Digitalis Gets A New Couch Pt. 02

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The phone vibrated when Digitalis picked it up. He tried to resist looking at who the sender was, saw it anyway, and was momentarily surprised to find that it was his ex-wife, Milly:

“I just missed a call from Fox. It’s everything ok Arthur?”

Digitalis wasn’t surprised to see Milly messaging his boyfriend; Milly had been friends with Arthur for almost three decades. She’d introduced him to Digitalis just over two years ago, at the beginning ceremony of the previous school year — he was surprised that Arthur’s brother had Milly’s number.

After a few moments of studying the phone – all he had to do open it was swipe – Digitalis made a mental note to tell Arthur to set a password or something as he set the lid on the rice cooker. Once that was done, Digitalis padded up the hall to the bathroom. He could hear that the shower was on as he eased the door open.

“Your phone and keys were in your pocket, Bear,” Digitalis called, trying not to sound too apprehensive.

“Is my phone waterlogged?” Sighed Arthur. It had been in his pocket when Digitalis had unleashed his bladder into Arthur’s clothes about ten minutes before that.

“It didn’t escape the flood entirely, but it wasn’t soaked,” Digitalis replied. “It still works – I dried it off and it’s out here on the sink.”

Arthur yawned, “Great. Thanks, Digit,” and Digitalis began to disrobe so that he could join him.

Digitalis looked himself up and down in the mirror when he took off his shirt. The curly blue hair on his head was still neatly combed from when he’d gotten up that morning, and the tan lines from his summer tank tops were fading, reaching up to his shoulders on his arms, his head and neck, and a small patch on his chest. He was paler than normal, and it made his large bluejay like wings seem darker and gave his clear, pupilless amber eyes an unsettling shadow. When he took off his pants, his penis seemed small and shriveled. bahis firmaları It was difficult to believe that Digitalis had just ejaculated all over Arthur’s clothes a few minutes prior.

Digitalis looked away quickly and stepped over to the shower; Arthur was facing toward the showerhead. Like Digitalis, he had a large pair of feathered wings, though instead of the bluejay colors and blunt flight feathers, Arthur’s were solid black and crow-like, with longer and slightly more pointed feathers. Arthur’s waist-length dark curly hair was unwound from his nighttime braid and trailed down his back, blending in with the downy fluff between his wings, and his olive skin was redder than usual in the steamy shower bay. Digitalis admired Arthur’s butt as he approached, and saw Arthur’s throbbing erection under the shower tap. Unlike Digitalis, Arthur wasn’t circumcised; he had his thick foreskin pulled back, exposing the large head and making the swelling behind it look even bigger. The size of Arthur’s penis – almost 20cm fully erect – had been intimidating at first for Digitalis, and it had surprised him to learn that Arthur was a little self-conscious about it.

Digitalis slipped a hand over Arthur’s lower back, and watched Arthur’s cock twitch when he cupped his butt.

“Thanks for waiting, Bear,” said Digitalis.

“Did you need to move around some l-” Arthur paused, inhaling when Digitalis ran his hand around to Arthur’s front, tracing a line down his inner thigh. “-laundry?”

“I started a pot of rice,” said Digitalis. “Just in case. If we don’t use it now we’ll use it later. I should’ve pulled some meat out of the freezer but I don’t think it’s frozen through yet so that shouldn’t be a problem-” Arthur cut him off from rambling by kissing him. It lasted for about ten seconds before Digitalis broke it off and asked: “I need to pee again. Shall I finish marking you?”

Arthur’s lips curled into kaçak iddaa the shy, dorky half-smile he got sometimes when he looked at Digitalis.

“Is that a yes?” giggled Digitalis. Arthur blushed, nodding, and Digitalis pulled him closer, aiming himself squarely at Arthur’s midsection. Arthur’s wings twitched fitfully as he grasped his cock and began stroking it under the unexpectedly strong jet provided by Digitalis.

Digitalis hadn’t thought he still needed to go, and it didn’t take long for Arthur’s strokes to start speeding up. The piss splashed loudly on the shower floor with the water from the showerhead. Arthur watched Digitalis pissing on him for a few moments before leaning forward to kiss him. Digitalis squeezed Arthur’s butt, and Arthur twitched. More twitches followed, and Arthur moaned quietly into Digitalis’s mouth as his hips started undulating.

Digitalis could feel himself starting to get hard again when Arthur came in a large burst, spattering Digitalis’s belly, legs, and cock in several more squirts. Arthur relaxed, leaning on Digitalis, panting as he finished. Digitalis stopped aiming so that he could hold Arthur with both arms, and let the last of the contents of his bladder drain onto the tile floor. They stayed like that for several minutes before beginning to wash off under the shower.

Arthur was still washing his hair when Digitalis finished his wash, but caught Digitalis’s hip as he began to step away. There was soap in Arthur’s hair and his eyes were closed, but he still managed to grab Digitalis right in the crook of his hip, sending a pleasant shiver up his spine.

“I can feel you poking me in the stomach. You sure you want to leave now? I’d be happy to help you out with it.”

“Let’s save that till after breakfast,” said Digitalis, reaching up a little and kissing Arthur. “You can use my bathrobe; your clothes are going to be in the wash for another hour or so.”

“Sounds kaçak bahis good, Digit,” sighed Arthur.

The smell of aromatic rice was the first thing Digitalis noticed when he ambled, naked, into the hall. He pulled on a comfortable pair of flannel pants and a university hoodie in his bedroom, grabbed his phone from the stand next to the couch, and made his way to the kitchen. The rice wasn’t quite done yet, so he opened the refrigerator to get the other ingredients. He checked his phone as he set the food on the counter, and found that he had five missed calls and six text messages. The most recent was from his eldest daughter, Chrysanthemum: “TEXT MOM PLEASE. SHE THINKS ARTHUR IS DEAD OR SOMETHING.”

Digitalis backed out of the message and selected the conversation with Milly. He had just started reading it when there was a loud knock at the door.

Digitalis gasped: “The couch!” He’d scheduled to put the couch into the hall for a pick-up service to retrieve at nine that morning. He checked the clock above the stove: it was 8:15 am.

Another, faster series of knocks echoed up the hallway. Digitalis jumped, nearly dropping his phone on the counter. He hurried to the front door and opened it, taking a breath to make a hasty apology for the furniture pickup workers. It wasn’t them though: the person standing before him made him uselessly exhale that breath.

“Is there a uh…Miss Digitalis here? I’m looking for Arthur Deepuin,” said the man in the doorway. He was about a head taller than Digitalis and looked a lot like Arthur. His hair was much shorter than Arthur’s, cropped close to his head and graying around the temples. The man’s wings were gray instead of black, with white tips and a white stripe near the middle. The man’s eyes, jade green exactly like Arthur’s, were wide, and his freckled face was pale. Digitalis knew who the man was and stifled a groan: the boner he’d been nursing in the shower would have to wait.

Digitalis sighed, “He’s in the shower. Stay here a moment, I’ll go talk to him.”

“Th…thank you-” the man’s voice was cut off when Digitalis closed the front door.

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