Donna and Her Island

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Donna Mason stood at the edge of the tall grass about twenty feet from the water. The sand under her feet was slightly damp and cool. There had been a brief rain shower an hour or so earlier. she had her right hand on her hip, most of her weight on her right leg and foot, her left foot was slightly to the left and forward of the other. Her head was held high as she looked out across the massive lake in front of her.

She had a faint smile on her face and she was totally relaxed and at ease even though the only thing she had on was a tiny orange bikini bottom. It was what she wore on the island when she was close to the water. The colors varied but were always bold and bright. Her hair was up in a ponytail as usual. Her sunglasses were on top of her head.

A light wind blew in from the lake and rustled the tall grass behind her. As it caressed and teased her bare body, the smile grew bigger. Her nipples tingled and grew larger. She turned slightly to her right to face more into the wind. She wanted to reach up and caress her breasts but that wasn’t how the game was played.

With a shiver, Donna turned and walked slowly along the beach. She was walking head-on into the wind. She wished it was stronger but if that was the case there would be no boaters on the lake. As it was there were never very many on this end of the lake. The big end of the lake as it was called. It got rough quick when the wind came up out of the desert to the south.

Donna grinned as she heard a boat engine. She turned at an angle to the right and entered a narrow trail that ran through the tall grass and into the trees beyond. The grasses brushed against her body here and there with a feathery touch as the wind made the tops sway. Most of the grass was as tall as she was. It was thin near the water but got thicker as it got closer to the woods and better soil.

She stopped and turned to face the wall of grass and took a step forward. The long shoots with their multiple smaller shoots brushed her breasts and nipples. She took a half step forward and now her breasts were sticking in among the grassy shoots. Now more of the branching grass tickled and teased her breasts, nipples and even her upper chest and shoulders.

Donna shivered and then shivered even harder as she heard the boat engine passing along the shore line to her left. Had they seen her and come to investigate or was it just a family out enjoying a day on the water. In either case she wasn’t ready for company. She loved her solitude on her private island. That is until she was ready for company and then it was no hold barred to say the least.

She stepped back from the grass as the boat continued on its way. She turned inland and walked along slowly until she came to the edge of the trees. The trees were a mix of short post oaks and mesquite. The grass here was short, ankle high in places. There were three female goats on the island that did the mowing.

Donna smiled as she walked through the trees. She pulled the strings at each hip and the bikini bottom fell away. She balled the cloth and stings up in her hand. It always felt good to be naked. Her free hand came up and rubbed her belly from her breastbone to the top of her mound.

Her belly was more or less flat, with a soft feeling. “Not bad for an old broad,” she whispered and then chuckled. She would be fifty in a few days but she sure didn’t feel that old. Just the other night she had put Jason and his brother Donny down for the count and then went for a moonlight swim.

Donny was half her age and Jason was three years older than his brother. For brothers, they were totally different. Donny was tall and heavy set. Not fat, just big. That is except for his manhood. It was short and fat. His tongue on the other hand was very long and slender. She shivered as she thought of how it felt snaking up inside her vagina.

The oaks got thicker as she neared the center of the island and the grass was more closely cropped. The goats preferred the inside of the island and only moved outward when the grass here got short. She figured it was the wind that always blew from the south. South always made her think of Mexico.

Mexico was only six miles south, across the main highway. The long causeway and narrow bride at the main highway kept smugglers out of this area for the most part. Although on occasions, she had heard some very fast, quiet boats pass the island. There was no cove or inlet to hide in on her island so she never worried about it.

Donna angled to the left as she reached a high outcrop of rock that marked the center of the island. It was another reason the goats stayed inland, they loved to play on the high rock. She could see her small cabin off to her right. The small wind turbine was high enough above the trees to always have wind. Solar panes and water heater panels covered the roof on the south side.

Her eyes went to the boathouse and dock in front of her. There was a small boat that she knew all too well tied to the dock. She grinned bahis şirketleri and increased her pace down the gentle slope. “The day is looking up,” she whispered as she neared the edge of the tree line. This is where she would have normally paused to put her bikini bottoms on.

