Eugene the Nerd Pt. 01: Hard Times

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The Life and Hard Times of Eugene the Nerd

Part One: Becoming a Man


Eugene was a nerd. He was a nerd from his first day in school as a youngster. School came easy for Eugene. He made straight As his entire time in school. He loved nothing more than to read and learn, and spent all of his free time reading and studying.

Eugene was almost devoid of any interest in sports, and would do anything to avoid participating in anything athletic. He spent most of his time indoors and, as a result, he failed to develop physically like the other boys. As a teen, he was vertically challenged. He was always the shortest boy in his grade, with scrawny weak muscles, and a pale white complexion.

So, Eugene developed a practice of never letting himself be seen shirtless in public, let alone naked. He did everything possible to get out of gym classes, and always conveniently got the ‘belly ache’ to get himself out of any shirts-skins games.

Puberty arrived early and it was very generous to Eugene. He developed a nice thick triangle of dark brown pubic hair, and dense furry armpit bushes early on, and it gave him a perfectly shaped seven and a half inch long thick dick and a nice furry ball sack with large manly balls. His large cut dick was definitely a shower, rather than being a grower. It was always long, thick and firm even when he was far from being aroused. It was like it was perpetually in at least a semi boned chubby state. It always wanted to stretch out like a large fat firm sausage roll inside his pants, always at an incline either to the left or to the right, never angled down.

Eugene was always very self conscious of his huge dick, a dick that any of the other boys would have been very proud to have had as their own. Eugene could have been a stud with all of the girls and the envy of all the guys had the rest of his body not been so pathetically weak and had he not been so terribly shy and modest. As it was though, he was very self conscious and very easily embarrassed by his large genitalia bulge. He hated always having his most private parts, his male sex organs so prominently on display for all to see. He always felt like everyone noticed, tried to steal glances at, and often blatantly stared and gawked at his bulge. Any of the other boys would have proudly flaunted it every chance they got.

In private though, he was far from being shy and modest. He quickly discovered the horny pleasures his new pubescent body provided him. He loved to spend time alone in the bathroom, striped naked, admiring and checking out his newly developed furry pubic and pit bushes and he was secretly very proud of his newly developed genitalia He loved exploring his developing body. He loved the new pleasurable sensations he felt when he fondled his dick and balls and nipples and when he inhaled the intoxicating musky odors that now emanated from his sweaty furry armpits and gonads. He often went several days without using deodorant, so he could enjoy his ripe heady man odors in private every chance he got.

Eugene was not fat, he was actually scrawny, but he had a soft flabby pot belly that pooched out. All the other guys his age worked hard to develop hard chiseled six pack abs and proudly show them off. In contrast, Eugene’s belly was soft and totally defenseless. Even worse, because it pooched out it made a very vulnerable target on a number of occasions where punches were in expectedly thrown into his gut. His large ballsack presented another vulnerable target as well.

Even though he avoided rough play güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri whenever possible, these were the middle school years when titty twisters, gut punches, and ball taps were exchanged everyday as boys eagerly flaunted and tested each other’s newly testosterone enhanced manhood. There were several times he’d had his bell rung, dropped to his knees by a hard fist thrown deep into his soft defenseless gut or wide open unprotected ball sack. These were the years that all the other boys learned to keep their abs habitually steeled, hard as rocks, because of the likelihood of hard gut shots coming out of nowhere into their mid sections. Unfortunately, Eugene had no abs to flex and steel, only a soft little pooched out pot belly.

The next year, his highschool freshman year, Eugene was in his school’s marching band and late in the summer the band went to the state fair band competition. After his band had competed, the band members were given the afternoon to explore the fair. At the end of the day, just before they boarded the bus for the long ride home, per tradition the upper class guys and girls in the band ran down the freshmen in the field where the buses were parked and initiated them one at a time.

