Doing the Weather

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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are over the age of 18.


“Maddie’s pregnant again,” the cute little intern said as she stroked Kevin’s cock, which was pulled out of his designer suit pants as he sat back in his chair. “Is it yours?” she asked when he didn’t respond. The news business was a rough and tumble game, nineteen year old Kayla knew that all too well. She was lucky to have Kevin as her mentor, and if doing him favors a couple times a week was the price, well she was more than happy to pay it. Besides, the stocky, good looking weatherman was cute and had amazing equipment.

“Maybe,” Kevin sighed blissfully as the young girl’s small hand worked his throbbing shaft delightfully. She wouldn’t make him cum, not before the show, but afterwards he’d return to his small office and she’d be waiting for him. Her or another of the women that worked at the station. Kayla new her place and if one of the other on air talent ladies happened by, she’d make herself scarce.

“Was her last baby yours?” Kayla said before she slid her hand to the base of his shaft and took his velvet flesh into her mouth, wetting it so that her hand could slide along his pole easier. The taste of his cock in her mouth was intoxicating and it was all she could do to keep from taking him in her throat so that he could blast her tonsils with his seed.

“Maybe,” he responded in the same tone. Kevin spent a moment remembering the first time he’d had Maddie Johnson on this very same desk. Months of working together had finally paid off when she’d hit a bump in her marriage and Kevin provided her a shoulder to cry on and his cock to cum on. Her marriage recovered, but fucking Kevin on a regular basis was part of that process she had rationalized, and so she never stopped. For his part, Kevin loved the way her breasts grew as the baby did inside of her. Her milk filled tits became an obsession of his, and he glazed them with his cum on more than a dozen occasions.

“It’s time Kevin, the newscast is about to start.” Kayla announced in a reverent tone. He knew that she’d finish him if he asked, but he liked going on air with a chub. Showing off to all those lonely housewives first thing in the morning was a sick thrill he enjoyed. Olivia had given him disgusted looks whenever she saw him walking on set with a raging hard on, which only made Kevin laugh. Soon enough Olivia would be added to his list.

“Good morning Bakersfield! We’ve got some morning fog rolling in from the north, so make sure you leave yourself some extra time to get to work this morning.” The morning news was underway and Kevin was doing what he loved most. The camera operator tried to keep the shot above the waist, but after a minute the director’s voice sounded in his ear and he pulled back for a wider shot. Viewers, just waking up and getting ready for their day, were treated to the generous tent in Kevin’s trousers.

“I can’t believe we don’t get calls,” Kristin Reiner said at the break. She was just one of the many pretty blondes the station hired as reporters. She’d worked her way up though, proving her abilities and her willingness to play the games necessary to land her a seat on the anchor desk.

“I guess our viewers don’t mind,” Kevin said with a smile. “I mean, you don’t.”

Kristin looked away, blushing. Kevin had talked her into a tryst once, months ago. Since then it was her chasing after him. One time wasn’t enough and she had known it the moment he’d slid into her fully. The humiliating part was that Kevin knew it as well and had played hard to get with her ever since. She’d almost had to beg him the last time he’d bent her over the copier in the store room and fucked her from behind.

“No,” she said looking back at him with slightly glossy eyes. “I don’t mind at all, Kevin. Maybe after the show-”

“Not today, Kristin,” Kevin cut her off. “I have a meeting with Alissa.”

Kristin felt her heart break a little, as it did each time he brushed her off.

Alissa Iverson, the bomb shell chief meteorologist the station hired as a gamble a year back, was even worse than Kevin. While Kevin walked around the station like he owned every woman, Alissa did the same with the men. And some of the women as well. Just barely over five feet tall, the woman had an hourglass figure that made people stop in their tracks. Her on air personality was sweet, with a hint of innocent sensuality, but in reality she was a tigress on the prowl. Upon her arrival there was vicious whispering that she’d fucked the station manager for her job. A year later, it was common knowledge.

Kevin Charles had been furious to find out that they had named her chief meteorologist, certain the position was his. He’d put in his time and to be passed over was more than he could take. He’d stormed into Alissa’s suite and demanded to know why she had stolen his position.