There was no one on the dock or on the beach toward her cabin. Then she saw a short compact darkly tanned body swimming out toward the float anchored over a shallow set of rocks. She reached the pier and took off running. She dropped the bikini bottom near the end of the dock and made a long flat dive out over the small boat.

She came up and started to swim toward the float with long full strokes. When she thought she was getting close, she raised her head and looked toward the float. Jason was hanging on the side with a grin on his face. Another few strokes and she glide up to grab the edge next to him.

“Just the lady I was looking for,” he said as he moved forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Donna grabbed him around the neck and wrapped her long legs around his hips. Her sex was pressed tightly to the large wide shaft sticking up in front of his belly. Her breasts were right in front of his face. “Where is Donny, you know it’s hazardous to your health to come alone.”

Jason chuckled. “With you around, no one comes alone. Donny got roped into helping Dad at the store today. Mom had to go to the mainland to check on some deliveries that are late.”

Donna squeezed his hips tightly and said, “Speaking of coming, I was thinking about our get together the other night.”

“Which got you hornier than normal.”

Donna laughed. “Exactly and you know my rule about not touching myself.”

“The hornier and hornier and hornier rule.”

“Not quite that bad but….”

“Want me to take the edge off or fuck you silly?”

Donna turned her upper body and rubbed her right nipple in his face. “These could use some attention.”

Jason latched onto the end of her breast and sucked in the whole dark circle under her nipple and used his tongue to lash the nipple itself. Donna arched her back and pressed her breast even tighter to his mouth as she groaned deeply. His tongue wasn’t nearly as long as his brother’s but it was wide and strong.

“Oh yeah,” she whispered loudly a moment later as her hips flexed against his. His hot dick settled deeper between her plump outer lips.

Jason swirled his tongue around the dark circle and held suction as he raised his head. Her breast came out of his mouth with a slurping sound. She moaned softly and slapped him in the face with her left breast. He chuckled and sucked that nipple in to treat it the same as the other.

Donna groaned and arched her back. “So good,” she whispered as she squirmed her hips.

When Jason popped her left nipple out of his mouth, he asked, “Better?”

Donna leaned back and rubbed her sex against his hard hot shaft. “There’s one other spot that needs a little attention but I need to sit on the edge of the float so you don’t drown.”

“How considerate of you,” Jason said with a wink.

“You know me,” Donna said with a grin as she got a hold on the float with one hand as she let go with her legs.

As she climbed the ladder on the side of the float, Jason said, “Oh yeah, I know you very well. Usually it’s you sitting on Donny’s face and trying to swallow my dick at the same time.”

Donna sat down on the edge of the float and leaned back on her hands. Her ass was right on the edge of the wood and her knees were wide. “I have to have some kind of a gag with his tongue that feels like it’s a foot up inside me. Otherwise, I’d scare the goats to death.”

Jason moved over between her legs and grinned up at her. “I’m surprised you haven’t taught those goats to eat pussy yet.”

“Have you seen what they do to the grass?” Donna said with a grin as she scooted her ass forward a little more.

“That little red V of hair on your mound doesn’t look anything like grass.”

Donna chuckled and replied, “A girl can’t be too careful sometimes. Now quite talking with your mouth full.”

Jason chuckled as he moved forward and whispered, “Yes ma’am.”

Donna shivered and rolled her hips up as his warm wide tongue moved over one outer lips and then the other. His next lick was right up the center of her slit. It started at her opening and ended up on her mound. Her stomach muscles jerked as it bumped over her clit. He moved back down to the bottom and gave her another long lick with the same result.

A few more licks and Donna felt Jason’s tongue slid along the smooth bottom of her slit. It felt slippery and his tongue parted her short inner lips. He paused to suck and chew on each of them. Donna closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She got very wet very easily but it took a while for her orgasm to start building.

Jason chewing and sucking on her thin inner lips had them expanding and felt so good. By the time he moved up and rolled her clit around, her orgasm bahis firmaları was just starting to build nicely. She leaned her head back and allowed the feelings to flow naturally.

His eyes on her belly allowed Jason to gauge Donna’s arousal. Little twitches were good but when they stopped, he moved down and licked her slit and teased her opening. Then he would move back up and roll her clit around at varying speed. He knew the first orgasm of the day always took time.

