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Marie sat staring blankly at the monitor. It had been a life long dream of hers to visit Egypt. The ancient histories, the mysteries surrounding the legends of Pharos and Queens and of course the magnificent Pyramids have always been an enticement for her. Then her thoughts traveled over the many months of chat she had with her dear friend Adel. An Egyptian doctor, they met in a depression chat room, she had been feeling down that day and more then a little overwhelmed by her lack of sleep. She remembered smiling wondering if he truly was a doctor as his screen name suggested and approached him with caution. He assured her he was and in time she secretly quizzed his knowledge of all things medical until she felt secure that he was who he said he was. Pulling her mind out of the reverie she glanced back at the monitor and saw Adel’s soul piercing brown eyes staring right back at her, she felt a twinge of guilt. ‘I can always find a wi-fi connection when I land and email him,’ she thought to herself. With any luck his excitement at her proximity will over shadow any hurt he might feel at her not telling him of her plans.

She never thought it would be possible for her to visit Egypt let alone meet her Arabian Knight so she always securely tucked him away in the back of her mind as a hot fantasy. When she won the all expense paid trip her first thought was to make dream a reality. She cared less about her childhood dream and more about fulfilling the dream that nights of hot erotic talk had created, but fear seized her and she boarded the plane with out telling him she was coming.

The fasten seatbelt sign dinged indicating final approach. Marie put her laptop safely under the seat in front of her and prepared for landing. She sat back in her seat and closed her eyes trying to calm the mixture of uncertainty excitement and dread that rolled through her nerves. Her eyes popped open with terror when she heard the explosion. Screams of horror filled her ears as she strained to figure out what had happen. The stewards were running up and down the aisle trying to calm the passengers but the fear reflected on their own faces. The nose of the plane dove down as the pilot lost altitude, looking out the window she could see the smoke and flames from the wing. Rather then fearing death Marie felt a great sadness. She would never have the opportunity to hold Adel in her arms. The last thing she saw in her mind was his magnificent eyes so deeply chocolate and heart melting, she whimpered his name as darkness over took her; the plane crashed into the runway.

Adel was just getting ready to leave the hospital when the call came in. A plane had crashed there were several casualties and even more injuries. They needed all available personnel to stay. Trauma was not Adel’s field of expertise but orthopedic surgery was. Considering the magnitude of the crash there was bound to be more then a few broken bones to mend.

As he expected, 30hrs had brought him many fractured and shattered limbs, a couple of broken vertebra and a crushed pelvis. This was just the bone injuries. The crash had been devastating and the final total still unknown. Adel went to the lounge to crash when his pager went off yet again. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee to fight the fatigue that was setting in, he went to the ICU to respond to the latest page.

Adel entered the room indicated on his page to see a beautiful woman that looked remarkably similar to his Marie. Fatigue must be playing tricks on my mind; he thought to himself, Marie is safe in America. He looked at the chart for his Jane Doe but none of her injuries required his services. It was obvious she had deep wounds in her thigh and abdomen that would require daily care and several first degree burns on her back, she otherwise seemed to be in good health. “One of the lucky ones,” he surmised, however the dread in his gut would not go away. He stared at her chestnut hair frazzled and singed from the fire but still as beautiful as the woman he came to care for so deeply. Her white skin look even paler after her heroin ordeal but it was still the same porcelain shade he had spent many nights staring at on his monitor. The lips split open with a small blister to the side appeared to be the same small thin mouth that his Marie teased him with frequently. His body was screaming in response to this helpless creature. The soft curves of her full body splayed nearly naked in front of him caused his cock to take notice.

Shaking his head, he left the room. “It is just not possible,” he muttered to himself, “she just looks like her that is all. I will go home and find my princess waiting for me with her favorite toys to drive me to a heated frenzy.” He walked over to the nurses’ station to inquire about the page he received “This patient does not require an orthopedic consult. Why have you paged me?”

“She was calling out a name in her sleep. At first, we could not make it out but then it sounded like Adel. We were searching for identification in her pockets hoping sarıyer escort by chance she had held onto her passport, but no such luck. We found a photo of a young man.” The nurse looked at him unsure, “it’s you,” she said handing him the photo.

