Emmy: The Cabin

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** All characters involved in sexual interactions are at least 18. **

I can hear James’ heart slowly beating, his breathing deep and steady. I’ve awoken a few seconds earlier and am a little confused about where I am. I move my leg; a soreness inside me acts as a reminder. Of course, The studio, the shoot. I sit up and feel something shift inside me; there’s a damp spot at my crouch. Earlier I joked about it when he shot his load inside me; god, it even triggered my orgasm. But now that the haze of lust is gone, I’m just worried. When did my period start again? 10 days ago, maybe 12? Damn, that meant I just ovulated or was about to. The worst part, I couldn’t do anything about it. My chest tightens, is that excitement I’m feeling?

I look down and see James laying on his back, his shorts still around his ankles. His cock limb on his stomach. Among the shaft, there’s a crackling burgundy stain. Probably, the last remains of my virginity.

Tears well in my eyes as I adjust the fern green playsuit I’m still wearing. We didn’t even undress, no foreplay, nothing. We just fucked. I enjoyed it; It’s just not what I imagined my first time to be.

I get up and explore the enormous studio. I can feel the remains of James’ sperm leak out of me by walking around, not the most pleasant feeling. I need a bathroom or toilet; I tighten my pelvic muscles, walk back over to James and wake him.

“James,” I gently shake his shoulder, his eyes slowly open. “Where’s a bathroom?”

James shakes his head and looks at me with a goofy grin on his face. “In the dressing rooms,” he sits upright, starts to blush en quickly pulls up his pants. I can’t help chuckling. “I’ll show you.” He says and gets up and leads me towards the changing rooms.

In contrast with the rest of the studio, these rooms were old and dull, even decrepit. We get inside a dressing room with some furniture and an adjacent bathroom. James sits down on the sofa in the corner; I look at him, willing him to leave; He doesn’t get the hint. Not willing to ask him, I enter the bathroom and close the door. I take off the playsuit and sit down on the toilet naked, finally able to relax my pelvic muscles. A few minutes later, I get up and start the shower. After thoroughly washing and towelling myself dry, I realise my clothes are still on the set.

“James? Can you get my clothes? They’re still at the bathroom set.” I ask him through the door while wrapping myself in the damp towel.

“Sure, back in a minute.” He replies; I hear him leave. I look into the mirror and tie my hazel hair back into a ponytail. I stare at my reflection, wondering why James would pick me for his photographing assignment. I’m not that beautiful. Sure, I get some attention, but I’m not model material. Except for my eyes, maybe. They’re a deep lapis lazuli blue, even with the gold sparkle. Probably my most significant asset-

Suddenly the bathroom door opens, and James walks in; I’m startled. I didn’t think he’d barge in unannounced. I turn to face him; James licks his lips and walks over to me. He drops my outfit at my feet and takes hold of the towel. He pulls on it. Flabergasted, I open my mouth; my towel drops to the floor, exposing my slim body.

His hand roams my now naked body; he cups my b-cup breast and gently pinches my nipple. a mixture of pleasure and pain shoots through me. “James,” I try to speak, but he kisses me. He pushes me backwards till I feel my back hit the wall. His hand slides down over my belly, following the line along with my abdominal muscles. I place my hand on his chest as he reaches my waist. “Don’t; I’m still sore.” His hand continues, his fingers finding my clit; he gyrates over it. I gasp and moan; pleasure washes over me. I am astonished at how my body reacts to his touch, the excitement of him ‘forcing’ himself upon me. I grab his wrist. “Stop.” It’s more a moan than a word.

James steps backwards, his eyes roaming my body, clearly disappointed. I sight, even I’m somewhat disappointed he listened. I take a step toward him and whisper in his ear. “Next time, you can do whatever you like to me.”

His face lights up immediately, lust shining clearly in his eyes. “That’s a bold statement, Ems.”

I bite my lip. “I know; make sure I don’t regret it.” With a wink, I walk past him and put on my clothes.

The rest of the day passes by rather quickly; we both decided we’d call it a day. So we gathered our stuff, or at least James did. The ride home was unusually silent, even a bit awkward. When we arrived, I gave him a quick peck on his cheek and said goodbye.