“It’s business, Kevin,” Alissa said in her sweet tone. halkalı escort Her soft, shining blond hair hanging about her shoulders. Her makeup had already been applied for the upcoming newscast and to Kevin she looked like a life size sex doll. “People want to see this,” she said as she spun around in front of him, “when they get the weather. No one wants to see that,” pointing at him.

“I’ll give you something to look at!” Kevin spat angrily.

“Oh? Ok, let’s see it then.” Alissa challenged him.

From the moment he’d walked into her office Kevin had started getting hard. He was angry, sure, but damn the size of her tits on that small frame and her round ass was more than he could take. Maybe being angry even fueled his sexual desire, so that by the time she’d called him out he was rock hard. Kevin unzipped his pants, the sound loud in the now silent office and hauled out his cock. Protruding veins were thick and pulsing along his girthy shaft as he stared at her with growing lust.

“Oh my,” Alissa said in her midwestern accent, “that is some nice equipment you got there. May I?” She crossed the room and extended her hand, seemingly smaller when her cool flesh touched his burning skin. “Now that is something I can work with.” Alissa slipped to her knees, her red painted lips quiveringly close to the head of his cock. She licked the pearly drops of precum oozing from the slit and Kevin groaned in disbelief. “Don’t be sore at me Kevin, I did what I had to do, and right now, this,” she said squeezing his cock, “is something I have to do.”

Kevin stared down, willing himself to keep his eyes open as Alissa gazed up at him as she took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue bathed the underside of his shaft as she sucked him deeper and deeper. She had to adjust her approach a couple of times, but she eventually worked his long cock into her throat until her pretty little nose was buried in his pubic hair. When she pulled back, sliding her hand along the spit covered column of flesh, Kevin saw the smear of lipstick she had left.

“Do you like that Kevin?” Alissa asked, smiling up at him prettily, just as she would when she stood in front of the camera in just a few minutes. “I like your cock, Kevin. I like sucking cock, did you know that? And I’m told I’m very good at it. No gag reflex, you see.” She took him fully once again, squeezing the base of his shaft as she worked her throat muscles around his pulsing member. Pulling back, she let him slip from her lips once more. “I haven’t had one this big in a long time. How big are you? Nine inches?”

“Nine and a half,” Kevin said through gritted teeth. It was a herculean effort not to cum when she took him in her mouth, but he wasn’t about to let his load go like some hair triggered teenager. This was a power struggle, and he knew it. If he blew his load like some sex starved virgin, Alissa would laugh at him and never let him near her again.

“Oh my, that is just about the right size. Almost as big as my journalism professor in college. He was a delight to fuck. Oh? Did I shock you Kevin? Does it upend your preconceived notions of me? Did you think my reel was the real me?” Alissa laughed, a musical sound filled with derision. As she spoke she continued to stroke his tool, her left hand coming up to caress her mountainous breasts. She undid the buttons on her wrap dress and pulled her bra clad tit free. The creamy flesh was cradled in a white lace bra, her dark nipple pressing against the material lewdly.

“Don’t you want to cum, Kevin? I can feel you holding back. What’s the matter?”

“I want more than your mouth,” Kevin growled.

“I’m glad,” Alissa said with a devilish grin. “At first I figured I’d send you scurrying back to the butt crack of dawn with just a blowjob, but I can see now that I am going to enjoy working over you. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll work under you as well.”

Alissa let his cock go without warning, but it stood up angry and ready to fuck. She pushed herself to her feet and checked her makeup in the mirror at the door. “Better put that away,” she said over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. I’ll be back after the second segment. Be here.”

“And now it’s time for a look at the weather with our Chief Meteorologist, Alissa Iverson. What do we have in store for tomorrow?”

“Thank you Jim, we’ve got a low pressure system building in the Pacific which is bringing rain to the coast and we’re hopeful that we’ll see some here in Kern County.” Alissa clicked through the slides that showed up on the television monitors while she stood in front of the green screen. Her blue wrap dress, hugging every curve of her body, showed off her ample breasts and slim waist to the delight of the manager and director alike. Their ratings were sure to pick up with the addition of this eye candy. Let the other stations stick with their stodgy old weathermen, KBAT was climbing the ratings ladder. taksim escort

“As a final wrap up to my first weather segment here at KBAT,” Alissa said after she finished the forecast, “let me say thank you to all the wonderful people here at my new home. I’m so glad to be a part of this family and I’m looking forward to many years to come.”