Adel stood their speechless. He held onto a picture of him sitting among satin pillows. The backdrop was of Egyptian pyramids. His skin oiled he only wore sandals and a white towel. His pose among the pillows was very erotic. The picture had been a birthday present for Marie meant only for her eyes. Adel’s eyes got wide in horror; this could only mean one thing his Marie was laying helpless in that bed.

“Doctor who is she? Whom should we notify for treatment? Doctor? Doctor? You ok?” The nurse called after him as he absently walked back into the room. He sat down next to her bed and wept. How had this happen? How had he not known she was coming? Why was she on that plane? A million questions flew through his brain and not a single answer.

Anger and fear over took Adel’s rational mind. He got up and flew back out to the nurses’ station. “I want a full work up, blood, body scan, x-rays, any and all tests we are capable of in this hospital and I want them all done NOW,” he demanded as he began to pace back and forth like a caged animal. His body tensed up, he clenched his fist, gritted his teeth and let out a low growl that escalated into a feral cry of anguish. He stormed off to his office in search of solitude.

Sitting behind his desk, Adel turned on the computer. Apart of him hoped that Marie would be waiting for him on messenger. He wanted this all to be some cosmic joke and that his Marie was safe and sitting behind her computer patiently waiting for him to get off work. His heart sunk into his chest when not only did he not find her online but also there was no message from her in his inbox. His fatigue-ridden body gave out and he fell asleep at his desk.

A knock at his door startled him awake, “Come in,” he mumbled.

Dr. Siddiqui came in worry lines creasing his aging face, “You have the ICU nurses all in a tizzy. What has come over you? Since when do we run useless tests?” Sighing he continued, “This Jane Doe has already had all the tests done that she needs. If you had bothered to read her chart, you would have known that. She was distraught and calling out in her sleep. I gave her medication so she could sleep peacefully and heal. Again you would have known that had you just read her chart.”

“I did read her chart before… before I knew who she was,” Adel replied looking away. “You are right I behaved foolishly and with out cause. Please all I ask is that you keep me well informed of her condition. I want you to notify me the moment she wakes up. I realize this is not my case but please this is personal.”

“You know this young lady?” Dr. Siddiqui raised his eyebrow in surprise.

“She was once but a dream to me and some how Allah has seen fit to drop her from the sky and leave her battered and torn at my feet. Her name is Marie. Marie Van-Heusen. Please just let me know of any changes. I promise to stay out of the way and not interfere in her care.”

Dr Siddiqui looked at his young colleague. He couldn’t help but see the deep sorrow in his eyes. This young woman obviously meant a great deal to him. “Allah has spared her my friend. She is a bit broken up but nothing that will not mend in time. She will need a lot of strength to endure the pain. Some how I think she will find this from you. Support her, stay by her side and remember she is a gift from the heavens.” With that, Dr. Siddiqui left Adel’s office.

Twenty minutes later Adel was sitting by Marie’s side watching her sleep peacefully. Despite her injuries, he thought Marie was more beautiful in person. To him she was a breath taking vision of beauty. Her large mass only increased his desire for her. Who ever said thin was beautiful had never met this woman.

“Dr. Adel,” a nurse interrupted his thoughts, “the airline has sent over the flight manifest with the names assigned to each seat. It also includes emergency contact information for each passenger. The airline would like us to indicate which passengers we have in our care and their condition. They also encourage us to call the families if we need more medical information to aide in treatment. They did say they would call each family personally as soon as we got them the information they needed to tell the families. You need to go through and find your patients names and add them to their charts. Dr. Siddiqui also asked that you contact Marie’s family since you know the patient.”

“Adding a name to charts is not my job or responsibility, I will be more then happy to give the airline limited information on each passenger, however it breaks confidentiality to list for them all the injuries. The families will have to contact us to find out the condition of their loved ones. Please give me the number for Marie’s family. I will make this call sefaköy escort priority. Her beautiful daughter needs to know her mother will be fine. That poor child has had enough misfortune in her young life.” Adel took the number from the nurse and returned to his office. He has had to make many difficult calls as a doctor but none more heart wrenching than the call he was about to make.