Over the following weeks, we did a couple more photoshoots. Focusing respectively on; make-up, close-ups, shoes and dresses. Our relationship shifted back to a close friendship, neither of us mentioning the events that happened during the first shoot. However, I did notice that James was eyeing me more often. Or how we both are more physical in our interactions. Not that I mind that, I like the attention. Although my anxiety also grows each day, especially when I woke halkalı escort up nauseous on day 28 of my cycle. Luckily, my period did start that day, although I also felt like I lost something. When I told James, it was hard to read his expression. I could see the relief in his eyes, but there was something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

Another ten days later, I got a text asking me to come over.

I push the bell; the familiar ‘Ding-dong’ sounds inside James place. A few seconds later, the door opens. James’ father smiles at me and says. “Emmy! come in; James is in his room.” He steps aside and motions me to come in.

“Hello Nick, Thanks.” I wipe my feet at the doormat and enter their house. “Can I go upstairs?” I ask him, mostly out of politeness.

He replies with a smile. “Sure, go ahead.” I walk past him and up the stairs.

I knock on James’ door to announce my arrival and immediately open the door. He’s sitting at his desk behind his computer; he makes a few clicks and looks up.

“Ems,” He gets up and walks over to hug me. It’s a firm hug that lasted longer than it should. When he releases me, he says. “I’ve made a selection of pictures for your portfolio. Come on, sit down, take a look and tell me if they’re all ok.”

We sit down behind his computer; James opens a directory called ‘Ems’ and another inside called ‘Portfolio’. We start to browse through the pictures, and again, I’m stunned by the quality and beauty. After about a dozen photos, none of which I rejected, we are through his selection.

“That’s it?” I ask, surprised. We’ve must have taken a thousand photo’s, and he only selected twelve?

He laughs at my remark. “Yea, a good portfolio doesn’t need to contain much. a few good pictures is enough.”

“And the other pictures?” I haven’t seen most of them, and I’m curious about how they look.

“They’re in the other folders; take a look if you like.” He gets up and walks to his door. “I’m getting us a drink. What do you want?”

“Coke is fine,” I reply while switching seats; I click on the back button and start reading the captions on the folders.

A vaguely transparent folder catches my attention, the caption on it no more than an ‘X’. I click it open.

Most of the photo’s inside are at first glance from the bathroom or bedroom shoot; I start skipping through them. All show some skin, sometimes my belly, or some part of my underwear. Others show my nipple or breast, every passing photo sexier than the last. I bite my lip; I know I was trying to turn James on when he shot these. But I never thought he’d categorise and sort them.

I get to a picture where I’m lying on the bed, legs slightly parted, showing a hint of my pussy. I feel my cheeks redden. That’s right before he fucked me. The thought sends a shiver through me.

James enters the room holding two cokes. When he sees the picture on the screen, he stops dead in his tracks; A blush forms on his cheeks.

I look up at him, again realising how attractive I find him. I lock my gaze onto his brown eyes and ask. “You used them?”

He frowns; apparently, not the question he expected. He quickly recovers his composure and says. “No, of course not, you’ve seen the selection.”

I roll my eyes, playing dumb, seriously? “Did you use them to wank?”

His face turns bright red now; he looks down. “My God, you did?” There’s jitter in my stomach; I bite my lip. I’m more flattered than anything else.

He places the glasses on the side of his desk.

“I’m sorry,” he says, still looking down. “I’ll delete them if you want.”

I already know I won’t ask that; I kind of like knowing he gets turned on by looking at me.

“Why didn’t you ask?” I ask, trying to understand his reasons.

“Yea, great idea.” He looks at me, still blushing. “How could I’ve asked? Hey Ems, can I jack off to your pictures?”

I chuckle; he’s right, that would’ve been weird. “I’d given you a live show if you asked, you know?”

He shakes his head. He suddenly looks serious. “Ems, I don’t know I’d want that. You’re hot, and I lo-” He sights. “I just don’t want it to ruin our friendship.”

I also sight. “James, it won’t.” I take hold of his hand and look up at his face. “It happened before; nothing changed afterwards.”

James looks past me with a sad face. “But it did change, Ems; every time I see you, I want to rip the clothes from your body. I just can’t control myself around you anymore.” His eyes lock on mine. “I already lost control once; I nearly knocked you up.”

“But you didn’t!” I reply quickly.

James lowers his eyes and says. “Yea, and when you told me, I was disappointed,” My mouth falls open; He inhales deeply. “I don’t even know if it’s because of some perverted fantasy or because I’d want kids with you.” Again, I felt that tightness in my chest.

