Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 02

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My dad joined the town’s small police force before I was born and finally retired as Chief of Police two years after I started teaching at Eisenhower High School. Almost immediately after retirement dad landed a job as Security Director with a Las Vegas casino and he and mom made the move to Nevada. With the exception of four years in college I had been near my folks all of my life and now we were suddenly going to be separated by more than a thousand miles.

The night that he and mom broke the news that he’d taken the job in Las Vegas, he dropped a copy of the deed to their house on the coffee table and asked me to write a check for a thousand dollars. I looked at him with an expression of surprise, then it dawned on me that mom and dad were practically giving me the house I had grown up in. The sudden inexplicable gift took some of the sting out of their moving away.

The thing I like about the old house, aside from the fact that it is as solid as the day it was built, is that it’s six miles outside of town. The old road in front of my place is a narrow two-lane blacktop, pitted with potholes and difficult to negotiate at speeds over thirty miles per hour. The old road ends in a rutted dirt road a mile beyond my house and there is seldom much in the way of traffic. Being that far out of town, especially on an old narrow road, there is privacy that you don’t get living in town. If I want I can lounge around on the patio butt-naked and no one will see me. That’s my idea of privacy.

Since I seldom get visitors – the last had been a pharmacist from a neighboring town I dated for about six months, which came to an end three months before – it was a surprise to hear the sound of tires on the gravel driveway. I had been reading a rather hefty book about the life of Theodore Roosevelt and was a little annoyed. Whoever was about to interrupt my peace was not welcome.

I marked the page with a bookmark and set the book on the coffee table. I heard a car door shut as I stood up and, when I opened the door, I stood face to face with Wendy. I was so startled by her sudden appearance that I stood staring at her. I remembered that she had told me she would see me soon but I thought at the time that she meant another sudden chance meeting, as was the case at Freddy’s and the mall.

“Are you going to invite me in?” she asked softly.

“Oh…yeah, sure,” I stammered, stepping back from the door. “I’m just surprised to see you.”

“I told you I would see you soon.”

“Yes, you did.” I felt a little foolish as I led her to the sofa. “You want a soda?”

“Sure,” she nodded.

After I got a couple of glasses with ice and soda from the kitchen I sat down beside her on the sofa. This was the third time I’d seen Wendy since the end of school and there was no doubt in my mind that this time would be the same as the first two. The way she was dressed in tight shorts and a tee shirt that hugged her small, firm breasts, the bold way her eyes looked at me, was a confirmation of sorts that we would soon be fucking. My pulse had become quick and my breathing a little sharp as I anticipated the inevitable.

“Nice place,” she said looking around the room. Then she chuckled and added, “Maybe I should become a teacher.”

“Thanks. It helps, though, when you don’t have a mortgage to pay.”

I told her about my dad selling me the house for a very small price. The leather furniture, glass and chrome tables, the expensive entertainment system, came about because I didn’t have to pay a house payment. The extra money had helped make my place more comfortable to live in.

She noticed the book on Theodore Roosevelt on the coffee table.

“You don’t stop working, do you?” she asked with a grin.

“Actually, aside from being my vocation, history has always been fascinating to me.” I shrugged and grinned. “As I recall you didn’t do too shabby in my class last year.”

“I had a good teacher, Mr. Wallace,” she grinned. “It helps when your teacher is good looking and sexy.”

“You’re killing me,” I laughed. But I could tell her praise was genuine and this flattered me. “You know, it occurred to me that you should really call me Steve. As you pointed out the other night, you are no longer a student at Eisenhower.”

“Ok…Steve.” Then she smiled. “I like that.”

We talked for a while about history and I tried hard not to sound like a teacher. And it was nice talking to her about history, which is one of my favorite subjects, even though I really wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her sweet pussy until she screamed with pleasure. Finally, after we had exhausted the subject of twentieth century history, I slipped a hand between her soft thighs.

“You have no idea what you did to me every time you spread your legs for me in my class,” I said.

“Did I make your cock hard?”

“Very hard.” I slipped an arm around her shoulders, leaned close and touched her lips with mine.

Wendy slipped an arm around my neck and parted her soft lips. We kissed gently, our lips barely touching as our tongues caressed and moved together. She spread her legs apart so I had unfettered access bahis firmaları to her thighs and I caressed them slowly, my hand trembling with the excitement I felt. I slowly ran my hand up and down between her thighs, reveling in the satin-smooth feel of her skin. She pressed a small hand against the bulge in my slacks, eliciting a long, low groan from me.

