Domestic Peace

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When she moved into the house to look after the kids she was something like 16, a bit round, not heavy, but had a slow manner, and was charming. As the years went by she grew up, harder, stronger. The relationship between me and Honey was always a special one. As the father of the children I was always nearby, and she teased me mercilessly, and I let her. I suppose the lack of attention my wife was giving me at the time had something to do with it, but I can’t tell anymore. I was just “in lust” with Honey, I guess.

After years of teasing the relationship between us took full bloom last summer, and to my utter surprise she completely dominated me sexually. She was a lot stronger, more vigorous, tighter and better skilled than my wife or any other woman I had ever been with. She fully controlled me in bed; yes it was hard for her but she managed it, and since then I have been cheating on my wife to build myself up for another conflict with her, to prove that I am still the king of this castle.

It was over a year ago now, that hot day in the beachhouse, when she made me cry out and spasm deep in her twitching pussy, her hands white on the sheets as she held on, milking me. I have since then been a bit withdrawn from her and my kids, spending as much time away from home, and her, as possible, at the gym, work, or in the bed of other women/girls. When Honey figured out I had fucked girls at her school (which she attended as another thing to do beside baby-sitting full time) she was a bit upset, but never spoke about it. In the year that had passed I had grown stronger, both physically and sexually, and I thought myself ready to handle her now. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I pulled up outside, not seeing her car, thinking it might still be safe to change before my date. I walked up to the house. I had no idea she was lounging on the couch, lazily watching TV. I walked in, disturbed by the noise from the TV, thinking my wife might be home, calling out “Hello?” She grinned to herself, not turning to look.

“Hi Darryl…”

I muttered under my breath. “Shit” but before I could make my way passed her, to the stairs she was up, her body blocking the entrance from the hall to the stairway.

“Where ya off to?” She was tall, 5’9″ at least, and with the most remarkable set of D-cup tits any au pair ever had. Those had grown in the last year, and her reddish blonde hair hung half-way down her back. Her abs were hard, and she knew it, showing them off in the bellyshirt, the leather pants hugging low on her hips.

“Just getting changed before I am off for another meeting” I stated looking her over, seeing she was even stronger and more beautiful than that day. That day she made me … fuck… better not think about it.

“Oh…” she pouted a little, her big, blue eyes sparkling. “Is the little misses coming home soon?” Her leg curling out from the doorway.

“Yeah, she’ll be home in an hour or so I think” I grumbled, pushing my way passed her, brushing up against her leather-clad thigh.

She purred, grinning to herself as she dragged it along my thigh. “Oh…” all sooo innocent. I shuddered as I pulled away, quickly making my way to the stairs. She slowly sauntered after me, biting her lip .”So where ya going tonight, Darryl?”

“Just a business-meeting”, I answered quickly. I was really off to fuck two Japanese representative-assistants I have been working on all week, knowing they were almost as tight as this girl, still training myself for another confrontation. The way Honey affected me I was losing hope in winning such a contest.

“Awww…another business meeting?” She pouted again, turning on her innocent babygirl voice. “But…I wanted to spend some time with my big cuddly boss. I missed him…”

I turned, a mistake of course, eyes hard for a second, and she knew I hated it when she teased like this. “Not tonight Honey, ok?”

She bit her lip, batting her eyes at me as she still swayed toward me. “Sowwy…”

I was standing, transfixed by her motions, her curves, eyes, unable to move.

She smirked as she saw my pause, strutting slowly towards me, her curves flowing fluently as she swayed. “Are you suuurree you have to go?” The innocent voice cutting through me.

“Well… yeah….” unsure now, watching her, the memory of her laughing zeytinburnu escort as she made me cum so hard while still retaining control slipping a bit from me, losing my edge.

She drew her hand across her belly, teasingly lifting her shirt, exposing her tummy. “Awww…but I miss you, you know…” She was letting it hang there in the air, and I was suckered in, again.

I was just staring at her abs, flexing, tight, toned, stronger than before “So what did you have in mind Honey?” I was just staring, not thinking straight anymore. She had me.

She grinned a little wider, seeing me crumble. “Well… I wanted to spend some nice…. quality time with my beloved employer.” She purred, swaggering closer.

I was just mesmerized, looking down her cleavage as the feelings began to stir in me; love, arousal, and the deep hatred and resentment for her treating me like she did. Maybe I could take her think time? I was thinking violently for a way to get out of this, failing miserably. She was watching my eyes, pushing her awesome chest out some, a cup size bigger than last year, and knowing fully well how it affected me. I was backing, turning, and I hit my knee on the couch. In order not to fall I turned, and sat heavily on it instead. I looked up at her as she stood before me, so tall, imposing, the red bellyshirt matching the black leather pants perfectly as I was trying to marshal something to say “So… you had any … umm. fun dates lately?”

