Dirty Dancing Donna

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My band, The Intruders, play most of the bars and clubs in the area. We’re not great, but we are competent. Our style is bluesy with a splash of doo-wop thrown in for good measure. We have two singers, a sexy blonde screamer named Linda, and our guitarist Larry. Bill is on bass, Chas on drums, Cyndi on piano, and me on sax and woodwinds.

Harry, our manager, got us this gig for a private party one Saturday night. I was just expecting a typical gig. You know, we play, they dance and get drunk, we get paid and go home. No, I can’t give up my day job, that’s for sure, but playing relieves the stress of the week.

Well, this was not your ordinary Saturday night party. It was some kind of pajama party for swingers. Everyone there was wearing pajamas or nighties, and some of the nighties were very skimpy. I’d say there were about 30 couples there. When I say “couples” I guess I mean couples that came together because once the party started it was hard to tell who was with whom.

The band was set up at one end of the hall with the open bar off to the left. The dance floor was rather small and tables lined the walls the rest of the way around. At least the tables were there when we arrived. As we played the bright spotlights on the band made it hard to see. The dance floor was dimly lit, and the table area was even darker. From my vantage, I could barely see the tables except for the few closest to the band.

Our raunchy bluesy style of music was perfect for the party. Everyone was dirty dancing. The men were bending low and the women would straddle their legs, grinding themselves hard on the men’s thighs. Some of the couples were dancing so closely that it was hard to tell where the woman began and the man ended. And the groping and touching! It was quite a sight! Man! Did it make me play a sexy guttural sax!

When you play in bars, and some of them pretty seedy, you see all kinds of things. Once I watched a couple screwing against the wall just a few feet from the bandstand. And, of course, there is always the occasional fight. But in all my years of playing I had never seen things I saw on this night!

There was no nudity on the dance floor, but it was as close to group sex as you can possibly get otherwise. As I played the sax solo in Night Train, I was mesmerized by this three-some grinding away right in from of me. A tall man wearing only pajama bottoms was being sandwiched by two sexy ladies, one a tall blonde and beşiktaş türbanlı escort the other a shorter woman with reddish-brown hair. The blonde was wearing a white teddy and the other a low-cut long satin nightgown with slits along each side. The blonde was pressing her breasts against the man’s back and undulating with him as he bent low to give the brunette the chance to ride his thigh. The brunette was super sexy and she pulled up her nightgown to show off her naked thighs as she squirmed and wiggled on his leg. Her gown was cut so low I was eagerly hoping for her ample breasts to fall out of it. She had some kind of little tattoo just above her left breast, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

I was mesmerized by the woman. She was so sexy, much more so than the blonde and every once in a while she would look up at me, knowing that I was watching her. She obviously knew she was getting to me. All I know is my solo was just about the best rendition I’d ever done for Night Train.

By the time the tune ended, the man’s pj bottoms were down below his ass, exposing the thong he was wearing. The blonde was rubbing her leg against him and the brunette had a handful of ass. All in all, it was a very sexy dance.

From my spot on the bandstand I could catch glimpses of what was going on at the tables nearby. I watched the threesome walk over to the tables nearest the band. They were still in shadows but I could make out what was happening. The blonde sat down on a chair and the brunette knelt down before her. The man took up a position in a chair toward the butt-end of the brunette.

As the band struck up Perfidia, I watched that sexy woman with the reddish-brown hair eat out the blonde, while the man finger-fucked the kneeling woman.

It was the first time I had ever gotten an erection while playing. I bent my knees and wiggled as I played, in a futile effort to get my raging hard-on into a comfortable spot in my pants. Knowing that there was fucking and sucking going on all around us among the darkened tables lining the walls was such a turn on.

After the set, we took a 15 minute break and I went over to the bar to get a beer. As I stood there sipping it, who should come over but the sexy brunette.

“Hi, you guys sure play great!” she said. “You’ve got to be the best sax man I’ve ever heard!”

“Thank you very much,” I replied, and then, looking for beşiktaş ucuz escort something to prolong the conversation, I added, “And I really like the way you dirty dance!”

“Oh, you’re sweet!. I like to do it. It’s so sexy, and my husband likes to watch me do it.”

“Oh, that wasn’t him you were dancing with?”

