Eddy’s Mom

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“Hey guys, ready for something sweet, pink and creamy?”

The two boys in the water turned their heads and saw Eddy’s mom looking down on them at the poolside, smiling at their puzzled faces. She lowered her sun glasses and winked. “Come inside fellows, I got something nice for you.” Her red lips blew them a kiss as she turned on her feet and returned to the house.

Robert couldn’t help watching as she walked back barefoot over the lawn, her voluptuous behind dancing under her black summer dress. He always thought Eddy’s mom was sort of hot. Mrs. Donovan didn’t even look like a real mom, more like some foreign actress in one of those dark French movies. A full, curvy figure, straight black hair to her shoulders, green eyes and full, rosy lips. She was just so ~~ how’d you call it ~~ ‘womanly’. It made Robert sort of restless whenever she was around.

That had especially been the case since about two weeks ago, when he unintentionally had felt her body close to his. To congratulate him with his graduation she had hugged and kissed him on the cheeks and her large, plump breasts had brushed briefly over his arm. Of course he hadn’t told Eddy, but that same night she had been all thought a lot about it. Her breasts had felt warm, soft and firm at the same time. Lying in his bed he could still smell her perfume, a sweet and strange scent that reminded him of something exciting – he just didn’t know what. Thinking of her had aroused him and he had touched himself, spilling his hot load between the sheets.
But right now Robert had other things on his mind. Last week he had turned 18 and with his high school diploma in his pocket, he was ready for the world. He had just received a letter from the university confirming that he was accepted as a law student. His parents didn’t even seem to mind that he would move to the city and live there all on his own. Freedom. The word sung into his ears almost continuously these days.

And today certainly was a great day to feel free. The sun was blazing in the sky like an overheated light bulb. The streets all of a sudden just seemed to be filled with lovely, flirtatious women dressed in sexy short dresses, exposing as much skin as possible to get some tan.
Robert had celebrated holiday by spending all afternoon at his friend Eddy’s house, playing football on the lawn, splattering in the pool. Mr. Donovan was some kind of rich guy and although the old man hardly was at home to enjoy it, the house was large and luxurious. Robert loved to be there, chatting, joking and playing with his friend. This time would even be better because Eddy had asked him to stay over for the night.

The strawberry milkshakes Eddy’s mother had prepared indeed were creamy, pink and sweet. She watched them as they sucked up the cold treat with their straws, sitting at the kitchen table in their wet swimming trousers. Robert didn’t know if it was her gaze or the heath of the sun that made his bare body all tingly.

“So Robert, Eddy tells me you’re gonna leave us when holiday’s over?”. Her voice was soft and

“Yes, mrs. Donovan, I’m going to-”

“Robert, how many times do I have to tell you not to address me like that. Do I really look that old?” For the first time he noticed the little lines near her eyes as she frowned.

“No. Sorry, Mrs. Donov.. – I mean, Julie.”

“You see, much better.” Her voice turned honey-sweet again. “So, your parents don’t mind that you’re going to live all by yourself then?”

“Well, it’s not really all by myself. It’s some kind of student house you share with a whole
bunch of others”, he said.

“Hmmm, sounds pretty exciting to me. And your girlfriend doesn’t mind either?” Their eyes clung into each other for at least two seconds.

“I guess not”, Robert responded, blushing.
He escaped her gaze by quickly looking at Eddy, but his friend was so busy wolfing his shake that he didn’t even pay attention to the conversation. Normally he would jump up at the mentioning of Cynthia. Eddy, two years younger and completely inexperienced, was always dying of curiosity about everything that had to do with girls. He must have told his mother about Robert’s first conquest as well.

The fact was that Robert had no idea what would happen with him and Cynthia. They had been dating for about seven months and he couldn’t imagine it would just be over when he would move to the city. Just as Eddy assured him over and over, Cynthia was one of the hottest girls in school. Indeed she had all the right assets: short blond hair, long stunning legs, a promising smile and teasing blue eyes. People said she matched just great with tall, dark-haired Robert. Their engagement seemed just in the line of things and hadn’t required any action on Robert’s behalf. He just hadn’t resisted when she came on to him during a party at a friends house. Later that night he had brought her home, they had kissed and had been a couple ever since.

