Farm Ch. 02

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A/N – Due to overwhelming popular demand, I’ve written a second chapter for this story. As soon as I saw the clamour for a second chapter in the comments of the first chapter, I started thinking about where to take this. I like a ‘happily ever after’ like most people so that’s basically what you’re going to get here. Hope that’s not a spoiler!

Spent some time putting this together, hope you enjoy it as much as the first chapter.


Dinner that evening was awkward. Emily and June chatted away without a care in the world, but Mick was unusually quiet, though he was monosyllabic at the best of times. The fact he looked embarrassed hurt. I’d lied to the face of my best friend to protect the woman I loved, but also myself. There was nothing else I could have done. If I’d admitted to sleeping with my niece, what would his reaction have been? I figured fists thrown, threats levied, and my name quickly spread across the community and beyond as some sort of creep.

June kissed my cheeks as always beyond leaving. Mick met my eyes, and I could barely look into his as we shook hands, another short embrace. “See you in the morning, Bruce.”

“Yeah, Mick. Early as always.”

Watching them walk towards their ute, he tooted the horn before they disappeared towards the horizon. With a sigh, running a hand through my hair, I turned and walked back into the house. Wandering into the kitchen, Emily was busy cleaning up. I helped her as always, but I found words hard to find. I wasn’t exactly a conversationalist myself, instead loving listening to Emily natter away about anything that came to mind. It wasn’t awkward but I could see she was deep in thought and incredibly upset. Before I could say a word, she folded up the tea-towel and disappeared. I stood at the sink and sighed.

Heading outside for a much needed drink, Emily didn’t join me that evening. I sighed when realising I’d be out there alone for a little while, but I honestly didn’t know what to do. If Mick had picked up on it, then surely many of my lads would have noticed something untoward. But I didn’t want to end things with Emily at all. I loved her to bits. Best thing I ever did was invite her to the farm. But neither of us needed what we were currently experiencing. I’ll admit, I was shit scared of what might happen next.

I had a shower and washed away some of the dark thoughts, standing with my hands against the wall, letting the hot water run through my hair and down my back. It invigorated me somewhat, gave me time to think. It wasn’t just my relationship with Emily that worried me. I still thought about that phone call with my sister. The last thing I needed was her showing up and making our lives even worse.

Walking back to my room, I stopped at Emily’s door. I heard the soft sobbing from behind it and that just made my heart break even further. I couldn’t just leave her there to cry alone. Knocking on the door, I heard a muffled ‘Come in’, walking in to see her curled up in a ball on her bed. There was only one thing to do. I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to our bed, lying her down before I threw on some underwear and lay next to her. Caressing her cheeks, she sniffled a few times while looking at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers. The agony in them was almost too much.

“I love you so much it hurts,” she sobbed, “And I can’t bear the thought of anything happening to us.”

I took her hand in mine, kissing the back of it, before holding it to my chest. “We’ll figure it out together. Okay?” She nodded before scooting closer to me. “I’m past forty and, honestly, I don’t think I’ve fallen in love like this before, Emily. You simply make my life better, and I’m not letting you go.”

“What do we do?”

I sighed. “I’m not sure yet.”

We made love that night, an air of desperation to our coupling. Neither of us thought it would be the last time, and I think the added emotion of possible discovery and its ramifications added a certain flavour to it. Feeling her legs around my hips, she almost begged me to finish inside her. Fingers digging into my back, my thrusts were slow but deep, enjoying watching her face with each pump of my cock. Lasted longer than usual as I simply used every trick I could think of not to cum, though once I did, the groan I released was long, enough that it provoked a little giggle from her, which earned a grin from me in return.

She needed an orgasm too, and after giving me the usual few minutes and a little more, she happily straddled my lap as she slid down my cock. I knew I’d never tire of watching my niece ride my cock. Her body was simply perfect, but I spent more time watching her face, the sheer delight in her eyes, her mouth making certain shapes and sounds when my cock hit the right place inside her. She did the same thing as me, holding back her orgasm, but once it hit… tears. It wasn’t any surprise to me, giving me an excuse to hold her tightly to my chest, whispering words of my love for her as she softly cried.

