Discovering Charlotte Pt. 03

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We collapse in bed together. As my head hits the pillow, I replay the night in my head. Snapshots on fast-forward. The dirty panties. The plug she kept inside of her. Licking it. Licking it together. The smell of her everywhere. The taste of her everywhere. I relive the moment I cum inside of her. The orgasm she gets with my gush of cum. I remember softening inside of her. The feel of hot cum pouring out of her pussy as she gets up. It reminds me of the lust that pours out of my body as soon as I cum. I hate that feeling.

Charlotte looks pretty slaked as well. Our eyes pass a knowing glance that say, “to be continued.” At least for now, there’s no possibility of going on. We’re both exhausted.

She kisses me goodnight and then, to my surprise, starts to get out of bed. I grab her arm and give her a questioning look. She says, “I need to shower.”

“Why?” I mumble, half asleep.

“Because that’s over now.”

“I don’t want it to be ov…zzz.” I can actually hear myself snore and I rouse up; just a bit.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Her voice is a hundred miles away. I know she’s left, but my mind doesn’t quite register that she’s gone. I continue to mumble, but then stop; realizing that even if I was being coherent, there’s no one in the room left to hear me. The shower starts and I want to tell her not to, but it’s no use. Sleep starts to overcome me.

A tug on my arm brings me fully awake. I open my eyes and groggily, try to reacquaint myself with the waking world. My head buzzes from the champagne. I didn’t think you could get drunk off Champagne someone’s already drank, but I guess you can. There’s ambient light coming from the outer suite that casts a soft glow across the room. It’s still very dark outside. I look at the LED from the alarm clock and realize I’ve only been sleeping for an hour. It’s 1:37 am.

Thoughts of what we just did come racing through my head and I’m almost embarrassed by the sheer lechery of the past few hours. I debate whether the whole thing hadn’t been a dream. One really filthy dream. But the lingering smell on my face assures me it was not. I blush and am glad Charlotte isn’t in the room to see it. There’s a bit of shame that’s attached to being so dirty.

Speaking of which, where was she? The king-sized bed this room provides is the largest I’ve ever slept in. And that’s saying a lot. Charlotte and I have slept in many, many beds. Big and small. There was a time that we spent weeks on company travel. The firm had gotten us two rooms, each with a bed smaller than a twin. We of course, sleep together every chance we get so, a twin it was. It turned out to be quite cozy. I’d be just as happy having Charlotte sleep on top of me so bed size has never been a concern. But this bed was outrageous. You could lie in any direction and still not touch the other person.

So it didn’t surprise me that waking up, I couldn’t tell if Charlotte was even in the bed. I reach out to feel for her and it’s the first time I notice something wrong. I can’t move my arm. I try again, but I’m paralyzed. I literally can’t move my arm. It feels impossible to lift.

A panic rises in me and now I start to really wake up. I raise my other arm but get the same effect. I swing my head wildly, eyes scanning, trying to adjust to the half-dark. I’m fully awake now. The duvet is covering me so I can’t see what’s going on with my body. Thankfully, my legs still work and I start to kick the blanket off my body.

“Everything ok?”

“What’s goin-“

Charlotte walks in from the bathroom. She’s in stretch nylon tights and a matching black tank top. For it being 1:30 in the morning she looks really good. Even in the dark room, I can tell she’s taken a shower and, has she done her hair? She knows how much I like it when she straightens her hair and wears make-up. I just have no idea what’s going on. For a second, I forget that I can’t move my arms and ask,

“Are you going somewhere?”

She smiles at me coyly. Even in the dim light, I can tell it’s a little too coy. She yanks down the duvet and I am completely naked. Before I have time to be self-conscious about being totally naked I suddenly realize why I can’t move my arms. Two long straps are pulling each of my wrists tight. The straps are long and stretch somewhere beneath the bed.

“You seem a little tied up. You want me to come back?”

“NO! Baby? What the hell?”

Charlotte and I have incredibly large sex drives and it makes us the perfect couple. We both like having sex. A lot. In a lot of different ways. I can hold off on an orgasm for as long as she needs me to. We sometimes have sex for literally hours before I feel the need to let go. But the unfortunate side effect of having an oversized libido is when the crash comes, it comes hard. No pun intended. After I cum, I can barely see straight. My cock gets instantly soft and it stays in that state for quite awhile. We’ve never been able to overcome this simple biological fact.

