Educating Paddy

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“Do me a favor, will you?” Marge said one morning. I owed her a few, so I was willing. So long as it wasn’t expensive.

“Sure,” I said. “What do you need?”

“I need you to help me with Paddy,” Marge said, looking down at the floor.

“Who’s Paddy?”

“She’s my niece.”

“She been acting up or something?”

“I almost wish she would. She’s turned nineteen, she’s never had a boyfriend, she doesn’t even date. And I don’t think she knows anything about sex.”

I was appalled. “Hasn’t her mother told her anything?”

“Her mother’s been working nights. She says there never seemed to be time.”

“You want me to show her a book or something?” Educating schoolgirls wasn’t in my line. Not from books, anyway.

“Not exactly.” Marge was embarrassed. This was something new. “I want to show her something.

“Show her what?”


It took a few seconds to work this one out. “You want to show her my what?”

“Your everything. She’s never seen a man stripped. She’s never seen a prick.”

This from Marge?

“I want to get her roused. I want her to feel sexy. I what her to know what her body’s for.”

“You want me to screw her?”

“Don’t be crude!” This seemed more like Marge. “I want you to be tender with her. Will you help me?”

Educating a nineeeteen year old niece? Would I help? I tried to sound as if my prick wasn’t already clamoring to be let out. “What do I have to do?”

“Leave it to me,” Marge said. “Just come round at seven tonight. And bathe first.”

For once I was punctual. “I’ve thought this all out very carefully,” Marge said. “Please just do as I say, and don’t ask questions. Strip off and lie on the carpet, and cover yourself with this sheet. Head and all. And put this sleeping mask on. I don’t want you looking at her. Not right away.”

“Modest, are we?” I quipped uncertainly.

“Just do as I say.”

Marge left the room. I wouldn’t have minded stripping in front of her. Even better, she could have stripped me. Marge must have been getting on for thirty. A few years older than me. Rather reserved. Sort of prim. But under the tight sweaters she always seemed to wear there were a couple of boobs I’d been secretly lusting after ever since I’d moved into the next apartment.

I stripped as per instructions and then lay down on the carpet and covered myself with the sheet. And put on the silly mask. However, it sure added a bit of spice to the entertainment. I was to be put on view in all my glory, and blindfolded like a slave at a slave market. Then a thought hit me. Maybe this female has never had it because she’s a dogface with a flat chest and smelly breath.

This was a let down, but it seemed best to dwell on the smelly breath rather than on the slave market theme—I didn’t want Paddy to run screaming out of the room at the sight of a seven inch pole waving at her from my crotch.

The door opened, and I heard Marge’s voice. “I’ve got a surprise for you, honey.” And the sheet was peeled away and I found myself exhibit number one on the meat counter.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed a second voice..

“Have you never seen a naked man before?” Seemed obvious to me.

“No, of course not.”

“Didn’t you ever think you’d like to?”

“Well, yes, sometimes, but it didn’t seem right.”

“It’s perfectly right honey. Men’s and women’s bodies are meant to be looked at. And enjoyed. This is Terry. He’s got a nice body, and he wants you to enjoy it. Look at him. Look at every part of him. What does that do to you?”

“You’re embarrassing me. What will he think?”

“He can’t see you, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Kneel down beside him. Look at him as closely as you want. Look at all of him. Does it make you feel good to look at his body?”

Paddy said nothing. If it didn’t do something to her there was no hope for her, I thought.

Marge was relentless. “Does it excite you to look at a naked man this close up, Paddy?”

“Yes,” Paddy said. “It seem sort of wicked. Dirty.”

“It’s not dirty and it’s not wicked,” Marge assured her.

“A man’s body is meant to excite a woman. The same as a woman’s body excites a man. Which part of him excites you most?”

Paddy hesitated. She needn’t have done. I knew the answer. “This,” she whispered.

“His penis,” Marge said firmly. “You’ve never seen one before, have you?”

“No,” Paddy said. Then in a rush, “I’ve seen pictures, but it doesn’t look like the pictures.”

Marge was evidently surprised. “Porn pictures? You’ve seen some?”

“Oh yes, one of the girls at work had a book. But they were all much bigger.” Don’t worry, I thought. I can make it bigger for you.

“Would you like to make it look like the ones in the pictures? Do you know how to make it bigger?


“Take hold of it. Feel it. What would you like to do with it?”

