Derailed Ch. 04

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Thursday, I woke at 5:30 refreshed and eager to get to work where I could stop thinking about Amelia. By the time I reached the office, I’d ratcheted my work mode up to a new height and attacked my work. I went non-stop to 7:30 before calling it a day. Having purposely worn myself out, I retired early and was asleep immediately.

Friday was a repeat of Thursday until mid-afternoon. I left the office, taking a walking break to clear my head. When I returned, I’d a voice mail message from Amelia inviting me to her house in the suburbs tomorrow at 4:00 PM. I knew the area of her home from my map, but wrote down the detailed directions she gave. Wanting to her real voice, I tried calling her back but got her answering machine.

Saturday, I managed to find enough errands and chores to keep me busy until it was time to leave. The drive out was uneventful and I turned onto Amelia’s road ahead of schedule. I slowed down for the final leg of my trip with the road winding through huge wooded estates. High brick walls or wrought iron fences limited my view of the residences. Some were set back so far off the road they weren’t visible.

I found Amelia’s and easily negotiated entry through her security gate. An older Hispanic-looking maid met me at the door and, using broken English, led me through the house to a swimming pool in back of the massive home. She seated me at a table shaded by an umbrella and went back inside.

I waited, enjoying the pleasant summer day, the secluded quiet and admired the wall of tall trees where the manicured lawn ended. From the map I’d studied, I guessed the woods beyond had to be the start of a large forest preserve. Living and working in the city as I did, I’d forgotten the peace and privacy offered by rural areas.

About fifteen minutes later, I heard a noise. Expecting Amelia, I turned towards the house where it’d come from. Wearing a short white terry cloth swim cover, she walked towards me. As she neared, I though the bright sunshine was affecting my eyes. She looked and walked like Amelia, but appeared to be fifteen years younger! Blinking didn’t change what I was seeing. My mouth dropped open in amazement. She halted, standing before me and said, “Hello, Garrett.”

I stared up in stunned disbelief. I knew The Fountain of Youth was a legend. Also, if a way to reverse the aging process it would have had to been reported in the media and I’d have read about it. What my eyes beheld, my mind knew wasn’t possible. She’d Amelia’s body, her hair, her eyes and her face. Her mouth formed the exact same amusing smile of Amelia’s. I muttered, “Who? How? What?”

The young Amelia giggled and extended her hand to say, “I’m Cassandra, Amelia’s younger sister. Everyone calls me Casey.”

It took a few seconds to sink in and unfreeze my body. Waiting for me to take her out stretched hand, she again giggled and continued, “Just about everyone is surprised at how much Amelia and I are alike. But, you’re the first I’ve met to be shocked speechless.”

I sprang up in finally being able to take her hand, “I’m sorry. Amelia never mentioned she’d a sister. The two of you look so much alike I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m very happy to meet you, Casey.”

After our handshake ended, our hands stayed joined while we studied each other. She broke the silence, “Nice to meet you too, Garrett. Amelia described you as handsome. I see what she meant.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I’ll remember to thank Amelia when she gets here. Will she join us soon?”

“No, she’s not here.”

“Not here?”

“She said you’d probably be disappointed and asked me to explain why. This might take a while. It’d be best if we both sat down.”

In taking our chairs, we both heard the sound of the rear door closing from the house. It was the maid carrying a tray with two glasses on it. Casey said, “I asked Maria to bring us two gin and tonics, Garrett. I thought it might help if you had a drink in hearing what I’m going to tell you.”

I was both puzzled and disheartened. As soon as the maid set my drink on the table, I took a full swig then asked, “Where’d Amelia go?”

“She took an early morning flight to Europe and will be there for three months.”

“Three months?” I was sure my disappointment on my face.

“Yes. She only decided to leave yesterday. She’d something to tell you and didn’t want you to hear it over the phone. Since the two of us are very close, she called me, explained her problem and asked me to take her place. I agreed to take her place and tell you in person.”

“How much did Amelia tell you about the two of us?”

“If you’re asking whether I know that the two of you were intimate, the answer is yes. It was one of the reasons I agreed to meet you. She wanted you to know that it’s also one of the main reasons she thought it best to go away for a while.”

“How so? I don’t understand.”

“Amelia thought you might. She wanted you to know she thought you were a wonderful person. She trusts you as her broker and admires you even more for the person that you are. sınırsız escort As much as she enjoyed being with you, she knew she wasn’t right for you – the woman you needed. Amelia was afraid that, if she kept seeing you, she’d wind up hurting you.”

