Empowered Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter in the Empowered series. I hope you all enjoy it and give me your valuable opinions and comments. Also all the votes are appreciated.

I thank hydratez and Natalie for helping me with the editing of this chapter.

All characters in this story are above 18. All rights reserved.


Nick came out of his shower. A few drops of water still dribbling down his blonde hair, flowing on his lean muscular body. He stood in front of the full length mirror in his room, staring at himself. Years of martial arts training, relentless hard work, had made his body very well defined. He had certainly come a long way from being the scrawny nerd with a cute face.

He vividly remembered the incident from school days, when Carl was harassing April. Never before he had been so angry. He instantly came at her aid but was beaten badly, being a weak kid. He was deeply embarrassed at his own feebleness, but it only motivated him to take martial arts lessons.

Never again was he going to fail at protecting an innocent, he made a pact with his soul. Since then he had only grown stronger and stronger, now considered most ferocious fighter among all his peers, due to his unnatural agility. His master had always taught him to use his great skills with greater responsibility. Nick had made it a point to always follow his master’s path.

The teasing sensation of the cool water-drop, rolling down his bare midriff broke him out of his reverie. He watched the drop of water running down his sculpted abs to his navel. The one body part, he was absolutely proud of. He always wanted to flaunt, like Steve would do at times, but his shy nature proved too much to overcome. Babes lust over killer abs, they said. Clearly they lied, he wouldn’t remain a virgin otherwise.

‘Damn! I need to lose my virginity’ he thought. Nick had dated few girls from school but somehow they didn’t stick around for long. All those girls had problems over his closeness with April.

Her beauty didn’t help much either. At 5 ft 7″ April stood slightly taller than an average girl. Her long hair flowed down her back in golden waves. Her angelic face was blessed with prominent cheekbones, a thin jaw. Every tiny movement of her bow shaped curvy lips and big beautiful blue eyes was mesmerizing. Nick loved how delicately she would tuck her curls behind her ear, whenever she left them loose. Her swan-like graceful neck blossomed into an amazing body. High swellings of her large bosom attracted lot of attention from the opposite sex, even though she almost always wore dresses and never showed much skin.

Nick wondered how she would look without her clothes. An image of a naked April flashed in his mind. Blood surged to his cock faster than speed of light. ‘Whoa boy, hold that thought! That’s your best friend you are lusting after,’ he mentally chided himself.

He briefly glanced towards the clock on his wall. It was almost party time. He needed to get going soon. He quickly threw on a white t-shirt. But wearing a blue jeans proved much harder of a task than usual. Satisfied with his own appearance, he walked out of the room. He took in the empty house once. Luckily for him, his parents were on a business tour. Otherwise they would ask hundreds of questions before letting him out. He picked up his keys and locked the door.

As he stepped out of the house, a cool evening breeze went running against his tanned golden skin. The amazingly teasing sensation put him in a good mood.

Blowing a whistle, he started walking towards April’s house. Being only a few houses down from his own, he reached there in no time.

He pressed the doorbell. A beautiful middle aged version of April welcomed him at the door.

“Hello Mrs. Connelly,” he greeted April’s mother.

“Hello Nick, you look great!” she complimented him with an approving look.

Nick blushed at the compliment from the older woman. “Thanks,” he replied shyly. Eva Connelly grinned. She was aware of the juvenile crush that Nick harbored on her since childhood. She had a strong belief that Nick would turn into a real good man, the kind every mother wants for her daughter.

“So did you finally ask April on a date?” she teased him, enjoying his undisguised discomfort.

Nick turned a deeper shade of red.

“Mom! Stop teasing him,” came April’s voice from inside the house.

Eva laughed more at his expense. “Oh it’s okay honey, I won’t mind if he asked you on a date.” It was April’s turn to blush now. She knew her mother was just teasing, but still she couldn’t control the warm feeling inside her.

“Alright kids, I’ll leave you two alone for the time being. Have fun at the party,” said Eva finally, having had her fun.

Nick finally released a sigh of relief. His relief was just momentary though. As Eva moved to go inside, out came her beautiful daughter. As Nick looked at her, his jaw dropped to the floor. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. April had decided bursa escort to forgo her usual attire and was standing in a skin-hugging white t-shirt and blue jeans shorts. Those simple clothes looked scandalous on sweet, demure April.