Eugene was very easy prey. He was not at all a fast runner and he was not about to fight the group that ran him down. He quickly succumbed and stood trembling, surrounded by about ten older boys and girls. The older kids told him his best option would be to fully to cooperate with them. They were going to have their fun with him regardless of whether he cooperated and just sucked it up and took it, or chose to resist and fight, so he might as well just do everything they wanted and he wouldn’t get hurt. This was actually far from true, though. Eugene was so incredibly shy and modest, always afraid and embarrassed for others to see his unclothed body, especially a group of older boys and girls from his school, that he was actually going to be hurt emotionally a lot. He would in fact be terribly humiliated during this experience, and he would remember this very embarrassing experience for the rest of his life.

First, the older kids told him to take off his shirt. Eugene trembled as he reached down and quickly pulled it off over his head. He did so all the while keeping his arms down as much as possible. He was so humiliated as he was now being forced to expose, for all to see, his body that he was so ashamed of because it was so weak and scrawny. Even worse, because he was so shy and modest he really did not want to everyone to see what puberty had so generously done to his body. He wanted so bad to keep his nipples and soft pooched belly, his armpit hair which he could feel was now dripping wet with his nervous sweat and he was sure his armpits were really ripe with his manly armpit musk, and even worse, the huge sausage shaped bulge in his pants created by his mature genitalia that he was so ashamed for anyone to see was now in full view of everyone. He handed his shirt to the kids and held his scrawny arms straight down against his sides so that his armpits were closed tight and his hands covered most of his sex bulge.

At first the older kids were content with just checking out his naked upper body. The girls took turns pinching and tweaking the pale sensitive nubs in the center of his dark pink nipples. Eugene had played with his nipples so much in private that they were now very well conditioned to respond immediately by getting hard. Making matters worse, Eugene’s nipples were hard wired to his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri dick. His dick always got a stiffy whenever his nipples did. Since Eugene’s big cock was a shower, it was perpetually semi hard anyway, and it always stretched upward to one side or the other in his white briefs. Whenever it became aroused it always grew slightly larger and stood up proudly, vertically, fat and hard against his soft belly. Eugene was always very embarrassed when he had a boner bulge in his pants and he was around others.

When his dick was boned vertically it always stretched his briefs and pants to the limit, and oftentimes it seemed to slither like a big chubby snake I nside his shorts crawling up his soft belly trying to force its swollen mushroom head up between his waistbands and and his belly to poke itself out in the open, like a submarine periscope boldly poking out above the surface to have a look around. For that reason, Eugene usually left his shirts untucked so that his one eyed friend could do so, if it must, and yet remain unseen by others.

One of the girls told Eugene to flex his muscles for them and others chimed in. Eugene had never before flexed his muscles for anyone. He awkwardly held his upper arms to his sides Keeping his armpits closed and hidden made fists and brought his forearms up like he was doing bicep curls. His biceps were actually veiny and well defined but small and weak. They formed small veiny peaks, like miniature biceps, and everyone laughed at them. Several of the girls lifted their sleeves and flexed their biceps holding them beside his. All of the girls had biceps as large and defined if not larger than Eugene’s and they roared with laughter at his girly biceps.

Then they ordered him to put his hands on top of his head. He was so humiliated and he kept his elbows in front of him as he did still trying to keep his hairy smelly armpits hidden. They told him to spread his elbows out, and as he did his dense armpit hair bushes dripping wet with his musky sweat opened up into view. What Eugene lacked in muscles he made up for in armpit hair. His armpit bushes were sexy, he’d realized that a couple of years ago, and his manly pit musk smell was a definite turn on for him, and now for the girls. They played with his armpit fur and nipples. Eugene could smell his armpit musk, it was thick in the air around him, and he knew everyone else did as well.

One of the girls said, “oh my gosh Eugene, you are so cute. He’s just like a little boy.” Other girls echoed the little boy remark. The guys were mostly just laughing at Eugene in his embarrassing situation. Eugene’s face was beet red, and his nervous perspiration was dripping down his bare chest and belly in torrents. Eugene felt incredibly violated, totally humiliated.