Casey gave me time to absorb what she’d said, waiting for and watching me quietly. We both took a few sips of our drinks in the silence before I spoke, “You can tell Amelia thanks for me. Tell her I’ll miss her and that, although its kind of hard to take now, deep down I know she’s right.”

I drained my glass, stood and offered my hand saying, “And thank YOU Casey for volunteering to be Amelia’s messenger. I guess I should be going now.”

Holding on to my hand, she stammered back, “No, wait! Can you stay a while? You’ve come all the way out here…only to hear some disappointed news…the weather’s perfect for sitting outside and…I’m here alone with the servants. I could use some company…the cook can fix us something for dinner…we could eat dinner out here.”

First thinking Casey’s invitation only a sympathetic gesture offered due to the message she’d delivered, I almost declined. But, her tightening grip and the expression on her face changed my mind. I sat back down saying, “I’d like that. It’s been so long since I’ve been out of the city; I’d forgotten how good it feels to get away. Sitting out here, with such a gracious hostess, is a special treat for me.”

She giggled gleefully, released my hand slowly in excitingly replying, “Good! Can I get you another drink…some wine…an appetizer…or dinner…John, the cook makes a wonderful Cobb salad.’

I smiled at her bubbly, rapid flow of words in trying to guess what I’d like. Casey’s demeanor was so unlike her older sister, it terminated my confusing train of thought brought on by their nearly identical appearances. Having been lover to the present day Amelia, it was possible she’d once had the youthful exuberance of Casey. But, the Amelia I knew was so overpoweringly confident of getting whatever she desired, I couldn’t even imagine her being like Casey in her youth.

Having weathered my initial shock and the disappointing news, it slowly dawned on me how fortunate I was to meet both sisters. It was a unique experience to know two equally attractive women with a genetically shared beauty. Their age difference and their contrasting personalities roused my curiosity in an odd, yet intriguing way. I responded, “I’d like another drink, will pass on the appetizer for some wine with a Cobb salad later – thank you.”

“Good!” She exclaimed, popping out of her chair with another gleeful giggle. I watched her walk over to an inter-com mounted on a pole about 10 feet away and press a call button. The maid answered and Casey said, “Maria, we’ve a dinner guest. Please bring us two more drinks for right away. Tell John to put a bottle of that white wine I like on ice and make up two of his wonderful Cobb salads for our dinner. When the wine and salads are ready, bring them out.”

“Yes, Ms. Casey.” Maria replied. I never took my eyes off her as she returned. I admired her long, shapely legs showing beneath her swim cover and caught a few glimpses of something red she was wearing underneath. I guessed it to be a bikini she’d worn while sun tanning, swimming in the pool or both before I arrived.

She settled back into her chair asking, “Garrett, how’d you become a stockbroker?”

“I’ll answer that and any other questions you have on the condition you’ll answer any questions I have about you.”

“Agreed. But, under the circumstances, can we exclude any questions about Amelia?”

“OK by me. I won’t if you don’t.”

We didn’t and talked for the next three hours, pausing our flowing enthusiastic conversation only a few brief times in eating our salads and drinking the bottle of wine. Almost immediately, we discovered a shared sense of humor and laughed a lot in getting acquainted. I answered all her questions about my work then, when it was my turn to question her, I changed the subject to our personal histories and together we worked our way up to the present asking and answering questions of each other.

Time past quickly as we talked. I’d never had a more enjoyable conversation with another woman, even cumulatively with the ones I’d dated. None of the others talked so candidly, were as quick-witted and liked to laugh as much as Casey. She made me think she felt the same way about me. Something beyond physical attraction sparked between us.

Casey told me she was staying at her sister’s because she’d recently been laid off, as a buyer for a large retail store, when a larger chain bought the store she’d worked at in New York. I’d a twinge of excitement in hearing she liked the area, wanted to live closer to her sister and was looking for another job locally. Completely forgetting about Amelia, I blurted, “So, there’s a chance I might see you around.”

“That’s possible…I mean…you could, if I find a job here.” Casey fell into an awkward silence and I realized taksim escort my mistake immediately. I’d made her uncomfortable in hinting at the two of us seeing each other, with Amelia and I having been lovers. I felt like an ass, blowing what could be an incredible opportunity. Unable to think of a way to correct my error, I felt it best to apologize and leave as fast as possible, “I’m sorry, Casey. I shouldn’t have said that. I got a little too carried away and forgot what enabled us to meet. Thanks for everything. I’ve REALLY enjoyed meeting you. I should go.”

