Excellent Care

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This is utter bullshit. I barely hurt myself at all, the procedure was basically unnecessary, and the fact that I had to stay overnight wrecked a perfectly good camping weekend. FUCK.

As if that sack of shit isn’t bad enough, I haven’t been laid in about a week now, and I am hornier than I can ever remember being.

There are three other guys in this ward with me, and they’re all passed out. That dude looks like someone freshened him up with a tire iron. That guy over there seems like he’s having a bad day too.

I am so sexually frustrated that even that old fart with whatever is wrong with him, is starting to look like an option. I mean, maybe? The mustache is kind of hot.

They’ll discharge me soon. They have to.

I smell like old sweat, because I was working outdoors when the accident happened and I still haven’t had a chance to shower. There’s a small bathroom off the ward, but I can’t figure out how to take my stupid ass-flashing gown off while this drip is still in my arm and where the fuck are the nurses?

The clicker produces nothing. Fuck this shit. My drip stand has wheels, so I get up and unplug it. It starts making periodic beeps of disapproval as I drag it behind me out into the corridor. Where the shitting monkeyfucks is everybody?

And then it hits me. It’s the middle of the night. I’m not sure what day it is. Maybe I got more fucked up than I thought?

I drag my drip stand down the corridor as I head towards the nurse’s station. The lighting is low because it’s night shift, but I don’t get far before I’m intercepted.

“Woah buddy,” the nurse says, “you’re not supposed to be out of bed yet.”

He’s the most attractive human being I have ever encountered dear god I am horny.

Seriously, he’s pretty hot. His hair is close cropped, with a slight fade. He shaved recently, but with a face like his, that doesn’t mean much. He looks like a bad boy, and I can spot where he’s taken his eyebrow piercing out – probably not allowed to wear it at work. That could go badly wrong near an MRI.

But it’s his lips I’m staring at. They’re so full, you know they’d be amazing to kiss, but oh how much I want to slide my cock between them.

“I really need to shower,” I tell him, and suddenly I’m not shouty anymore. I’m actually güvenilir bahis just tired, and freaked out. “I’m not sure how long I’ve been out, but I smell really bad, and I just want to get clean, but I can’t because of this fucking drip.”

I hang my head. He can see how upset I am, and he’s sympathetic. He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“You’re up and about, which is great. Physio said we shouldn’t push you the first day, but she wanted you to walk as soon as possible. So this means you’re strong and you’re healing well already – it’s good news!”

Yeah, I was definitely more fucked up than I thought when I came in. It’s coming back to me in pieces.

“I can’t let you shower right now,” he tells me, “because that dressing has to stay dry. But I’ll help you wash up; there’s a way I can pass the drip bag through the sleeve of your gown. It’s easier than it sounds. Come on.”

We head back to the ward, me still dragging the drip stand doggedly. He offers to take it from me but I’m not that fucked up yet god dammit.

We step into the bathroom. He begins running hot water into the tub, and locks the door for privacy.

“OK, normally we do this at your bed, but it’s messy and we have to change the bedding after. You’re walking fine, so, I’ll assist you in here. Turn around, please, so I can get the gown off you.”

So bossy, just telling me to undress. Such a horny nurse.

I turn around, and he undoes the neck of my hospital gown. He unclips my drip bag from the stand, does the thing I don’t see, and suddenly, without removing the dripline, I’m standing naked in front of him in disposable blue hospital underwear that isn’t doing as much as it could to disguise a pretty significant semi.

It’s awkward. I mean he’s smokeshow hot but he’s like, my caregiver or whatever. I address it by making a joke.

“So are you getting undressed too, or what?”

The bit lands perfectly, and he pisses himself laughing. “Fuck you,” he says, still grinning, “I’m trying to work, man.”

But both the awkwardness and the formality have evaporated. He clips the drip back onto the stand.

“I’m going to wash you now. I’m not doing your hair, it’s too messy. It’s easier for me if you can stand, but if you can’t, that’s what that chair thing is for.”

I’m güvenilir bahis siteleri good to stand.

