Feathers , Hot Oil

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The Master has earned the Bitch’s trust and admiration. So much so that he can bring any of his company to her and she will treat them with the highest degree of respect and grace. They know that she will do only what she is given permission to do from the Master himself. If he says “no” there is no argument.

Her day is spent finding out more of the fine arts of lovemaking, self pampering, and the desires of men’s hearts. Theories are discovered, and then tested on the Master, or another of his choosing. If he finds the theory intriguing he will bring in a ‘helper’ and watch to see the reaction before he tests it himself.

Today I have discovered a new twist on an old art. Oil painting with feathers. My goal is to wake the sleeping giant with as much pleasure and sensual eroticism as possible. This makes a happy boy, and the day seems to go more smoothly. That in mind I start early by pouring the scented oil into the warmer. I make it just a little hotter than what is comfortable, it will leave a red mark, but only for a little while, and assemble the rest of my tools. The tools that are used are a loose downy feather, a stiff tail feather, and a long bristle paint brush. These are placed on a small tray along with the hot oil and I take them to the place where the sleeping Man is.

I am freshly bathed, my body shaved and oiled, my long hair still wet from the bath. I dress in my white gauzy cotton dress with the corset laced and tightened. My bare feet pad quietly into the kaynarca escort room and I lay my tray next to the bed. I gently ease away the cover to reveal the naked body, and watch a moment the heavy rhythm of his breathing. Soft kissed on the back of his neck and shoulders wake him just enough to now be dreaming of things that are happening, this enhances the experience without startling the recipient. I then take the long bristle brush and dip it into the oil. It drips along his arm and shoulder to the middle of the back, causing goose bumps and low groans deep within the slumbering man. A gentle “S” curve along the spine causes a squirm and more moans. Another dip and more drops coupled with more curves and long strokes bring the Master out of the dream and into the real. His back and ass are painted with intricate designs of glistening oil. Now for the feathers. One in each hand. The firm feather in the right hand to smooth out the oil evenly, the downy feather in the left to float unevenly across the skin. The feathers in their hands work in tandem, one after the other in a dance atop the skin to cause the senses to reach their peak. Back, shoulders, spine, small of back, round ass cheeks, the little dip just under the butt, down the back of the thigh, a little twist and curl around the back of the knee, down the calf to the ankles – first inside then out, the heel, and to the bottom of the foot, toes – each individually, then back up again stopping at “hot spots” along the way. orhanlı escort The feather reaches in at the space between legs at the base of the cock, coming along the backside reaching in with their airy fingers to explore regions most often left unexplored by human fingers. Then around the side along the hip and up the outside of the rib cage, this turns the man form over to allow for the front half to be enhanced and aroused.

A pause for a moment of admiration for the hard cock before me. Arousal is a success, and I am compelled to make a closer inspection. My lips touch his hardness gently, at first, with kisses and nibbles. Then I must work harder the urge is strong and the desire to feel him in my mouth is uncontrollable. I wrap my mouth full around him and swallow the hardness deep into the back of my throat. I pump him and “caress” him with my tongue until I can feel the unmistakable throb of his fullness exploding, his hands on my head grasping hard in my hair, he lets out a mighty roar of satisfaction and contentment. I sit back on my heels, my pussy wet, and my job only half complete.

I can smell the arousal in my own body wafting through the thin cotton skirt. His taste still fresh in my mouth I begin again with the oil and paint brush. I start again with the hot oil across his arm and collar bones around his neck and down the middle of his chest. The nipples I will focus special attention on shortly.

The same process of drops of hot followed by a design tepeören escort patterned into the skin. When the designs are complete the feathers do their little dance over the sensitive skin. Arms, wrist, palm to fingertips, around the side across the belly finally to each nipple until it’s hard waiting for my touch, now I too am quite aroused and he is awake enough and thinking of what he wants from me. He reaches out to me and pulls me to him. The oil on his body makes the white film cling to my form. My nipples stand at attention awaiting the command from our leader. He pinches and draws them higher. He lifts me onto his chest, I straddle him, my wet and throbbing pussy betrays my desire.

He takes me in his arms and pulls me close to him, kisses me strong on the lips and in one motion flips me over onto my back. He lifts my skirt to reveal the smooth pink lips of his high desire. My legs spread wide inviting him to explore and ravage where he wills. His oiled body glistens in the morning light and his hands control me like a potter to clay. The lips he kisses do not belong to my face. The tongue probes deep and long, no space left without a visit. His fingers start their wandering journey to the back of my being, my rose bud quivers with anticipation of him. The more I squirm the harder he gets, until I find myself with my legs over his shoulders, my ass being penetrated with his massive cock, and his fingers working a magic spell in my pussy. The cherry tart residue left on his lips melts with his salty aftertaste when he kisses me long and hard. His tongue wanders earnestly in my mouth and mine in his. Our passion becomes a kaleidoscope of color and fire as he begins his day with a feathered oil painting from his Bitch.

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