Descent Into Animus

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This story takes place in a FANTASY world with no AIDS or STDs. In the REAL world AIDS and STDs can kill you. Live long, Play hard, Play Safe!!

Prologue: End Of Time

I am a 59-year-old University Professor teaching 19th Century Erotic Literature for the Faculty of Arts at Ontario State. My 54-year-old wife Jan is still quite a hot number, considering her having given me three beautiful daughters in our 35-year marriage. Still, I have never been particularly faithful. In my early years of teaching, I had a steady stream of co-eds passing through my bed, well the couch in my office really. I was always very discrete, so Jan never had any idea what a hound dog I was. Alas, time catches up with one, and the co-eds won’t give an old fart like me the time of day anymore.

Nonetheless old habits die hard, and I have been seeing Marcy, one of the School Librarians, for about a year now. She is a great looking 40-year-old woman, stuck in a lousy marriage, so when my weekly Tuesday night poker gang broke up, I just kept going out to play. It was a super cover, as I never won anything anyway, but my “losses” would get Marcy and me a great meal or a fun night out in the bars. She always was eager to repay me with a couple of hours of anything-goes sex.

One day about a year ago I had the day off school, and all my classes had been cancelled, with my students out on a field trip with one of the other Professors. I made a date with Dominique, my oldest daughter, over her lunch hour (yes, all of the kids are grown and gone, praise the Lord) to go look for a new car for her. Jan was gone for the day to Toronto to do some shopping, and to see her sisters. Being horny, and it being early in the morning, I gave Marcy a call to see if she could break away from work for a hour or so of one-on-one. Sure enough she could, and as always was ready to go, she’s a hot one!

So there I am, flat on my back in the middle of the living room, with Marcy gulping down my rather average 7 inch prick in a semi-69. I’m fingering her juicy pussy, which is still dripping from the reaming I had just given her with one hand, while rubbing her swollen clit between my thumb and forefinger with the other. In walks Domi! She takes one look at us, and screams.

“You fucking old bastard, cheating on mom and all of us, I’m telling, and you are going to pay!!!!!”

Domi then takes out of there like a scalded cat.

What the hell happened, she’d not due over here for at least a, what time is it anyway! Shit, Marcy and I had totally lost track of time, it was nearly twelve fucking thirty.

I spent the rest of the day in a panic. I was sure Domi would call Jan on her cell, but couldn’t be sure. I didn’t want to raise any suspicions, and it would do no good to call Jan anyway if Domi had spoken to her. I tried to get a hold of Domi to try and calm her down, but all I got was her voice mail. I headed over to the Lab where Domi works, and they told me she had taken the day off after lunch. I ran over to her apartment, but no one was home. Being there was nothing else I could do, I headed back home to chill, have a brew, and await my fate.

Jan got in about 8:30 that evening, and seemed to be in a good mood. She told me all about seeing her sisters, and how they went shopping, but nothing she looked at seemed to fit. She asked how it went with Domi and looking at cars, and I told her I had completely forgotten, and gone out to play a round of golf, so we never hooked up. Jan said, “Domi will be pissed, you’d better go over to her place and make a peace offering or I’ll never hear the end of this.” Yes! There is a God (or is it a Goddess?), I thought.

At that I headed back over to Dominique’s apartment. At last she was home, and alone. Thank god that stud-muffin boyfriend she was seeing, wasn’t home! She let me in, and told me to sit down. She had been thinking about what she had seen me doing with that “other woman”, but didn’t quite know how to break the news to mom. I told her that I was very sorry, I loved mom very dearly, and I would do anything if she just wouldn’t tell.

She told me she was very angry, and I would have to tell her the whole truth about my relationship with Marcy, and if I were completely truthful she would think about what she would do.

I told Domi how Marcy and I had met at school, and how we got together for my weekly Tuesday night Poker Game (lol). I explained how I was really just giving Marcy a mercy fuck given her lousy husband and non-existent sex life. She means nothing to me, as I love Jan very dearly. I would stop seeing Marcy right that moment (fingers crossed), just please don’t tell Jan.

Domi told me that I would have to stop seeing Marcy immediately, and that I would have to be severely disciplined for being such a rotten human being. I told her again, I would do anything, absolutely anything if she didn’t tell Jan about Marcy.