Paddy didn’t answer, but she knew alright what she wanted to do with it. She lifted the shrunken winkie from where it lay on my thigh and felt it all over escort izmir and squeezed it. It wasn’t quite masturbation, but having an unknown hand playing with my prick had the same effect. I could feel it stiffening in her hand, and as it grew so Paddy’s confidence seemed to grow and she began massaging it gently till it was standing up stiff and proud.

I could tell her confidence was growing because a cool hand was feeling between my thighs to lift up my ball sack and hold it and explore it. She may be a dogface, I thought, but I can’t see her and so far she’s doing all the right things. This could be a most enjoyable evening.

“It’s beautiful,” Paddy exclaimed. “Did I make it do this?”

“You sure did, honey. A man gets an erection by thinking about a woman’s body, or by looking at it, or by having his prick played with. Terry can’t see you, but you sure excited his prick.”

“This seems so terribly intimate.”

“It is intimate,” Marge said. “Deliciously intimate. That’s what sex is all about. Two people being more intimate than they could possibly be at any other time. You see how you’ve excited Terry’s prick? Has this excited you, being able to masturbate him?”

“Isn’t that a terribly dirty word?” Paddy was shocked, At Marge, I guess. “And you called it a prick. That’s rude, too.”

“Of course it’s not. They’re the proper words. Mastuurbating is the proper word, Paddy. It’s a lovely word because it’s a lovely sensation. It’s part of sex. Haven’t you ever masturbated?”


“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, honey. Everyone does it. And yes, I called this a prick. It was a penis when it was just for peeing out of, but now it’s a prick, and it’s for giving you the most intimate and wonderful sensations.”

“It looks so beautiful.” Paddy sounded enthusiastic at last. “Can I kiss it?” Oh yes, please.

“You can do what ever you like with it, honey. It’s as nice for Terry as it is for you. Is it nice for you?”

“Oh yes. I’ve never felt like this before. I feel as if I want to kiss him all over.”

I felt a soft mouth pressed tentatively to my knob, and then a tentative tongue exploring, and then my whole knob was inside the warmth of her mouth.

All too soon the exquisite sensations ceased. “I feel so wicked doing this,” Paddy said. “Until tonight I would have said it was awfully dirty.”

“Nothing’s dirty so long as it gives you both pleasure,” Marge said. Quite the philosopher, I thought. I could do with less philosophizing and more of the dirty treatment.

As if in answer, the two hands began to play once more with my balls and the shaft that was beginning to throb most pleasantly.

“I’m sure you know perfectly well why a prick gets as large and stiff as that,” Marge went on.

“So that it can—“

“Fuck,” Marge said. This was certainly a Marge I’d never known before. “It’s for fucking. And don’t look so shocked. If your parents hadn’t fucked, you wouldn’t be here. But it’s not just for putting into that hole between a woman’s legs, it’s for sending sperm up inside her to make a baby. That’s called an ejaculation. Would you like to see Terry ejaculate?”

“Can he do it just like that?”

” No, he has to have an orgasm. He can have an orgasm just like you do when you masturbate, but when he has an orgasm he has an ejaculation too. You gave him an erection. If you go on you can make him ejaculate.”

The way she’s going right now, she’s not far off seeing an ejaculation, I thought. And she’s not even trying, she’s just playing with me.

Paddy squeezed my prick. “What do I have to do?”

“You masturbate him.”

“But I thought I was masturbating him.”

“You have to keep on masturbating him, honey, make him so excited you give him an orgasm.

“What exactly do I do?”

“Tell her, Terry,” Marge said. “It’s your prick.”

“Squeeze it in your hand, honey,” I said, “and pull it downward so as to stretch it. Oh boy, that’s it, you’re doing it just right. Just keep on doing that, up and down. And start at that funny vee place on the underside, that’s the most sensitive part.”

Paddy was masturbating me enthusiastically, only too slow. “That’s great honey,” I said, “now a little faster. And when I tell you, go a bit faster each time.”

“Like this? Am I doing it right?”

Right? I was lying on my back, blindfolded so I couldn’t see who was doing it, and I was being jacked off ever so gently, and I could feel an orgasm building up, and was she doing it right?

My thighs were beginning to open and close. My pelvis was writhing. May as well give the kid a good show, I thought, and gave myself up completely to the masturbating hand.

“You’re doing just great, darling,” I gasped. “A little faster. Faster. Faster. I’m going to cum now—have an orgasm. Don’t stop. Oh god, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop.”