“I used to sit in class and wonder what it would feel like to have your cock in me,” she said. Her face was no more than an inch from mine and I could feel her warm breath on my lips. “Did you ever think of me and jack off?”

“Many times,” I confessed. “After the year book came out last year I used to lay in bed at night and stroke my cock while looking at pictures of you.”

Wendy had been one of the more popular girls and there were several pictures of her, aside from the normal class photo, and many of them were of her in the customary skirts she wore. I told her how I loved looking at her long, sexy legs and her pretty face while jacking off.

“I’m usually not so brazen,” she smiled, “but I had to seduce you the other night at Freddy’s. Touching your cock with my feet made me so hot that I ended up fucking my pussy with a hairbrush later.”

“I’m glad you did. I loved how your feet made me feel.”

Wendy slipped off the sofa and moved between my legs. Her sexy fingers worked the button and zipper of my slacks and I shoved them, along with my boxers, down to my feet. She tossed my slacks and underwear to one side as I hurriedly shrugged out of the cotton button down shirt. The knowledge that I was completely naked while she was still fully clothed aroused me more than I could have believed possible.

She took my cock in one hand and smiled up at me. Her green eyes danced with lust and desire as she touched her lips to the base of my shaft. I sucked in a sharp breath as her lips moved slowly up my shaft, then stopped and lightly kissed the bulbous head. Wendy’s pink tongue slipped from her mouth and licked the precum from the sensitive head.

“Did you ever picture your dick in my mouth?”

“Every time I saw you,” I said in a voice filled with lust.

“I used to dream about sucking your cock.” She squeezed my balls lightly. “I would rub my clit and imagine you cumming in my mouth.”

Without another word, Wendy lowered her head and took me inside of her mouth. The warm, wet sensation of her mouth was not unfamiliar but watching her suck me made it so much better. I pulled her long blond hair away from her face so I could watch her suck my cock. She began to bob her head up and down in a slow, corkscrew motion that took my breath away. Her mouth was incredible!

A couple of times she lowered her head and took nearly all of me inside of her mouth. I had never had a woman deep throat my cock before and I loved it. The feeling was so indescribably hot that I wanted to close my eyes a couple of times. That would have been impossible though; watching her sexy young face while she loved my cock with her mouth was nearly as nice as her mouth.

“I can’t believe this is happening!” I exclaimed.

“Believe it, baby,” she purred, releasing my cock and looking into my eyes. “Both of us waited too long for this to happen.”

“You’re so young and sexy!” I breathed.

She grinned. “You like fucking your former student’s mouth?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“You like my little-girl mouth and my little-girl pussy?” Wendy’s voice was soft and seductive.


Then my cock was back in her mouth. Wendy stroked my shaft with her right hand while her mouth sucked the head. It was apparent that I wasn’t the first guy she’d sucked before. I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t want to. The sudden thought of spilling my seed in this young girl’s mouth was so overwhelming that it didn’t take long before I felt the first stirring of my orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!”

I tensed as my cock erupted inside of Wendy’s mouth. She continued to suck and stroke my cock, milking every drop of seed from my balls. Groans of unbridled pleasure escaped my mouth as I experienced yet another tremendous orgasm with this sexy young girl. My legs trembled as she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with a satisfied smile on her pretty face.

“That was incredible!” I gasped.

“I think I could become addicted to your cum,” she chuckled. “I can’t believe how good it tastes!”

“Well, now you know where you can get it when you need some.”

Wendy pushed back from me and stood up. In a voice that suddenly became serious, she said, “I want you to see me naked.”

Locking eyes with me, she began to undress. Neither of us said a word as she slowly and seductively removed each piece of clothing. I had seen her so many times in my classroom and in the hall at school and wondered what she looked like naked. Now I was about to find out and the anticipation was almost too much to bear. When she dropped her bra on the floor at her feet all I could do was stare at her small, firm tits. My mouth watered as I looked hungrily at her hard, pink nipples.

The skirt came off and seemed to float kaçak iddaa to the floor as I held my breath and waited for Wendy to push the sexy red panties down her legs. With a seductive smile, she turned, hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly pushed them down and off her nicely rounded hips. Her small ass was as firm as I had thought it would be and when she stepped away from her panties and rose up, I sucked in a sharp breath of air. Her soft cheeks were so beautifully proportioned that I didn’t breathe for a moment.

