Desires of the Smallest Room

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(This is a new story which continues a theme which has already cropped up elsewhere. I hope very much that you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. However if you’re offended by bodily functions, please give it a miss as it won’t be your thing.)

Adam cleared his plate, munching heartily on what remained of the crispy bacon and free range eggs which Barnaby had cooked him before leaving for the rugby club. Carefully placing his plate and cutlery in the dishwasher, he wondered what to do now that breakfast was over. It was ten thirty on a Sunday morning. With Barnaby at the rugby club and Anne at church, Adam had the house to himself for the first time since arriving the previous Friday evening.

Whatever else might have occurred to him, one thing was certain. Adam realised he needed to pee and pretty badly too. It wasn’t altogether surprising as he’d not peed since nine the previous evening and his bladder had been steadily filling for thirteen and a half hours. Realising that he’d have to go sooner rather than later if an accident was to be avoided, Adam made his way up to the bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he decided locking it would be unnecessary as there was no one else in the house and he had the place to himself.

Pulling his briefs down, Adam released his firm, meaty, semi-erect cock, stood over the toilet bowl and began peeing in earnest. Damn, it felt good! Peeing always felt good but especially so when he’d not peed for several hours. In fact if the truth were to be told it made him feel rather horny. Anne had voiced no concern about the fact that he hadn’t ‘been’ before retiring at eleven fifty the previous night, and he’d subsequently made the chance discovery that his bed was actually protected with a waterproof mattress protector. Obviously she’d been prepared for the possibility that he might unload his bladder (either deliberately or accidentally) between the sheets and she clearly had a liberal approach to toileting, although given the revelations of the previous day it perhaps wasn’t entirely surprising. Although Adam wasn’t a bedwetter he was glad to know that Anne clearly had a relaxed attitude to such things and he wondered whether Barnaby’s bed was similarly protected – particularly in view of his interests. Or, for that matter, Anne and Brian’s bed. Whilst he was indeed curious, he’d not yet had an opportunity to investigate.

As Adam’s strong, forceful pee subsided to a trickle before eventually stopping, he glanced to one side and spotted a pair of black tights hanging by the bath taps. He concluded that unless Barnaby had transvestite instincts which, for a rugby player he very much doubted, they must belong to Anne. After all, she was the only woman in the house. Adam’s mind turned back to the events of the previous day. He remembered the conversation he’d had with Anne at the coffee house in Woodchester as she consumed a large pot of tea and the willingness with which she’d opened up to him about what was clearly an important part of her sexuality. What she’d said about discovering the freedom to relieve herself when she wanted rather than necessarily she needed or other people thought she should go, came back to him. He remembered cumming in his pants without touching himself – for the first time ever. Memories came flooding back of the way she teased him, holding herself and refusing to go to the loo despite clearly needing to. What he remembered most vividly of all though was the way she’d defiantly peed her jeans whilst driving back from Woodchester, relishing the warm wetness of her sodden state. Although he’d have liked to see the football, Adam’s first duty on getting back had been to keep an appointment with the large box of tissues in his bedroom. He’d been unable to wait a moment longer. Listening intently as Anne had busily showered in the adjacent bathroom, he’d rogered himself frantically until another blast of hot sticky cum spurted uncontrollably from his urethra. Overnight Adam had masturbated yet again, recalling the experience of being teased by a hot woman who clearly had no inhibitions about peeing her pants.

And kaçak iddaa now, here he was, unbearably horny thanks to his big piss, and alone with those very tights that he had seen receiving a glorious soaking only the previous day, now within arm’s length. His mind raced for a few moments. He knew he had enough time to weigh up the situation and yet he couldn’t take it all in. His heart beating three times its normal rate, he pondered whether he would be able to look her in the eye again if he did do the deed. After about 10 minutes, he decided that he would feel, but not sniff. So, he reached for them. Immediately, he noticed how damp they were.

Then, as if on a new drug, he couldn’t help himself and yielded to the urge to sniff them. Pressing them to his nose he detected a hint of Anne’s perfume. Stronger still though was the definite smell of pee which emanated from them. He realised that they hadn’t even been washed yet.

Adam sat on the toilet. Holding the damp tights in one hand and savouring their moist silkiness, he stroked his penis with the other and began to masturbate in earnest. The whole situation was just so incredibly hot. Although by no means a personal record, this would be his third masturbation session and fourth ejaculation in less than twenty four hours. Absorbed in what he was doing, Adam hadn’t heard footsteps on the stairs or, for that matter, the door knob turn. Just as he was on the brink of cumming, a female voice with which he’d grown familiar over the last two days, rang out through the bathroom.

