Dan and Kris

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This story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or published without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to people living or dead is merely a coincidence.


Dan stood at the gate to his pool, his best friend and neighbour Kristen was sunning herself by the pool, her golden skin glowing with a light sheen of sweat.

They’d just finished their first year of university and were enjoying a few days of R and R before starting their summer placements.

Dan and Kristen had known each other since they were five. They’d been best friends and shared secrets and bad times together. Eventually puberty struck, Dan grew up into a tall lanky young man and Kristen turned into a willowy young lady.

Dan was admiring her slender body over the gate, watching her breath raise her small perfect breasts. Dan shook his head then opened the gate.

The slight noise of the gate made Kristen raise her head and smile at her friend. Although he could be dorky and awkward with other girls he was always so relaxed around her.

“Want a soda?” Dan asked as he handed Kristen a can.

“Thanks,” she said as she popped the tab.

Dan looked her over. “That a new suit?”

Kristen blushed a little and smiled, liking the fact that Dan had noticed. “Yeah, Nancy and I were shopping yesterday.”

“I like it. Doesn’t cover much but it works.” Dan said with a grin as he tried to hide his growing erection. “I thought you’d save wearing it for Mike.”

Kristen laughed and sat up to face him emphasizing exactly how little her suit covered. Dan gasped and jumped up, feigning a leg cramp so he could move away and adjust himself.

“God Dan, we’ve only had three dates!”

Kristen was a little surprised at how Dan was acting, sure he’d always been protective of her but now he seemed almost jealous of Mike.

Dan came back and sat next to Kristen again, “So what’s so special about him Kristen?”

Kristen paused and thought for a moment, “Well he’s nice, funny, smart and we have fun together.”

“I’m going for a swim,” Dan said. Again, Kristen was confused by Dan’s reaction.

He stepped to the edge of the pool and canon balled in, splashing Kristen in the process. Kristen shrieked and laughed then dived in after him. When they came up for air Dan was struck dumb, Kristen’s bikini top had flipped up, totally exposing her small round breasts. Kristen arched her back, pulling her long, dark hair off of her face.

Dan goggled at the sight of his friend’s bare flesh. He felt his cock swell to its full girth in seconds. That’s when Kristen opened her eyes and followed Dan’s gaze.

“Oops! Looks like the girls have escaped!” she said as she laughed and adjusted her top.

Dan blushed and muttered that they could escape any time he was around. Kristen laughed and playfully splashed him with water. Dan splashed back and soon they were having a massive water fight. Dan dove under water and grabbed Kristen around the waist and lifted her out of the water. Kristen screamed and giggled while she tried to escape Dan’s embrace. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Dan stopped and said, “Kristen…”

“Dan why’re you looking at me like that?”

Dan pendik escort blushed and looked away, “Nothing, never mind.”

Kristen frowned and moved around so that she could look Dan in the eye again. She was used to getting her way with her friend. “No secrets, remember?”

“I-I can’t. Not this one Kristen.” Dan stammered. Having Kristen in his arms was making his heart pound in his chest and he was hoping she wouldn’t notice his growing erection.

Kristen took Dan’s face in her hands and forced him to look at her. She was surprised by the look in his eyes. The longing and need he projected with one look shocked her into silence.

“How long?” she whispered.

“Kristen no. Please don’t do this.” Dan said in a quiet voice.

Kristen used a more forceful tone. “How long have you felt this way Danny?”

“I guess since we were twelve Kristen. It kinda snuck up on me. I’m sorry.” Dan tried to let Kristen go but she wouldn’t let him go, she held him closer tucking her head down toward his.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked softly.

“I was afraid I’d lose you Kristen. I gave you flowers every birthday and on Valentine’s day. I was always there to listen. I was hoping you’d put two and two together. I guess I wasn’t assertive enough. I didn’t want to lose what we already had to what might be.”

Kristen hugged Dan closer, pulling him tight to her. She had suspected for a long time that Dan had strong feelings for her, but didn’t know how strong and didn’t want to scare him off for the same reasons he’d just expressed. He’d always been there for her. When her mom died they’d climbed one of the big trees across the road and cried together for hours. He’d listen to her after every break up she’d had. They’d shared hopes and dreams. Even just sitting quietly together was so soothing to her. It never dawned on her that maybe she felt the same way he did until just now.

Dan saw the look change in Kristen’s dark chocolate eyes. There was a sparkle there that hadn’t been there a moment ago. He leaned forward to kiss her gently. He was surprised when Kristen kissed him back.

Pulling back, Dan could see that Kristen was smiling broadly at him. He looked questioningly at her and her laughter rang out in the yard.

“God you can be dense sometimes Dan,” she said as she kissed him again. This time there was more heat in their kiss, Dan’s hands tentatively explored Kristen’s body as hers stroked his shoulders and face.

When they stopped for air Dan felt his hard-on wedged between them. He apologized and moved to step back but Kristen stopped him.

She smiled mischievously at him, “Wow did I do that?”

Dan chuckled, “Yeah for the last seven years you’ve done that. Every cheerleader practice, every time you came to me when your heart was broken. Every day we walked home from school. Jesus, Kris I’ve been a walking hard-on for you since we were kids. I even applied to the same schools as you so I could be near you.”

Kristen reached out and stroked Dan’s cock through his swim trunks. “Boy I wish I’d known about this earlier. Holy crap it’s huge! Has anyone else had the pleasure of this monster?”

