Deflowering Jenny

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An iron grey cloud passed overhead as Jenny skipped from the bus, kicking up the puddles from the earlier downpour. Just then,the 18-year old student with strawberry blonde hair tied in bunches realised her mistake: the bag visible through the window in the seat she’d just vacated. Waving frantically, the driver oblivious cut an oblique path into the line of traffic and sped off. Cursing under her breath, Jenny memorised the number plate before traipsing home dejectedly.

The first fresh spots of rain began to sprinkle as she reached the gate, praying someone might be home though knowing full well it could be an hour or more before either parent finished work. Her keys, mobile phone and a whole lot of other stuff gone with the bus, she shivered on the step, pushing the bell hard with her thumb as the heavens opened. Yet the house’s darkness told its own story. It wasn’t even as if she could take shelter, no porch above the front foor and a solid wooden gate barring access to the back garden.


Inside his adjoining house, 36-year old neighbour Mark switched on the light against the covering of dark, cracked open a beer and set himself down to watch TV. An anxious glance outside at the rain, any prospect of going for a run had been quashed by the storm.

Suddenly there was a volley of knocks on the door and he rose slowly to answer.


By now Jenny was soaked through and frankly desperate. Then she saw the light come on in the neighbour’s window. Fairly new to the area, Jenny had seen the husband a handful of times on her way to college and he had always given her a smile without being talkative.

Mark lifted back the door to see the bedraggled teen rubbing her arms, rain streaking her face. ”Scuse me, I’ve locked myself out…’

He smiled. ‘You’d better…quick come inside before you catch a death of cold.’

‘Thanks,’ she whispered. ‘My mum’ll be home soon.

Jenny closed the door behind her, feeling the sheet of warmth radiate down the hallway.

‘You want to wait till she gets home?’ enquired Mark, the words met by a nod. ‘Let me get you a hot drink and a towel.’

‘Thanks,’ she repeated, following his eyes.

They fell to where her white shirt stuck to a bra that covered a pair of firm average size pear shaped breasts. In fact, Jenny could best be described bayan pendik escort as average all round: height, weight and pretty without lighting up a room. Not short of male admirers, she nonetheless remained a virgin, liking the idea of sex without being filled with desperation. Somehow though the boys her age did little to fire her imagination.

Suddenly she recalled the day these new neighbours moved in, watching from behind the curtains as Mark’s muscled arms rippled as he helped carry the furniture. Jenny had gone all acquiver, especially when he glanced up and caught her spying.

As he turned and headed away, the student in his hallway admired the tight backside in the jogging bottoms. She heard the kettle flick on and the neighbour approach, holding a towel.

‘I’m Jenny,’ she smiled, the warmth of the house penetrating her arms and bare legs.

‘Mark. Feel free to use the bathroom. You look very wet…’

The words hung in the air as both blushed at the inference.

Jenny scuttled away, up the creaky stairs, locking the bathroom door behind. Peeling off the shirt, she placed it on the radiator before rubbing down her arms and neck. The bra was damp and uncomfortable and that too was removed and placed next to the shirt until she stood topless before the mirror.

A voice carried up the stairs. ‘Everything okay?’

Instinctively Jenny crossed her arms over her chest, though the lock was firmly in place.

The creaks grew louder until he was on the landing. ‘There’s a t-shirt outside you can change into,’ came Mark’s voice.

Jenny waited until the footsteps disappeared to draw back the door and grab the top. It was small, so small in fact that it really stretched at the front, accentuating her pleasant figure. Her nipples grew instantly hard and she gulped.

Taking to the landing, she enquired: ‘Mind if I phone my mum? Find out what time she’s home.’

‘Sure, go ahead. There’s a phone in the bedroom, to your left…’

Jenny turned as Mark bounded up the stairs but too late to stop his guilty secret from being uncovered, the porno mag spread on the bed.

Each was as embarrassed as the other and Mark offered no explanation. Seeing Jenny in his wife’s t-shirt and being discovered in this way aroused him uncontrollably, evident beykoz escort in the bulge in the jogger pants.

Jenny too was turned on, a picture forming in her head of this older neighbour stroking his hard cock. The girl in the picture was young and with hair like Jenny’s. ‘I-I’d better go,’ she stuttered.