“Oh, no, I just met that guy tonight,” she said laughing. “My hubby sits and watches and then we fuck like rabbits when we get home.”

“Well, I was watching you at the tables, and I must say that I don’t think I’ve ever been to party quite like this one,” I said with a smile on my face.

Smiling as she talked, she said, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to have you back for the next one, shouldn’t we?”

Then looking up at me from her 5-5 vantage, she put out her hand and said, “Hi, my name is Donna.”

“Hello, Donna, my name is Joe.”

Standing so close I could see that the tattoo over her breast was a little faerie or pixie.

“That’s a cute tattoo,” I said pointing to it.

“Thanks, I designed it myself,” she said, and turning around she lifted her hair to show me another one on her right shoulder, two intertwined roses. “I did this one, too.”

“Very nice, Donna. I have to say that you are just about the sexiest woman at this shindig.”

“Just about? So I’m not the sexiest?”

Laughing, I said, “No, you are the sexiest. It’s just a figure of speech.”

Donna moved very close to me and stood up on her tip-toes to whisper in my ear, “Well, Joe, I think you are just about the sexiest guy here, too. I got all wet listening to you blow that sax!”

Well, as you can imagine, I didn’t expect that so I just stood there trying to figure out how to respond. My cock, however, did know how to respond and it sprang to life in my pants once again.

Pressing her ample tits against me Donna put one hand on my shoulder and the other against my crotch and whispered, “And there’s nothing that I’d like to do more right now than suck on this hard cock of yours!”

“Oh geez,” was I all could say.

Taking me by the hand, Donna led me to the darkest corner of the hall. As we walked past the tables, I could hear the moaning of love-making and I could see the silhouettes of couples writhing in the shadows.

Pushing me down onto a chair, Donna immediately dropped to her knees and began unbuckling my pants. Soon she had freed my beşiktaş üniversiteli escort rock hard cock and was sucking it in earnest. Stroking my shaft with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other, Donna let her hot wet mouth surround the head of my cock. Her lips dancing over the corona and I could feel the tip of her tongue dip into the slit. It was all I could do to hang onto my seat, it felt so good.

Moaning and groaning like a banshee, I was nearly ready to explode when Donna got up and stood about a foot away from me.

“No, not quite yet,” she said, hiking her nightgown up to reveal her pussy. The light was dim, but I could still make out her pussy lips as she ran her finger between them. “Oh, I’m so wet,” she said. Then Donna offered me her finger and I eagerly sucked her juices from it.

Moving forward, Donna straddled me and reached down to guide my cock into her. She was so wet. I could feel the heat of her pussy surrounding me as she began moving up and down on me.

Pulling down the straps of her nightgown, it was only a moment before her breasts tumbled out and into my face. Holding onto her ass with one hand, I used the other to grab a tit and suck it as she rode me. Donna’s nipple was so hard and I lightly bit down on one of it. She let out a scream. I immediately thought I had hurt her, but soon realized that she was cumming. Continuing to move up and down on me as she came, I began moaning as well.

“Oh, fuck, Donna, I’m gonna cum!” I cried.

“No, NO! not yet!” she said as she quickly got off me. “I want you in my ass. You can cum that way!”

Pulling me up from my seat, Donna knelt on the chair, her gown pulled up to reveal her ass. I bent over and gave her pussy a quick lick, enjoying the pungent taste of her juices. Moving my tongue upward through her pussy lips I let it settle into the bud of her ass, making sure that it was all wet and ready for my cock.

Holding on to Donna’s hips, I pressed my cock against her asshole. Immediately she pressed back against me until she opened up for me. Suddenly, I popped inside and she began bucking back against me.

Having already nearly cum twice, I didn’t last very long. As Donna pushed back against me, taking all of my hard cock inside her, I erupted. To my surprise, Donna came again, too.

Then I heard a voice from the bandstand. “Joe, get your ass up here! We’ve got another set to play.” It was Larry.

Quickly pulling up my pants and zipping and buckling up, I hurried to the bandstand. As we played I couldn’t take my eyes off Donna as she dirty danced all night, laughing and grinding, and looking at me with those sultry sexy eyes.

I had to have her again. And I did. Many times over the next several months. But that first encounter was always the hottest.

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