What tipobet365 yeni giriş happened did hover like a diminishing dark cloud for the next week. Mick was fine with Emily and everyone else, but our relationship suffered. And that just added further hurt to the fact I’d lied to my best friend. It was awkward when it shouldn’t have been, so we did what men like us do. Bury it all down and just try and focus on what was important, which was the farm. Sheep. Cattle. Cows. Horses. Chickens. Crops. Fruit. Focus on that, worry about the supposed inconsequential shit later. It was only on Friday, when I offered him the usual end of the week beer or two, that we finally had a chance to really talk.

Standing out on the veranda, taking in another glorious sunset, we sipped at our bottles of beer. Removing his hat, he flicked at a couple of flies hovering nearby. “So, Emily is in love with you?”

I almost spat out my beer, then spent a couple of seconds coughing. “Yeah, seems so,” I managed to reply.

“What about you, Bruce? No bullshit. Man to man. Mate to mate.”

I glanced at the distant horizon, taking another sip of beer. “Mick, I…” I sighed, shaking my head. What surprised me was the hand on my shoulder. That helped. “Mick, she’s the best thing to happen to me in years. I know I shouldn’t return any sort of feelings but…”

“Can’t control what the heart wants.” I glanced at him in surprise, earning a shrug in return. “We’re told who and who not to love, but it’s all in your head and heart, right?”

“Never had you picked as an old romantic, mate.”

He snorted. “Well, I don’t think I am, but June married me, kids and all that, and we’re still together, so guess I’m doing something right.”

“You… suggesting anything here, Mick?”

He gazed at the horizon. “Not right now, mate. Not right now. Just… I can understand her feelings for you. You were and are her saviour. And I remember when she used to visit. You doted on her, and her brother, while she loved every minute she was here. And you, Bruce. You need someone in your life. But… she’s also your niece. There’s quite the age gap. And I’m fairly sure it would be illegal too, though I know cousins can marry and such, so…” He flicked his hat at more flies. “I came at it the wrong way, Bruce, and I apologise for that, at least. Just flat out accusing you of sleeping with her. And if I’d approached Emily first, I’m not sure how it would have gone. Probably upset the poor girl and left her thinking less of me in return. But I just want the best for both of you, that’s all.”

I took a sip of my beer and chuckled. “Mick, I think that’s the most words I’ve heard you put together at once in twenty years. But thanks, mate. I appreciate it.”

“As Emily said, we’re family. And we look after each other.”

Emily joined me out the front as Mick stepped into his ute, both of us waving him goodnight before he set off home. Soon as we were alone, she cuddled into my side as I led her back into the lounge room. Grabbing a couple of beers from the fridge, I sat down next to her, enjoying the silence as she curled up and cuddled into me again, wrapping an arm around her in return, turning her head to give her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Good conversation?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think. I’m not sure, to be honest.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think the man has been thinking, and is trying to come around to the idea of… us being together. To be honest, I think you’ve been more affectionate with me than normal this week. Maybe that’s helped?”

“I figured pulling away would make us look guilty. So now that he knows I’m in love with you, he shouldn’t be surprised that I’ll want constant hugs among other things.”

“Quite the brain in that noggin of yours.”

“This is for both of us to figure out, Brucey.” I gave her a glance, earning a cheeky grin in return. “I’m doing research on this sort of relationship, what our options are. Once I’ve figured it out, we can sit down then go from there.”

“I haven’t simply because I’ll admit, Emily, part of me doesn’t want to know. We’re out here on this farm, miles from anywhere. And what we do in the privacy of our home is nobody’s business but ours.”

I felt her move and her hot breath near my ear. “Want to take your niece into our bedroom and fuck her brains out?”

I laughed. Couldn’t help it. “When you put it like that, Emily.”

Five minutes later, I had Emily bent over our bed, fucking her from behind. We were slowly but surely experiencing new things together. She knew I’d had an active sex life and a few partners before her. She enjoyed the fact I had experience and could then apply it to her. She had certainly learned I love to hear her suggestions. If she wanted me to eat her pussy, just walk up and almost demand it from me. I’d practically drop anything I was doing to please her.

The sound of my skin slapping against hers earned a giggle from her. I did worry I’d hurt tipobet365 giriş her while driving my cock into her, but the moans she released suggested she was loving it. Leaving a trail of kisses up her back, I placed my chin on her shoulder and just listened to the noises she made. “I love you so much,” she whimpered.

