Dreams Ch. 2

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We are lying together in bed holding each other for a long time enjoying each other’s company and then as we lie there and talk I can feel your fingers searching once again for my cock. You grasp it firmly and kiss me again and feel it stirring for another round. I can feel your soft hands moving up and down my shaft and we both know I am putting my manhood to another use this time as I caress your nipples once again.

All of a sudden I feel you move down and take my nipple in your mouth and suck me gently, first one and then the other as my cock swells even larger. I feel you working your way down my stomach and then your tongue is making love to my belly button this time. I am at full mast already but we will take our time again and enjoy each other’s bodies.

I feel you moving down lower and soon you are taking my cock in your mouth once again, but I also feel you move into the position I have been waiting for, yes the wonderful 69 with each of us on our sides and then I feel you raise your leg and put it over my shoulder as I begin to eat my wonderful lover again. It is a challenge for both of us, I know that I can last for a very long şirinevler escort time after having cum twice already and now we are going for broke. I reach up and grab the bottle of champagne and slowly pour some over your sweet hot pussy as I devour you. The bubbles and the coldness are driving you crazy now and I fill your pussy with this wonderful wine as I suck it right back out of you.

I feel you begin that climb once again and I feel your mouth going hard to bring me off but it’s no use I am not cumming down your lovely throat this time my love, I am going to bury my huge cock inside your hot pussy after you cum for me. I can feel you baby I can feel you churning inside as you begin to cum for me. I feel your throat push hard against my cock but to no avail as I lick and suck faster. Your screaming over my cock “ I am cumming baby” “Oh God” ‘Oh God” “OH GOD!” as you erupt and let go, your body is shuttering so hard and I feel your mouth trying so hard to suck me dry but it’s no use my lover, no use at all, as I pull away and turn you on your back and move between your legs.

I hear you whisper şirinevler elit escort “ Fuck me baby”, “Fuck me hard.” Your love opening is so ready and so wet baby as I slide right inside you. “Oh yeah, baby” I tell you as I feel my cock become so hot inside you. It must be 150 degrees inside you baby; you are hot and so dripping wet as I pound away inside you. It’s like a piston inside an engine I am full throttle inside you and I can now feel my juices building for you. I slow to ask you if you want to climb on top and ride me but you are too far-gone for that. I feel your hot pussy exploding all over my cock for I don’t know maybe the tenth time tonight or so and I feel your body quivering under me but yet I am still fucking my new lover.

It is time baby, my juices can’t wait to go deep in you and my cock can’t get any deeper than it is right now, buried to the root and each time I pound down against you I am hitting your pelvic bone and crushing myself against you. I tell you “Grab me with your pussy baby!” “Grab my cock and milk it baby.” It’s the long haul now baby.

I am feeling your juices numbing şirinevler escort my cock and I want to turn you over baby, I tell you to roll over and get up on your hands and knees so I can doggie you baby. “Yeah baby now” “Do it baby” as you roll over and pull up to your knees and I still slip right back inside you but from a different angle and so deep, I am getting full depth this way and you can feel me inside your womb can’t you baby?

The long haul baby and you never knew it did you. I can wear your pussy raw right now and you wouldn’t feel it until you came down from your high. Oh baby it’s a long hot night tonight. You never knew that I could go this long and this hard did you baby, I am pumped and stroking you full throttle tonight. Oh baby my hands are holding your ass and pulling you so deep over my cock but I know I will cum for you soon and with any luck I can keep going like the ever ready bunny. Oh baby, I know you can feel my balls hitting your pussy each stroke and it’s time baby, it’s time to milk my cock. Oh yeah, baby I am cumming hard all the way in your womb my love.

OH GOD! It’s feel so good milk it baby, milk it good and then again I cum this time I finish by rubbing my cock along your pussy and ass, right between your cheeks baby. Feel it my love feel my juices flooding your pussy and ass, oh yeah baby let’s not dream about let’s do it and do it right. As I collapse and fall right next to you, holding you as I rest.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32