Then she turned around. Every part of Wendy was perfect; the soft, pale globes of her firm tits and the way they rose and fell gently as she breathed; the flat, taught tummy and her narrow waist; her long, slender legs that seemed to go on forever and her beautiful petite feet that had brought me to such an incredible orgasm only two nights before. All I could do was sit and stare at her.

Nothing, though, could compare to her pussy. It was amazing that I had fucked it, had known its silky-wet confines just the day before, yet was only seeing it now for the first time. A slender tendril of silky blond hair rose from the top of her pink lips. Her mound, pale and shaved, was puffy. I think time had slipped completely away from me as I got lost looking at Wendy’s beautiful womanhood.

“I see from your face that you approve.”

“I’ve…I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful,” I said in a low, soft whisper.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times I wanted to do this,” she said. “Once, a few months ago, I almost pulled my panties aside in class one day so you could see my pussy.”

I looked up into her face. “At least I’m seeing it now.”

“Please taste me, Steve,” she said in a voice filled with need. “Taste my pussy.”

I did something chivalrous, then, something I never thought I would do because it always seemed so ridiculous to me. But at that moment it seemed like the right thing to do. I stood and scooped Wendy into my arms and carried her to my bedroom. She felt so light and feminine in my arms as I carried her slender sexy body. Her green eyes were on mine, her lips quivered with the intensity of her desire and I could feel the heat of her passion in just the way she looked at me.

I crawled onto the bed between her spread legs and began showering her face and lips with kisses. I kissed and licked her face and neck, gently sucking her small ear lobes between my lips. She held my head gently in her hands, as I loved her soft pale skin, reveling in the way she felt on my lips and tongue. When my mouth closed over her left nipple, she hissed loudly through clenched teeth.

“Oh, Steve! Suck my nipples, baby!” she cried out softly.

Wendy gasped with delight when I began to chew on her nipples. I loved them and the way they felt in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of sucking her tits, licking the soft skin of her firm globes. Her chest rose and fell sharply with uncontrolled passion while I continued to devour her firm little breasts.

After several long, delicious minutes I finally moved down between Wendy’s legs. I spread her legs wide and pushed her lovely feet back toward her head. I wanted to bare her pussy completely. She was sopping wet, the pink meat of her womanhood glistening with her juices. I touched my tongue to the smooth, hairless mound and began to lick it eagerly. She moaned loudly and reached for my head.

“Yes! Eat me, Steve!”

I leaned back a little and slipped a middle finger into her pussy. Looking up into her eyes I could see the urgent need of her lust. When I slipped a second finger inside of her, Wendy gasped. I began to finger fuck her sopping wet pussy while I rolled a thumb over her sex-swollen clit. She cried out with pleasure and began rocking her hips slowly, keeping rhythm with my fingers.

“You like that, Wendy?”

“Yes!” she whimpered.

“Do you like being naked for me? You like showing me your little pussy?”

“Yes! Oh, Steve, you make me so fucking hot!”

I pushed back the hood over her clit and began to lick and flick it with my tongue. Her hips began to rock with a furious, unrestrained cadence when I sucked her clit between my lips. Tiny successive grunts of pleasure came from her mouth as she clutch my head. My fingers began to pump her pussy hard and fast as I eagerly licked her slick, wet lips and clit.

“Make me cum! Oh, fuck, make me cum!”

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and pressed my mouth to her mound. I ate Wendy ravenously, licking and sucking as her hips ground her dripping pussy against my face. Suddenly, she screamed. She bucked and writhed wildly as her orgasm took control of her body. Her hands held my head pressed tightly to her shuddering pussy and her soft, supple thighs squeezed my face.

I crawled up beside Wendy and pulled her gently into my arms. I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she gasped softly. We lay on our sides facing each other and I could feel her hard nipples on my chest. I ran a hand slowly up and down her back and over the swell of her ass cheeks, gently caressing her skin. Finally, she leaned back and looked at me with an incredulous kaçak bahis smile on her pretty face.

“You know, I had a million fantasies about you last year,” she said. “But I never could have imagined what just happened.”

“So, I’m guessing you were satisfied.”

She shook her head and grinned. “No guy ever made me cum so hard!”

“I guess I should be flattered, then.”