But still, Robert couldn’t picture himself together canlı bahis with Cynthia for the rest of his life. Things had changed since they first had sex about two months ago. After weeks of Robert’s desperate pleas, one night at her parents house Cynthia finally had consented and allowed him to take her to the bedroom, ready to give him more than long French kisses and a touch of pink nipple. This meant serious business, as for both it would be the first time. The tension between them had almost been tangible.

It turned out to be a great disappointment. Cockteaser Cynthia had insisted on closing the curtains and shut off the lights, so he couldn’t even see her body and check if her pussy ~~ the first in his life ~~ was anything like the ones he had dreamed of for all these years.
In fact, Cynthia turned out to be nothing like the imaginary girls in his adolescent mind. Though she pretended to be really passionate and horny, her body was all tense and hard. After he had touched her breasts and belly for a while, stroking her lightly with the top of his fingers, he had tried to slide his hand between her legs. But she had pressing her thighs together tightly. His fingers found nothing more than some neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Neither was his tongue allowed to explore her anywhere beneath the navel. Just as his mouth had moved in that direction, she had grabbed his hard dick and started to jack him off so roughly that it hurt. As it seemed the only way to stop her, Robert had quickly reached for the condom to roll it over his swollen member, just as he had practiced many times before in his own bedroom.
It seemed Cynthia had just been waiting for this moment. She had spread her legs and pulled him on top of her. It took a while to find the right spot but then he was in, the lube of the condom making it easy to slide smoothly inside her. For the first time in his life he felt the glowing warmth of a pussy. It had make his hips rock almost automatically. There he went, fucking her, slowly and careful first, then faster and harder. Cynthia had turned her head aside, her eyes closed and her lips pressed tightly, making no sound at all. Even when Robert, after a couple of minutes, sighed heavily as he shot his load in the rubber container, Cynthia had remained quiet and almost motionless.

Afterwards she had assured him that she had liked it. She had told him a number of times that she had cum really good. But somehow, Robert just wasn’t convinced. They had sex a couple of more times after that first experience, but it had always been more or less the same. Curtains closed and lights out, no fondling below the waist, Cynthia’s body unresponsive to his exploring fingers, senseless at the moment of his climax.

It had made Robert very insecure about his talents as a lover. Was he really that bad? It caused him so many sleepless nights that in the end he had banned the mere thought of sex from his mind. He had even lost his urge to masturbate. Only the strange experience with Eddy’s mom had temporarily stirred up the fire in his loins again.

“Let’s go to the cellar and play pool!”, Eddy shouted. They had finished a nice chicken dinner Mrs. Donovan had cooked and now they were ready to spend the rest of the evening playing. The cellar of the house was a giant playroom with a dartboard, video games, a jukebox and a real pool table. The next couple of hours they spent listening to the classic rock songs on the jukebox and playing billiards.

The night had become even better when Eddy’s mom appeared in the door. “Can I play along, boys?”, she had asked sweetly and showed the six-pack of cold beer she had brought. Her smile grew at their surprise. “Shhht, don’t tell anybody. Just don’t get too drunk, please.”

Neither Eddy nor Robert had minded her presence at all. They enjoyed the night partying, playing pool, laughing, sipping their beers. When the jukebox had started to play some really good old records, they had even begun to dance, first Eddy’s mom, cute as a teenager, teasing them to join.

Dazed by the beer, the fun and the presence of Eddy’s sexy mom, Robert again felt this exciting sensation of freedom grow inside him. Finally he was over the age that grown-ups treated him like a child. He wasn’t a kid anymore.

Later in bed, each at one side of Eddy’s boys room, they had talked some more, but the beer had made his friend suddenly very sleepy. As Robert heard his regular breath in the darkness of the room, he knew Eddy had dozed off. He himself stayed clear awake however, trying to get a grip on the wild thoughts that played leapfrog in his head. He thought about the year to come, living on his own in a strange city, being a student. He thought about Cynthia and her unresponsive body. He thought about sex, about naked willing women, about hot, inviting pussy, about Eddy’s mom.

About Eddy’s mom?

It was all so confusing.