He puts a little gel on a sponge, and dipping it in the hot water, he begins washing me, starting at my left hand, working up over my shoulders, and down my right arm. I relax into it, closing my eyes. Such a simple thing, being bathed by another guy, but the pleasure is wonderful. I feel at peace.

I’m aware of how good the sponge feels as he washes over my nipples, but it’s not like he’s trying to turn me on or anything. He’s working, it’d be disrespectful to make a move. Still, it’s a good job these shitty shorts are so baggy.

He reaches said shorts, skips over them, and starts on my legs. I’m not sure who the shorts are for, but they’re clearly for someone’s dignity.

“You can turn around now.”

He starts washing my neck and shoulders, then works his way down my back. Wait. His stroke has changed. This isn’t just a sponge bath anymore, he’s rubbing a bit more sensuously now. Motherfucker is into me. This could get interesting yet.

His movements are doing nothing for my boner situation, especially when he reaches my ass.

“Are these …” but I have to clear my throat. “I mean, is the shitty blue underwear necessary?”

“No man,” he says, “that shit is in case you’re embarrassed. I’m a nurse, trust me when I say I have seen everything there is to see.”

“Can you get them off me? I’m not sure I can bend that far.”

He grips them and pulls them down to my feet, where I step out of them. Then he starts washing my ass. And boy, has the game changed.

He soaps my cheeks in slow, wide circles, brushing over my crack. I let him know I’m into it with a little grunt. I also open my stance a little, to subtly grant him improved access.

He’s encouraged, and apparently decides to take a risk, because he slides the sponge right into my crack and slips it slowly all the way down, over my asshole, to my taint, and back up again. I hum my approval.

He slides it back down to my asshole, and commences to make little circles. It’s fucking delightful. My dick gets hard immediately.

“We try to offer the best patient care we can,” he tells me, continuing to pleasure my asshole. “Do you feel well taken care iddaa siteleri of?”

“You’re doing a great job,” I say. “You’re very thorough. You only missed one spot.”

I turn around. My hard dick is jutting at him. A drop of precum is beginning to run down the tip. I scoop it up with my finger, and hold it out to him.

He leans in and licks it off. We lock eyes. We know what this is.

He looks at his watch. “I start ward rounds in less than 5 minutes. This has to be quick.”

With that, he drops to his knees, and swallows my cock.

Oh fuck. Finally. I’m gripping my drip stand with one hand, the other is resting on his head. He has literally swallowed me into his throat; his nose is pressed into my pubes. I am in the presence of a master.

But we have to hurry. He starts sucking me like a machine, using a lot of tongue and spit. One hand is grabbing my ass, the other is working the shaft: hands-free is fancy shit that neither of us has time for.

This guy is an amazing cocksucker, and neither one of us wants this to last. I need to cum, he needs my load. We are getting this fucking done.

“Oh fuck. Fuck yes. You’re giving me such good service. Oh god. You’re such a professional, yes, yes. I feel so well cared for. Fuck. I’m going to write such a fucking great Yelp review, holy shit!”

The hand that has been gripping my ass cheek moves to my balls, and he gently tugs on them. That’ll do it. Aw fuck, here it comes!

I tap him on the head to warn him and he stays right on the dick: he wants to feel me cum in his mouth. Take it, then, you hot fucking slut. I explode onto his tongue, and he immediately swallows me to the root again. Guys in porn throat all the time, but in my experience it’s rare to encounter a cocksucker who can do it as casually as this guy can. The orgasm is enhanced by his swallowing, and is profound.

I collapse back onto the chair thing. He chuckles at me. “Think I can get you back to your bed now?”

He dries me off and helps me into new shitty blue pants, threads the dripline through the arm of a fresh gown, and fastens the neck. We shuffle out of the bathroom and back into the ward, where he helps me back into bed.

“Coming to find me was strenuous exercise – great for a first day, but take it easy now. Sleep a bit, ok?”

He tucks me in, turns to leave, and then turns back.

“If you don’t get discharged, I’ll come check on you tonight, in case you need help with anything.”

Oh holy shit. Please don’t let them send me home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32