Fact and Fiction

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The first part of this is true. I’ll make a note where the fiction begins!

In the late summer of 1984, at age 27, I was hired as the new manager of an adult XXX drive-in movie theater in Springfield, Ohio. The manager was a school teacher who had retired in May from a local school district and he was also retiring from his side hustle, the drive-in, after Labor Day. I was to be his replacement.

The New Moon Drive-In was a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, during the summer only, XXX old school drive-in. Metal corded speakers with a hook placed on your window. The ones that were broken from years of use were replaced with, and I’m not making this up, small transistor radios the size of a cell phone, that were tuned to the low power AM radio transmitter on site. Amazing but true.

The owners, who had several theaters in the area, saw the drive-in as an investment only and, as far as I know, did not really care about the films shown. Being astute business folks, the films would change every Sunday to draw people in twice a week.

The New Moon was next to an industrial park and there were no private residences within a mile. There was a four-lane divided highway a quarter mile behind it but trees hid most of the single screen.

Jack, the teacher/manager, gave me a tour on my first visit introducing me to the young lady who worked the ticket booth and the young man who took care of the concession stand. Both of them were college aged and had no interest in the films, as far as I could tell. They both worked four hours a night, leaving before the end of the last film since the box office and the concession stand closed before the end of the night. I was to close up, lock up, make the bank deposit and go home.

My job, aside from taking care of all of the money, was manning the projectors, making sure the films ran properly mostly. But I also had to watch the lot and the patrons for bad behavior and that would include drinking, smoking pot (or any drug activity) and anything of a sexual nature.

Jack said the place was actually pretty quiet most of the time. He said one group of cars would be on the front rows for a good view, another group on the back rows “for whatever” and the rest in the middle were usually parked a bit apart from one another.

He showed me the concession area and supply room, the projection booth, his office and the box office. We checked out the womens’ room, the men’s room and storage areas. He said one time he was alerted that there was a woman in the men’s room. When ankarada yeni escortlar he got there he found a 30’s woman just standing there. He, of course, asked her to leave the men’s room. I naively said “I wonder what she was doing.” I got no answer. Well, looking for cock would be the correct answer!

We walked around the main screen-side lot and up on the 80-foot screen a guy was getting a fantastic handjob. I was greatly distracted!

“Have you watched porn before,?” he asked. I said yes, but not on a huge screen. I would have loved to have stayed and watched the film but needed to get home to my wife and two young kids. After much consideration, I turned the job down, mostly due to the family. My wife didn’t really care if I took the job but, at that point in my life, it seemed like a bad fit.

So, the non-fiction ends here and the fiction starts how.

One person Jack told me about was Darlene, a 40-year-old woman who was there a lot, like just about every weekend. I met her during my first day of training and was offered a blow job.

“That is her speciality,” Jack said with a smile.

“Well, that’s actually all I do,” Darlene said, also with a smile.

“You can use my office,” Jack said, walking away.

I was stunned and thrilled at the same time.

“So, if you are the new manager you will see me a lot around here,” Darlene said. “Jack can tell you I show up a lot and love to suck cock. Don’t touch my tits or push my head down on your cock. You can play with my hair if you want.”

We went into the office and as soon as the door closed she was on her knees working on my pants. At 27, I’d never been with a woman maybe 15 years my senior but I was not complaining. My wife is wonderful at giving me a blow job and I couldn’t compare the two. I will say Darlene was doing things to me that I had never experienced and she had me hard and throbbing very quickly.

“How am I doing,?” Darlne asked slyly.

“Oh my god, this is fantastic,” I said a bit breathlessly. “I won’t last much longer at this rate.”

“Good. I’m a bit hungry,” she said.

Moments later I happily shot off in her mouth and she swallowed what felt like a huge load.

“Tasty! Maybe we can do this again sometime,?” she asked.

“I certainly hope so,” I quipped.

She left, smiling at me over her shoulder and shut the door. I gathered myself up and went out looking a bit shell shocked.

When I caught with Jack he informed me that Darlene had never needed to buy a ticket to bayan escort elvankent get in and produced a handful of passes from his pocket. He gave me a half dozen.

