Dream Weekend in Indianapolis

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My senior year in college was a grind, but halfway through it began to pay off. My biology project was accepted for a prestigious event, and my advisor and I were asked to come and present our work in Indianapolis, a six hour drive. My advisor, Mr. “D” came down with strep the day before our departure. He obviously could not come, which was cause for some consternation, but we came up with a solution. His sister Alice, who sometimes helped out at the lab and actually had better credentials than he did, would go in his place. She was very familiar with the work, and because she did not work full time, was actually happy to be paid to go in his place. She was a pleasant and attractive lady of 50 or so, and would probably be better company than my advisor anyway.

The drive to Indy on Friday was easy, if a little stiff at first. I did some classwork in the car for a couple hours, but stopped at lunch. We found a decent restaurant near an off-ramp. Alice had some kind of fish. I had a burger, fries and coke. My usual. Things loosened up a bit after lunch and we actually had a lovely conversation about many things, but nothing too personal.

On arrival at the hotel I unpacked a few things and settled in to watch CNN. I actually fell asleep, then woke to the sound of Alice tapping on my door. Alice hadn’t changed her beige skirt and white blouse, but she had put on some lipstick and mascara or eyeliner or eyeshadow or something. I don’t know anything about women’s cosmetics, but I do know when someone looks different.

We went out for dinner, but first drove around the campus a bit to get our bearings, find the buildings and the parking area designated for the events the next day in the info packet they sent. That done, we consulted a list we had of restaurants in the area , then decided to go to one across the street from the hotel.

We parked back at the hotel, then walked across to our restaurant. The place was busy, and the wait for a table was an hour. We had a brief discussion about going somewhere else, but decided to have a drink in the bar. Staying put instead of getting in the car and finding another restaurant seemed much simpler.

“Besides”, said Alice. “No worries about drink and drive.”

Agreed. We squeezed into a small area in the bar, then waited to order drinks. And waited. The cocktail waitress was busy and not very good at her job, which set Alice off a bit. I ordered a glass of chardonnay, and Alice said “Great”, then asked the waitress to bring an extra glass “just in case”.

“Probably take her a half-hour to get back to us” she whispered after the waitress left.

The wine came, we toasted a successful weekend, then Alice said something unladylike about the waitress, and I laughed. Alice made up some story about another couple in the bar, and I laughed again.

“I’m a frustrated stand-up comedian, so watch out”, Alice said.

“That’s a lot of frustration”, I responded, then froze, realizing I may have put me foot in my mouth a bit, but Alice laughed delightedly.


I blushed, and Alice noticed.

“Uh-oh, we got a live one. Live one on table 4.

I laughed again and hung my head slightly in embarrassment.

“You’re fun. I haven’t seen this side of you in the lab. You’re so serious. My brother thinks you’re great, by the way..”

“That’s so nice to hear” I replied. “He’s great, too. I wish I knew half what he knows. Or half what you do, for that matter.”

“You’re closer than you think. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

There was a brief pause in the conversation, then Alice jumped in.

“Enough business. We can go over that stuff tomorrow. Let’s get personal. Who are you dating, anyone special?”

“I…uh…no. Nope. Frustrated a bit on that. I go to parties and hangouts, but without fail, the girl I like talking to the most, sorry, the woman I like talking to the most always leaves with some other guy.”

“Oh, so we’re both frustrated” Alice said with a knowing nod. Her words took me by surprise. Once again I stumbled for mine.

“A…ummm…so what does that mean?” I asked.

“Life is a blend of easy, hard, real hard, not so easy. Nothing really changes except your choices. Doesn’t matter if you’re nineteen or ninety. I struggle sometimes-I’m divorced-but some days I am just so damn happy I’m not still married. But we all get lonely at times. Or down if we’re alone on a Saturday night.”

“You always seem happy in the lab” I said.

“And I am. I love helping you guys. I learn stuff too. I get jazzed.”

A hostess appeared to tell us our table was ready, so Alice made arrangements to add the bar bill to our dining tab. After we got up, Alice took my arm, saying that the wine had made her lightheaded. That surprised me, but it felt friendly and nice.

We got a nice corner table and proceeded to look over the menus handed us. Alice reached out and patted my arm.

“What are you going to have?”

Touch. Again. My mind almost went blank. It was small, a nothing thing, but still friendly.

“Uh…chicken bonus veren siteler marsala? Or maybe that ravioli with lobster. What about you?”

