Every Time

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She was behind the register at the market the first time I saw her. She was just another body in a sea of people and noise until I noticed her. She said hello and started in withe the usual small talk but I ignored her. When I looked up, that changed. With long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and high cheekbones, she looked like she’d just stepped off a magazine cover. A face like that should be working somewhere more glamorous.

The smock she wore hinted at a curvaceous figure but it was impossible to tell for sure. The little plastic tag that was pinned to her chest said her name was Tammy. I tried to get a peek at her ass as she bent over to get the detergent from the bottom of my cart. The smock came down too far. All I got was a hint of a tight butt. I thought, ‘I’ve got to shop here more often. Maybe I’ll see her again.’

She was walking her dog past me as I worked in the yard the second time I saw her. I’d never seen her there before, but then again, I’d never noticed her at the market either. A steady wind was blowing her polo shirt tight against her body. It left little no doubt this girl was carrying around an impressive chest under it.

The thin material molded to her like a second skin. I had stopped at the end of the yard as she waved. After she passed by, I got a fantastic view of her ass wrapped in a pair of skin-tight black bike shorts. She glanced back at me and caught me ogling her but didn’t react the way I expected. She smiled and waved again. Her hips swayed a bit more after that. It took me a minute to remember what I was doing when she was out of sight.

She was spreading a towel out on the beach near my deck the third time I saw her. Normally, I hate it when someone interrupts my morning meditation but I didn’t mind that day. From out on the sand, she yelled, “Hi. How are you this morning?” Though she was yards away, when I looked up, all I could see were her tits.

They were fighting a valiant battle with the tiny triangles of fabric that were tying to contain them. The strings holding them on were cutting into her shoulders and stretching thin with the strain. Her flat belly was perfect with a long deep navel that looked like it was made for tickling with my tongue. Her pussy was cupped so tightly by the tiny triangle of cloth that I could see the plump lips of her pussy.

The strings holding it in place were working almost as hard as the ones holding her top. When she turned, I got casino şirketleri a view of two perfect, firm, round buttocks with nothing but a thin string splitting them. They looked so good that they made my mouth water. My dick was rock hard in an instant. Before I could look away, the chime sounded to mark the end of my meditation. I closed my eyes and sat there on the deck waiting for my cock to go down enough for me to stand.

When I opened my eyes, I had a close up view of her light blue eyes and bright smile. “Are you centered now or should I come back later?”


“Are you through with your meditation?”

It was a struggle not to stare at the generous cleavage hanging in front of me. I almost succeeded. “Yeah. No. I’m all done,” I stammered.

“Cool. I wanted to come over when I saw you.” The sweet smell of coconut oil washed over me as she sat down next to me. A sidelong glance showed the tag on her suit along one string. I smiled when I saw it. She caught me and squirmed around to see what I was looking at. The effect was astonishing. The way her back arched as she craned her neck to figure out what I was looking at thrust her chest out even further. The soft flesh of her breast threatened to spill out of the side of her suit as it shifted on her body. “What is it? What are you looking at?” she asked.

“The tag. It’s just about the biggest piece of cloth on your suit.”

Time slowed as she leaned forward, reached behind her and untied the knot in the middle of her back. Suspended in the tiny bits of cloth holding them in place, her tits looked like succulent fruit ready for me to pick. Her arm quickly covered a flash of nipple as she pulled the tag up to compare it to the front of her suit. “No, it’s not,” she declared. “It’s smaller, see?” She held the two pieces up for comparison. There was no way I could focus of fabric with so much supple young flesh in view. When I didn’t respond, she re-tied her top and asked me, “Have you lived here very long?”

“Uh, no. I started the remodel a couple of years ago.” I closed my eyes so I could think before I went on. “It took longer than expected. By the time it was ready, I was on the road so this is the first chance I’ve had to check it out.”

“On the road? What were you doing?”

“I’m a artist and musician.”

Her face lit up when she heard that. “Cool. Who do you play with?”

“I don’t play with anybody exactly. I’m casino firmaları a studio musician but I spend most of my time writing and producing records.”