And I came. And I heard Paddy scream as I started to ejaculate. And I kept on cumming, and I kept on ejaculating in great spurts, and Paddy kept on masturbating me, escort izmir and it seemed as if I’d never stop cumming. But finally I was drained out and I relaxed. And Paddy kept on masturbating me, more and more expertly all the time.

“O.K. you can stop now,” I panted. “You’ve drained me dry. You did it like an expert.”

“Did you really enjoy it? Does ejaculating feel good?”

“Enjoy it? Honey, it’s the most wonderful sensation in the world. I hope you’ll get to enjoy something similar some time.”

“There’s something you can enjoy right now if you want to,” Marge said. “Do you think Terry enjoyed being naked and having you look at him like that, looking at his most sexual parts?”

Paddy hesitated. “I suppose he must. I often wondered—“

“About having someone look at your body like that?”

“Well, yes.”

“Would you like to see what it feels like, to have a man admiring your naked body?”

“I never would have admitted it till tonight.” Paddy was less hesitant. “But I’m so worked up now I think it might be awfully exciting.”

“Did it excite you to look at Terry?”

“Oh my god yes!” I felt like taking a bow. “If you weren’t here I know I’d be playing with myself right now, it’s got me so worked up.”

“Well,” Marge said, “You got Terry pretty well worked up, and you satisfied him. Don’t you think you’re entitled to satisfy yourself?”

“Oh no, not in front of you. I don’t know how I ever admitted wanting to just now. I’m so ashamed.”

“Honey—.” It was a softer Marge than I’d ever heard before. “Honey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Terry’s not ashamed, and he let you masturbate him, and he let you see him ejaculate. Sex is something to be enjoyed. Just like Terry enjoyed what you did to him just now. Masturbation is much nicer if someone else does it to you, but everyone does it when they’re alone. If you let Terry look at your body you’ll find it excites you, and then you can have an orgasm too. Now, take off Terry’s sleeping mask and let him see what a beautiful girl’s been masturbating him.”

Cool fingers removed the mask from my eyes, and I looked up into Paddy’s face. Dogface? Not likely! For a nineteenteen year old college girl Paddy was an ace. So this is what I’ve been missing all this time, I thought. And yet there had certainly been an added excitement about being masturbated by unseen fingers, by someone I’d never seen.

“Look at Terry’s poor little prick,” Marge said, laughing. “You can see what you’ve done to him. You gave him such a wonderful time you’ve completely drained him. And once a man’s had an ejaculation like that it takes a while before he can get another erection. Let him look at your body, and see what it does to him.”

“You mean—take my clothes off?” Yes please, I thought.

“Just the top to start with,” Marge said. “Tease him a little. Show him your bra and let him guess what’s inside.”

Paddy seemed just a shade too eager to be really as shy as before. She couldn’t be too eager for me. The brassiere she showed me was fairly plain and uninteresting, but the way it protruded in two well endowed and very pointed cones was far from uninteresting.

“Watch his prick,” Marge said. “See if your body excites him. Take off your bra.”

By the time Paddy had pulled the shoulder straps forward over her arms, I could feel my prick beginning to take an interest. Paddy’s tits were less than mature, not yet full and round, but they protruded well out from her chest, firm and pointed with the pinkest of aureoles and perky hard looking nipples that made my mouth water.

“Look at his prick now,” Marge said. “You’re exciting him. Does it feel nice to have him looking at your breasts?”

“Oh yes, it makes them feel as if—.” Paddy put her hands up to her tits and clenched them, rubbing her nipples with her palms.

“Is that what you’d like Terry to do to them?”

“Oh yes. More than that. I’m getting dirty ideas I’ve never had before.”

“They’re not dirty, honey. This is what sex is all about. Take down your jeans and see what that does to Terry.”

Paddy was already naked to the waist, her jeans tightly cinched and hugging her hips and outlining a crotch that my imagination saw as wet with her own excitement. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing my prick and massaging it myself.

As her jeans came down my eyes were fastened on the place where her thighs joined, hoping there would be no panties to hide the cunt I knew must be wet with teen-age dew by now. But I would have to wait. A pair of skimpy panties covered a well defined mound, and her navel was a deep well in her naked belly.

“Marge, I feel so depraved. And I love it.” Paddy turned to Marge, deliberately showing me the well developed buttocks with just the beginning of a crack showing above the waistband of her panties. She completed the turn with her shoulders back and her tits thrust proudly out. “I love having him look at me. I never thought it would be like this.”

“Show him the rest, then. You want to show him, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want to show him all of me. Look at his prick already, and I’m not even naked yet.”