Her large, round breasts looked impossibly huge in the tight t-shirt. They strained the fabric of the t-shirt to its elastic limit. It caused the hem of the t-shirt to stop just above her omphalos, baring the smooth pale skin of her flat stomach. Her slender waist flared nicely into curvy hips. While her shorts covered her privates sufficiently, they left her smooth toned legs unconcealed, for the visual benefit of every straight male. The innocent expression she wore on her face, completed her divinely sexy attire. ‘She looks like a barbie,’ he thought. ‘Well Barbies’ bosom never blossomed like this!’ Suddenly his jeans were too restricting for his own comfort. His mouth went dry. Finding himself at loss for words, he blurted out a single word, “Wow!”

April smiled at him nervously. This was the exact effect her mom said she would have. April had her doubts, but probably her mother was right.

“Do I look okay?” April asked, searching for his verbal approval.

“No! You don’t look okay,” Nick said with a serious expression. She raised a shapely eyebrow at him in confusion. Tense creases appeared on her forehead.

“You look amazing!” Nick said quickly. “But I’m not sure if we can walk to Steve’s house safely.”

“Thank you,” a visibly relaxed April chirped happily. “And I’m sure you’ll protect me.”

“Always,” he replied in a firm tone. April marveled at the sincerity in his voice.

“Let’s leave for the party or we’ll be late,” April suggested, changing the topic, afraid she had over-thought about the implications of the intensity in Nick’s words. Maybe it was all her imagination.

Nick nodded, “Yeah, let’s go. I want to be there for Steve when Katie breaks his heart.”

“You are so bad! I can’t believe, you of all people, would bet on her,” April said in a disapproving manner.

“Oh you misunderstood. I didn’t bet on her, I bet on him. You see, Steve is extremely unlucky when it comes to girls. Every time he plans to have some fun with one, he somehow fails,” Nick informed.

“You mean, like last month with Tina?” inquired April.

“Exactly. She invited him home when she was all alone, but unluckily her father came home and caught them before they could have some fun,” said Nick laughing. “Luckily he didn’t kill Steve.”

“That is not funny,” April said with a failed attempt at controlling her own giggles.

“A little,” he replied still laughing. The easy banter flowed until they reached Steve’s house. It appeared that the party had already started. As they went to the door, Nick pushed April ahead and made her ring the doorbell. As soon as Steve opened the door, he hollered, “Holy fucking shit!”

Both April and Nick cracked up at Steve’s amusing expression. Steve was mesmerized at the sight standing before him. He took her right hand gently and raised it to his lips. “Jealousy is great fuel to ignite passion for progress,” he said with a smirk.

“Are you implying I’m jealous of someone?” asked a surprised April.

“Maybe. I assume this beautiful change happened because of Katie,” Steve let out his thought.

“You are hallucinating! I’m not jealous of anyone,” April replied in a fierce tone. “Move out of my way,” she said curtly, pushing him aside and making her way in.

As she entered in, a deep hush spread over the crowd. The only audible sound was coming from the music system. April noticed everyone looking in her direction. She felt like a freak. Someone turned off the music system immediately, allowing the situation to become more dramatic.

April was standing fidgeting as both her friends came in. Timely, the sound of a beer mug crashing to the floor culminated April’s torture. The crowd just laughed and resumed whatever it was they have been doing before she came in.

She detected certain hot breath at her right ear. “This is progress, some real good progress,” came a husky whisper from Steve. Did he just lick her earlobe, or was she imagining it? She couldn’t decide. Now she was pissed off.

“Shit!” groaned a hurt Steve as he was elbowed in the stomach by the furious Femme Fatale. Nick laughed at their antics. He needed to separate them soon or there was going to be chaos. “Steve if you do not wish anymore bruises on your body, I suggest you leave her alone and go attend the incoming guests,” Nick suggested with mock seriousness.

“Yeah, take this Medusa’s descendant away from me,” an irritated Steve agreed.

April stomped her right foot in frustration and started walking away. “Nick, come to the backyard pool when you are done with this loser,” she was heard saying over the noise.

“I’ll go after her. Stay away from trouble bro,” Nick said moving away quickly in pursuit of April. He found her sitting alone near the crowded pool, still bursa escort bayan sulking. He grabbed two cans of beer from the cooler and walked to her. Sitting down beside her, he opened one and offered it to her.

