Diary of a Lesbian Love Slave Pt. 08

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That first dinner with Margo and my Mistress was quite a memorable one. My Mistress had made beef bourguignon and scalloped potatoes — at that time she had not yet begun to teach me how to cook, and even now she prefers to do it herself when Margo visits. I played the servant girl, fetching from the kitchen and refilling their wine glasses.

And there were a lot of refills — my Mistress opened several bottles of her best French wines, and while I didn’t keep up with her and Margo, I drank enough to feel very free and uninhibited. I found myself staring at Margo’s lips, imagining them on my nipples, my belly, my thighs….

For dessert we had chocolate gelato and by the time it was gone all three of us were stuffed. We had been at the table for several leisurely hours. There was a definite charge in the air; it had been building throughout the meal and was now palpable. When my Mistress sent me to fetch brandy I put a little extra sashay in my walk, feeling two pairs of eyes locked on my rear end.

When I returned with the bottle and snifters they were laughing, london escorts and Margo had a sly smile on her face. I had just poured some brandy into Margo’s glass when she reached out, hooked a finger into the ring of my collar, and pulled me in for a kiss.

Her lips were just as soft and delicious as I’d thought. The kiss was the kind that takes your breath away, and when Margo released me I found myself feeling unsteady on my feet, leaning into the table for support.

Margo wasted no time pulling my top down and my boobs sprung out, nipples jutting and eager for attention. There was a little bit of melted gelato left in Margo’s bowl, and she spread a little onto each nipple. I caught my Mistress’s eye; she was watching with rapt attention, eyes shining with excitement and anticipation.

At that time it was still a new experience for me to be shared this way. It took me a while to understand that it is part and parcel of my Mistress’s generosity of spirit. She once said to me, “Sam, love that is not busy expanding is busy collapsing.” It was late at night london escort and she was three sheets to the wind, but I think she was right.

When Margo’s mouth closed on my left nipple I moaned loudly and felt a gush of liquid erupt between my legs. When she moved on to the right I whimpered helplessly and


Whew, I got so turned on thinking about that night that I had to go rub one out. Where was I?


When Margo had finished cleaning my tits she patted the tabletop to indicate that I should jump up. Once I did so Margo quickly pulled off my panties, spread my legs, and painted the insides of my thighs with more of the chocolate goo.

I could tell that my pussy juice was dripping onto the table, which for some reason worried me at that moment. But once Margo’s tongue started gliding across my sensitive flesh, working ever closer to the middle, I forgot everything but the exquisite pleasure of the moment.

Once my thighs, too, had been thoroughly tongue-bathed, and I was half out of my mind from being teased this way, Margo took a big, london escort agency theatrical slurp of my nectar, licked her lips, and grinned over at my Mistress. “There’s just something special about a read-headed pussy.”

My Mistress laughed in agreement. “Can you believe that when I met her, she was shaving that thing?”

“Oh, no!” Margo gasped with exaggerated horror. “Tragic, tragic. I’m so glad you set her straight.”

Margo planted a kiss on my bush and then ran the tip of her tongue across my clit. In the state I was in, that was all it took to make me come like a freight train. I trembled from head to toe and let out a moan that took me by surprise with its force and volume.

“Well you’re a real live wire,” said Margo.

“I think that was a land speed record,” said my Mistress.

That orgasm was just the first of many that Margo gave me as I lay there writhing and panting. She took her time about it, exploring every inch of my nether regions with her tongue and fingers, pausing occasionally to take a sip of brandy. By the time she was finished with me I was in a completely altered state of consciousness. I closed my eyes for a while and when I opened them again, I was looking woozily up into the eyes of my Mistress.

She helped me to sit up. “Come now,” she said. “You have some work to do.”

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