My standing to leave snapped her from silence, “No! Please don’t go. The night’s still young and perfect for sitting outside. Besides, after what I’ve given you to drink, I wouldn’t feel right letting you drive back without having some coffee first. Sit down and I have Maria get some.”

I agreed and Casey made a second trip over to the intercom to order a pot of coffee. Maria arrived shortly after with our coffee and collected our empty dinner dishes, silverware and wine glasses onto a tray. When Maria turned to leave, Casey told her, “Thanks, Maria. That’ll be all for tonight. Tell John we won’t be needing anything more and he’s off duty too.”

Night fell triggering lights in the pool and along the walkway back to the house. After downing two cups of coffee, I excused myself for a needed visit to the bathroom in the house. Returning to give final regards before leaving, Casey greeted me with, “How about a swim before you leave?”

“Sounds good, but I didn’t bring my trunks. You have any around for guests?”

“We probably do…but I wouldn’t know where they’re kept.” Disappoint showed on her face but was quickly replaced by the family’s amusing smile and a widening of her eyes, “Duh! We’ve got so much privacy back here, who needs bathing suits? Perfect time and place for skinny dipping.”

Before I could respond, she was on her feet stripping off her swim cover and the red bikini beneath. She did it so fast, I’d yet to move when she’d finished and stood before me wearing only a beaming grin. She laughed in delight at shocking me still and seemed to enjoy me gawk at her naked body. She gave me a long flash before tossing out an undeniable invitation, “C’mon, lets have some fun!”

Casey turned and ran over to dive into the pool. I laughed so hard, it took me longer than it should’ve to shed my cloths and follow. The two of us splashed and swam around like a couple of kids getting away with something that was not allowed. We played a game of cat and mouse with me chasing her around, only to have her bounce out of reach when I came near.

Our game ended when she stopped and stood in neck-high water. I halted two feet away; close enough to clearly see her bare breasts swaying in the water we’d churned up. She’d lost her smile in saying, “Garrett, I need to ask you something…seriously. Amelia told me you two were lovers and nothing more. I didn’t even know how you looked like until today. It’s kind of…awkward thing to ask…but…do you think there’s any chance for the two of us?”

“That thought hit my mind before dinner…it’s gnawed at me ever since…I was afraid to say anything…for fear of ruining things…between us. I REALLY like you, Casey…more than anyone I’ve ever met. And, it’s not just sexual…like it was with Amelia. What I’m feeling is deeper. I’m attracted to you, not only by how you look on the outside, but who you are on the inside too. The odds might be against us, but I don’t care. I want to try, no matter what the risk.”

Her face brightened when I finished. She raised her arms and beckoned me to, “C’mere.”

We embraced and kissed for the first time. It wasn’t a long kiss of burning sexual desire. Our mouths stayed closed, our lips content in savoring the warmth and softness of our first kiss. It ended with us holding our embrace and rubbing cheeks until she rested her chin on my shoulder. More seconds passed as we relished our naked bodies being pressed together, before she said, “You’re answer was more than I’d hoped for. How we met doesn’t matter. I’m just thrilled we did.”

Again, we kissed, this time longer, pressing our bodies pressed harder together. My cock, shriveled by the cool water, unfurled and expanded between us. We ground our fronts against each other while our hands explored our backsides. A single craving, borne out of two needs, became a single want.

Her lush lips pushed in and opened both our mouths. She was first to run her tongue tip over my lips. I did the same to hers then we took turns sucking each of the other’s lips separately. I pulled away slightly to plant kisses on her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. When I dipped down to kiss her neck, she bent her head back for me to let me work my way down. I brought my hand around and covered her breast. My fingertips found and fondled her stiff nipple. Casey stopped me asking, “Make love to me…but not here in the pool for our first time…out on the lawn under the stars.”

Hand-in-hand, we waded to the shallow end tesettürlü escort of the pool, climbed up the submerged stairs and walked towards the padded lounge chairs. She started undoing the ties of one chair’s padded cloth cushion. I did the same to another close by. We carried the two cushions over to the lawn and laid them side-by-side. I took her hand to help her lay down.