“Those both sound good”, Alice mused. Why don’t we order both and share a little? Just a taste or two-if you dont mind?”

“Sounds good. Perfect, in fact.”

We waited for the waiter to come take our order, and each took a sip of wine. Alice smiled at me. I laughed, and smiled.

“What?” she asked with a tilt of her head. She was smiling, too.

I took a deep breath.

“Nothing…just…you. You’re warm. friendly. Your brother is great, but this is so much nicer. It’s almost like we’re on a date. I can’t get over how nice you are.”

Alice laughed and almost spit out a sip of wine, which dribbled down her chin. She laughed again, and wiped it away with her napkin.

“You’re really nice, too, and thanks.” Alice replied. “I’ve been on a couple dates since getting divorced, but…well, one guy talked about himself all evening-he didn’t ask me anything! Another guy was so boring I couldn’t wait to get back home.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I just nodded sympathetically.

“So I’m enjoying myself. I feel a little younger, more alive, more…myself. And you’re good company.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that. I just wish I could think of something smart to say right now to justify that. Or funny.”

The waiter appeared, gave us the specials and took our order. Alice smiled, patted my arm again, and excused herself to use the bathroom. When she came back she put her hand on my shoulder for a second as she passed, then sat back down. We chit-chatted for a minute, then our salad arrived.

“One more glass of wine for me to get me through dinner. How about you?”


Alice caught the waiter’s attention and signalled two more glasses before turning to me.

“If I get too lightheaded, you’ll be a gentleman and help me home, so to speak. Won’t you?” Alice asked with a smile.

“Absolutely. My pleasure. It’s great neither one of us is driving.”

The meal continued with a little small talk, and we traded tastes of each others entrees. I thought it a little bit sexy to feed Alice a mouthful or two. She steadied my hand once with hers. More contact. This was starting to feel more and more like a date.

Both full, we considered dessert, but declined. Alice paid the bill, stood up and said “whoa!”, then laughed and reached for my arm.

“My gentleman. My knight. Save me.”

I was only too glad. As we walked out of the restaurant and over to the street crossing area, I felt great. A glass of wine and a friendly woman on my arm. Funny thing, but when a woman takes your arm, it brushes against her breast from time to time. Alice either didn’t mind or was oblivious. I felt myself getting hard, and started to worry about it showing.

Alice chatted away about nothing and everything, but I don’t remember a word. We crossed the street, went into the hotel and waited for the elevator. Alice put her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head without thinking, then let out a quick apology.

“I’m sorry. I just did that without thinking. I feel so good, it’s almost as if we were on a date.”

“Do you want to be on a date?” Alice asked with a smile.

“There’s nothing I’d like more right now” I responded.

Alice turned and gave me a 1000 watt smile. She said nothing, but took my hand as the elevator door opened and pulled me in. She looked blankly at the panel.

“What floor are we? Oh, yeah, number three.”

She pushed the button, tilted her face up towards mine and pulled my head towards hers. We kissed.

We kissed!!

We kissed again, then arrived at our floor and walked towards our rooms. Alice fished in her purse for the room key.

“Let’s go to my room.”

My heart skipped a beat and I took another deep breath. Going to her room was validation that this moment was real, and that something even better might follow.

Once inside the room we turned to each other and kissed again. And again. Really it was just one long, wet, mouth open, tongue-touching bit of heaven. We broke for air, Alice sighed and put both arms around me, pulling me tight. I nestled my face against her neck, kissing her soft skin repeatedly.

“Ohhh…that’s bliss. That feels so nice…Mmmmm. I am going out of my mind right now. I confess, I am so ready for this. I want touch, I want intimacy. I need you in the worst way. I hope that doesn’t scare you.”

I laughed and said something about a blurry line between need and want, and that I was all-in.

Alice separated from me for a second.

“We’re just two lonely people in lust, right? There’s no school connection, nothing official happening, we just ran into each other and spent some time together.”

“Absolutely” I replied.

“And next time I see you in the lab, I’m going to ignore you. Like this never happened.”

“Totally. I get it” I said, nodding.

“Good. Now let’s make love. Hold me. Kiss me again .”

We bedava bahis kissed again, arms reaching for each other, holding each other close. Part of me wanted to rip off Alice’s clothes, to see and feel her nude body, but I wasn’t that bold. She was my superior, so I still had to proceed cautiously. My hands dropped down to her backside and I caressed her through the material of her skirt, pulling her closer. It was kind of a test. Was she really going to give me her body?

