay, I can do that.”

When Linda came back into the kitchen Josh told her to fix something to eat and drink then join him at the table.

Popping the microwave open Linda said, “Are all these muffins for you?”

“I’ll share them with you.” Josh replied.

Linda turned toward the counter and picked up the cup that was sitting there. After filling her cup she grabbed the plate containing the muffins and brought both items to the table. Josh was thinking to himself, ‘Does she know that she is in full heat?’ Her breasts were swollen, nipples were marbles and the scent of her arousal made his cock stand up and begin leaking pre-cum.

Josh blinked his eyes. Linda was now sitting at the table. She leaned forward to get the sugar and a muffin. As she did her breasts came into contact with the edge of the table. A groan escaped her lips and her body shuddered. Her scent was almost more than he could bear.

“Linda,” Josh asked, “would you like a towel to sit on?”

Linda blushed deeply as she looked at Josh.” Yes, please.” she replied, “I don’t know what is happening.”

Josh stood up and Linda gasped. There across the table was Josh’s cock and balls. There was a thick cream coming out of the slit at the end of his penis. Linda’s mouth opened and closed but no sound came from her lips.

Josh walked around the table and as he walked behind Linda he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “My friend and I will be right back with a towel.”

All Linda could do was nod her head up and down as she felt the electric charge surge through her body. Her whole being quivered and her pussy let loose a flood of liquid.

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