“And what do you think you’re doing, young man?”

Adam’s heart skipped a beat and he nearly leapt out of his skin with fright. Looking up he blushed, stopped playing with his cock and nearly dropped the tights in the toilet bowl.

“Sorry, I was just…”


Anne didn’t look angry so much as triumphant and rather smug at catching him during what he’d expected to be a private moment.

“Yes. Look, I didn’t think you’d be back from church so soon.”

“Obviously not.”

Adam was feeling really uncomfortable by this stage.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Get caught?”


Anne smiled.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. However I think we’d better put these somewhere safe before any harm comes to them.”

With that, Anne gently took the tights off Adam and placed them on the bathroom cupboard. As she reached up a rather noisy fart escaped from her rear and, as the gas she’d passed gathered, a heady turd-like smell, not unlike that of stewed cabbage, filled Adam’s nostrils. Another fart rapidly followed with an identical smell which gave him a good clue as to the real reason for her presence in the bathroom.

Adam decided that in view of her kindness to date he’d better be gentlemanly and get out of the way. It was an awkward situation to say the least and he’d not expected his new landlady to catch him with his cock out of his pants less than forty eight hours after his arrival.

“Anne if you need the bathroom I’d better go,” he stammered, standing up and trying to put his throbbing, swollen cock back in his briefs at the same time.

Anne playfully ruffled his hair, making no attempt to prevent the escape of further farts from her anus as she did so.

“No Adam. You must finish what you came here to do. Unless you’d like me to finish you off myself. I’m something of an expert in that department – as my husband and one or two old flames know only too well.”

Adam didn’t want to be rude but he’d never let a woman touch his cock before and he’d read one or two horror stories about husbands and boyfriends who’d regretted letting female hands near their genitalia. Attractive though he found Anne to be, he thought it best not to tempt fate. After all, he’d barely known her for two days.

“That’s very kind but it can wait till later. I’d prefer to do it myself. Right now I expect your need’s greater than mine so I’ll get on my way.”

“Are you sure, Adam? I can wait if you want to finish off. What I’ve got to do kaçak bahis will take a little longer than what you were up to.”

Unable to resist another smile as she looked on the confused, embarrassed but delightfully endearing young lodger, Anne cut another fart which was the smelliest yet.

Undoing the top button of her jeans Anne looked decisively at her lodger.

“Adam, I hate to admit it but you’re right. If I don’t go to the toilet right now I’m going to shit myself and, whilst it wouldn’t be a first, you’ve not been my lodger for long enough to cope with the trauma of being around whilst your landlady messes herself.”

With that she unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, revealing a snug fitting pair of black maxi panties, as she released another fart.

Adam blushed. Although the situation turned him on, making his cock stiffen in his briefs, he’d not been prepared for such frankness from his new landlady – at least not so soon.

“In that case I’d better leave you to it,” he stammered, barely able to get the words out.

Before he could reach for the door handle, Anne was quick to reply.

“You don’t have to. Why not sit on the side of the bath there? I don’t see why a shit should interfere with a good chat.”

“Well only if you’re sure…”

“Of course, I’m sure.”

With that, Anne pulled her panties down, sat on the toilet and released a couple more farts which were accompanied by a crackling sound as she released a large, firm, meaty turd. Two more followed, creating a succession of plops as they each hit the water. A loud fart came next and Adam’s eyes watered as he struggled to cope with the smell which filled the bathroom. Glancing in his direction, Anne noticed her lodger’s discomfort.

“I’m sorry about the the smell, Adam. I tend to be a bit ripe when I’ve not been for a few days.”

“A few days?” Adam could hardly believe what he was hearing.

“Yes, I’ve not had a dump or a movement or whatever you want to call it, since Thursday.”

Adam paused to absorb the information.

“What? You’ve been holding it in that long? Is it because you’ve been constipated? I’ve heard some women get constipated when it’s their period, if you don’t mind me mentioning it.”

Anne laughed, pushing out another couple of turds as she did so.

“No Adam. I’m not constipated and I’ve not had periods for years, due to a serious operation I had in my twenties. No, it’s from choice. When I was at university I made myself a promise that I’d only ever go for a shit when I wanted and was good and ready, not when other people thought I should. It’s not one I’ve knowingly broken either!”

Adam could feel something slotting into place. He’d heard her use a similar expression before.

“You mean like like the promise you made about only peeing when you wanted?”