I regretted the choice of question immediately. She giggled softly, slinking up to me, her leather-clad legs straddling my knee, looking down at me as she nodded, biting her lip a bit “Mm hmm…” she just purred. I placed my hands at my sides, sliding out fast so that her knees do not pin them to my sides as I gripped the couch, looking up at her, her smile half-covered as her hair fell forward in curtain of gold. She was gently batting her knees against mine, swaying to and fro as she stared down at me, seeing me completely fall apart. She played with her shirt again. I was trying to distract her.

“So tell me about them?”

She blinked twice and quickly sat down, grinding softly against my thighs with her own. “Oh…went there, did that…”

“Nothing more exciting? Who are you going out with these days?” trying to sound like a normal person, taking an interest in another’s social life, feeling myself hardening at her touch.

She drew a finger from my shirt-covered belly button slowly up my stomach and chest. “Ohh. Tommy, Brad…” As her hands slid over my chest she felt something under the shirt, and a second brush confirmed it. She had found my nippelrings, those were not there last year. I noted her surprise. She perked a brow, smirking somewhat surprised, twirling across my nipples again.

I could not withhold a slight moan at her touch. “Mmmh…” My shoulders rolling as I closed my eyes for a second.

“Something new here?” She gave the ring a gentle twist, seeing me react.

“Yes… a friend persuaded me to put them in about six months back…” A Japanese girl told me it would increase my stamina, and trained me for several weeks after I got them to make me stronger. In the end I dominated her, and she ran back to Japan. Now they were a weapon against me in Honey’s hands.

“Ooh…how ‘hip'” she giggled softly, trailing her finger slowly back downwards.

“What about you? You have grown a bit. Anything “new” with you?”

She just grinned, her fingers now past my belly button, falling still. “Yeah, I got some piercings, too…”

“Oh really? Where?” I was smiling as I slid my hands down from the rest of the couch, barely brushing the leather stretched over her thighs.

She smiled, like the devil smiled, leaning in against me, her perk nipples poking against my chest as she whispered into my ear, slowly drawing the tip of her tongue along the rim of it. “My tongue…and my clit…”

I shuddered under her, she could easily feel the hardness in my crotch as it rubbed up against her crotch, unprepared for her “arming” yourself in that fashion. “Oh? why?” I managed, voice a bit shaky.

“It helps with…” she ground herself hard against my hardness “…stimulation.”

“Yours… or…. his?” I was almost stuttering as it all begins to be too much, aksaray escort I had obviously not been alone in preparing for this second confrontation.

She licked my ear again, still softly humping against me as she hissed “…both….”

I was shaken, and I could not help staring at her marvellous physique, smelling her tight body so close to mine. “How… how have you… handled schoolboys then?” trying desperately to keep her talking, not focusing on this task as my hands shook, trying not to grab her tight ass.

She just slowly gyrated and rolled her hips, getting into the rhythm, purring into my ear, turning on her little-princess voice again. “Do you really care, Darryl?”

“Of… of course…” Voice a bit shaky, in over my head here I thought. She slid her hand between our hips, giving my shaft a squeeze. I groaned out “Gawdd…. Honey.. you shouldn’… shouldn’t….”

“What, Darryl?” She was just squeezing, stroking my cock, purring.

“Fukk….” My hands slid over her ass, squeezing it in that tight leather envelope.

“MMmm…Bossman…” She purred and cooed in the small victory, massaging my bulge firmly. I was rubbing her ass, sliding a hand in under her, the material stretched over her pussy as I patted it slowly, rubbing it.

She just pressed closer to me cooing, whining in my ear. “Yess Darryl… ooohmm…” Her fingertips traced the outline of my cock in my pants. I was rubbing her crotch though the leather, rolling my shoulders, feeling her firm tits rub against my hard-muscled chest. She nibbled my earlobe, her nimble fingers popping my fly open, fast, smoothly. I was rubbing her pussy harder, feeling her hips shifting as I worked her sensitive lips through the materials covering them. She slowed somewhat, shuddering, my fingers stronger than she had anticipated through the leather, and now she was biting her lip. “Ohh Darryl…”

“Yes Honey?” almost hissing as I rubbed her harder, feeling this having an effect on her. She pressed against my fingers, her focus momentarily diverted from my crotch, panting softly, cooing, whining silently. I pushed her back a bit, pushing up at her crotch, sitting her on the low table before the sofa, as I leaned her back. I rubbed her you harder, more determined, better than ever before. She was curling, arching and bucking her hips against my hand, cooing, looking at me, seeing the look in my eyes. I quickly opened the pants, sticking my hand into them, gripping the string of her black panties, pulling them so it dug into her labia and hooded pearl as I slowly tugged her pants off.

