Don’t Neglect Your Girlfriends

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I’m a man in his early forties with one son attending college. I always considered myself an average guy; I’m a shade under six feet tall with brown eyes and hair some call “salt and pepper” as a result of premature graying in my mid-thirties. While I may be a few pounds overweight, I’ve made the effort to get into decent shape, and many say I still look great for my age.

Chris’ mother and I have been divorced for almost five years, so it was just two men living on our own. Neither of us minded; while my divorce from Samantha has been amicable and we still hooked up on occasion for “sex with the ex” when her current boyfriend, Keith, was out of town, her absence from our household was rarely noticed.

Women of various ages found my son attractive, and – unlike I – Chris never lacked for female companionship from the time he’d entered junior high to the present day. He was excited about his latest girlfriend and eager to introduce me to her.

Chris had always dated tall blonde model types, each girl more striking than her predecessor, but I was never impressed with any of them. Most were self-absorbed and shallow, and God forbid if they had to put more than one sentence together.

It was easy to see why Chris eventually dumped them. Even the hottest bed partner and arm candy gets tiring after awhile when she don’t have anything else to offer. To say I wasn’t enthused about meeting his new girlfriend at first was an understatement; I just assumed he was dragging home yet another living Barbie doll.

I was stunned the first time I saw Katie. She didn’t come close to any of Chris’ past girlfriends far as appearance was concerned.

Not that she was unattractive. No way.

She may not have been Vogue material, but it was difficult for me to keep my eyes off of her. Katie was a pretty brunette around five feet, two inches, with full breasts, creamy pale skin, intense violet eyes, and an amazing round, smooth ass that would’ve rivaled my ex-wife’s.

Katie and I hit it off almost immediately. She was warm, funny, and smart, though a little insecure at times. She knew about Chris’ previous girlfriends, and always wondered why such a hot guy like him would choose to date her.

“Have you considered the possibility you may have something more to offer him?” I asked. “Like what?”

“You know how to carry on a conversation, have a great personality, and make him laugh. Sure, the other girls Chris went out with were ‘hot,’ so to speak, but to be honest, most were out for sex or whatever else they could get out of him. You clearly care about my son instead of wondering what’s in it for you.”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “You’re not exactly hard on the eyes either, but I doubt you’d believe that since it’s coming from an old grunt like me.”

Katie giggled. “David! You’re not that old!”

“I’m not getting any younger either, honey.”

“Actually, I think you’re kind of cute. I can see where Chris got some of his looks.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I can only take very little credit. His mother’s the beauty of us two.”

“Chris says you’re divorced.”

“Yeah, but Sam and I are still friends. We go out occasionally.”

“Let me get this straight. You date your ex-wife?”

“Sure, when her boyfriend’s out of town on business. Hate the thought of her home alone all the time.”

“Not to sound nosy, but why are you guys divorced?”

“There weren’t really any recriminations. Our marriage just wound down. Some people just grow apart after a number of years.”

“You’re friends and go on dates. Would you ever get back together?”

“Not a chance, honey. Things are much better since we split. You remind me of Sam in many ways. Maybe that’s another reason Chris was attracted to you.”

The comment stunned her. “How am I like her?”

“I didn’t mean it as an insult,” I quickly replied. “Actually, consider it a compliment. She’s a natural beauty with a good head on her shoulders too.”

My response made Katie blush. “You really are sweet. I assumed you were going to be some stuffy, grouchy old man when Chris told me he was going to bring me to meet his dad. I’m glad my assumption was wrong!”

“So was mine,” I told her. “I was expecting Chris to introduce me to yet another high-maintenance idiot. He was right; you’re a breath of fresh air.”

Her face lit up. “He said that about me?”

“Among other nice things. It’s about time he thought with the right head for a change.”

I patted her shoulder in a fatherly manner. “I think it’s safe to say you have no reason to compare yourself to his casino siteleri old girlfriends.”


Chris and Katie had been dating for about six months when it appeared the bottom was about to fall out of their relationship – at least at first.

It was early summer and I planned a pool party for Chris’ twenty-first birthday. Several of his friends from school attended, including, of course, an array of sexy coeds. While the group of kids enjoyed Chris’ party, I made myself scarce by staying in the house – partially not to embarrass my son with the old man hanging around, and partially to guard our valuables from growing two legs and walking out of the house.

The presence of the attractive young women – several of them sorority girls – made Katie uncomfortable, though she tried not to show it. I heard her and Chris briefly argue a couple of times before obviously patching up their differences shortly afterward.

Aside from occasional glances out the patio doors to make sure no one was starting trouble, I didn’t pay much mind to the party. I had enough to do with providing food and other items to guests and cleaning up subsequent messes without playing babysitter.

Besides, they were all adults (at least I assumed such), and Chris was usually a trustworthy person who seldom made problems for me.

Several bags of trash had gathered during the party’s duration. Around dusk, I gathered the bags and made my way to dump them in garbage cans located behind our garage. When I returned inside the house, it wasn’t very long before I realized I wasn’t alone.

“Katie, what are you doing in here?” I asked. “I thought you’d still be outside with Chris and his friends.”

“I wanted to come in and talk to you.”