Pulling out, I flipped her over and slid back inside her, feeling her legs around my hips as she hooked hands around the back of my neck, leaning down to kiss her. “Such a tight little pussy, Emily,” I grunted.

“My uncle has a big fat cock that I love.” I smiled at that. She had certainly learned. “You like your niece’s incredibly tight pussy?” she asked, ever so innocently, it actually brought me to a halt. When she grabbed my hand and sucked on one of my fingers, I nearly exploded inside her. “It’s so naughty you’re fucking me, Uncle Bruce. I’m your young, incredibly innocent, very inexperienced niece. Only been with one partner before.”

I kissed her hard for that, feeling her return the kiss immediately. The passion increased with every second as I really started to pump into her, earning a whimper every few thrusts. Breaking the kiss, I met her eyes and they were filled with nothing but lust and desire in that moment. Gently pushing her onto her back, my mouth found one of her nipples, sucking and nibbling at one of them, earning another moan and giggle. Taking her legs from around me, I spread them wide, holding them apart with my arms.

“Oh fuck, that’s deep,” she groaned.

“Okay?” I asked, always making sure.

“Fuck… yes… God, I want you to cum though. I need you to cum.”

“Soon, my not so innocent niece.”

I actually lied. It was going to be soon. I lasted another minute at most before I groaned, buried my cock, and just blasted away. I’m not sure what it was but it was one of the best orgasms I could remember since we’d started fooling around. Resting my head next to hear, she immediately cuddled with, limbs wrapped around my body, easily able to pick her up so I could at least lie on the bed.

She started to giggle again. “That was fun, Bruce. I love turning you on so much.”

“Emily, you will be the death of me, though hopefully when I’m eighty-five and ready to go.” I ran my fingers through her hair, her face and eyes changing to one of nothing but love for me in return. “I love you just as much in return.”

“Lie back as I’m riding you until I cum again and again.”

As I’d just experienced quite the orgasm, she knew I needed a few minutes, so she happily had me lie back as she sat between my legs, spending time just playing with then licking up and down my cock before it was hard again, then she seemed to change her mind and started blowing me. She never stopped looking at me, enjoying the sight of my cock disappearing into her mouth. Then she stopped and just stroked me again. I always enjoyed it when a lover just showed an interest in my cock.

I was now rock hard, watching as Emily straddled my lap, running her pussy along the shaft of my cock. She was leaking a bit of my cum, though she was now used to that by now, aware sex could be and would be messy. She’d already confessed to loving the feeling of it leaking out of her. Made her feel like a woman, in her mind.

Sliding down my cock, she moaned softly, mesmerised by my cock disappearing inside her incredibly tight pussy. Resting my hands on her hips, I got my legs comfortable and allowed her to take complete control. If she wanted me to thrust, she’d let me know.

Her pussy was easily the best I’d had in my life. Though the physical sensations were superb, it was the psychological and emotional connection that I cherished the most. Sure, I had to forgot from time to time that I’d known her nearly all her life, but she was now an adult, more than capable of her own decisions, and the fact I was lying back while she happily bounced away on my cock suggested she was just as keen on me.

“Bruce,” she moaned, “I can’t get enough of your cock.”

“Keep enjoying it, sweetie.”

“I will,” she whimpered, “God, this orgasm is going to be immense.”

“You’ll keep going?”

She opened her eyes and met mine. “I want you to blast inside me again later.”

“I hope your birth control doesn’t fail, otherwise…”

She smiled at me. “Well, then I’d be pregnant and we’d have a child.”

The thought didn’t even begin to scare me, and she seemed genuinely thrilled by the idea. Guess we’d just have to cross that bridge if it arrived. I knew she’d be smart and wouldn’t stop taking the pill until we decided, but that was going to take a long, meaningful conversation to decide if it was sensible to do. Considering what happened recently with Mick, we would have to remain careful for now.

Then she had an orgasm and I focused on her, watching her entire body quiver, feeling her thighs tighten against me, her pussy practically clamp against my cock. She didn’t release loud moans or groans, they were more tipobet365 güvenilirmi adorable little squeaks sometimes. I’d told her to really let loose every time, but I could understand why she sometimes still didn’t feel entirely comfortable. Not because of me, it was a personal thing.