The girls loved playing with his “cute little nipples” and laughed at how hard they had gotten. Eugene could feel that his dick was now stretched out and sticking up vertically and that the very sensitive fat head of his cock was now squeezed between his soft sweaty belly and the tight elastic waistband of his shorts. It was stretching the elastic waistband and he could feel the coolness of air touching his throbbing dickhead. He knew it was now visibly poked up and almost out. He could not believe they had not spotted it. He hoped so badly that it would go unnoticed. How would he ever be able to face these kids again knowing they had all seen his most private naked genitals?

Too late! Just then a couple of the girls squealed out excitedly, “hey, look güvenilir bahis şirketleri at his penis! There it is! See it?” The guys quickly joined in roaring with laughter, “damn Eugene, how long is that thing? You never told us you were hung like a racehorse!”

Eugene was now so utterly devastated and humiliated. He wanted so badly for this to just be some horrible nightmare. The situation was totally out of Eugene’s control. He tipped his head forward and what he saw was his personal worst nightmare. He could see that his entire mushroom shaped cockhead and the part of his cock shaft that bore his circumcision scar was now in everyone’s full view. He could see and feel that it was throbbing with his pulse. His pee slit was spread wide to allow his precum juices to drool out and down his shaft, and his hairless soft belly was covered with his sticky precum goo. He tried to protest, but to no avail, and in seconds he felt his shorts and briefs being pulled down and then falling to his knees. Even though his dick was now free of any support from the elastic waistbands, it did not move hardly at all. His genitals, to his dismay and embarrassment, were now more aroused than ever before in his life and his dick remained standing up vertical and pulsing pressed against his soft belly pooch.

Nobody ever actually touched Eugene’s dick, but it was so aroused, chubbed and throbbing, and Eugene was so extremely modest and a virgin that just the experience of seeing his dick so aroused and everybody watching it was enough to cause him to have the biggest orgasm of his life in front of all these classmates. His virgin dick was so hypersensitive, and him now fully naked and surrounded by the group of completely clothed onlookers caused a sexual sensory overload that was too much for Eugene. He could feel his heavy balls, always full of his youthful sperm, tighten and lift themselves and he felt them release his built up gigantic load. He felt his huge wad travel to the base of his cock, and he could feel his shaft expand as the huge load of his cum worked its way up his shaft to his slit, and then out shot spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot milky cum splattering all over his naked chest and belly. Several spurts of his sticky cum shot into the air and splattered on the guys and girls standing around him as well.

Premature ejaculations aren’t at all unusual for young pubescent first timers, but this was a pre- premature ejaculation. No one had actually even touched his junk. Eugene just stood there red faced in disbelief. He was so humiliated, naked, his most private parts, his penis and testicles, his naked chest with his nipples hard and aroused, his bushy armpits ripe with his most personal and private body odors, his body’s fluids and sperm everywhere. And everyone had witnessed the hottest orgasm of his life, a most personal and private act and moment that he never wanted anyone to see outside of him solitarily enjoying it in his private bathroom. He felt so violated and ashamed of his mutinous body and genitals allowing itself to become so aroused and put on this sexual performance in front of all of his friends and classmates against his will.

Eugene would never forget this day, this event in his life. He didn’t realize it yet, but this would be about the last day in the life of Eugene the helpless scrawny nerd. Eugene would no longer remain a nerdy wimp, weak and defenseless. Eugene was about to enter a later than average growth spurt. Eugene’s body and blood stream in the days and weeks ahead was soon to be flooded with a huge surge of testosterone as his body prepared itself for manhood and, he didn’t know it yet, but he would soon be riding this testosterone tsunami, and he was about to quickly learn to leverage it and use it to muscle his body up and morph himself into Eugene the muscle stud.

To be continued…

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