He felt a pressure on his bladder and climbed out of bed to go to the toilet. He had bahis siteleri to walk all the way to the other end of the large, deserted hallway to reach the luxurious, gold decorated bathroom. The hot stream of urine clattered loudly on the porcelain. Afraid to have woken up anyone, he hurried back to his bed. But halfway back he noticed something that he hadn’t seen on his way there. It was a bedroom door, half open, a dim light coming from inside. His heart missed a beat in his chest. Would he dare to peek?

Probably it was the beer that made him more audacious. Carefully he moved his head just a little towards the doorpost to look inside the room. What he saw, struck him like lightning.

Mrs. Donovan ~~ Julie ~~ was sitting in front of a large mirror, brushing her hair. From his viewpoint he saw only her back but in the reflection of the mirror he looked almost straight at her. For an instant he wanted to pull his head back and run to his bed, but the sight left him completely paralysed. It wasn’t just the dreamy expression on her face, highlighted by the soft shine of the bed lamp, but also the abundant view on her naked skin. Her red silky night robe was open at the front, hanging loosely over her bare breasts, covering them only partially.
As Eddy’s mom showed no awareness of his presence, Robert kept on looking. She put down the brush and reached for a small pot of cream which she began to rub on her chest. Slowly her fingers applied the cream on her skin, moving under the robe. Then her left breast became fully exposed. Robert had to hold in his breath to smother a sigh of excitement.

The heavy breast had the same, ivory complexion as the rest of her skin, which was in great contrast with the dark red nipple in the middle of the large areola. The way her flesh moved along on the touch of her fingers showed that it was indeed, just as Robert had experienced that day, soft but firm.

Something in her movements indicated that Mrs. Donovan wasn’t just rubbing on cream anymore. She had exposed her other breast as well and now her both hands were cupping them, massaging them softly. Robert’s breath accelerated as he noticed that she took her nipples between her fingers and began to caress them, squeezing them softly. They seemed harder, redder and larger now. She kept on fondling them, her eyes closed now, her expression even dreamier than before. One hand started to move below over her belly, rubbing it, sliding even lower until it disappeared from Robert’s vision. Could it be that she actually had begun to touch herself there, at the intimate spot between her legs?

At that moment Robert noticed his own excitement. His hard dick pressed against the fabric of his boxer short. It was actually throbbing with lust and the feeling was so intense that he lowered his hand just to touch it. However, as he moved to accommodate and get a better look on the hidden hand in Mrs. Dononvans lap, his knee bumped into the door post, causing a clear knock-on-wood. It was too late to pull back when Eddy’s mom suddenly turned around and looked straight at him, offering him a full view on her amazing bare breasts.

Robert was terrified. For a moment he thought about running away. But he was frozen to the ground, trapped in her gaze like a deer in the headlights of a rushing car. He just stood there, halfway in the door, confused, panting, his huge erection clearly visible. It was obvious that he had seen the whole thing. He didn’t even want to think about the trouble he had gotten into.

But something strange was going on. Her expression didn’t show panic, anger or even surprise. She just stared at him, her breasts swaying softly on the slightly accelerated pace of her breath.

“Come in and close the door”, she said.
Robert couldn’t determine the emotion in her voice. He just obeyed. He stepped into the room and moved closer, like a sleepwalker.

“So you like to watch, Robert?”, she asked, her voice even huskier than normal. He nodded, mute. “Then watch.”

Mrs. Donovan stood up and walked towards the king size bed. Under the silk rope she wore nothing. Below her soft, round belly was the triangle of abundant black pubic hair, bushy and curly. As she passed by, Robert again captured her distinct scent, more familiar now, waking up a primal instinct of lust deep inside him. His eyes followed every movement as she leaned back into the cushions of the large bed. He just stood there in the middle of the room, awkwardly, his throat dry and his heart galloping inside his chest.

She looked him straight in the eye as she accommodated on the bed and continued what she had started in front of the mirror. Her hands lingered over her breasts, cupping them, touching her swollen nipples, squeezing them between finger and thumb. The right hand crawled downwards over her belly. Slowly she pulled up her legs and parted her thighs. There it was. Framed with curly hairs, lay the dark red flesh of her large, fine labia. Her left hand reached its destination. bahis şirketleri Carefully her fingers opened up her pussy, like a delicate flower, revealing the inner pink flesh. Her juices glistened in the light of the bedside lamp.

