Dionysian Trance

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It started one night, when my wife had had one of my margaritas. Tequila always makes her desirous. She walked in from the bathroom wearing a black corset with thigh high fishnets and a tiny black g-string. Her deep blond hair hung down on her tiny shoulders. Her complex fiery eyes looked at me, and then down, half confident and half shy, like an angel and a devil wrapped up into one goddess.

She came on top of me, as I was already lying in bed, and we began to kiss deeply as I explored her exposed flesh with my palms, savoring every bit of her soft skin. I felt her slowly lower herself down, pressing her g-string against my already hard sex, keeping steady pressure as her tongue danced around mine.

I grabbed her thighs, and rolled her around so that I was on top. I held her down by pressing one of my hands against both of hers, slightly above her head. I kissed her neck, lightly, and stopped, savoring the little moans her quivering lips delivered to my ear. Then I kissed the length of her collar bone, gently at first, and then harder until I saw her hips beginning to stir.

I unclasped the front of the corset, and gently took one of her nipples into my mouth, as I dipped my finger down into her g-string and began to explore her wetness. I ran my finger slowly up and down, drawing her juices up towards her güvenilir bahis clit, circling around, and then back inside of her. I couldn’t resist any longer, I let her hands go, tore her g-string off by lifting her knees to her chest and guiding them down her legs. As her sweet sex came into view, it looked so perfect from this angle, I wanted to be inside of her, entwined with her, in her loving and lustful embrace. But I also wanted to savor each moment. So I got down between her legs and began to kiss her thighs. Breathing in her sweet honey-like scent was intoxicating, and as my sex throbbed uncontrollably, I let my tongue explore her secrets. Her sweet honey-like juices coated my tongue and after about ten minutes, driving her closer and closer to the edge, I took a small vibrator from the nightstand, and held it to her clit while I slid my sex slowly and deeply inside of her. She gasped.

I didn’t thrust. I just held myself inside of her, throbbing against her, as I worked the vibrator in circle. Within minutes she started to cum, grabbing a nearby pillow and biting down to stifle her passionate cries. I began to rock in and out of her gently as I held the vibrator tightly to her. Suddenly her whole body began to tense, and she pushed my hand away.

My wife lay there convulsing in the aftermath. She looked like güvenilir bahis siteleri Aphrodite incarnate, a Goddess, bathed in moonlight, flush with passion, stirring the inner workings of my soul. I hadn’t cum yet, and I was eager and ready, but she had had a long week, was very tired, and our activities so far had only served to bring her closer to the friendly embrace of sleep. She wanted to satisfy me though, given how good I had just made her feel. So, she dipped her fingers in coconut oil, and slowly began caressing my sex as we lay next to each other in bed.

She knew all of the right things to do. She kissed my neck, pinched my nipples, and slid her soft silky fingers up and down getting me closer and closer. I held her taste on my tongue. The sounds of her moans still echoed in my recent memory. The feel of her sex surrounding mine and pulsing just moments before could still be felt as she handled my sensitive shaft.

Just as I was right about to orgasm, fatigue slowed her pace, and something began to happen: I began to dance right on the edge of bliss. I would say to myself that all I needed was five more seconds at this pace and I would cum, and a moment later, the pace would slow again, leaving me yearning, and burning in a world of desirous ecstasy. I drifted in a strange state, both needing more, iddaa siteleri and at the same time, feeling more pleasure for far longer than I would have if she let me go over the edge. I drifted in a Dionysian trance.

Anticipation welled up in me as her pace slowed to an almost imperceptible crawl, and my body cried out once more for release, hips thrusting upwards as she stopped her movements completely. My sex throbbed from within her still grasp, but instead of feeling unsatisfied, the energy that would have been released in orgasm flooded back up through my veins giving me a full body orgasm.

I lay there, looking at the Goddess beside me, my soul wrapped in her soft grasp, and drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of her, and woke up with her on my mind. As she began to stir, I started massaging her feet. The feel of her soft flesh, the sexy curves of her legs, the soft glow of her cheeks, all aroused the energy that was still flowing through my body from the night before. My sex swelled, and she seemed to know and understand what had happened. By not letting me orgasm, my energy was able to transform, so that now, any hint of flesh, any soft caress, any subtle tease, any erotic word served to reawaken that energy within me.

“Maybe I’ll have to leave you hanging more often,” she said with a smile, tracing one fingertip up the length of my sex, making me moan before she gave me a soft swat. “If you get me a cup of coffee, I’ll let you massage my thighs and chest a bit as I wake up” she whispered with a seductive stare. I was already on my way to the kitchen.

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