Donna lifted her knees and hooked her heels on the side of the float. Jason’s tongue was working wonders, she thought as she allowed her knees to spread wide. His tongue dropped to her opening and teased it several times before he tried to shove it inside. She was tight this morning and it felt good as it forced her open.

She rocked her hips up and down slowly, fucking herself on his wide tongue. If it had been Donny’s tongue she would have been gasping and then yelling as her orgasm shot off into orbit. Jason’s tongue moved her orgasm up slowly to even greater heights before she exploded.

Jason held still, letting her have her way. He enjoyed the slow build and then the sudden explosion of her orgasms. His eyes were on her belly. When it started to tense up was his signal. A minute or so later, her stomach started to do just that. Quickly, he ran his tongue up her slit, sucked on her clit and flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over it.

Donna made a sharp gasping sound and then moaned long and loud as her orgasm washed over her. As it went on and on, Jason slowed his tongue. Too much and she would roll away. He want to do it just right so she would be as limp as a dishrag by the time his tongue stopped moving and just rested on her clit.

It worked out perfectly as Donna ended up flat on her back with her hands over her head and her stomach muscles were just twitching like they had earlier. Jason lifted his head and looked up along the older woman’s body. Her breasts were moving slowly from side to side on her chest from her heavy breathing but there was a big smile on her face.

Jason started to move to the ladder but the sound of an outboard motor kept him where he was. Donna laying down on the dock naked probably would be missed but him climbing out naked couldn’t be missed. His dick was as hard as nails. Donna didn’t like it when complaints were filed with the lake patrol or with the game wardens.

There were three lake patrol officers and two game wardens. All of them knew Donna and most had visited her island at one time or another. All were welcome but only the single ones got benefits, that is if she was in the mood. She didn’t poach other women’s men. It had been done to her. That was how she ended up with the island.

The outboard was passing by but suddenly turned and sped up as it headed toward the float. Jason moved to the end of the float and looked around the corner. With a grin, he moved back down to where Donna’s feet were. “We’ve got company,” he said softly.

Donna didn’t move but replied, “From the sound of the motors it’s one of the game wardens, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Right on and I think it’s old Bob.”

“He’s only old to you and I wouldn’t call him that to his face.”

Jason chuckled. “Nope, not me. I saw him take on a group of drug runners one night. Four of them and it sure wasn’t a fair fight. They were all on the ground in less than a minute.”

Donna chuckled. “He has fast hands and feet and makes the slowest and sweetest love a woman could ever wish for.”

“I’ll… uh… take your word for that.”

The boat motors suddenly cut back to an idle and then it revved in reverse as it came to a stop next to the float. The float hardly rocked as the wake lines passed on both sides. The motor died and Bob asked, “Sunbathing or recovering?”

“Recovering slowly,” Donna replied as she rolled her head to the side and smiled at the big grizzly game warden.

“Jason, you know we don’t allow spear fishing in this lake,” Bob said without taking his eyes off Donna.

“The spear may be in the water but the prey is on the float,” Jason replied as he moved over to the ladder and stood up on the bottom step.

“From the looks of things, it looks like you ate it before you fried it.”

Donna laughed. “I wasn’t ready to be fried.” Then she changed the subject as she asked, “Any complaints?”

“Nope, not a one if you leave out the fact that I haven’t been out on the lake in three weeks.”

“About me and the island,” Donna said as she sat up.

“Not a one that I’ve heard of. This is a friendly visit. Also a chance to warn you that we’ve got some bad guys running the lake again.”

“Want me to give you a call if I hear or see anything?” Donna asked.

“You can but stay out of sight and if they head this way, beat feet for the big rock in the center of the island.”

“Have you told dad about these guys yet? Donny is making deliveries to some of the outer islands and he’s not as cautious as kaçak bahis siteleri dad,” Jason said.

“I told your dad before I headed out this way. I didn’t see Donny or your dad’s boat either.”

“Mom has the big boat. Donny will be in the big skiff. Maybe I should head over where he’s delivering and warn him. Better safe than sorry.”