Soon as the euphoria passed, she placed both hands on my chest and really started to ride me. I loved the determined look on her face, saying ‘I’m going to ride your cock and cum hard. And you’re just going to lie there and love it’. Apart from running my hands up from her hips to her breasts, giving those plenty of gentle squeezes, while also playing with her nipples again, which did earn some cute giggles again, she remained in control.

Until she had another orgasm. Then she rode me hard and fast, and enjoyed another one almost straight away. Now feeling rather warm, she kept on riding me, her cheeks and face now looking rather red, forehead glistening with sweat, having to blow her hair out of her face. “Don’t want to stop,” she whimpered, “Loving it too much.”

Running my fingers up and down her back, I assured her I was going to last a little longer. “Whenever you need me to cum, sweetie,” I said softly.

“Fuck, I love you…”

“I know, sweetie. I’m in love with you too.”

She had one more orgasm before she simply couldn’t take anymore, though amused me when resting on my chest and telling me to just use her pussy for my own enjoyment until I came. While I slowly started to pump into her, aware I wasn’t going to last long, I gave her pert little arse a few gentle squeezes, while ever so slightly brushing my finger against her tighter little hole.

“Maybe,” she whispered. I stopped as she lifted her head to meet my eyes. “Let me think about it. But I said I want to do everything with you.”

“You don’t have to though. As I said, never agree to…”

She kissed me softly on the lips. “Bruce, I’d love to try but the thought of your big cock in my tight little butt is intimidating. I’ll think about it, then agree, then I know you’ll do everything you can to ensure I love every second.” She kissed me again. “But right now, I just want to feel you fill my pussy again.”

I filled her pussy within a couple of minutes, then we headed to the bathroom for a shower.

With the shearing season now thankfully complete, it was back to what I’d call the monotony of daily life. Might have been monotonous but it was never dull, and we were always kept busy. Emily was now as affectionate as ever with me, and I allowed myself to return that affection, whether in front of Mick or the lads. Never so far as to kiss her intimately, but the lads knew how much I cared for her, and had probably figured out how much she cared for me.

Each night, Mick would join Emily and I for a beer before he headed home. We’d discuss nothing in particular, just taking in the sunset as we relaxed after another hard day’s grind. Emily would snuggle against me, Mick occasionally glancing, and I think with each day that passed, his approval of what he thought was happening went up. Whether he thought we slept together or not wasn’t the issue, he could see she was in love with me, and that I simply adored her in return.

After doing our usual morning’s work on the Saturday, Emily asked if I was wanted to go for a ride to the river for the afternoon. As there was still enough heat, though even the approaching winter wouldn’t cause a major drop in temperature, except at night, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Emily prepared a picnic for us again while I got the horses ready, mounting up not long after noon and riding off.

Barely a cloud in the sky once we approached the river, still as full as last time we’d visited. After tying the horses to a tree, we laid down the rug and placed everything down before I pulled Emily close. “Close your eyes and listen,” I whispered, holding her against me.

The flowing river. Insects. Maybe the flap of wings from nearby birds. Our breathing. The horses nearby. That was all you could hear. I had no idea how people lived in cities with the constant noise, or at least, that’s how it seemed to me on the few times I’d visited one. Too noisy. Too crowded. Too busy.

“Want to skinny dip?” she asked.

Before I could even reply, she’d taken a step back and started undressing, then she turned and jogged bare arsed into the water. She shrieked again at how cold it was before diving underneath, rising up with her hair slicked back, high enough I could see her breasts, no surprise the cold water had hardened her nipples.

I stripped off and joined her, hearing her laugh as my cock swung from side to side. I cried out as well once the cold water hit by balls, the pair of us swimming about, earning more shrieks and plenty of laughter as I swam after her, tickling her constantly. If not doing that, we spent a lot of time making out, her legs wrapped around me.

“Want to make love after lunch?”

“I figured that’s why you suggested this, Emily. I’m thinking I eat your pussy for an hour or so.”

That had me dragged out of the river as she lay back and spread her legs. “Well, consider this a pre-lunch meal then,” she said, running a finger along her slit, “And maybe you can have this for dessert, too.”

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