“Nick, I’m not much on alcohol. You know it,” said April looking amusingly in his direction.

“I thought it will help you cool off,” Nick explained to her.

April accepted the can from him. “Probably; you are right,” she agreed and took a big gulp from the can. “Mhmm… Its good! Just what I needed right now,” she spoke her mind. After taking few more sips, she began relaxing. For some time, they chatted away with each other and some of the other kids at the party.

About an hour later, they heard a ruckus from the hall. Curious as they were, they went to see what was all the commotion about. As Nick reached the hall entrance, he noticed Katie being manhandled by Carl in a corner while her best friend Terry was on the ground. That asshole was harming women again!

Nick was amazed that everyone was being a spectator and not trying to help those girls. He looked around for Steve and found him fighting three of Carl’s friends lonely. Well not anymore, he thought.

Strong hands gripped Carl around his neck and pulled him away from Katie. He elbowed Nick in the stomach, which left Nick in pain, loosening his grip on Carl. Carl freed himself away and threw a right punch in Nick’s face. Nick quickly ducked under the punch at the last moment and threw an open left palm in his face, in the same move, with lightening speed. As it connected to Carl’s face, he lost sense of orientation. A kick in the chest followed and he landed hard on his butt.

“You need a serious lesson about treating women well,” roared a furious Nick.

“Fuck you nerd! You are nothing but a piece of shit. I’m going to kick the crap out of you,” Carl snarled angrily. Standing on his feet, he charged towards Nick with brute force. Anticipating his move, Nick moved to his side and brought down his elbow mightily on his opponent’s back. Next moment, he saw Carl lying on the floor, crying and cursing in pain.

He wanted to crush that living piece of shit but knew that Steve was in need of help. He made his way to the three goons in a flash. A powerful kick in the side of his ribs, caused one of Carl’s goon to drop to his knees. Another one of those unlucky trio turned to attack Nick but was no match for Nick’s speed.

A deluge of quick punches to his body and face later, he was a heap on the ground. The third one proved much smarter, as he made out of the house in record time, soon before anyone could catch him. Nick searched for Carl and found him leaving too.

“You’ll pay for this,” threatened Carl before making a hastily exit. Soon the rest of his goons followed him out.

Nick pulled Steve up from the floor. “I asked you to stay away from trouble,” Nick said with a grin on his face.

“I tried dude. But the trouble won’t stay away from me,” replied Steve with a mock sincerity. “Party’s over people. Thanks for coming,” he declared to the crowd.

Soon everyone except five of them left the house. Meanwhile April helped Katie and Terry to a sofa.”Are you both alright?” April asked both the girls. Terry nodded her head. “Yeah, we both are fine. We may have a few bruises but Steve and Nick saved us in good time,” replied Katie.

“What happened? What were those jerks doing here?” April inquired looking at Steve.

“Apparently someone told Carl about the party, so he came here, with his friends, some time ago. I ignored him until he started troubling Katie. When Terry tried to interfere, he hit her and then of course I had to whip their asses,” explained Steve proudly.

“I hate to admit it but you are a good guy Steve,” April said with a faint smile on her face. Steve smirked at her. She shook her head.

“Nick can you please drop Katie and Terry home? Meanwhile I’ll check this Neanderthal for injury,” she requested Nick.

“Of course,” replied Nick, ever-the-gentleman.

“You don’t have to, we’ll be fine by ourselves,” protested Terry.

“Terry, April’s right. Nick should go along with you. We don’t know if Carl is still outside, waiting for you,” explained Steve firmly.

“Alright,” Terry got up and put her arms around Steve’s neck, pulling him for a deep kiss. “Thanks for saving us, my knight in shining armor,” she said mischievously, after she mercifully left him to breathe.

Steve was astounded! He had kissed few girls before, but there was something about Terry’s kiss, which he had never experienced before. Just replaying the kiss in his mind, he got goose-bumps. He smiled like a fool in her direction. Terry said her goodbye to both Steve and April. Katie also thanked him and gave a peck on cheek. Nick promised to call them tomorrow.

Nick lead both the girls out of the house and to Katie’s car. He took car keys from Katie and entered driver’s side of the car. He was joined by Katie in the front. After Terry escort bursa sat in the back, she gave him the directions to her house.