The worst part is, everything I thought was hot or sexy instantly evaporates. I get a little bit moody and the thought of doing anything bets10 sexual makes it worse. It’s not a good place to be when you’re with someone like Charlotte.

I’m pretty sure I can keep her satisfied with the marathon sex sessions, but if she wants something more, she’s out of luck. In all the time we’ve been together, she hasn’t ever indicated that this was a problem, but we’ve both talked about how we wish we could keep having fun. When I’m horny, the thought of her cum-covered body is as sexy of an image as I can muster.

When I do in fact, cover her body with my cum, I’m completely spent. Biology’s curse I guess. If my brain didn’t pump a crapload of endorphins when I came, Charlotte and I might actually fuck until we starve to death.

But at this precise moment, I’m completely confused. Charlotte knows my limitations just as well as I do. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve lived with them for a long time. She knows very well I’m not up for doing anything until at least tomorrow morning.

I try to position my legs to cover myself. I bring my knees up and turn the lower half of my body. It’s not as if Charlotte hasn’t seen me naked a million times, but I don’t like her looking at me when I’m flaccid. It makes me insecure when I’m not “full-sized.” The way she has me splayed out, I feel unbelievably exposed and insecure.

“Babe, I just don’t think this is gonna work. Could you undo my-“

The look on her face isn’t disappointment. In the half-dark, it kind of looks like anger. She says,

“Put your damn legs down.” She grabs each ankle and yanks them towards her. Hard. My legs extend fully from my body. I feel like I’m in the middle of some medieval torture.

“What the hell?”

She walks around the edge of the bed and sits down next to me. She places a finger on my lips and says “Shhh. Stop talking.”

On her finger, I can smell the soft fragrance of Eternity, my favorite perfume. It’s a stark contrast to the scent from a few hours ago. It has the intended effect. It calms me down; but just a little.

“You were so nasty before,” she coos, “What happened?”

“Baby, you know how this goes. I need to recharge.”

“But you were being soooooo bad,” she continues in that sing-song voice. Her hand slips down between my legs. Over the years, I’ve let her know she’s not allowed to touch m after I’ve come. It’s partly because I feel strange around her with it not rock hard. But it’s also because my cock gets incredibly sore. Charlotte knows better, but she’s taking advantage of the fact that I can’t do anything about it. I do everything I can with my body language to let her know this is not okay. She completely ignores it.

“You did things I can’t even say out loud.” Her voice is completely exaggerated. Cute and bubbly. The world has turned upside down I think. Charlotte turns into a pumpkin at 11. She can’t stay up this late. I have no idea what the hell is going on.

“You begged me to spit in your mouth.” There’s a faux outrage in her voice. “You got off on sucking my spit.” She continues, a half whisper, half-exclamation. “And the panties. You begged me for those panties. They were filthy. Completely disgusting. They were soiled.” She emphasizes this last bit. Not that she needed to.

“You put something like that in your mouth, what am I supposed to think?”

I get increasingly agitated. I can’t stand quiet while Charlotte acts as if she didn’t initiate everything. That she didn’t force half those things on me. I say,

“Baby, what the fuck? You –“

The finger that was resting over my lips turns into the palm of her hand. She completely covers my mouth as she climbs all the way onto the bed with me. A strand of hair falls across my face and I catch a whiff of her shampoo.

“eww me oo dozzz znngs” I try to talk through her hand and realize it’s a mistake. She takes it away just long enough to bring it back as a smack to the side of my face.

“Bitch.” I respond.

Another smack. “Don’t call me that.”

I start to think that Charlotte is perhaps taking this too far, but then she smiles, and it seems to brighten the entire room. She leans down to kiss me and I smell that sweet, woody, Eternity perfume that I love so much. It makes everything better. I am still incredibly frustrated that my hands are tied down, but the kiss does make it better.

“Now, what were you saying?”

My head is spinning to come up with a response. The see-saw pendulum of her personality is confusing me. Driving me crazy. I remember I wanted to say something very badly just a minute ago; but the thought escapes me now.

“What’s that? I didn’t hear you?” Her voice is so sweet in my ears.

“Well, if you’re all done talking.” Her hand slides back down between my legs again. And again, I’m powerless to stop her. I don’t like the fact that she’s touching me when I don’t respond. I don’t like disappointing her. I really wish I could be hard, but biology won’t let me. I thought she understood that no matter how much coaxing, this wasn’t going to happen again tonight. I finally manage to get some bets10 giriş coherent thoughts into my head and say,

“Baby, you know that’s not going to work.”