She gritted her teeth, eyes wide as she felt the damp hot cloth dig into her. “D…d-darryl…” I pulled her tight pants off, seeing her g-string dug into her, smiling as I pushed her back, onto her neck and shoulders on the cold table, making her chest stand out as I strayed a hand up, cupping a massive D-cup tit. She writhed under me, defensively now, quickly drawing a hand down into my opened fly, gripping my hot hard pole. I pushed it away, and it was quite some effort to do so and then I spread her legs, leaning in, kneeling on the floor, one hand still on her remarkable tit, the other pushing her toned thighs apart as I kissed down on her pussy in its armored, g-string-caught state. Honey squealed, shuddering and fell back onto the table. I slowly worked my hand in under her top, caressing her tit, caressing the nipple, pinching it slowly as I licked and kissed and sucked on her inner thighs and outer labia. Honey groaned, sliding her hand down, tangling her fingers into my hair now, her grip slipping on what she had to do. I was sucking and licking at her now, teeth gripping the g-string, ripping it off her, the tearing of the fabric accompanied with the pressure on her ass as I pulled it free. “Darryyyl…” she cooed, writhing on the table, gripping my head firmly. I was licking at her exposed pussy, slowly, lapping at it, watching her piercing. It was a small blue ring on the clit. She was rolling her hips against me, sitting up a little, shuddering with effort, her abs tensing under the smooth skin. The hand on her tit pushed her back as I flicked the rig, then slid the tip of my tongue down her slit. She shuddered violently, falling back down, slowly losing control to the savage tongue. I was lapping and ataköy escort stabbing at her over and over, then returning to the ring, flicking it before going back to her slit again, sucking at her labia. I could feel her tensing, suppressing her urge to cum, growling, as she forced herself up. “Darryl!” she groaned out, a hint of desperation in her voice now. My hand hard on her tits, pinching her nipple as I stuck my tongue into her pussy, my nose rubbing her ringed clit hard as she moved to sit up. She screamed out, tugging at my hair, pulling me from her pussy. “Please!!”

I watched her, seeing her sweat, my lips shining with her juices. “Scared princess?”

She was panting, shaking her head a little. “N-no….”

“What then?” Pushing her back gently as my lips fasten to her ring, sucking gently, her hooded pearl dancing under my ministrations.

She shuddered, rolling her shoulders, biting her lip as she stared down at me with trembling eyes. “D…d-darryl…” I was sucking, slowly sliding a hand down her strong inner thigh, licking its tip. Honey was panting harder now, her tight abs rippling as she strained not to cum, watching me administer her, feeling her control weakening. I slowly slid the tip over the finger back and forth over her opening, flicking the glistening lips slowly as I sucked her pearl and its ring. The grip on my head tightened, as she was grinding her teeth, trembling violently as her throat squeaked in restrained whines and whimpers. I was working her slowly as the finger slips into her, feeling her snatch twist and spasms around it. She flinched as her control broke, and she started screaming as she exploded, cumming hard against my finger and lips. I just kept working her slowly, not letting her go as I hooked my finger deep in her, twisting it, rubbing her g-spot. Honey was just squealing louder, pulling her shirt up over her tits as she twisted her own nipples, shuddering as she came harder. I was smiling, watching her play with her hard big nipples, wishing I had hands free to do it for her as I brought her harder into the bliss. Honey squeezed her eyes shut, quivering on the table as she continued to cum, lost in ecstacy. I was fucking her with two fingers now as I flicked the clit-ring over and over. Honey collapsed fully as she ran out of air, panting hard, body twitching and quivering. I let her go, sliding my face off her pussy, licking her strong, now shaking inner thigh as I sat back in the sofa, watching her. She was panting whoozily, lifting her head weakly, looking at me.

I just sat back, my pants open, my cock hard, pointing up, chest bare, sweaty, stronger than before. “You didn’t beat me this time Honey.”

She blinked hard “What did you do?” she asked, her shoulders rolling. “I didn’t lose this time. But I am not done with you yet.” I gripped her hips, pulling her towards me. I could see her eyes widening, but she was too weak to resist now. I caressed over her lower abs, feeling her flex and heave under me, moaning at my touch. I smiled as my wide cockhead began pushing against her slippery hot pussylips. I felt her squirming under me as her legs spread wider and she moaned out “Oh yess…. oh gawdd… I never thought it could feel like this.” Her voice trailed off as my cockhead spread her pussylips wide, making her hiss, drawing for breath. I felt her tightening around my cock, her abs flexing and heaving harder as I slid my hand over her tits, holding her down as she bucked gently under me, cooing and moaning over and over.

I slowly slid into her, feeling her control and strength collapse as I stretched her inner tight walls harder than any man had before. I felt her instinctively trying to milk my cock with her tightness, but this just added to the sensation in her, and her eyes rolled back as she came again, groaning out as I smiled, slowly fucking her.

Her young body was writhing and heaving under me as I drew orgasm after orgasm from her during the long hour I fucked her. Finally her entire body was so utterly spent that she barely managed to shudder when I made her cum again and again. Her eyes were closed, and she was unable to do anything but whisper out my name over and over as I tamed her wild young body. I straddled her stomach, looking down at her, and she opened her eyes, looking at me. I could see her hunger deep under the exhaustion as she reached out for my cock, and I shot my hot load all over her sweat-glistening tits and beautiful face, claiming her as my very own little fuck-pet.

Our relationship has much improved, and there is nothing she will not do at my command now. I love my new honey…

The end

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