His hand shook as he dialed the over seas number. Taking a few deep breaths, he tried to calm himself while the phone rang.

“Hello,” said the sleepy female voice on the other end. It must be the middle of the night over their Adel thought to himself. He had lost all track of day and time since the plane crash.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Adel. I am a doctor at Cairo Hospital. Please do not get upset, Bethany will need you to remain strong. There was a plane crash and Marie was injured. She will be fine her injuries are not life threatening.” Adel tumbled all the information out before he could let the poor woman speak. He feared that if he did not get it all out quickly his own emotions would take over. How could he expect her to remain calm if he was upset himself?

“W what are you talking about? Wait, how did you know my granddaughter’s name? Is this some sort of joke?” The confusion and disbelief in her voice was slowly turning to anger.

“Mrs. Van-Heusen, I assure you this is no joke. I would never joke about something as serious as Marie’s health. I know Bethany’s name because Marie has told me about her. She adores that little girl and I don’t want her unduly upset her when her mother is going to be fine. Please, I understand how upsetting this all must be. If you need to come to her then I can arrange for you and your family to stay at my place while Marie recovers. She will not be fit for travel for some time yet.” Adel sighed and tried to rub the tension out of his neck while he tried to calm Marie’s mother. He himself was not feeling very calm now.

“You just said she was fine, that she told you about Bethany, how could she not be fit for travel? I want to speak to my daughter right now.”

This was not going as well as he hoped it would, and now it was about to get worse. “I am sorry you cannot speak with her at the moment. She is in a drug-induced coma to help her remain calm and heal. She was very distraught when they brought her in. Even in her unconscious state, she was mumbling and combative. Her injuries are not life threatening as I mentioned before. A few first-degree burns and some rather deep gashes in her leg and abdomen, they will be packed and clean daily so the wound heals from the inside out to minimize infection,” taking a deep breath Adel decides to come clean with Marie’s mother. “I know Bethany’s name, not because she told me here in the hospital, but because she speaks of her frequently when we chat online. I know you knew nothing of me nor does Bethany, Marie just needed an escape and she found it in chatting with me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how I didn’t know she was going to be on that plane. I don’t suppose you know why she was coming to Egypt.”

“She won an all expense paid trip. She was going to be in Egypt for two weeks. It was a life long dream of hers; she was so excited but a bit confused and almost sad. I assumed it was because she had never left Bethany for that long of a period before. I had no idea it was over a man. I want to come to my daughter but I do not have a passport for Bethany nor can I get one with out Marie. There is nobody that can care for Bethany in my absence, so I am afraid I cannot come sit with my daughter. Will you please keep me updated daily on her condition?”

“I will personally call you when ever there is any change. Based on her injuries Marie will be released from the hospital before she is clear for travel. I will arrange for her to stay with me and I will tend to her injuries personally. I promise she will be taken care of well. Please do not let Bethany know there is trouble. She needs to believe her mother is here on vacation. I will have souvenirs bought so that Marie may still bring them home for her. If there is anything you need please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.” Adel could not help but feel a twinge of excitement at the thought of Marie staying at his place while she recovers.

“Thank you Dr. Adel, goodbye”

There is a knock at the door as Adel hung up the phone. “Doctor Marie is awake, Dr. Siddiqui sent me to get you.”

Adel leaped up and ran through the halls to Marie’s room. He stood in the doorway watching her for a moment. She looked lost, confused and sad.

“Please nurse, I need a computer, I need to send an email. He doesn’t know I am here. I have nobody my family is in the U.S. Please you don’t understand he won’t know to look for me if I don’t tell him.” Tears started to spill down her cherub face.

“I am sorry miss we do not have computers that the patients can access. It will just have to wait. If silivri escort you give me this gentleman’s phone number I will be happy to call him for you.” The nurse was firm but polite.

“I… I don’t have his number, I never had need for it before now,” Marie began to sob.

