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A romantic dinner for two at my house was just the thing for our date night. I cooked a tasty meal of angel hair pasta and alfredo sauce with a nice bottle of red wine on the side. As we ate our meal and sipped our wine, I could not take my eyes off of you. Every time I looked at you in your sexy black dress, I’d feel the bulge in my khaki pants getting bigger. My eyes were burning holes through your dress.

As we finish our dinner, I clear away our plates. Walking back into the table, I pause to slightly dim the lights. As I walk up behind you, my hands gently rub your shoulders. Leaning down I whisper into your ear, “It’s time for dessert.” As my hot breath fills your ear, my lips gently nibble your ear lobe.

Offering my hand to you, I lead you to a plush sofa in the den. Turning on some soft music, I pour us two glasses of wine…leaving the bottle close by for easy refills. Sitting down beside you, I slide my arm around you. Leaning over to you, I whisper into your ear how beautiful you look tonight. My fingers gently rub your back through your sexy, black dress. Sipping our wine, I hold you close to me. My lips move to your neck to gently nibble your soft skin. My nose drinks in your sexy scent.

Using my fingers, I turn your face toward mine and softly press my lips to your lips. Tasting the wine on your lips, groaning deeply as I kiss you. My lips softly kissing you. Pulling back a little, I take our wine glasses and place them on the table in front of us.

Turning back to you, I envelop you in my arms. My kisses become zeytinburnu escort a little harder while my tongue gently teases your upper lip. My arms tight around you as my fingers rub your back through your dress. Your sexy body feeling so good in my arms…my passion growing…my tongue pushes past your lips….swirling softly in your mouth. My fingers start to softly scratch your back through your dress.

“Hmmm”…groaning deeply into your mouth. My hardening cock creating a tent pole in my pants. My fingers finds the zipper on the back of your dress. Slowly tugging the zipper down, my fingers feel the soft skin on your back as your dress loosens. Kissing you harder, my fingernails softly scratch your bare back. My tongue slowly, steadily swirls in your hot little mouth.

Pushing you back a little onto the sofa, my hands push your dress up revealing your hot body to me. Pulling the dress over your head, I throw it to the floor. Looking back at you, my eyes rake over your hot body. Drinking in the sight of you in your matching black bra and thong, I lean down to you and hotly kiss your lips. Then, my mouth moves down to nibble your neck. My lips nibble and suckle the side of your neck…tongue swirling over your soft skin. As I work on your neck, my hand roams over your body teasing over your bra then down to tease over the front of your thong. My fingers forming a V as they tease your pussy through your panties.

As my lips suckle and nibble on your neck, my fingers deftly slide to your aksaray escort back. Undoing your bra, I pull it off and throw it to the floor next to your dress. My fingers tease over your nipples…first one…then the other…barely touching them…fingertips softly sweeping over them.

Slowly kissing down your chest, my lips hover over your right breast as my tongue teases around your nipple. My lips are careful not to touch your nipple, but my tongue slowly circles your stiffening nip. My left handed fingers sweep over your left nipple slowly rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

My lips close on your right nipple urgently sucking. Feeling your nipple swelling in my mouth, I suck it harder. My head begins bobbing up and down your stiff nipple sliding between my wet lips. Looking up at you seeing that you are lost in your pleasure…smiling with your nipple between my lips.

While my eyes continue to watch you, my lips leave your breast. Slowly kissing and nibbling down your body, my tongue and lips leaving a hot, wet trail down your tummy. Pausing at the waistband of your thong, my lips slowly nibble your soft skin. I sit up a little and my hands roughly tug your panties down your legs tossing them to the floor next to your bra and dress.

My mouth begins softly nibbling your soft inner thighs slowly working my way up with my lips. My lips suckle and lick just beside your pussy. I smile as my green eyes look up at you and see your anticipation. My hands move under your ass as my ataköy escort tongue starts gently lapping at your pussy lips. Steadily licking your pussy lips like an ice cream cone…lick, pull back, lick, pull back. My tongue relentlessly teases your hot little pussy lips the tip of my tongue sweeps over your swelling clit with each lick.

Hearing your whimpers and soft moans, my eyes look up your body as my tongue relentlessly continues to lap your pussy lips. Tasting your wetness, my tongue laps a little faster. Your hips tongue lapping your cunt lips in rhythm with your hips.

As my hands grip your ass, my tongue pushes into your hot, tight, wetness. Letting you grind yourself against my tongue with your hip movements, I hold my tongue stiff and still against the roof of your pussy. As you work my tongue deep in your pussy, my hands move outside your hips slowly sliding up your body to cup your tits. Your hips slowly grinding against my stiff and still tongue. My tongue is deep in your pussy pressing against the roof of your pussy…my hands cupping your tits…fingertips teasing your nipples.

Feeling you steadily grinding against my tongue…your clit smashed against my face…you grind it into me with each movement. My eyes looking up your body…watching your pleasure building…feeling you grinding harder…your body tightening. Pressing my tongue harder into the roof of your pussy my fingers roll your nips softly jacking them. Hearing deep whimpers and moans escaping your lips..your body bucking against me…your clit swelling against my face. I want to suck your sweet cum right out of your body. Hearing you scream feeling your body stiffen, I taste your sweet juices filling my mouth as you flood my face with your hot cum. Swallowing it down, I look up at you and smile, “I hope you enjoyed dessert.” 😉 at you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32