“Sure, honey. What is it?”

She sounded angry and looked as if she’d been crying at one point. “I’m so done with him, David. Done! As soon as you and I finish talking, I’m telling Chris it’s over.”

I sat beside her on the sofa. “Why? What’s going on? Is it the argument you two had earlier? All couples argue.”

“No, I’ve been long over that. I really thought Chris was different until I happened to see something a little bit ago.”

“What exactly did you see?”

“Oh, God, this is so embarrassing.”

“Katie, at my age, very little shocks me. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“Well…when I went back outside after using the bathroom, a bunch of people were dancing. I thought it would be fun to dance with Chris since it’s his birthday, but I didn’t see him anywhere. I walked around to find him before I heard someone in the cabana. I went inside and…and there was Chris, but not by himself. Courtney Graham was topless and giving MY boyfriend a blow job!”

My heart sank. How could my own son betray someone who hadn’t been anything less than sweet and loving to him?

I tried to rationalize what happened in our pool cabana with the sorority girl. “Katie, there was a lot of beer going around tonight. Maybe he had too much to drink and it clouded his judgment.”

“That’s no excuse, David. I haven’t gotten to the worst part.”

“Now what could be worse than catching Chris with another girl in such a…a situation?”

“It’s what I heard them say. Neither of them knew I was there, probably because the blonde bitch was busy with Chris’ dick in her mouth, and he was too far into getting it sucked. The whore asked if I ever sucked him the way she was doing, and Chris said ‘No way, baby. Katie won’t give me blow jobs unless I ask. Then she’ll only do it for about five minutes, and it feels like she’s sucking a water pipe each time.’ Not that he and I had sex much lately anyway; now I know why. He’s too busy screwing bimbos!”

She burst into tears. “I knew it was too good to be true that a guy like him would pay attention to me.”

I gathered Katie in my arms to comfort her. “I’m so sorry you had to witness that, honey. I hope you don’t think I raised him to act in such a manner. I didn’t even cheat on his mother, not only because I wanted to honor my marriage vows, but also be an example to our son. Apparently he didn’t completely absorb that lesson.”

She looked up at me with her lovely violet eyes. “How could a good man like you end up with such a pig for a son?”

“I don’t think he’s as much of a pig as having a habit of thinking with the wrong head.” I pulled back and gave her an encouraging look. “Even if you decide to dump Chris, I won’t have any hard feelings toward you. I just hope you don’t think all men are the same.”

Katie smiled for the first time and touched my cheek. güvenilir casino “I already know they aren’t. You know, I always had this secret thing, but never told anyone because I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of freak.”

“You can tell me,” I said. “I’ll not only keep your secret, but also never think you’re a freak.”

“Well…I kind of…always had this little thing for older guys.”

“What’s wrong with that? Some women always liked men a few years older than they are for long as humankind existed.”

“No, David, you don’t understand. I meant a LOT older, like your age.”


“Oh, God. Now you really think I’m crazy.”

I again pulled her close. “No, I don’t, but I am curious as to why you have a thing for older men.”

“They’re stable,” she replied. “Most of them know how to treat women, they’re nicer, and definitely more mature. Like right now; I feel comfortable and safe with you holding me.” She bit her lip and smiled. “It also helps you’re kind of sexy.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “You find me sexy?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“In that case, I have my own confession to make.”

She looked worried. “What?”

“From the first day Chris brought you home, I couldn’t stop looking at or thinking about you. I thought so much about being with you, but thought I’d never had the chance because not only were you seeing my son, but also the difference in our ages.”

“David,” she softly said and put a finger on my lips. “You could never be too old for me.”

Before I could react further, Katie slipped her other hand around my neck and deeply kissed me. Her hungry tongue traced my lips softly before parting them and searched my mouth.? Our ?bodies were tightly pressed together as we held each other and continued kissing.? ?My cock began to strain at the fabric of my pants,? ?and I soon felt her soft hand on my rising bulge.?

Katie broke our kiss and knelt between my legs. She stared at me with lust in her eyes as she undid the zipper of my pants with her teeth and freed my erection. I kicked aside the pants and spread my legs, giving her better access to my hard-on.

Not wasting any time, she licked up and down my cock, around its head, and teased my balls before until she gradually took my entire shaft into her mouth until the head hit the back of her throat.

“Oh my God,” I groaned. “If this is supposed to be a bad blow job, I’d hate to see a good one.”

Her mouth slid off me and she began stroking my shaft. “You really like how I do it?”

“Fuck, Katie…that felt amazing. How about a little more?”

Her gaze fixed on mine, she once again took down my entire length and began sucking slowly at first, then increased her precision as her head bobbed up and down.

Katie must have sucked my cock for about ten minutes, and I certainly didn’t complain. Her mouth was wet and hot, but I knew I’d shoot my load if I let her continue.

As if she’d read my mind, Katie suddenly stopped and came up to kiss me. She parted her lips and let my tongue slide into her mouth. My hand ran down her neck, undid her bathing suit top, and found one of her breasts. I rolled the nipple through my fingers with a soft touch at first, then I pinched harder.

