Encyclopedia Masturbationem Ch. 04

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Encyclopedia Masturbationem — Female Edition

This continuing series offers up different suggestions for your enjoyment while masturbating. See Session

for further context.

At the end of each session, rate your ability (1-5 Stars), to follow the script and cum as and when directed. Please send feedback of your success as well as any suggestions for future sessions. Those of you who have encountered this work in mid-series may wish to begin at Session

and follow through as the themes and scenarios vary in content and perhaps, difficulty.


Session : The Tool Crib

Today’s session prompts you to think about and make use of the toys and objects that can bring you pleasure. If you do not have any toys then perhaps it is time to take a moment and go online to treat yourself to some mechanical stimulation. Check out the variety and consider the type of pleasure each toy is designed to provide. Amaze yourself at the many differences in texture, shape and size. Is it not the case that toy money is generally considered cheaper than date money? If you have never or currently are without toys, fear not. All that is required is a creative imagination and you will find that many every-day objects exist in this world and bahis siteleri can be easily utilized for your self-pleasure.

If you have a collection of sex toys, I suggest that you lay them out before you but hold off putting them to work just for the moment. Consider the collection and whether it should grow. Place them is some sort of order for use in the session you are about to have. Is it time to include some more variety? Are there both clitoral stimulators as well as vibrators and dildos to stretch and pleasure your insides? Are these treasures that you have collected on your own or were they gifts from others? Are toys the exclusive domain of your private moments or are they to be enjoyed with a trusted friend?

Think back to the first time a toy brought you to orgasm and how that experience differed from any other you had previously enjoyed. How did you first discover them? Remember the setting. Where you were. Who you may have been with. How many times a trusted toy has done the job when you needed it most. Is your toy always used in just the same way or is it time to change up the routine? What other functions can be performed by this toy and where else might it explore?

As you consider your own toy driven experiences take a moment to picture others with canlı bahis siteleri their toys. The eroticism of being watched or watching others at play. Can you visualize it to the smallest detail? The position of the body. Would it be identical to your own routine or do you imagine others masturbating in a different setting? Hear and see the sounds, the smells, the flexing of muscles, the intense expression of orgasm.

Regardless of whether you have any toys, take a moment to investigate around your home. How many objects can you find in under five minutes that could stand in as a makeshift toy? Look for shape obviously and texture. As you pick up a bottle or a hairbrush try to see its’ utility. What is the desired shape? Long and rigid or short and thick? It’s all about creating more pleasure for yourself. The electric toothbrush seems obvious as does the store bought massager that may have been intended for the use you are about to make of it. And think outside the box in the few minutes you have been given. Did you remember to open the refrigerator or the cleaning supply closet? Perhaps this exercise will forever doom you wherever you are shopping and realize that you are constantly surrounded by objects to hump, ride and fuck. You will never walk the aisles of the canlı bahis dollar store again without seeing the potential of self-pleasure. With this idea in mind, it might be a funny experience to walk the aisles of a store and try to count just how many items you encounter that could be used to bring you pleasure.

Whatever objects you have collected on this day, add them to your toy display and consider where they fit in given the order you have placed them. Consider what is missing or what might best add to your collection. Find your boldness if you are at all shy about sex toys and and think of the most extreme object you might go to in the future. Something for the back door perhaps or a double dildo that really pushes the boundaries. Many women will tell you that polished glass ribbed dildo is a sensation unlike any other.

Now that you have put together a collection of fuckable objects it is time to begin. You will likely find that some are better than others and no doubt you will pick a favorite. That’s to be expected but make yourself a promise that you will not go to orgasm until you have test driven each one for at least a few minutes. Once you have taken sufficient time to explore these wondrous sex substitutes, settle in with the one that stimulates most intently today and pleasure yourself until your body literally cannot handle any further stimulation! After that first orgasm, take another look at the collection and consider how many more you can achieve in this session alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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