“You better be!”

She raised a long sexy leg and laid it over my hip, then kissed my face and lips. Her soft hands caressed my chest and her long nails lightly grazed my nipples bringing small groans of pleasure from my mouth. She leaned her head back and looked at me with a hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

“I saw you looking at Becky’s tits yesterday,” she grinned.

I started to deny that claim, then shrugged instead. With a grin I said, “Sorry. I couldn’t help it.”

“Would you like to suck them?”

“I’m about to shoot my balls off, right?”

She laughed. “No! You can be honest with me. Besides, she does have gorgeous tits.”

“How would you know?” I asked with arched brow.”

“We were in the same gym class,” she said. “And we’re best friends. We’ve stayed at each other’s house a million times. I’ve seen more than that, too.”

“Well, for what’s it’s worth,” I said, trying to be diplomatic, “I love your tits and I love sucking them.”

“I love you sucking them, too, Steve.” Wendy slipped a hand between us and grinned. “I think you’re ready for a little more action, baby!”

I groaned at the feel of her soft hand on my cock. She raised her right leg a little and positioned the head of my cock at her pussy. Looking into her eyes I pushed and felt the head slip between her lips and sink deep inside of her. She gasped with pleasure as I pulled back out until only the head remained inside, and then pushed back in deep.

“This is good,” she said. “I think I like fucking you this way.”

“I think I would like fucking you any way I could.”

“Oh, my! Such a nasty boy!” she giggled.

We moved together, our faces just inches apart and eyes locked together. Neither of us spoke for several minutes. Wendy and I were content to stare and touch and kiss while we slowly moved our hips. Her tight little pussy felt like liquid satin to my hard cock. Wendy’s top leg was bent at the knee and her foot rested lightly on my leg as I ran a hand along her soft thigh. I loved the feel of her skin and could hardly get enough of touching her.

I slipped my hand behind my young partner and lightly grasped a soft, supple cheek. I watched Wendy’s lips quiver slightly while I caressed her lovely firm ass, then smiled when her eyes widened as I slipped my fingers into her crack. She gasped softly as my fingers trailed a light caress up and down her crack. She cried out softly when I pushed a finger that was coated with her slick juices into her tiny asshole.

“Oh, Steve!”

“Do you like that?”

“Yes! No one has ever fingered my asshole before!”

“That’s a shame,” I said softly. “You have such a nice little asshole.”

She cried out, her voice loud and piercing when I slipped a second finger into her ass. It wasn’t hard to see that she liked having my fingers in her tight little hole, pumping her in time with strokes of my cock inside of her pussy. I could see an expression of pure bliss on her face as she continued to accept my cock in her wet pussy and my fingers deep inside of her tight little asshole.

The fires within me raged and burned white-hot and I began to rock my hips a little harder, a little faster. Wendy met the increasing urgency of my thrusts, her pretty face a mirror of the desire burning inside of her. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before my cock exploded deep inside of my lover’s hot pussy, and she didn’t appear to have much time left, either. My lust became uncontainable and I became an animal of my desires as I lost control.

I started ramming my fingers into her asshole with powerful deep thrusts. My cock slammed into her pussy just as hard, with the same ferocious intensity as my fingers. Wendy’s face twisted into a mask of unbridled desire, her lips spreading into an animalistic snarl as her own smoldering desires brought her closer to orgasm.

“Fuck my, cunt!” she hissed. “Slam your dick in me! Fuck my shithole!”

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Fuck, yes!” Strands of blond hair lay damp against her sweaty forehead. “Make me feel your cock and fingers!”

Hearing her words, seeing the intensity of her excitement on her face was so damned hot. I gritted my teeth together as I felt my orgasm getting closer. Wendy saw it on my face, knew that I was about to explode.

“Cum in me! That’s it, baby! Cum in my cunt!”

“Cum with me!” I gasped.

Until that day I had never looked into a woman’s eyes as she climaxed. Looking into Wendy’s widening eyes, seeing the way her nostrils flared and her lips quivered with excitement was all it took. I screamed, the first time I had ever screamed as I came, and the sound of it filled the room. I pulled her to me as I pulled out of her pussy, and then shoved my cock back in hard and fast and deep. She cried out, her pussy shuddering with her own orgasm, her slender body trembling and jerking as spasms overwhelmed her. Her pussy clenched my cock tightly and we both moaned with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32