My hand then slid down her stomach and inside her bikini bottoms, which she helped me peel from her body. Her pussy was shaved smooth, and my fingers rubbing her clit made her even more aroused.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in my ear. “I want you to fuck me, David.”

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said, removing my shirt and tossing it on the floor with the rest of our discarded clothes.

We lay on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. My mouth and tongue slowly and gradually moved down her neck to her breasts. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, flicked it with the tip of my tongue, and sucked on it as she moaned with pleasure. I wanted to both make her forget what she’d seen in the cabana earlier and to feel sensual and desired.

I kissed my way down her soft belly until I reached the treasure between her thighs. “I want to make you feel so good, baby,” I whispered.

I slid my tongue up and down Katie’s wet slit, nibbled her clit, and licked around its perimeter before nibbling on the lips. I continued licking and sucking on her pussy while gently sliding a finger into each of her holes.

Katie threw back her head and squealed with delight as my tongue and fingers continued working their magic.

“David!” she cried with pleasure.

“Does Chris ever do this to you?” I asked.

“Not often…he canlı casino thinks it’s nasty…”

“Yet he wants his cock sucked all the time. Doesn’t sound fair to me, honey.”

I resumed licking and fingering Katie, increasing the tempo of sliding my fingers in and out of her openings until she began to quiver with orgasm.

“Don’t stop, David…I’m coming…I’m coming!”

I gave her a few moments to catch her breath once her orgasm subsided. I came back up and kissed her, letting Katie taste herself on me.

“I want to fuck you,” she said huskily after she broke our kiss and pushed me on my back. She straddled me, placed her legs on each side of my hips, and slowly guided my manhood inside her.

I love having a woman ride me; it was – and still is – one of my ex-wife’s favorite sex positions, and apparently one of Katie’s. I played and sucked on her lovely tits and teased her ass with my hands while she wildly bounced on my cock.

“You like that?” I gasped. “Is fucking my son this good?”

“So much better than Chris. I love how your cock feels in my pussy.”

“You’re so hot and tight, baby…I could fuck you all night!”

“If only we could, David…” she moaned.

Katie increased the speed of her bouncing faster and squealed with delight while I bucked my hips in time with her downward thrusts. Both of us were lost in the feeling as I pushed my cock deeper into her and again played with her tits.

Soon, it was all both of us could stand of the sexual stimulation. I pulled her face to mine and passionately kissed her before pulling her off my body.

I gently lay Katie on her back and kissed her again. She must’ve known that I wanted to fuck her with abandon and she slowly moved her hips forward, making my hard shaft push against her soft opening.

I entered her with one hard thrust. The feeling was erotic and pleasurable. As I pumped in and out of her, she gasped when I hit one of her sensitive spots. Her inner muscles gripped my shaft as we continued to fuck.

My hands slid down towards her ass. I caressed her smooth cheeks sensually and squeezed them while I increased the tempo of my thrusts. Katie bucked her hips against mine, following my rhythm. I gently bit her nipple as I felt her nails trail down my back. The feelings surging through my body sent me over the sexual edge.

I felt my cock contract inside her pussy. She sensed my approaching orgasm, which sparked her own climax.

“Oh, yeah…oh, yeah…oh, yes! Yeah, are you going to come for me, David?”

I quickly pulled out of her and jerked my cock a few times. Guttural groans escaped my lips as I came on her stomach and tits.

When I finished, Katie smiled and emitted a satisfied sigh. My cock softened as I admired her beautiful body covered in my seed. I bent forward and kissed her, our tongues entwining.

“Feel better?” I asked once the kiss was broken.

“Much. Thank you, David.”

“Glad I could help, baby. I’m always here if you need anything else.”

Her eyes gleamed knowingly. “I think I may need a lot from you in the near future. I don’t know where your son learned to fuck, but he certainly didn’t get many of his skills from Daddy.”

I laughed a little and ran a hand over her thigh. “You aren’t so bad yourself, honey. I wish you were around when I was in college.”

She rose from the bed. “I better get back to the party in case Chris is trying to find me.”

I went downstairs to retrieve our clothes while Katie cleaned up in the bathroom. By the time she joined me, I was fully dressed.

She quickly put on her bikini, winked, and blew me a kiss before she returned to the party. I knew then she was serious about me seeing more of her in the near future.


Katie and I have now been secret lovers for over a year. She and Chris broke up about a month after that fateful party but remained friends, so seeing her didn’t become a problem after their split. She also has her own apartment, so times when Chris doesn’t leave the house, I can still have visits with my beautiful young mistress for regular lovemaking.

We plan to eventually tell Chris about our affair. How he’ll take it remains to be seen, but both of us know in the back of our minds he will likely not be happy, especially once Katie reveals her longtime preference for older men.

Oh, and I no longer meet my ex-wife for sex, as Katie has more than kept me satisfied in that department. Sam knows about my young lover, but also said nothing to our son.

Sam not only agrees that it’s best coming from me and Katie, but I’ve also sensed that my ex-wife liked what she saw once I introduced the two women to each other.

Guys, don’t neglect your girlfriends. You never know whom they’ll turn to in their time of need, whether it’s an ex, a friend with benefits… or even your own father.

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