“It wouldn’t hurt any. There is a lake patrol boat checking and warning the far west islands and I’m headed for the east islands.”

“Donny will be about halfway between here and the west end,” Jason said thoughtfully. “I don’t have my radio but I do have some red flares in case I come across anything that doesn’t look right.”

“I’ll alert the lake patrol to keep a watch out. They made a run three nights ago. They were seen briefly as they blew under the highway bridge but were long gone by the time the lake patrol got anywhere near them. There’s been no sign of them returning but that doesn’t mean we just missed seeing them.”

“They have so many creeks and canyons to hide in they don’t need to mess with the islands,” Donna said.

“It has happened,” Bob said and Donna nodded her head.

“Yeah, I heard about it from Jason’s dad when I first opened my account there.”

A drug boat had broken down and the crew paddled to an island. They had off loaded their drugs in a boathouse and taken the family captive. They sunk their boat in deep water and used the families boat to finish the drug run. It had taken three days. The mother and daughter had been raped and all four had been killed before the drug runners left.

Jason blew Donna a kiss. “I’m heading out,” he said just before he pushed off from the ladder and swam toward the dock and his boat.

Bob shook his head and grinned. “That kid is more fish than anything else.”

Donna laughed. “If fish were hung like he is, I’d spend all my time in the water.”

“What about his brother’s tongue. I’ve heard it’s longer than an anteaters.”

Donna shivered. “Long and agile, believe me.”

Bob grinned. “To be so young again would probably kill me.”

“Darling, you are perfect in every way,” Donna said with a wink. “You’d be even more perfect if you came around more often.”

“They keep trying to promote me and put me on a desk. That ain’t going to happen and we both know it. I’ll retire first.”

“Take the promotion and then retire. You could always come live with me in sin.”

“The thought has crossed my mind several times but I’d end up trying to tie you down and that wouldn’t work at all.”

Donna laughed. “Tie me up right and I might just make an exception in your case.”

Bob’s eyes got big and he cleared his throat. “I… uh… need to… uh… get about warning people.”

Donna grinned. “I think I just scared you.”

“Kind of, sort of,” Bob replied as he started the outboard motors. As he put the motors in reverse he asked, “I wonder where I could get some rope.”

Donna laughed. “There’s yards of it in the boathouse.”

Bob grinned and blew her a kiss. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he said as he backed the boat away from the float.

“You better do more than that,” Donna yelled as he put the boat in forward and pushed the throttles up to full.

He waved over his shoulder but she wasn’t sure if that was an acknowledgement of what she had said or just a wave goodbye.


It was a little before dark and Donna was fixing herself a light supper when she heard a boat come around the end of the island. She stepped out on the front porch and looked that way. It was Bob. She wondered why he was back and waved as he did. He pulled in near the dock and then turned his boat to back it inside her boathouse.

“I guess I’m going to have company tonight,” she said as she turned to go back inside.

She was cutting up extra lettuce for a second salad when Bob knocked on the screen door. Without waiting for a reply, he opened the door, “Are you decent?”

“No, but come on in anyway,” Donna replied with a smile. She had on her bikini bottoms and nothing else.

Bob came in and walked up behind her. He slipped his arms around her waist and gave her a hug as he kissed the back of her neck. Donna shivered as he traced the nape of her neck with his tongue. “You taste good,” he whispered and then licked her neck again.

Donna shifted her hips from side to side as she replied, “I’m getting juicier by the second.”

“I know what I want for dessert.”

Donna laughed as he continued to lick her neck. “If you don’t quite that, you’re going to get dessert for supper.”

“That will work also,” he said as he stepped back and looked at the salad she was making. “Rabbit food. Is that all you live on out here?”

“It works for me,” she said as she turned around and came up on her toes to kiss him lightly on the lips. Her hand ran across the front of his kaki shorts. His manhood was semi hard, As she came down off her toes, she gripped his dick and grinned. “This works also.”

“Woman, that thing is loaded and it doesn’t have a safety.”

Donna grinned and let go of his dick. “I told you, you had to come by here more often.”

“How serious were you about that tied up and exception statement you made earlier?”

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