“We’re glad to have you Alissa,” Jim Smitt said, his eyes glued to her chest. “Ouch,” he blurted as a sudden pain bloomed in his leg.

“Oh, you should be more careful Jim. You might hurt yourself.” Tami said with a sardonic smile. “Coming up next we have Todd Strain with Sports.”

“And we’re clear!” a voice in the darkened end of the studio shouted.

“Why the fuck did you kick me?” Jim demanded, turning on Tami.

“Because you were practically eye fucking the new girl!”

“I was not!”

“You practically ripped her clothes off with as hard as you were staring at her, don’t fucking lie to me Jim. I’ve put up with too much shit to deal with this crap now.”

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” he apologized, fighting the urge to turn his head so that he could watch Alissa walk off set.

Alissa headed down the hall, past the control room and towards her office.

“22 minutes, Miss Iverson,” an aide called after her.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Alissa said as she entered her office and closed the door behind her, turning the lock on the knob.

Kevin stood up from her chair, his pants gone and his boxers tented obscenely where his hard cock was snaking towards his thigh. He smiled at her lewdly, knowing this wasn’t going to be anything like the interns or other talent he’d slept with. Alissa wasn’t some tender flower who had to be coaxed to spread her legs, she was ready to fuck and get fucked.

“Lose them,” she said with a look to his underwear as she slipped her arms out of her dress, letting it hang loosely from her waist.

Kevin got his first full look at her rack: the soft, pale flesh of her heavy breasts squished together in the middle and overflowing from the sides. She could’ve been in porn, he thought immediately. The pair of pillowy orbs sat high on her chest, the hint of her ribs just below showing just how fit she truly was and the tiny waist atop her lush ass, it was an amazing sight that made his cock throb with desire. Alissa hiked up her dress revealing white stockings held up by a garter belt and a pair of white lace panties that covered her light blond bush.

“Sit,” she ordered as she came around the desk and stood before him. She took a look at his ready cock, licking her lips delightedly as she slipped her fingers into her panties and gave her kitty a little stroke. “Let’s see how well you eat pussy.”

Kevin pushed her onto the desk, knocking her computer monitor back with force as he grabbed her legs and spread them apart. The smell of her aroused cunt filled his nostrils and he was delighted by the sweet and spicy aroma she gave off. The sight of her soft thighs was breathtaking and he lowered his face between them with his eyes open, determined to remember this moment forever.

He pressed his lips against her panty covered mound, mouthing her through the soft material. His hot breath pierced the ivory material, causing her hungry cunt to respond with a fire of its own. Kevin would have liked to have spent more time building it up, but Alissa urged him on by pulling on the back of his head and forcing his face into her pussy. She reached down and pulled the cotton aside and felt his tongue slither into her folds, the soft downy pubic hair that trimmed her opening tickling his face.

“Oh fuck, that is good,” Alissa breathed as he began to lick from the bottom of her opening to just below her engorged clit. He slid his tongue as far into her as he could reach, tasting the sweet nectar that was flowing from her freely, drowning his face in her cream. Her legs began to tremble and Kevin knew she was close to cumming, but she pushed him back.

“Later, I’m on in fifteen,” she explained to his perplexed look. “I need to be fucked.” Matter of factly she pushed him back and then spun around. Laying on her desk, she hiked up her dress over her hips and spread her legs wide. “Fuck me,” she ordered, “now.”

Kevin stood up and took hold of his cock, aiming it at the wet gash between her legs. The flared mushroom head looked too big to enter the tiny slit, which made him smile. There was a certain amount of satisfaction that came from fucking a girl for the first time, especially when she wasn’t ready for his size.

Alissa moaned deeply as he pushed the head of his cock into her, spreading her open as he took hold of her creamy ass and spread it wide with his large hands. She could feel her asshole being stretched open as well and then he was pushing into her. “Oh fuck,” slipped from her mouth as the intrusion moved further inside of her. Her made up eyes, sparkling blue, rolled back in her head as he şişli escort pushed himself into her fully until she could feel his thighs on the back of her ass.

“Oh damn, you’re tight,” Kevin groaned. “I’m going to love fucking you!”