“The selfsame promise. For me there’s nothing better than holding till I’m really desperate and then going at the last minute when I’m absolutely bursting. Brian, my husband, knows how important holding is to me but he doesn’t understand how I feel and he’d rather I ran to the toilet every five minutes like he does. If only he knew what he was missing out on!”

With that Anne peed forcibly into the toilet bowl before releasing one final turd, before examining the results and getting up to wipe. Not bothering to flush she pulled up her panties and jeans before washing her hands in what Adam felt was a rather perfunctory manner in view of what she’d just been doing.

Adam felt unbelievably horny. Here was a woman after his own heart who did all the things he fantasised about a woman doing but hadn’t dared imagine would ever do in reality. Although shy by nature, curiosity made him bold.

“Anne, have you ever had any accidents when you’ve needed to poo but not got to the toilet on time?”

Unperturbed by what was by any standard a very personal question, Anne turned to Adam, trying hard not to giggle.

“Yes of course. As I once said to Barnaby, probably more times than you’ve had hot dinners!”

With that illegal bahis she gave her hair a perfunctory brush before heading out on to the landing and making her way downstairs. No doubt her mind had turned to getting a joint in the oven and the dinner under way.

Adam looked into the toilet bowl and beheld the mixture of toilet paper and turds. With a stiff cock in hand he now had no choice but top complete what he’d begun earlier. Anne, a woman who’d been a complete stranger less than forty eight hours earlier, had just shared not only some of her most intimate secrets, but also the most private act a woman can perform, with him. If he’d had a choice earlier over whether he’d masturbated or not, that choice had now been taken from him. Stroking his already swollen cock, he brought himself to completion.

Later in the day he was alone with Barnaby in the living room, running through the tv channels to see if there was anything worth watching. Suddenly Barnaby turned to him, unable to suppress a grin.

“Adam, Aunt Anne tells me you’re one of the family now!”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on Adam. You know what I mean. She treated you to one of her stinkers this morning, didn’t she?”

“If you want to put it that way, I suppose yes. I was in the bathroom and she just walked in. It was a bit of a shock if you ask me.”

Barnaby was grinning broadly by now.

“I bet it was!”

“Anyhow I tried to excuse myself and get out as her need was greater than mine, but she asked me to say and we ended up chatting whilst she had a shit. Tell you what, she really had to go! She even said she’d not done one since Thursday and I just couldn’t believe it. In the end I just sat on the edge of the bath and let her get on with it.”

Barnaby gave his friend a knowing look.

“Adam, I bet she made your eyes water and you were gasping for a breather.”

“That’s one way of putting it, Barnaby. Hey, you sound as though you’re speaking from experience.”

Barnaby nodded wisely.

“You could say that. A couple of years ago whilst I was still at uni but home with my parents for Christmas, she and Uncle Brian came round for a New Year lunch. As soon as they arrived I knew she needed to shit from the way she was farting. In fact I knew that if Aunt Anne didn’t go to the toilet soon she’d shit herself and I think she realised that too as she headed straight for the bathroom. That’ was unusual for her as she sometimes likes to bake it and let a few fly. Not that day, though. We’d always been close and the thought of a hot woman taking a dump always did something for me so, pretending I was going up to my room, I lingered on the landing and listened in. Whether it was that radar which women seem to have, a sixth sense or, as Anne claimed at the time she just recognised my footsteps, I don’t know. Anyhow, she realised I was listening in she invited me to come in and chat whilst she finished her dump. At first I wasn’t sure about it but she soon put me at my ease though. The smell though, was something else and I was feeling a bit faint by the time she ‘d done. She told me about how she’d learnt to shit when she wanted in her uni days rather than when other people thought she should. In fact she advised me to do the same. When things went belly up at home and I came to live with her, we decided on an open door bathroom policy. I’ve seen her on the can dozens of times and she’s seen me on it nearly as many. Over time you get to realise that it’s no big deal – just a function we’ve all got to do.”

Although impressed by Barnaby’s frankness, Adam felt uneasy.

“Barnaby, I hate to say this but I’m a bit shy about some things and shitting’s one of them. I’m not so sure about this open door policy.”

“Typical voyeur! Aha, you like to watch but you’re not so happy about being watched?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Okay, so you’re shy. Look don’t worry, mate. We’ll see what we can to do to get you over that but we’ll take it gently. No pressure or anything.”


“Well let’s shake on it then. “

Barnaby gave Adam’s hand a firm but friendly squeeze. Despite his reservations, Adam had a feeling that all would be well. Barnaby and Anne were clearly two people who shared with him the desires of the smallest room.

The End

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