She was. Alice pulled me closer and ground herself against my hardness, breathing loudly and heavily.

Not having been in such a situation before, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Who does what? Do I just start unbuttoning her blouse? Pull up her skirt? I decided to ease over to the bed, so I broke off a kiss and pulled Alice over towards the bed and sat down. That seemed right. I caressed Alice’s sides and ass with my arms and pulled her blouse out of her skirt with my teeth. Alice laughed and unbuttoned a couple buttons on the bottom of her blouse. I leaned forward and kissed her bare stomach several times, nibbling her warmth, listening to her sighs of pleasure. Emboldened, I ran my hands down to feel the skin of her legs, then up and down the back of her bare thighs. Hearing more sighs without the least hint of resistance, I ran my hands up higher beneath Alice’s skirt and felt the soft curves of her pantie encased ass. Not wanting to break this magic spell, my hands slowly explored her rear, pulling her ass cheeks up and down or towards me, but still outside the fabric of her panties.

Alice had unbuttoned her blouse while I was busy with her butt and stomach, and my attention shifted upwards. She wore a white bra and the sight added more fuel to the fire in my loins. I reached inside her panties and pulled her bare cheeks wantonly, simultaneously kissing higher on her body until my mouth reached her bra. I kissed it and blew hot air into the fabric, feeling the resistance of her fleshy mounds and a hardened nipple. Alice drew a breath sharply, so I repeated the action, puffing hot breath into the fabric and nibbling her soft contours.

At this point I took my hands from beneath Alice’s skirt and reached up to unhook her bra. One hook released right away, but the second hung up and I fumbled with it without getting it free. Alice laughed softly and reached behind her to help. It was a funny moment. On the one hand I was slightly embarrassed not be have released her bra clasp successfully. On the other, reaching behind her back had the effect of thrusting Alice’s breasts forward, which made her look all the more womanly. Alice stepped back, shrugged off her blouse and bra, tossing them on the bed at my side.

I sucked in a breath at the topless beauty before me. Alice had average sized breasts, pale with a firm brown nipple, and as she moved, I found them mesmerizing. When she stepped back and resumed her position before me, my heart raced with excitement. I made soft noises I had no control over as I kissed her soft mounds, holding off for a couple seconds before attacking her nipple with my mouth. When I sucked that firm bud into my mouth Alice moaned loudly and said “Oh, yes” in the sexiest way. I had to restrain myself, remembering my last girlfriend’s admonishments to be gentle with her nipples. So I was, kissing, nipping ever so slightly, sucking and tonguing first one bud, then the other. I could her Alice moaning, sighing, breathing hard and that was a wonderful reward. I felt transported to some higher plane, a fairy tale place where all my pleasure enhanced hers, and vice-versa. It was Nirvana. The more I pleased her, the more I pleased myself.

I came back to my senses and told my hands to get to work. They had been mindlessly caressing up and down Alice’s side, not even underneath her skirt. While sucking a nipple, I reached under the front of Alice’s skirt and ran my hands up one thigh. It was soft, firm and warm. And exciting. I squeezed, caressed and ran my hand up and down one thigh, then shifted to caress the other thigh with the back of my hand. Alice shifted slightly, put her hands on my shoulder and spread her legs a couple inches. I smiled inside at her movement and moved my hand higher until it reached the warm softness of her panties and womanly warmth. Alice moaned again and pulled me closer. I released a nipple and kissed downward, all the while stroking Alice intimately, feeling damp fabric and the outline of her labia. She gasped and quivered at my touch, making sounds that defy description. By me, anyway. In between she let out a constant stream of drawn-out “Ohhhs”, “Ahhs” and “Mmmms.” It was the best music anyone could hear. I rubbed her lightly, then firmly, one second with fingers, the next with my whole palm. Alice pressed forward against my touch. Seeing that, knowing I was pleasuring her so successfully, made me some percent harder and happier. Who can compute such a thing?