Domi thought this over for a long time, and finally said she had made up her mind. She was going to canlı bahis punish me severely, and she was taking over my Tuesday night Poker Games to continue to discipline me until I was properly house broken.

“House broken! What does she mean, house broken?” My mind screamed.

Domi said one word. “Strip.”

Chapter One: Worship of the Goddess

I was stunned and started to protest. Domi started to dial the phone.

“No Domi, don’t do it, you will ruin your mother’s life!” And mine, I thought.

Domi asked, “What story did you tell mom about today?”

I explained how I lied about going golfing, and forgetting all about her, her mom even suggesting that I come over to apologize.

Then I started to shake, and said, “But Dominique, I just couldn’t live with myself if you made me have sex with you, it’s incest, so just please don’t make me have sex with you.”

Domi then told me not to say another word; if I said another word or disobeyed an order, she was calling mom, and then I would pay doubly.

She then said, more gently, “Now take off your clothes, and we’ll begin your punishment. Don’t be afraid; I am very angry about what you did, but I won’t ever really hurt you, old man.”

I slowly removed my clothes as Domi paced around me, looking me over closely. When I was fully naked she finally said, “You’re in good shape for an old man, but I want you to lose that spare tire. Tomorrow you will start going to the gym at the University, like you used to. When I am done with you mom will have a made-over lover, I guarantee it; you will be my Swan.”

Then she went over to the couch, turned her back on me, and quickly removed her slacks and underpants. She then turned and sat down with her legs wide open, exposing her sex. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at my beautiful daughter’s pussy. It was covered with a light downy fur, with delicate pink lips peaking out from the puffy smooth flesh that formed her slit.

“Eat me,” she said. “Eat me now!”

I could only whisper, “Please, no.”

“No Barking!” Domi commanded, “Get over here now and eat me.” She picked up the phone one more time.

I walked over, and knelt down in front of her, closed my eyes, and put my lips to her sex. I was shaking all over. Domi gently held my head as I gently sucked, and said, “I’m only going to explain this once, this is not incest, because you are never going to fuck me. Bill never fucked Monica, and if that’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for me.”

“You are nothing more to me than a pet that must be disciplined,” she continued, “You are a dog, and I am your god. If you speak, I can’t hear you, it’s just barking to me, and my dog is not permitted to bark.”

As I listened to my daughter’s voice, I felt suddenly at peace; this was my punishment, to be her sex toy, to be made over for Jan.

Now she said, “I’m going to call mom, and let her know you are going to be here for a couple of hours. I want you to just keep licking and sucking.” I nodded my head that I understood.

She called and said, “Mom, it’s Domi, did you hear what dad did to me today?

“That’s, right, he went golfing and forgot all about looking for a new car with me, you’d think his brains were in those balls.

“I told him he was going to have to stay here and watch a chick flick with me to make up, so he’s gone down to pick one up for me. I’ll send him home in a couple of hours, ok?

“Love you, Mom.”

With that she hung up the phone, leaned back and started to groan. By now my prick was hard as a rock, and dripping all over the carpet. Finally Domi gave a little shudder, and pushed my face away from her dripping pussy.

“Look at my cunt.” She said. I looked; it was a beautiful hunk of woman flesh, swollen from my sucking, and glistening from a coating of saliva and her juices. She then said, “Now listen, you are a dog, and all humans are your God. You want to please all Gods, but women are special Gods because they have Pussies, and for a dog the smell and taste of a Pussy is heaven. So I am going to teach you to Worship every woman’s Pussy as your Goddess. Understand?”

Then Domi started to teach me the worship of her Goddess.

First she taught me different ways to form my tongue, soft and flat for licking, hard and pointy for poking, curled up like a little cunt to cuddle her clit.

Then she started to teach me hand signals, one for long licks starting at the anus, and ending at the belly button, another for short licks just above the vagina, one for sucking on her clitoris, one to lick around the vaginal opening, and another to stick my tongue in as far as it could go. She said a good dog could learn up to 40 hand signals combining licking, sucking and position. She was going to teach me to be a very good dog,

Suddenly she said, “Look at the time, Mike will be home any minute.” Mike was her live-in boyfriend, not too bright, but a great looking kid.

Then bahis siteleri she said, “Be back here Tuesday night at 7:00 sharp. From now on your Poker Night will be your punishment night, so you better tell Marcy you can’t see her any more or I’ll bust you. Don’t forget to go to the gym, and I want you to practice your Worship with mom.”