I am dumbfounded; Before I can say something, he starts speaking again. “And if you hadn’t stopped me when I came in that bathroom. I would’ve olgun escort fucked you again, and I sure as hell wasn’t planning on pulling out. Knowing damn well the risk.”

His words make my head spin. My thoughts drift back to the moment in the bathroom. The lust he had in his eyes, the way he pushed me against the wall. The rush I felt when he didn’t stop after asking him to.

My pulse quickens; I feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. I want that feeling again; I want to feel James again.

“James,” I pronounce his name with a whisper to continue with a normal tone. “I was disappointed when you stopped, even frustrated. If you hadn’t stopped, I would’ve enjoyed it.” I take his hand to make it clear I mean what I’m saying.

His mouth falls open. “You wanted-” He frowns and squeezes his chin. “That would be wrong. I would never do that to you.”

“It seems like we’re both depraved.” I squeeze his hand. An idea forms into my mind. “What if we acted out all our fantasies?” I’m thinking out loud; James frowns and squeezes his chin again. “We could go to my dad’s cabin this weekend and do everything we ever fantasised about; If you’re free?” I say, surprised at my boldness.

“I’m free,” He says and bites his lip. “But you know I’ve got a cream-“

“Ok, That’s settled,” I interrupt him. I think about his unfinished question for a minute. Maybe I rushed the decision, didn’t think it through thoroughly. But for James, I’m willing to take the risk. I continue with a softer, less confident voice.

“You know I’m allergic to the pill. You know the risk, and I only ask you to take responsibility for your actions.”

James nods again. “Of course.”

The cabin is a 3-hour drive from where we live. It’s in the middle of a forest with the nearest town about 2 hours away. Both James and I have spent many summers there. We knew the area and the secluded nature. The environment was romantic, and we were sure no one would disturb us. It was perfect for what I was planning.

Friday afternoon, I went to the grocery store to get supplies for the weekend. I mainly bought fast meals like lasagna and pizza; when I passed the liquor section, I picked out a rum bottle. I know James enjoys a good rum and coke. I packed my back with a few lace lingerie sets and a couple of summer dresses at home. I probably wouldn’t wear them all, but at least I would be able to choose. Next, I started on the list of fantasies we agreed to make. We decided to make it separately, not to be influenced by each other. James suggested we’d add soft and hard limits. He needed to explain their meaning, but it seemed like a good idea to write them down. Making a list was more challenging than I thought. But after some time, I’ve had what I thought was a good list.


Edging, cunnilingus, Not stopping when I ask you to.

Soft limits:

making videos or pictures, cumming inside me, anal.

Hard limits:


Pleased with what I’ve written down, I fold the paper and put it inside an envelope.

Saturday morning, we got in James’ battered pick-up and drove towards the cabin. On our way there, we made some small talk. The last few miles, we both became silent.

James parks the car in front of the wooden cabin and stops the purring engine. He stares out of the front window.

I take the envelope containing my fantasies and limits; I fiddled with the edges. Did I write everything down?

James looks over and says. “What are you holding?”

“My list,” I reply, looking down at it. “Here.” I hold it out to him.

James takes hold of the envelope and looks at it. He reaches for his back pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. While handing over the paper, he says. “Here’s mine.”

I take his list and start reading.


Bondage, choking, (unprotected) creampie, orgasm control (denial and forced)

Soft limits:

facials, submissive position

Hard limits:

all in both directions: humiliation, denigration, degradation, scat, watersport.’

I swallow. Half of his fantasies didn’t even cross my mind. I knew creampie would be on his list; we already addressed this. I bite my lip; I’m willing to try the others, but what does he mean by forced orgasm?

“Ems, we need a safe word if you want to try the last one.” His voice breaks my thoughts. I look up from the paper and glance at James; He’s holding out my list.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you want me to ignore you when you ask me to stop. I need a way to know when you really want me to stop. For example, I will continue if you say no or stop, but if you say red, I stop immediately.”

I nod, understanding. “Fine, let’s take ‘red’. What’s a forced orgasm?”

“It’s when I force you to orgasm while you try not to, are forbidden to or when during an orgasm you are forced to orgasm again.”

Again I nod. “Sounds exciting,” Thinking about şişli escort it makes my heart speed up. That must be the most exciting thing on James’s list. “You placed facials at soft limits? I thought all men liked this?”

“Yea, I think it’s humiliating, not something I like,” His reply is fast and confident. “but if you want me to do it, I will.”

I snuggle. “Not on my to-do list,” I say with a smile. “I’m glad you don’t like it.” I look out of the window.