“What’s not going to work?”

“You know how I get after…”

“After what?”

“You know…after I cum.”

“Oh you mean, you’re not horny after you cum? That’s not news baby.”

“Then why am I tied up?”

Charlotte looks at me as if I’m stupid. “I just said. You’re not horny after you cum.” She says this last bit as if talking to a slow 12 year old. I give her a questioning look. I really don’t understand what she’s trying to say. Exasperated, she says, “And what were you doing coming anyways?”

“Baby, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Another sigh. And then, “You came, and I wasn’t finished.”

“Baby, you came like three times!”

“Four actually, but that’s not the point. I wanted to cum one more time.” She says this last bit with that half-whine. I half to admit, it’s incredibly cute.

“And I really wanted you to lick my ass, but instead you went and got off on my panties. My really dirty panties.”

I actually blush. Now that the moment has passed, the dirty panties seem to have been a step too far. I’m that 12-year old again who has just been caught masturbating. It’s part of that post-orgasm ritual I go through. I feel guilty about everything. Especially being as dirty as Charlotte now seems intent on talking about. She doesn’t realize this isn’t going to help her cause. Still, with my hands tied, there’s nothing I can do to stop her.

“They made you cum, didn’t they?” Her voice becomes prosecutorial again. When I don’t answer, she yanks on my cock and repeats, “Didn’t they?”

“Baby, we were-“

“Was it the smell?”

“I…I don’t – “

“Or was it what you saw? It is isn’t it? That’s fucking nasty.”

“I didn’t cum then.” I say quickly, just to make sure I can get a response in edgewise.

“Oh, so you didn’t like it? My panties aren’t good enough for you.” She’s making a furious circular motion on both my cock and balls. It’s not doing anything for me and I can tell she’s getting frustrated.

“You know I liked them baby.”

“Well then you are a dirty slut.” She works harder on my cock. “This isn’t workin-“

“Tell me what you liked about them.”

“I’m really sore baby…please… can you stop?”

“Tell me.”

“Baby, you know why I liked them.”

“Tell me.”

“I ..I…I don’t want to say. It’s embarrassing.”

Her hand drops below my balls now. Without even thinking about it, I bend my knees and bring them towards my upper body. I don’t really want her playing with my ass right now, but there’s a Pavlovian response when her hand moves down that far. That and I’m relieved she’s not messing with my sore cock.

“You know what I think?” Her voice suddenly slows. The middle finger of her right hand finds my asshole and rests on it; her palm face up as if she’s flipping me off. “I think you’re such a nasty slut you don’t like me clean.” She brings her face over mine, the hair sweeping down over my face. I smell the fresh scent of soap and perfume. It’s lovely.

She’s completely wrong of course. I like Charlotte any way I can get her; and the fresh smells of a shower turn me on as well. Just not so soon after I’ve cum.

“You don’t like my perfume anymore do you?”

“I do baby. That’s my favorite smell.”

“No. It’s not.” She says this as two declarative sentences.

There’s more pressure from her middle finger. I involuntarily suck in breath as she starts to break the barrier.

“It’s okay baby. I don’t need you hard again.” I can feel her inside of me now. “That’s why you’re all tied up.”

“Baby… you know how I get after…”

“I’ve been busy.” She says, completely ignoring me. She’s up to her first knuckle now. “You passed out so quickly and I was still so horny.”

“Ugghmm.” I grunt as I feel the second knuckle.

“So I tied you all up, so you can’t deny me.”

“Baby, you can’t just -“

“I can. I strapped you all nice and tight so I can have my way with you.” She sounds like the evil genius in the movies when they reveal the master plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gives an evil laugh. Instead, she narrates as if she’s telling a story.

“But then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I got all clean and dolled up? It’s late, but what the hell. I know how you like me all dressed up in the morning. So I took a long hot shower.” She pauses and then says almost as an afterthought, “I smelled pretty bad.”

“I made sure to scrub every inch of my body. Especially my, well you know, my privates.” Suddenly she’s Little Ms. Proper. It’s a bit of a contrast knowing that she’s gotten her finger all the way inside of me.

“I had to make sure I was clean.” She stretches the word clean into two syllables with a valley girl accent. “So I took this finger,” she wiggles the one inside of my ass, “and I put it all the way inside of me.” As she says this, she plunges her finger deep into me. I make a noise, but she doesn’t bets10 güvenilir mi seem to notice. Or care.