While the left hand still caressed her breast, the other began to explore this pool of wetness. Two fingers slowly slid down over her pussy lips, then up again over the track, developing a steady rhythm. Her middle finger joined in and started to stroke the deeper folds of her sex, spreading the juices all over her pussy. Her hand moved faster and faster. With each stroke her fingers lingered longer on the little red rosebud at the top of her vagina, massaging the skin all around it, tickling it with the fingertips.

She had closed her eyes now, her breath was heavy and her lips were glossy. A red blush coloured her cheeks, as if her face was glowing. It seemed she had completely forgotten about Robert, who was watching her from the bed end. He hardly dared to breath. He just stood there, dazed and confused. The only thing he knew was that this was the most exciting thing he had ever seen. His swollen member was bucking in his short, the head dripping with precum. He didn’t dare to touch himself, afraid that one sound or movement from
him would shatter this wonderful dream.

Her whole body was moving now at the pace of her hand. Her heavy breasts swayed along in a hypnotic slowdance. Three glistening fingers rapidly rubbed her clitoris, then buried themselves into the deeper folds, then again focussed on her clit. Her juices were soaking up her pubic hair and ran all over her thighs.

Suddenly she stopped and opened her eyes, looking straight at him with this strange, wild expression, panting. “Come here”, she said and patted with her hand on the bed just beside her. Shyly Robert approached and sat next to her, so terribly close now to his desire. The smell of her sex filled his nostrils and buried itself in his loins. He wondered if he should say something, but he couldn’t think of a word that would even remotely describe his emotions.
She took his hand and lead him to her breasts, letting his fingers stroke the nipples and the soft skin. Then she guided him lower. His fingers brushed over her belly and reached her lap, sensed the heat waves coming from within. Then ~~ Oh my God ~~ he felt her. She was warm, soft and wet. Her pussy was breathing against his palm, eagerly anticipating to be pleasured.

But she obviously hadn’t planned to let him explore on his own. It was a guided tour. She took two of his fingers and placed them right on her clit. Eyes closed, she began to rub herself with his fingertips. He felt the swollen little bud and the delicate skin of the hood moving under his fingers. She lead him with a firm grip until he found the right pace, then loosened and floated away on the waves of her pleasure. Robert was on his own now, strumming her womanhood with his fingers. He concentrated on her clit but permitted his fingers to linger lower as well, all over her ripe pussy, stirring up more of her juices.

Her cum was oozing from inside now and she was out of control. She had taken him by the hand again and rubbed her clit wildly with his fingers while her hips rocked along. He noticed that the texture of her pussy had slightly changed. It felt almost like rubber now, her lips were swollen to the max and her skin was tensed. Not warm and soft, but smooth and hard. It seemed if her whole body was preparing for the climax. From her throat a deep, moan grew.

Then she came. The first wave took him completely by surprise. From her pussy hole, a large gulp of liquid gushed out and covered the sheets. Then another wave and a third followed, soaking up his hand, her thighs and the bed. It was as if she exploded. As if somebody had opened up the hot water tap. It just kept flowing, slower now, then another heavy wave. She opened up her labia with her fingers to let it all flow freely. She growled and squirmed as the juices squirted out of her. Her whole body rocked. She pulled up her legs in distress, frantically massaging her pussy, sliding two fingers inside the hole to still the hunger of her screaming orgasm.

Moments passed as Julie recovered, eyes closed, gasping for breath. Robert could not believe what had happened. He smelled his hand. No, it wasn’t pee. It was crystal clear and smelled almost sweet. He tried it with the tip of his tongue. Bitter, salty, sour. What he tasted was pure sex.

She opened her eyes. He just had to ask.

“What happened?”

“I came, honey”, she said, smiling. “You made me come. I bet you didn’t know that girls could squirt too?”

Robert just stared at her, devouring her luscious naked body. As she looked back, he saw her eyes dwelling off to his crotch. Suddenly he became aware again of his own arousal. His huge erection was bucking in his short.

She sat next to him, her body close against his, warm breasts pressing on his skin. Her warm hands slid under his t-shirt and caressed his back and chest. Fingers slipped into his short and found his hard, throbbing cock. He sighed as she cupped his heavy, swollen balls and ran her thumb over the wet head.

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