Adel knew it was him she wanted to contact and he couldn’t let her suffer any longer. Walking into the room, he looked at Marie but spoke to the nurse. “Nurse, go to my office and get my laptop, let this woman contact her friend. She needs to have peace of mind if she is to heal,” Adel said with a huge grin on his face as Marie stared at him in disbelief.

“Adel, how… how did you know I was here? Oh, my God I am so sorry, I should have told you I was coming. I should have emailed you or something. You must hate me for finding out this way. I am so sorry.” Marie began to sob into her hands

Adel sat on the bed next to her and pulled her into his arms. “Sshh, Marie there will be none of that. You have no reason to be upset. You are here and you are safe, for me nothing else matters.” Adel held her until her sobs subsided.

“I do not understand, how did you find out I was here?” Marie looked into Adel’s chocolate pools with her own sky blue orbs.

“You were calling a name in your sleep and when they searched for identification they found the picture you had of me in your pocket. They realized I was the one you were calling, so they paged me to your room. I have been monitoring you ever since.” Adel leaned forward and kissed Marie on the forehead. “You were lucky many did not survive the crash and of those that did they had extensive injuries. Allah spared you, my angel.”

“The airline will notify my family, my mother must be worried sick. I have got to call her.” Panic creased her bruised face again. The pain caused Marie to whence.

“Now I see why you are so stressed all the time. You need to rest. I have already called and spoken with your mother. She only wishes her daughter to get well and return home safely and in one piece. This I have promised her I will make my personal goal. I will brief her on any and all changes in your condition as needed the only thing you must do is get better. I have even promised souvenirs for Bethany upon your return. Now are there any other troubling thoughts in your pretty little head?” Adel began to examine his love while he spoke to her. Hoping to keep her distracted while, he looked at her wound.

“Yeah, out of all the hospitals in Cairo how did I end up in yours? If my trip to Egypt is to be spent in a hospital then how am I going to get pictures and souvenirs for Bethany? OUCH! What in the hell are you doing that fucken hurts.” Marie looked down to see Adel pulling something out of her leg.

“I am sorry darling but the packing needs to be changed regularly to prevent infection. Sometimes it sticks to the tissue and causes pain during removal. I am trying to be as gentle as I can. Please do not look; I fear the sight is not very pretty.” Adel said very apologetically as he continued to clean the gash in her leg. Sadness crossed his face,” I have another on to tend to on your abdomen when I am through with your thigh. I am sorry if any of these causes you discomfort.”

“If it must be done, then it must be done. It does not mean I have to enjoy it. The only thing remotely enjoyable about it is the fact that you are the one here doing it. I get to stare at your handsome face and get lost in those eyes I have adored for the last year.” Marie sighed and then continued, “Adel, I didn’t tell you I was coming because I was scared. I was scared that if I saw you that I would never want to leave. I wasn’t sure I could handle such a disappointment. I also feared that as much as you seem to enjoy me on the internet that you wouldn’t enjoy me in person. That for you this was nothing more then a fantasy you wished not to make reality. I decided not to risk the magic we have online by clouding it with tangibility.”

Adel growled and he leaned close to her ear. “You have no idea how beautiful you are to me. If it were not for the fact that you were injured I would make love to you right here and now. It takes every ounce of my self-control not to devour your body. Your body is weak and needs all of its strength to heal, but I promise you the moment it is safe I will make you mine. Forget about what may or may not come of this. If this crash has taught either of us anything, it is, live for the now.”

Marie gasped as she felt him caress her breasts and nibble at her ear as he muttered these sweet things to her. She whimpered in disappointment when he stopped to tend to the wound on her abdomen. “That was cruel. How can you torture a helpless woman like that and return to your task leaving me hot and aching.” She squirmed in the bed parting her thighs feeling the familiar throbbing from arousal.

“I can smell your arousal; you are driving me into a heated frenzy. I fear my trousers shall be too tight to leave your room.” Taking his ungloved hand, he runs it up and down the length of her pussy lips, being careful not to insert his fingers. He brings his hand up to his nose and sniffs. “You truly are very wet my dear. You smell divine. Good enough to eat.” He punctuates his comment by licking her juices from his fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32