Desires Unfulfilled

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I lay down to sleep one night, my thoughts and dreams haunted by you. You were my best friend’s wife. These thoughts of you should not be in my head. But I could not resist. There was something about you that drew me like a moth to a flame.

I knew it wasn’t love, at least not the kind that is often attributed to a cute little man in a diaper with a bow and a quiver full of arrows. It was the kind of love one friend had for another, a deep lasting connection that would endure through any hardship, any disaster. Yet, there she was, wandering through my imagination as if she belonged there.

I tossed in my bed, sheets tangling against me as I struggled to strip her from my dreams. Lost in my delirium, I could not resist the dreams that stole upon me. Morpheus was torturing me with thoughts of what had never happened… of what could not be.

In my dreams, I flashed back to those few days that I stayed with you, sleeping on your couch. We would spend the days talking while your husband, my best friend, was at work. Upon his return, we would all eat dinner and watch movies. Relaxed an environment as it was, I hoped you could not feel the tension, the longing that I knew must be radiating from me.

Every night, you went to bed with him and I wished it were with me. In reality, nothing had ever occurred between us. But this was not reality, this was my fantasy revealed.

In this dream, you came out of the bedroom in the middle of the night, needing a drink of water. You didn’t realize it, but I was awake, watching you as you moved across the small apartment. I watched your body moved under the long t-shirt you wore to cover your lithe form.

I watched you as you entered the kitchen, watched as the water splashed yabancı escort up and wet your t-shirt, leaving the thin, white cotton transparent. I stared at your nipples as they stood erect from the cold water. I began to stroke myself, watching you.

You walked back to your room, stopping as your eyes caught motion in the darkness. Your eyes opened wide in shock when you realized the motion was me stroking myself. You opened your mouth to speak but for some reason could not find your voice. You bit your lower lip, watching as my hand slid up and down my hard cock.

You watched as my breathing grew rapid and my hand moved faster and faster. You looked up at my face, your eyes locking with mine. Your hand traveled down and slipped under the bottom of your shirt. Then I exploded, my cum covering the soft hair on my stomach and chest.

Suddenly, you realized what you were doing and hurried back to your room. I quickly cleaned up the mess I had made and returned to my slumber. A smile crossed the face of my dream form as I drifted off.

I woke up from my dreams and shook my head. Looking up, it was still the middle of the night and I still had hours to go before I was supposed to wake. I sighed and laid my head back down, dreading the dreams that I knew would come.

Back in my dreams, I was once again back at the apartment with you and my best friend. This dream began much as had the one before. I knew this dream was later in the week, some time after you had caught me stroking myself to you.

It was once again the middle of the night. Once again, you departed your room you shared with your slumbering husband. This time, you wandered into the living room, your eyes searching for yeni escort mine. You almost seemed disappointed when you saw me sleeping.

You went to the kitchen for a drink and then returned to your room. Or at least you tried to return to your room. As you passed by the couch, you noticed I was not there any longer. You scanned the darkness, searching for me. You finally saw me, standing in the shadows, naked and hard.

You bit your lip again and tried to pass by, heading for your bed. I wrapped my arms around you, pulling you to me. I kissed you deeply. At first you resisted, but there had been a hunger building inside you since that night.

I pulled your shirt off of you, seeing that you wore nothing beneath. I knew that you usually wore at least a pair of panties to bed so this only encouraged me. I bent you over the back of the couch, your ass in the air and your feet barely touching the ground.

With little warning, I slipped myself into you. While I was not overly forceful, there was no warning, no foreplay. You were already wet, ready for me, which was a surprise to us both. I slammed into you, withdrawing to just the tip and then plunging back in. You bit into the couch cushions to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

I plunged in over and over again. You moaned loudly into the cushions, confident the sounds would not carry beyond my ears. The only sounds I made were grunts as I thrust myself into you, seeking to fill you as deeply as I could.

Then you exploded into me and your screams demanded to be heard. Fortunately, your husband was a deep sleeper and heard nothing. I pulled out of you, savoring the sounds of your whimpering as the orgasm finally subsided.

I quickly yenibosna escort repositioned myself so that I slid into your tight ass. As tight as your wet pussy had been, your ass was even more so, gripping me so tightly it almost hurt. Had it not been for your juices covering my cock, I never would have slid into you. Your hands clenched into the cushions as I slowly pushed my way in, your breathing becoming deep pants of passion and desire.

I began to move within your tight ass, my hands holding your hips, pulling you into me as I thrust into you. Your groans grew louder, threatening once again to be heard. Then you screamed again, ecstasy ripping through you like a bolt of lightning.

But I was not done yet… I wanted more. I pulled you up, turned you around and kissed you again. I sat you on the edge of the couch, your legs wrapped around me and then slammed myself home once more. I filled you this way, thrusting in and out until I could feel you ready to cum once more. Now, with no cushions to muffle your screams, you bit into me deeply, screaming into my skin as I pounded into you and another tsunami like orgasm ripped through you.

When you were finally done climaxing, I slid out and you quickly dropped to your knees, taking my thickness into your mouth without preamble. You savored the taste of your pussy on my dick and you licked and sucked every last drop of your juices off of me. You stroked me as you sucked, urging me to cum. And when I did, finally, explode, you swallowed every last drop as if you were dying of thirst and this was water from heaven.

When I finished, you smiled and kissed me on the cheek, placing your finger over your lips in s signal of our mutual silence and then returned to your room, pulling your t-shirt back over your body. I collapsed onto the couch and closed my eyes.

Back in the waking world, I opened my eyes and reached under the sheets. I was not surprised to feel them soaked with sweat and semen. I had cum in my sleep, dreaming of cumming in her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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