“You can give out passes to whomever you want to but Darlene is at the top of the list,” Jack said.

“I can see why. Does she just look for guys to suck off,?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. And she’ll do you or me or Greg at the concession stand about anytime you want.”

“Incredibile,” I gushed. “Do you see her during the off season?”

“No comment. Let’s look this paperwork over,” Jack said.

After some more training on the bank deposit procedure we stepped outside. Jack said that I should take a walk around the parking area.

“You can look in the cars if you want,” he said, waving his hand towards the cars. “You never know what you’ll see. One thing you need to do is keep an eye on the screen to make sure the film is running okay. Also, check with Greg to make sure the food supply is good and Amy in the ticket booth. I check in with them about every 20 minutes or so.”

“Looks like you keep busy,” I said.

“Actually, the only time you sit down for more than a few minutes is at the end of the night when you’re doing the bank deposit.”

So, I started with Amy and she said everything was fine. Jack was hanging with Greg, most likely talking baseball since Greg played on the local college team and Jack just loved baseball.

From the ticket booth I went down the gravel drive to the back row. I’m in a shirt and tie, carrying an unlight flashlight, enjoying the late May evening. Upon arriving at the back row I find a couple standing behind their car. The lady is kind of laying face first on the trunk and the guy is pounding away from behind. Both are visibly having a lot of fun.

“Uh, folks, I’m sorry but that’s not allowed,” I said with a bit of hesitation. I don’t think I’d ever seen two people banging away in public like that. It was quite dark behind their car but I knew this wasn’t allowed.

“It’s too hot in the car,” the guy said between thrusts. The woman had her eyes closed and was either coming off an orgasm or getting ready for another one.

“Well, finish up quick and keep it quiet,” I said, not knowing exactly how to quell the activity.

“Cool,” the guy said.

“Thanks,” said the lady, smiling at me.

The rest of round one was quiet. A few guys playing with themselves, a guy in sunglasses and a hat, maybe hiding himself. It was pretty dark by now. escort bayan etimesgut There was an older guy getting a handjob or maybe just a slow stroking from a woman about his age.

Round two was also quiet except for Darlene who was in some random car and had to call me by name and say hello. I waved and she asked if I was ready for more attention.

“Well, I need to save some for my wife.”

“A young guy like you? You can recharge in 30 minutes,” Darlene said.

I gave her a thumbs up and kept walking. I gave the guy in the car a thumbs up, too. He smiled and waved. This place was gonna be fun and quite an adventure.

I noticed on the back row there might be three or four cars with a roll of paper towels on the dashboard. The rolls kind of stood out. Later, I asked Jack if he knew what that was all about.

“Yep, I sure do,” he said with a laugh. “You know what importuning is, right?”

I said I thought there was something in the paper about guys getting arrested at public park bathrooms and charged with it. And it was guys being exhibitionists.

“Close. They stand there at a urinal and jack off. The guy at the next urinal watches. Here the signal is the roll of paper towels. Get in my car, grab a paper towel and jack off.”

“Oh, well I guess I know all about importuning now.” I stated that I assumed that we did nothing about it and Jack said I was correct, unless there was a bunch of noise.

It seemed like the front row and the back row were both populated by the regulars who loved their porn. The middle of the lot was where all sorts of different people showed up.

The day ended quietly and after the last cars left I learned all the closing procedures and the making of a bank deposit.

So, the next day, I went to the corporate office in Springfield to fill out all the tax forms and legal stuff since I was going to handle money. That went smooth, no snags or anything but I had actually expected to get weird looks from people when they knew what I was being hired for. Didn’t happen.

The staff actually said that I could pick up some hours at their regular theaters if I wanted but it would be less pay unless I was in a manager spot. I could work hours in the winter if I wanted was the message. Not a bad offer; could help around Christmas.

Jack trained me for a total of six nights and turned me loose with the invitation to call him at home if I needed help. Oddly, I never found out if he was married or not but he said he was planning on keeping in touch with Darlene on a regular basis. Who could blame him?

I was ready to roll with two veteran employees, a phone number to call just in case and a woman who was there just about every night for at least a few hours ready to suck cocks. Well, I was ready and willing to be the new manager!

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