The light of the moon combined with the pathway and pool lights enabled me to see every slope and rise of her gorgeous body as she settled onto her back. I hesitated, unhurriedly scanning over all of her, before saying, “Casey, you are so beautiful.”

She bent her knees, slid her feet out spreading her legs open and stretched out her arms to beckon me. I knelt between her legs, set my forearms on the pad near her sides and eased my torso gradually down on her but withheld my full weight. Our lips joined, her arms wrapped around my shoulders and her legs encircled my lower back to pull me to her. My hard cock trapped tightly between our two pelvic mounds.

We kissed hard. I stabbed my tongue through both our lips touching hers with my tip. She sucked my tongue as I slid mine in and out, our mouths acting out what we wanted to do with our bodies.

Only our need of air made us break. I pecked my way down her neck to the valley between her soft mounds and dragged my face slowly up and over her right rise. Turning back, I caught her nipple between my lips and sucked. Her hands gripped the back of my head when the trapped peak hardened and stayed when I switched over to give her other nipple equal treatment.

Her hands held on when I trailed kisses down the center of her body, ignoring the chlorine smell and taste of pool water on her skin. Reaching her puffy woman’s cleft, my face warmed and the strong sweet aroma of her arousal flooded my nostrils. Casey’s fingertips dug into my scalp when I stretched my tongue out and lapped her slick entry to gather a layer of her warm seepage to taste and swallow. She shuddered moaning, “Yessssssss.”

Encouraged, I pushed in and drew my nose up following with my extended tongue parting her puffed pussy lips. When my nose met the stiff stump, I knew what it was immediately – a hidden trait shared by the two sisters.

When I probed Casey’s sensitive clit with my tongue tip, she whimpered and her fingernails dug into the skin my head. I seized the sensitive bump with pursed lips, sucked and tongued it’s crest. Her entire body tensed and trembled. She jerked my head away to plead, “Stop Garrett! Please! I’m so near…but I want…our first time…with you inside me.”

Her request released me from the struggle to control my own needs until I’d pleased her first. I rose up on my knees and shuffled forward steering my steely hard cock to her opening. She lifted her legs, clasped the back of her thighs above the knees and pulled, rolling her hips back and up. With Casey wide open in offering, I needed to bend only slightly to set my cock’s round head to her gateway. I wedged my dome into her velvety softness. Her warm salve of stimulation bathed my stretched skin. Finding her very tight, I pressed in with a slow cautiousness to let her adjust to my intrusive girth. Aided by her slick oozed juice, I squeezed ahead. Her taut inner walls parting to welcome each burrowing inch.

When fully sunk in, I held still and leaned down. Her eyes were shut. Her lips were parted with corners upturned in a smile of pleasure. I covered her lips with mine. Casey’s embraced me with her arms and wrapped her legs around me crossing her ankles at my lower back. Our kiss deepened. Our tongues danced. Her four limbs tightened their hold.

A strong wave of prickling sensations shot out from my buried cock tingling every nerve in my body. When I started to withdraw, Casey turned her head aside to plea, “Yes, oh yes, Garrett…I want you! I NEED YOU!”

When I was nearly out, her legs tensed pulling me back in. Though only our first time, her legs pulled on my ensuing thrusts and loosened on my up-strokes in perfect harmony. Her lips plucked my cheek and neck. Our pace quickened, spurred on by our need of release and my fervent plunges grew stronger.

Casey clamped her legs hard to hold me in on a deep stroke. Her pussy gripped my shaft. Her teeth sunk into my shoulder as her hips jolted up with her first burst of release. I came with her, my cock spewing cum into her depths and our mingled juices flooded our connection and then leaking out.

Our two quaking bodies vibrated into each other. My throbbing spurts ebbed as I emptied into her. When fully spent, I held still and savored each of her waning shudders. I told her, “You’re amazing.”

“So are you.” She replied and we kissed. It was a kiss of mutual appreciation and, when over, she teased, “Wanna do it again?”

“Of course, I do and will when I recover.”

When I shrank and slipped out, we lie on our sides kissing and running our hands over our each other’s body. Our open palms glided over our perspiration-slick skins, reveling the touch and feel of the slippery layer created by our making love. We spent the night outside, enjoying each other and making love both in and out of the pool. Completely exhausted, we went inside just before dawn. I stayed Sunday and, on Monday, called in sick for the first time since I’d worked for J.P Brighten

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