‘Please don’t,’ he said, closing the door, a hint of threat in his voice.

His cock now fully erect against the thinness of the joggers, Jenny felt uneasy yet at the same time impassioned. In a crowd of six close girl friends, she was the last virgin.

She forced a smile, not quite sure how to deal with the turn of events. ‘What if your wife comes home?’ she mustered.

‘Not due for an hour,’ he replied, his confidence growing on a par with his cock.

He moved towards her and she took a step back, her mind a mix of odd musings. Reaching out, she felt the stiffness through the material, her inhibitions suddenly tossed aside. He moaned a little, eyes rolling. Catching hold of the draw string, she tugged but they were held in place by the firm erection. Grinning, Mark eased them down. It wasn’t the largest Jenny could imagine but it was quite broad and veiny, the equivalent of three of her fingers, its purple head peeping out of the foreskin.

Jenny sat and lifted her arms, inviting him to her. Mark moved to pull the tight top clear. ‘You are so gorgeous,’ he whispered assuredly.

Jenny lay back to allow him to encircle the right nipple with his tongue, sending a shiver through her body. At the same time his hand caressed her side, drawing the young girl closer. Reaching out she took hold of his balls, squeezing gently, a globule of pre-cum forming. Laying down beside her, he smiled as she gently ran a hand down the shaft, the longing between her legs intensifying.

Wiping away the early rogue sperm, she kissed her finger, licking her lips gingerly. Saltier than she expected, it was not unpleasant however and she envisioned taking his length in her mouth, milking out every last drop.

He offered no objection as she leant over, kissing the tip, widening her mouth to accommodate its width. A gasp fell from Mark’s lips as her lips closed over the tip. A novice as was to be expected, Jenny’s naivety was compensated for by her enthusiasm. Soon her head was bostancı escort bobbing down the shaft, more trickles coating the back of her throat, the taste becoming an accustomed one. Harder, faster she bobbed, using her hand to wank the stiff penis.

Suddenly Mark grunted and bucked, propelling a rope of sticky cum onto her tongue. Another jerk and a second wave followed. Lifting back her head Jenny swallowed hungrily, savouring the taste.

‘Your turn,’ he whispered, a sure hand on her belly, caressing the top of her pubes.

By now, thoughts of her mother and getting home were long gone as Jenny became enslaved to lust.

Mark’s index finger opened her lips, drawing along the length of her vagina. He tasted her sweetness, giving an approving nod before his head moved forward.

Mark kissed each inner thigh in turn, leaving a trail of saliva up to the opening. Forcing her legs as wide apart as her body would allow, Jenny felt the tip of his tongue enter her virgin pussy. A gasp fell from her lips and she reached out to take hold of his hair and force him deeper. The tongue found her clit and Jenny almost lost consciousness, such was the delight.

Mark took long laps, targetting her clit for attention, feeling every spasm as she neared orgasm. ‘Fuck me please,’ she whispered.

He eased back, cock only semi ready. A lingering look over Jenny’s body and the stiffness returned. ‘First time,’ she mouthed.

He issued a reassuring smile, her words making his cock even harder.

Their mouths locked, a hint of their own juices on their tongues, before he gained her consent. Jenny could hardly say no, her body having taken her brain hostage.

The head of Mark’s penis pressed against her pussy lips, elicing a gasp, a hybrid of shock and lust fuelled pleasure filling Jenny.

The first rush of pain as he eased his length inside her was soon replaced with joy as each stroke took him deeper. Strong hands held her neck as he gained speed, an easy action assisted by her wetness and burgeoning orgasm.

She counted each stroke, panting wildly as the cock stretched the vagina beyond her wildest imaginings. His balls slapped her ass as he increased the speed, crying out. And then he released, a hot second load that brought the orgasm in Jenny immediately. She almost bit through her bottom lip in the process. She held him in her for precious moments until his erection subsided.

Jenny lay back, hearing movement the other side of the wall. ‘Damned neighbours are at it again,’ came her mother’s voice through the paper thin walls and Jenny went scarlet.

‘I think my mum’s home.’

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