“Anything else you would like to discuss?” his voice is gentle and caring; he’s staring into my eyes.

I lean over and kiss him on his lips. It’s a quick kiss but enough to make my heart skip a beat. “No, let’s go inside.” I step out of the pick-up and walk over to the front door. I unlock and push it open. The inside of the cabin is just as I remember it. A long hallway leading to the living room with a kitchenette. In the hallway are two doors leading to the bedroom and bathroom and a stair to the basement. The cabins floor entirely covered with carpet.

I kick off my sneakers and step inside. James does the same.

I’m halfway through the hallway when I feel James’ hands on my hips. He pulls me back against him, his hands slide to the hem of my summer dress.

“James, wait,” I say. “We need to unload the car.”

His hand lift my dress, ignoring me. His thumbs hook under the elastic band of my knickers and push them down; A shiver runs through me.

He slides my knickers to my ankles and makes me step out of them. I turn around to face him. He’s on his knees; his hand slide up the outside of my legs. He trails kisses from my knee up to my groin; with every kiss, my pulse increases. When he licks my groin, I gasp. He continues trailing kisses towards the top of my mound; I place my hand on his head. His thong slides down my slit; I let out a deep moan.

Suddenly he stands. Feeling a mixture of disappointment and confusion, I look at James. With a playful twinkle in his eyes, he says. “The car?”

Frustrations wash over me; I grunt and bend down to take my knickers. James places his foot on them and says. “You won’t need those.”

I look up at him, lifting my eyebrows. “Fine,” I say way harder than I intended and walk towards the living room. I flip the switch to turn on the electricity and walk back outside to get the supplies from the pick-up. A cool breeze blows under my dress past my heated labia. It’s strangely arousing, and another shiver runs through me. After putting everything away, I let myself fall onto the sofa.

James sits down next to me; he places his hand on my knee. His gentle touch is all it takes to light up the fire inside me again. I take his hand and straddle his lap. I put his hand on my breast and kiss him. I start to pull his shirt up, trying to get it off. James breaks the kiss and takes off his shirt. I look down at his toned torso and bite my lip. fuck he’s hot.

I start fumbling with his jeans’ button, struggling to get it open; meanwhile, James pushes up my dress. Finally, getting the button loose, I lift my arms to allow my dress to pass. I reach behind my back to unclip my bra and toss it aside.

James licks his lips and says. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” He wraps his arms around me, pulling me close. He stands; I wrap my legs around his hips. James carries me towards the room; Inside, he tosses me onto the bed. With a squeal, I land on my back, quickly crawling backwards higher up the bed. My back hits the metal frame; I eagerly look at James. He pushes down his pants and enters the bed. He grabs my ankles and pulls me back down; I gasp, followed by a short giggle. James places his hands on my knees, opening my legs. He lowers his head, puts his mouth over my pussy and lets his tongue slide over my slit. I place my hands at my groin, pulling open my labia. When the tip of his warm tongue slides over my entrance, I toss my head to the side and arch my back.

“Ohh!” I moan, his tongue laps over my clit; I slide my hands into his hair. I push his head harder into my centre, grinding my hips against his mouth. I feel my orgasm build, an aching deep inside my loins. James’ licking slows, keeping the increasing pressure at bay.

Craving release, I urge him on. “Don’t stop. Yes! There!” The pleasure is overwhelming, but the pace too slow to push me over the edge. An irresistible desire to be filled presents itself. I lean forward and grab his shoulders. I pull him onto me and kiss him, tasting my wetness. I swivel my hips to get his penis at my entrance. Once aligned, I use my legs to pull him in closer. Happiness rushes over me as I feel him inch inside me; my body relaxes, and I exhale slowly.

I look down; his entire length is enveloped by my pussy. Slowly James pulls back and thrusts back into me. Gradually he builds the pace; my eyes turn away. I take hold of his hips, motivating him to go faster.

“Oh god, Yes!” I moan; with each thrust, he brings me closer to my orgasm. “Yes! Don’t stop!” He pushes me over the edge, my entire body shaking and trembling. I let out a long moan. James keeps up the pace; soon, his breathing becomes heavy. He pulls back further than before; I tighten my legs around him and pull him deeper into me again. James frowns; unexpectedly, I long for the feeling of his seed shooting into me. I grind my hips against his. James growls; I feel his member swell and pulsate. I close my eyes and bite my lip as a sticky heat splash against my cervix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32