I reached up under Alice’s skirt to pull her panties down. Her panties were white, sensible and sexy. To me anyway. Once she stepped free of them, I reached back under her skirt deneme bonus instantly found her warm and wet lips. I caressed them slightly with the back of my fingers, then gently pushed my index finger in a fraction of inch. She was warm and wet and jerked slightly when I brushed near her clitoris. Alice spread her legs even more and held me tight against her, sighing and moaning as my finger went higher inside her, flicking back and forth inside the warm confines of her vagina. I hadn’t gotten far, maybe half my finger height, when my thumb came up against her clit. I wiggled my index finger and rubbed the firm little bud that was her clitoris with my thumb. Her breathing got louder and faster, then Alice gasped. Her body froze for a second, then kind of shivered and froze again. I sped up the movement of my wiggling finger and thumb until she came with a wild jerk and cry. It was heaven for both of us. My last girlfriend barely made a sound when she came, so hearing Alice’s orgasm and seeing her body twitch and jerk was wonderful. It took her a minute to calm down and normal breathing to return, so I just held her and caressed her legs aimlessly.

It may sound weird, but as I sat on the bed holding Alice to me, I realized I was still fully clothed. Shoes, socks, shirt-everything. I kind of snorted a laugh, which made Alice ask “What?”.

“I still have my clothes on. Maybe I should remove something?” I said with a smirk.

Alice quickly started to unbutton me and help me off with my shirt and clothes, then stood back as I slipped off my pants and underwear. When my erect penis came into view, she graciously complimented me.

“Ooooo. You have a nice dick…nice body.”

“Yours is better” I responded, and reached to undo her skirt. There was a hook and a zipper in back. I undid both and slid the skirt off, admiring Alice’s round ass. I pulled Alice to me and planted a couple kisses on those soft mounds, then fell back on the bed. Alice said “Wait!” and pulled the bedspread and top sheet down.

“I don’t think they wash these bedspreads that often” she said.

I fell back on the bed and Alice fell on top of me. Or I pulled her on top of me. We kissed again, and I luxuriated in the feel of her soft body against mine. My hands encircled her ass naturally and I loved the feel of her cheeks. I loved pulling her body against mine even more and I could feel Alice make little bumping movements as she rubbed her clit against my cock.

“I want you inside me” she whispered, and reached down to engulf my cock in her warm pussy. Hot pussy, actually. I loved the warm feeling as she sank down on me, wiggling slightly to adjust herself, sighing deeply when I was all the way in, then moving slightly to rub her clit against my pelvic bone. Or some bone. Whatever the one that sticks out is called.

Alice leaned forward and raised her pussy several inches up my cock, then floated back down. It was a wonderful sensation, and my senses were overwhelmed. Part of me felt that incredible warmth enveloping my dick, part of me loved seeing her lovely pale breasts swaying above me, and part of me was still blown away that this middle-aged woman-not a girl-wanted me and was giving me her most precious gift.

“How’s that?” Alice whispered. “Does that feel as good to you as it does to me?”

“It does” I responded. “You feel amazing and I love every inch of your body.”

Alice made some mmm-mmmmmm sounds as she continued her slow rise and fall on my dick. I reached out for a breast and pinched her nipple lightly. Alice shivered.

“That’s nice. Keep doing that and I think I can come again. How about you?”

“Soon. I’m almost there. I’m trying hard not to come so I can last for you.”

“That’s so sweet” Alice said, then leaned down even closer and in a breathy tone said “Come any time. Come for me and I’ll come for you.”

Alice speeded up her motions and started working my cock furiously. I felt an orgasm coming and reached out again to lovingly pinch one of Alice’s nipples in hopes of sparking an orgasm for her as well. She made more sweet sounds of lust and that finished it for me. I came in long spurts, drenching Alice’s warm pussy with hot jets of sperm. Alice cried out once again and jammed her body against mine furiously. She came herself moments later in a series of muffled cries, then collapsed against me. I held her and we rocked gently and quietly, lost in our own thoughts. I felt on top of the world, having one the trust and affection of a real woman of the world.

A few minutes later we came back down to the real world and talked in hushed tones about cleaning up, bedtime and brushing our teeth. Alice walked to her bathroom to shower, and I went to my room to do the same. back in my bathroom I quickly stripped and stood in the shower slumped against the wall. Wow! What a night, I thought. What. A. Night. My mind got stuck for a second and the words “This is real” kept repeating and echoing through my head. I shook my head several times, focused on the bathroom tile and stark reality and…it was real. I washed my face and privates, shampooed my hair and dressed in fresh tee-shirt and underwear beneath my pants before going back to Alice’s room. I hadn’t thought to get her room key, so I had to tap several times to get her attention. She finally heard me and let me in, still wrapped in a towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32