“That’s so cool. That’s a great job,” she said.

I laughed at that the way I always do. It’s one of the dumbest things people say to me. When I tell someone I produce records, they always say, “that’s a fun job” or something similar. It’s such a stupid thing to say. How do they know? Do they know what it means to produce a record? No, they don’t. I hate it. When someone says that, I like to ask what they like about the business. But that wasn’t what I did when she said it. As soon as I started to say something about my work, she smiled and all I could do was agree. Like and idiot, I asked, “What are you up to this morning?”

Unfazed, she said, “So far I’m just getting some sun and looking for some fun.”

“Yeah? What kind of fun are you looking for?”

“Whatever comes up, I guess,” she said as she looked down at my crotch. She took her time bringing her eyes back up to mine.

“I think you’re looking for trouble.”

Her breath was hot in my ear as she leaned in and told me, “Nope, I’m looking to get laid. Wanna help me with that?” She was on her feet and half way to my door before I could say a thing. The sway of her hips was mesmerizing. As she made her way through the living room, the knot at on the back of her top came loose again. She tossed it aside and kept going down the hall. Without glancing my way, she asked, “Are you coming?”

“Not yet,” I said. “But if you keep stripping I might shoot a load right here.”

The sight of her as she twirled in front of me is burned into my memory. It will be there the rest of my life. Blond hair, big blue eyes and broad smile flashed brightly above her full tits and they swung into and out of view. Her nipples were hard little pebbles centered in the crinkled flesh of her pink areolas. They seemed to stare at me as she turned. With a giggle, she ran down the hall to the master bedroom. I hear a gasp as she enters the master suite.

When I get to the end of the hall, I find her standing there, staring at the bed and the view. It’s magnificent. The bed looks out over the ocean and you can see for miles. I set it up with reflective windows so the sun doesn’t make the room overheat and no one can see in even though there are no curtains. You can lie in bed at watch the sun set with a panoramic view güvenilir casino of the coast.

Of course the bed is pretty impressive too. It’s a custom-built four-poster bed that’s fifty percent bigger than a king. The posts are massive, rising more than ten feet off the surface of the bed. The mattress is high off the floor. The perfect height to bend someone over and slam into them from behind. What she can’t see are the little details I added to the bed; the anchors where you can secure someone so that they’re immobilized and helpless or the rings in the canopy’s structure where you can attach a swing. Those are private and invisible unless you know where to look.

Unable to take her eyes off the view, she asks, “You built this?”


“It’s so…”

“That’s what it’s supposed to be…breathtaking,” I told her. My eyes raked up and down her flawless body.

My hand rose of its own volition and stroked the skin of her shoulder. The tight, velvet softness of youth was there to be savored and enjoyed. Tracing the contours of her body, I drank in the smell of her; fresh and delicious. The high ponytail she wore left her neck bare and vulnerable to my kisses. Her breath caught in her throat as I tasted her. Full breasts rose and nipples hardened at the sensation. Wrapping my arms around her, I cupped the firm, soft orbs in my hands. They were too big to fit in my hands, spilling over as I squeezed them. Her back arched to lift them for me and her firm little butt made contact with my growing cock. As it throbbed between her cheeks, she rolled her hips and sighed.

Her hand tugged the string that held her suit in place off and she tossed it aside before she reached back to push my shorts to the floor. The heat of our connection made us both hold our breath for a moment. She tilted her hips to let my cock slip in between her thighs. Warm damp kisses from her nether lips ran along the top of my shaft as she moved her hips like a stripper. She ground against me as I stood still behind her, letting her do all the work. When I took her nipples and rolled them between my fingers and thumb, she drenched me with her juices. The smell of her heated cunt mixed with the fresh quality of her youth beautifully.

“Tammy, if you don’t grab your suit and make a run for it, I’m going to bend you over this bed and fuck you until you beg me to stop,” I whispered.

“Please. Please fuck me,” she replied.

I flexed my cock and lined up the head with her slit and drove it into the hot, wet depths of her body. She threw her head back and squeezed her eyes tight at the invasion as she pushed back to sink me all the way in. This was going to be fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32