“So then I blew dry my hair and I got all freshened up. She swings her hair in my face again and again, I take in a lovely mixture of Eternity and shampoo. She’s going in and out of my ass now; but still, no reaction from downstairs. Instead, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. And the wrist straps don’t help. She’s gone through a lot of trouble, so I don’t say anything. But I know I can’t go much longer like this. It’s uncomfortable and it’s clear to me now that even Charlotte can’t break mother nature’s restriction.

“And after all that, you know what happened?” I respond by shaking my head no. “I was all ready to come out here and fuck you.” She jams her finger deep inside of me as she says the last two words. “I mean, I was going to fuck you really hard.” She punctuates her words with a series of plunges deep inside of me.

Still nothing.

“But then.” The valley girl is back and so then becomes the-en. “I start to get that feeling.” I respond with a quizzical look. Without taking her finger out of me, she throws one leg over my body (as if I could object), and straddles my stomach facing away from me. She looks back over her shoulder just to make sure I’m still paying attention.

“You know,” she says shyly. Even still, she starts rubbing her pussy against my stomach.

“I don’t know,” I say. I’m genuinely curious now. For the time being, I’ve forgotten about the restraints. I admire the way the stretch nylon of the fabric wraps around her big ass. When it stretches, it becomes slightly transparent. I have to pause just to admire just how big her ass is. It truly is a work of art.

“You know. I had…to…You know.”

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“… that feeling like…like, you have to go.”

The grinding on my stomach suddenly stops, and as she says these last words, she turns away from me. I don’t breathe. I don’t move. I have no idea what’s supposed to happen next.


“So, I guess…” she starts to say and then trails off again.

“What baby?”

“I guess…” I feel her scootching back towards my face. Just barely. It’s almost imperceptible.

“You guess what baby?” She won’t face me now. Even as she talks, she doesn’t turn her head in the slightest.

“I guess that shower was wasted.”

“What? I …”

“Sorry baby, I wasn’t going to take another shower.” With that, she scoots very deliberately all the way back on my chest. I instinctively go to stop her but realize my arms won’t move. I’m completely trapped. She leans forward, much like the way she did when I removed the plug from her ass. Her hands run down my legs as she bends all the way over until she reaches my ankles. Long before her ass is anywhere near my face, I can smell it.

“I cleaned up…but you know it can’t ever get as clean as a shower.”

There is no mistaking that smell. A dark pungent sweetness that fills my nostrils. It is much stronger this time. Before, it was like a mild scent in the air. This is thick enough to cut through the perfume that had been there a minute ago. It completely envelops my face.

My heart drops. I’m completely torn. I know Charlotte is taking a huge risk. Putting herself out there. I don’t expect that she can understand the Jekyll and Hyde difference between before and after I cum. But after all these years, she should know me better. The dirtiest talk. The dirtiest fantasies. They only serve to make me hornier when I’m already in that state. When I’m not, it does nothing for me. I don’t have the heart to tell her to stop. But I know I can’t let this go any further. I know that if I’m not 110% enthusiastic, she may never talk to me again.

“Baby, I don’t want this,” I blurt out. It’s all I can think to say. I immediately kick myself as the silence between us grows. My mind scrambles to find something else to add. Or to take it back. Maybe I could take it back.

Charlotte interrupts me before I can say anything else. She picks up and moves back another inch. Another blast of that smell.

“I know you don’t,” She responds. “This isn’t for you.” She says this as if I’m stupid. The way you would talk to a dog if it gets too close to your food. “I told you I wanted my ass licked. You’re lucky I’m wearing these at all.” She snaps the elastic on the back of her tights to indicate what she means. The motion causes another waft of aroma that seems to only get stronger.

I try and think of all the things I can say to her and then suddenly, I can’t.

I’m covered in the complete blackness of her tights. She brings her enormous ass right over my face and settles the crack of her ass perfectly over my nose. The smell is everywhere. Trying to avoid that smell means not breathing. Breathing means inhaling Charlotte at her dirtiest.

Each inhale is full of that scent. But that’s only when I’m able to breathe. And there’s not much of that going on. She’s literally suffocating me with her ass. She rubs it up and down my face. She’s saying something, but I only hear muffled sounds. With each stroke she lifts up just for a second, just enough time to catch my breath before she brings it back down on me. I open my mouth to say something but the only thing I get is a mouthful of ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32