I started to protest, “I can’t do that, Jan will know something’s up.”

Domi just said, “No Barking, bad dog! Now get dressed and get out of here, Mike will be home any minute!”

Chapter Two: The Doggie Cums to Worship

The following Tuesday was wonderful. Domi was teaching me the doggie hand signals, and I had already lost almost 5 pounds at the gym.

I was practicing my Worship of the Goddess on Jan (freestyle) about every second night. One night she stopped me and asked, “Is this your way of making up for having an affair?”

I was stunned, “No,” I said, “I’m not having an affair!”

“What are you doing then?” she smiled.

“Well,” I stammered, “I picked up a pamphlet on oral sex on campus the other day, it was published by the Gay and Lesbian Rights folks, and I was kind of curious if you girls really liked this as much as the pamphlet said.”

“You silly,” she said, “Cunnilingus is next to godliness, don’t you know? If you get any better at this I may just have to keep you.”

We laughed, and I got back to my practice, then Jan had just about her best orgasm ever right on my face.

The second Tuesday at Domi’s was kind of cut short. After practicing the hand signals for about a half an hour, Domi started to have a surfing orgasm, and I just kept her cumming and cumming. I lapped and lapped at her juices, and she bucked my face for over half an hour, and finally she gasped, “I can’t take any more of this, let’s call it a night.”

I was devastated; my Goddess didn’t want me any more? As I slowly got dressed Domi came over and handed me a key to her apartment.

Then Domi told me, “Don’t be sad, you are a good puppy. Now next Tuesday I want you to let yourself in, then go to my bedroom, take off your clothes, put on the collar I’ll leave out for you, then lie down on the mat at the foot of my bed and wait for me to come and get you.”

The next Tuesday couldn’t come fast enough, and there I was letting myself into Domi’s apartment. It was dark, so I went into her bedroom, turned on the light, and removed my clothes. I found a large black leather dog collar on the bed, and put it on. It had silver studs all around it, not pointy, but rounded, and a large silver tag the shape of that Rolling Stones tongue with the name “LICKER” engraved on it. At the foot of the bed was a large doggy bed, about three inches thick and four feet on each side.

I lay down, and must have dozed off, for the next thing I knew Domi was standing over me with a leash. I heard voices in the apartment, music playing, and the tinkle of glasses, it sounded like a party!

Domi put the leash on me, and then told me that as a dog I could walk upright when we were traveling, but when we stopped I had to get down on all fours, and sniff out the most delicious Goddess there. If I got too annoying, she would command me with “Off” or “Lie Down”, and I was to obey immediately. Above all, “No Barking”.

She then led me out into her living room where six or seven women were standing about talking and having a drink. They all seemed so different from one another, a young slender Russian beauty, barely 20, a dark swarthy one that might have been southern Italian or perhaps Greek (Yikes-or more likely Dikes), a petite English red head, a tall Norwegian blonde, and a short but very overweight girl of about 30.

In a loud voice Domi announced: “Ladies, I would like you meet my new pet that I told you all about before coming here. This is my new lap dog, Licker.”

Someone said, “Gawd he’s old!” but Domi continued, “I know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but he was headed for the dog pound when I rescued him. Now as you all know I need your help in properly training him.”

Domi handed out sheets containing the hand signals, and told everyone that while “freestyle” is fun, teaching the hand signals was more important. The dog has to not only react properly to hand signals, but also to read the subtle feedback from his Goddess to maximize the effects of his worship.

The Norwegian fairly shouted, “Me first!”

She was a beautiful tall blonde bombshell, with a shaved pussy that smelt of honey, smooth hairless outer lips, and an inner lip that stuck out like the tongue of a small dog. Her Goddess was very sensitive to my worship, and I had to move lightly through my tricks, but after a few minutes she seemed to be able to take a bit more pressure, until she finally gave me the signal for freestyle. After about 30 seconds of freestyle I went to sucking on her clit, and fucking it with my curled tongue. Shortly after I started my sucking action she was having a massive orgasm, bahis şirketleri and spraying juices all over my face, till finally she pulled my face from her sex, and breathlessly panted, “Off, Off boy.”

The ladies had been standing around, and showed their appreciation with mild applause. I was thinking, “Wow, if this is punishment, I’ll take a double scoop.”