They carried on a conversation about school and other usual stuff, but Katie was silent during most of the ride. About 15 minutes of lazy driving and they reached Terry’s house. As she got out, she came by the driver’s window and thanked Nick with a kiss on the cheek. Then coming on Katie’s side, she whispered something to her, in a low voice. Katie’s cheeks reddened at her friends words, then she nodded at Terry and bid her goodbye.

Katie turned around and climbed on her seat to lean towards Nick to grab his neck. As she pulled him in for a kiss, she could see the shock reflected by his cute face. His eyes popping out of his skull, made her smile against his lips. Her soft lips started moving slowly against his. Nick started responded gradually to the silky feeling of her lips.

He had envisioned this scene countless times in his fantasies, still it hadn’t prepared him for the sensations coursing through his body. His arms enveloped her body and neck gently, as he kissed her with more need. Seeking her consent, his tongue probed lightly against her hot mouth. As Katie allowed her lips to open, teasingly his tongue entered her sweet mouth, the slow torture fired up Katie’s need, as she craved for more.

When she tried to lean more towards him, she lost her balance somewhat. In order to maintain balance, her left hand moved to hold on something. Accidentally her hand fell in his lap and gripped around his stone hard shaft. The heat radiating from the cock in her hand, broke the magical spell. Katie slowly moved back, taking her hand off of his cock, breaking the kiss in the process. She sat back in her seat, smiling naughtily at Nick. He seemed in dire need of more pleasure.

“Thank you for protecting me,” Katie said giggling.

“If that’s your reward for protection, I am definitely applying for your bodyguard’s job,” responded Nick wittily.

Katie giggled more at his reply. “Right now, you are the one I need protection against,” she said with a smirk.

Nick smiled sheepishly at her comment. His hunger for Katie’s delicious body was so strong that he knew she was right. With huge efforts, he forced himself to look straight and start the car ignition.

A part of Katie felt disappointed at his defensive behavior. Maybe she shouldn’t have said the last sentence. Still he was a guy and was supposed to make advances towards her, not vice versa. He was so unlike any other guy in that matter and it frustrated her. Maybe she should just attack and devour him totally. That would probably teach him a much needed manly lesson, she thought.

She kept looking at him pointedly while he drove looking ahead. She heard him asking directions to her house, which she provided curtly. As they reached near her house, he slowed down the car and stopped in the driveway.

“Is April your girlfriend?” came an unforeseen question from Katie’s mouth.

He had heard similar questions so many times before that he didn’t even feel surprised. “No, we are just friends,” he replied honestly.

Katie got the answer she was hoping for. She quickly exited from her side of car and stood by his window. “Get out of the car please,” she said impatiently. Nick was puzzled by her mood swing. Yet he obliged her and got out of the car. Katie impetuously took his hand and started dragging him behind her…


After Nick left along with Katie and Terry, April administered first aid to Steve. Steve suggested that April should call her mom about being late, which she readily did. Still feeling the pain from his body, Steve grabbed some beers from the refrigerator.

April, being a little drunk from drinking earlier, joined Steve with a bottle of wine. After finishing the whole bottle while watching a romantic movie on the television, April was definitely drunk.

“You were right,” he heard her saying loudly.

“I was right about what?” asked an equally drunk Steve.

“That I was jealous of Katie,” April admitted much less loudly. Steve looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Even in his drunken daze, he was astonished at her admission. She stood up from her seat and fidgeted away from him.

“I’m best friends with two manliest boys in the whole school but none of them is interested in me. Both of you never even flirt with me. I get lot of attention from other boys at school, but all I need is little bit from you. Attention, not as a friend but as a woman. Both of you won’t even give me a second look when Katie is around. So tell me, is it because I’m not as beautiful or I don’t bare my body parts for your viewing pleasure,” asked a furious April. Her beautiful upper lip quivered in anger. Tears were on the verge of falling out of her big beautiful blue eyes.

Steve was baffled and hugely shocked. Never in a lifetime would he have guessed her true feelings. But she had accused him of not paying her enough attention. She thought all he ever cared was for some skin-show. She of all had such a low opinion of him. He was enraged. He stood from his seat, staring right into her eyes. Fury was written all over his features.

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