Alissa braced herself on the desk, thoughts of the weather completely driven from her mind. The only thing in the world that mattered right now was the fucking Kevin was giving her hungry cunt. His thick sausage moved inside her deliciously and she was quickly riding a wave of orgasmic bliss as he plowed her. She let out little gasps as the air was driven from her body with each thrust and she felt him grow harder inside of her channel. She wanted to tell him to stop, that he couldn’t cum inside of her, but as she thought to say the words she felt his thumb slide into the deep cleft of her ass and began to strum her backdoor.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me!” Alissa squeaked, her tiny voice a stark contrast to the lewd act she was engaged in.

The trembles began again, just as they had when he was french kissing her cunt before, but now she knew release was imminent. There was no holding back the flood gates this time and Alissa let herself be carried over the peak. Her pussy gushed uncontrollably, bathing Kevin’s cock in her super heated cream, spilling out as he took longer strokes and leaving a white frothy foam along his shaft. He worked his thumb over her asshole, slowly working the ring until he was ready to blow his load as well. With a quick thrust, he popped his thumb past the tight ring of her ass as he thrust himself into her deeply. Alissa’s body tensed up with sudden invasion of her asshole and her cunt clenched down on his cock, triggering his pent up load to blast into her.

“Holy fuck!” Kevin shouted, not caring or aware that people outside the office might hear them. His hot seed ballooned inside of her tight grip and he felt the world slip away. “Maybe this is what love feels like,” he thought.

A minute passed and then Alissa pushed him back until he slumped in the chair, his cock still standing up and covered in their mixed juices. Turning around, she couldn’t help herself, she loved the taste of a man’s cum mixed with her own and she slurped his still stiff cock into her mouth. Bathing it with her tongue, she hummed in delight as she cleaned him. When she was finished, she wiped the corner of her mouth and swallowed the salty concoction happily.

Kevin looked up at her, a knowing smile on his face. He’d been used, for sure. Alissa had done this to shore up her position at the station. There was no love between them, but a weird mutual respect had begun. They were kindred spirits in more than one way, but right now the only thing that mattered to Kevin was that he was sure she’d give him another invitation to spend time between her thighs.

“On in three Miss Iverson,” the aide’s voice came from outside the door.

“Be right there,” she answered back cheerfully. “We good?” she asked in a softer voice.

“For now.” Kevin knew this was the just the beginning.


Alissa hadn’t bothered to unmic when she left the set that first day, knowing she was going back for the 5:30 newscast. The technicians in the control room had pulled up her feed and had heard the entire tryst between she and Kevin. The audio had been recorded and the file was passed around the station from tech to tech, to intern and then finally the other talent had heard it. There were snide comments at first, but it quickly died off, replaced by quiet jealousy of Kevin.

A year later Kevin was still manning the morning news reports and Alissa was engaged to some local businessman. Her plans included children, Kevin just didn’t know what her schedule was to get pregnant.

Kevin idly browsed the menu at The Noodle Bar, glancing out the large windows looking out on 19th street as he waited. Alissa walked quickly past and then turned the corner before letting in a blast of cold air as she came through the door. With barely a nod to the hostess, she pushed past the young girl and sat in the seat across from Kevin.

“That fucker,” Alissa fumed.

“Which fucker are we talking about?” Kevin asked, semi seriously. Alissa, for all her outward appearance of being sweet and innocent, had a temper like a bomb with a short fuse. He’d found it by accident when suggesting he fill in for her in the prime time slots while she was on vacation. His ears were still blistering from that encounter.

“Greg.” Kevin waited for more, but Alissa just huffed, her anger boiling up in her head and she refused to say anything else. Greg was her fiance. A nice enough fellow, but everyone at the station knew he wasn’t the kind of man who could tame the wild filly that was Miss Iverson.

“Greg seems nice,” Kevin ventured timidly.

“That’s the fucking problem. He’s nice. He expects me to be nice! Boring, is more like it. God!”

“He trying to change you?” Kevin shook his head as the waiter came near, looking to take their order.

“He said that he can forgive my past, but that things had better change. Who the fuck does he think he is?” Alissa grabbed at the glass of water that sat in front of her and drank from it quickly, spilling on her white silk blouse. It made the material transparent and the top of her black bra was now visible.

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