Next the Swarthy One stepped up, and said to Domi, “I bet you a hundred he can’t make me come.” Domi replied, “You’re on Yvette, one hundred dollars you come all over Licker’s face.”

Yvette pulled off her slacks and panties, and sat down in the wingback chair with her legs pulled up, exposing her sex right down to her asshole. I was dumbfounded; this was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. The hair seemed to curl in from her thighs, blanketing her anus and cunt in a thick and impenetrable mat.

I moved in to get a closer look, and could see bitts of toilet paper rolled up like little maggots stuck in the hair around her poop shoot, and the smell was of the fisherman’s wharf on a hot August morning. Her inner lips were thick and blackened, like hamburgers left too long on the grill, and they didn’t look as if they had ever been washed.

Yvette said, “I’ll bet you another hundred he can’t last 10 seconds.”

Domi retorted, “When it comes to disgusting, I’ll have to admit you have the Mount Everest of cunts there Yvette, but I know Licker can do it… two hundred then.”

I closed my eyes and thought back to my youth, to my faithful dog Thor. He was a big yellow lab, and I used to run with him on the beach at Grand Bend on Lake Huron. He was such a chick magnet, but once in a while he would run ahead of me and find a great dead fish washed up on the shore. By the time I’d catch up he was rubbing his muzzle in the stinking flesh, and rolling on his back in the stench. No chicks today!

I thought to myself, “I am that dog! Let my human mind sleep, let the spirit of Thor still alive in me come forward.”

Yvette was signalling for an anus reaming, all the while teasing me by pulling her cunt lips open so the pink flesh looked like the mouth of a Lamprey eel, and I almost could almost see little sharp teeth waiting to suck the blood from my dead corpse.

My doggy mind took over, and I dug into her butt with my tongue. My nose was planted firmly in her cunt, and the overpowering scent was like heaven to my doggie brain. Yvette just sat there stunned as I cleaned out her ass, picking the little balls of toilet paper out of her hair with my teeth.

Domi started to give me hand signals, lick between her outer and inner lips, up one side, down the other, flick her vagina, and then change directions and do it again. Yvette’s juices began to flow. At first they were thick and overpowering, like goat cheese tapioca. As I worked her goddess, her juices ran more freely, as if years of grit and grime were being washed away. After a while the taste became more like a good pungent Isley Scotch, full of peat and iodine with a copper aftertaste.

Domi started to change signals practically after every stroke, soft tongue up the middle, suck clit, poke anus, suck clit, rim vagina, suck right lip, now clit, now left lip. Yvette began to tremble, then to quake, and then finally she grabbed my head and began to fuck my face feverishly. I could hardly breathe. And then the flood; I sucked and sucked, nearly drowning in Yvette’s cum. Finally she pushed me away roughly, angry at losing her bet!

Domi started to laugh. “Say Yvette, I didn’t know you were on the rag, that’s probably why you were so horny, so don’t be a sore loser.” Yvette looked at me, my face was covered in a patina of red juices from forehead to chin. Slowly she started to giggle, and then to laugh, until finally she was howling, and all of the women stood around laughing with her.

Domi said to me, “Go wash up, brush your teeth, gargle, and for god’s sake put a condom on that dick of yours, you’re leaking all over the carpet again, Licker!”

For the rest of the night I was in heaven. Every woman came forward to aid in my training, and I was quickly learning to read their subtle reactions to maximize their pleasure. Some lay down on their backs for me to 69, while others thrust their Goddess into the air from a doggie style position for me to eat, while others just sat on a couch or chair with legs raised to provide maximum access.

Finally as the night was drawing to a close, Domi brought the big girl, whom she called Mary, to me. Domi told me that Mary was a virgin, and very shy on account of her weight. Domi brought us into the bedroom so it would be little more private for Mary. Her Goddess was puffy, perhaps from her weight and all, and had a clean furry slit, with no discernable inner lips or anything.

Mary said, “Domi, stay with me, I’m not sure what to do.” Domi reassured her that she would do all she could to help. Domi had Mary lie back and raise her hips, while she placed a couple of pillows under them. She then placed another couple of pillows to raise Mary’s head so she could easily see and reach the action. I lay on my belly between Mary’s legs and was perfectly positioned for a long session of sucking and licking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32