“I think he’s probably imagining the rest. But take down your panties and see what it feels like having a man look at your cunt for the first time.”

As Paddy slid the panties down her legs, bending forward to pull them below her knees, her tits hung down toward me, firm and pointed, and I felt sure the nipples were more swollen than before. I could make those babies swell a lot more, I thought. And then she stood up, stark naked, and posed for me, deliberately staring down at my swollen prick. I couldn’t help myself, I had to grab the throbbing organ, masturbating to ease the growing tension but being careful not to get close to having another orgasm. Not yet, anyway. I wanted to keep that for whatever else might develop.

“He’s playing with himself!” Paddy exclaimed. “Oh my god, I’ve got to do it too or I’ll die.” And she grabbed at the curly covered mound, covering it with her palm, and frigged frantically at her clitoris.

“Is that what having him look at your cunt does to you?” Marge was looking at my pick and I watched her rubbing her thighs together. And then she, too, was pressing one hand to her crotch. Never thought I’d be making Marge cum, I thought. I wonder how long it’ll take.

“Yes, it’s a most wonderful feeling. Oh Marge, I want to make myself—.”

“Cum? Honey, there’s nothing wrong with using the right words. But you were able to have a really good look at Terry’s prick. You’re keeping your cunt hidden from him. Let him have a nice close look. Stand over his face and show him all your secret places.”

“But that’s so terribly—intimate.” Paddy remonstrated. “He won’t want me to do that, surely?”

I just had to interrupt. “Paddy darling, do as Marge says. I’d love you to do it.”

Paddy straddled my body obediently, her bare feet on either side of my head, and I looked up the length of two slim legs to the place where her thighs joined. Her pubic hair was still a mere fuzz covering the mound that protruded below her belly. Her vulva was open, her inner lips just visible and glistening with juice.

“Put your feet wider apart, honey,” I said. “As wide as you can.”

Paddy showed no reluctance at all. She spread her legs wide, and her vulva opened wider, and I saw one finger slide down her belly to where her clitoris was hidden.

“You said you were getting dirty ideas, dear,” Marge said. “They’re not really dirty, honestly. Tell Terry about them.”

“I want them to be dirty,” Paddy said. She was panting, and frigging hard at her clitoris. “I want to be dirty. I’ve always wanted to, but the girls said it was wrong. I want to do the most intimate things I can think of, dirty, filthy, disgusting things. You let me kiss your prick, Terry, I’d like you to kiss my pussy. Will you do that? Please?”

Would I?

“Just kneel right down, darling. Sit right down on my face. Put that pretty cunt right into my mouth. Does that sound dirty enough for you?”

Paddy gave a little sob, and sat right down. She sat right on my face. But instead of her cunt going into my mouth it was my nose that went into her cunt, and Paddy gasped, and pressed herself down harder. I put my hands under her naked buttocks and lifted her, and after some wriggling about I had one of her fleshy cunt lips in my mouth.

By this time her whole genital area was wet with juice, her vulva opening to my tongue like a flower as I probed inside. My tongue explored as far as it could reach up inside her vagina, producing more sounds of ecstasy from above as it found more sensitive areas to stimulate. Paddy was moaning and squealing, her crotch writhing on my face and her clitoris rubbing itself against my nose as if it had a life of its own.

And then I felt movement on each side of my own thighs, and the throbbing tumescence that was my prick was enclosed in soft warmth as it was sucked into the depths of a pulsing vagina. A warm ass settled its weight on my groin, and then the body lifted and I felt my prick withdrawing, the muscles of an experienced cunt massaging its length.

This must be Marge, I guessed, a woman I had vaguely lusted after but always considered unattainable. But I had no time for guessing. Marge was evidently as excited by the evening’s events as Paddy. Her vagina was already a wide open canal, its lining well lubricated with the cunt juice of an imminent orgasm. I could tell by the force with which she thrust her whole ass onto my groin that there was no way my pole could possibly be swallowed any deeper into her entrails, and she needed that penetration as her body heaved up and down out of control so that my prick could ream out a cunt that must have been crying for fucking all evening.

With my mouth enjoying the ultimate delight of sucking on a drooling cunt, and my prick being masturbated by a cunt on the brink of an orgasm, I could hold out no longer. As Paddy’s adolescent squeals were joined by Marge’s full throated screams, I felt the surge of sperm pumping deep into Marge’s bowels, and for the second time that evening I came, and continued to cum, until my balls were drained dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32