Dear Terri

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Dear Terri,

As Patrick enters the room you embrace him and kiss him passionately. Your right leg slides up his thigh and you open your mouth whimpering for his strong tongue to explore your mouth. Your bright yellow and short skirt slips rises well above your thigh as Patrick reaches for a smooth place for his hand. He grabs your thigh and with a sense of ownership slides his hand upward to your ass, squeezes it, and slides it back down and around your thigh again.

I gaze at your leg and remember only an hour ago when I was shaving it, stroking it to ensure smooth. How I applied hand lotion to your feet & legs after you were dressed. I sat at your feet with the lotion in hand, dressed only in a jock strap the clearly revealed my lack of size, rubbing your feet and legs knowing that in the not too distant future the door bell would ring and Patrick would be here to claim his woman. Your body needed his and both he and I knew it.

As he moved further into the house he kissed you again with greater force and more sexuality. He reached to unbutton your blouse and was pleased to see your lack of a bra. As he touched your breasts, you took in air. I could see the buzzing going on in your head and in your body merely through Patrick’s touch.

Your back to me, your long hair swinging from side to side as your head moved with his mouth. He leaned down to take one of your fragile breasts into his mouth. Your head fell back and you almost lost your balance. Those breasts, kept even from my view, were a source of orgasmic stimulus from his kiss.

He canlı bahis lifted you up with his mouth still attached to your chest. You went limp in his arms as he carried you to our bedroom. He lay you on our bed and your legs splayed open, your left leg bent at the knee displaying your willingness. You were a sight laying there, eyes closed, shirt completely undone, your skirt hiked high and your sandals still adorning your feet.

You open your eyes, smile at Patrick and reach for his pants to undo his belt. You undo the button holding his khakis together and they fall enough for you to reach his dick. You touch it like it were a gift from above. As you touch it and stroke it you call me into the room. Now I am to complete in my preparing you for your night of sexual enjoyment. Relief that I alone am unable to provide you.

You fondle and excite Patrick’s dick, all the while telling him how beautiful it is and how wonderful it makes you feel when inside. I am kneeling on the floor making love to your moist and aromatic pussy. I run my nose through it, I smell your juices, heavy with anticipation of Patrick’s tool and staying power. I lick and suck and absorb whatever I can get from you. I listen to you talk to Patrick and worship his meat, I glance upward and see you not looking at me or holding my head in place, but stroking and kissing Patrick’s massive dick. Almost as if I were not even there.

He tires of your stroking and swings the head to your lips and you open your mouth and let him slip as much as he could inside. Once in, you begin bahis siteleri sucking him into your mouth and moan through his length. I continue to work at your pussy while you are involved with sucking Patrick’s penis and you finally manage to reach an orgasm. With that done, you kick me away from you, slide upward on the bed, and beg Patrick to fuck you until you pass out.

Your legs are in motion, but I grasp one and begin kissing your foot. I rub your calf, and remove your shoe and run my hands around your foot and ankle while Patrick is mounting you on our bed. He decides that he wants you on your knees, and too happy to oblige, you reposition yourself. I now have a clear view of your ass in the air, with a lovely mound of pubic hair.

Patrick kneels and aims at your hole and you reach back to help guide him. I kneel back down, and begin making love to the only part of you left for me, your feet. As he shoves himself into you, your legs move and I find myself chasing after your feet in order to have some sense of sexual awareness with you during this time. You grab at the sheets, your cries muffled through the pillow; my pillow. Patrick continues to fuck you moving from side to side. I watch it, am humiliated by it, but am completely entranced by it.

You finally decide you want privacy and kick me out. For the next three hours I would hear you two moaning and banging things around as you let it all out. It would get quiet after a little while, but then slowly and surely the action would resume, as you two could not get enough of each other’s bahis şirketleri bodies.

Late that night Patrick was leaving and you were trailing right behind him in nothing but your nightgown. You step outside with him and kiss him in our driveway. You put your hand in his pants and stroke his cock while kissing him next to his car. But Patrick has had all he can take for the night and his cock stays limp. He takes his seat in the car and you kneel to kiss him again. You bend your head down, kiss his dick again, and repack it for his drive home.

Again you two kiss and he drives away. You walk in, tell me to draw you a warm bath. While in your bath you have me clean up our bedroom. I pick things up, I put away your vibrator, the lotions and gels that were all out. I removed the covers and sheet and remade the bed.

After your bath you told me that you were going to sleep in the other room tonight, and I was going to sleep in our room. I went in to lay down and you mentioned one last, humiliating thing … that I was not to use the new covers I put on the bed. Tonight, my cover was their sheet. Wet with sex, sperm, sweat, and lotions.

I curled up under the wetness and smells and thought of everything I had heard. How my imagination had run free wondering what was going on inside. I will never know, and the sheet only heightened my curiosity and intrigue. Of course, that is why you did it.

I kept wondering if you were going to come in and allow me relief from the ache in my loins. After a bit, I heard your light click off and sank into a withering sleep wondering what I could have done better to have earned an orgasm tonight.

I will do better next time. Maybe I can come then.

Good night for tonight, my dear.

Yours forever.

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