Dan blushed and smiled shyly, “Nope, no one. I’ve made out with a few girls and fooled around some but I’m still anadolu yakası escort a virgin.”

Kristen laughed again, “You’re going to laugh Dan.”

Dan grinned at Kristen, “Why, what’s so funny?”

Now it was Kristen’s turn to blush, which she did quite prettily. “I’m a virgin too.”

Dan looked genuinely shocked at Kristen’s statement.

Kristen was a bit annoyed at the look Dan gave her. Sure she’d dated a few guys but she’d never felt enough of a connection to actually have sex with them.

“I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. I’ve been waiting to have sex with someone special, someone who loves me as much as I love them,” she said, as if she were justifying herself to him.

“I hope I’m special.” Dan said, “But if I’m not please know that I’ll always love you. You’re my dearest friend.”

Kristen moved closer to Dan and pulled his face down so she could kiss him again. Along with the passion she showed there was also love.

Dan lifted Kristen in his arms again and moved to the side of the pool, placing her gently on the edge. He kissed down her neck and across her chest, moving the small triangles hiding her nipples aside. His mouth latched on to her right nipple, lightly sucking it and causing Kristen to moan softly. Dan slipped his hand down Kristen’s smooth firm stomach and inched his fingers into her bikini bottoms. Sliding lower, his fingers found her hard little clit and strummed it a few times. This caused Kristen to arch her back and push her small breast into his mouth as she gasped.

Kristen ran her fingers through Dan’s hair as he continued to please her. “Fooled around with a few girls huh?” she murmured to him.

Dan popped her nipple from his mouth, “Well I never said how much I fooled around, and you never asked now did you?”

“Mmm…I seem to remember some rumours about you and some girls in a back stairwell last year at the campus.” Kristen hinted.

“I refuse to comment on grounds I may incriminate myself.” Dan replied as his fingers slipped further down Kristen’s wet little slit.

“So they’re true?” Kristen giggled as Dan tickled her outer lips.

Dan kissed Kristen on the lips and grinned devilishly, “There’s always a bit of truth in a rumour.”

Dan was in heaven, here he was making love to the only girl he’d ever loved. Touching every soft curve, kissing her in ways he’d only dreamed of.

Kristen couldn’t believe the sensations Dan was creating in her body. She was tingling all over and getting more aroused by the minute. Dan began kissing down her softly rounded belly and she gasped when he began kissing just above he pussy. He pulled aside her tiny bikini bottom then gently licked her moist slit from top to bottom. Kristen moaned as his tongue bumped her tender clit. She lay back on the deck and squirmed under his ministrations.

Dan pulled out all the stops and inserted a finger into her tiny cunt, careful not to go too deep. He wanted to take her virginity while he lost his own. Dan knew that Kristen was close to an orgasm so he began sucking on her clit as his finger gently fucked her. Kristen began writhing and moaning as she held Dan’s face to her spasming pussy.

When Kristen finally calmed down she sat up and took ataşehir escort Dan in her arms, kissing him hungrily. “That was amazing Dan! No one’s ever done that to me before.”

Dan smiled at his love, “I’m glad you liked it, and glad I was your first.” Dan lifted himself up on the deck beside Kristen and caressed her cheek.

“So am I Danny,” Kristen said. “So I guess there’s a lot of truth in those rumours?”

“I won’t deny that I get satisfaction in giving pleasure to women in whatever way I can.” Smiled Dan.

“And what about the rumours about you and Miss Julie the swim coach? Are they true?”

“Kristen! A true gentleman never kisses and tells!” Said Dan as he turned crimson.

“Ha! So you did,” she laughed. “And here you’ve been playing little mister innocent with me.”

“You know I can’t lie to you love. Is it okay if I call you that?”

Kristen smiled warmly at Dan, “Yes, yes you can…love. I like the sound and feel of that. Love.”

“I don’t want to pressure you at all but would you like to have sex with me love?”

Kristen smiled again and Dan felt his insides melt. “Yes but let’s move onto the grass first, I don’t think the deck would be as comfortable.”

Once they move to the grass Kristen untied her bikini and let it fall to the ground, revealing her trim body. Dan quickly followed her lead, displaying his rangy frame and large erection. They lay on the grass and gently explored each other’s bodies, learning what the other liked.

Eventually they agreed that they were ready for the next step and Dan rolled onto Kristen as lightly as he could. Kristen took his manhood and placed it at her entrance. Dan slowly and gently began feeding his cock into her virgin pussy. Dan gasped at how tight Kristen was. Kristen was mewling and writhing under Dan but told him to keep going.

“Are you sure Kristen? I don’t want to hurt you love.”

“Yes,” she hissed at him. “One more push and you’ll be through.”

“Okay Kristen, here it comes. I’ll try not to hurt you.” Dan pulled back slightly then pushed forward quickly, feeling Kristen’s hymen pop around his cock as he slid all the way into her.

Kristen had tears in her eyes but smiled up at Dan. “Well I guess we’re not virgins anymore huh Dan?” Kristen said as tears streamed from her eyes.

Dan leaned down and kissed the tears from Kristen’s eyes, totally ignoring his own tears. “God I’m so sorry Kristen, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

Kristen touched his cheek and smiled up at him. “It didn’t hurt that bad love, it was more of a surprise than anything. And I’m glad it was you that did it. It already feels not bad if you want to try moving around a bit.”

Dan followed Kristen’s lead and slowly worked his cock in and out, stopping when she winced and continuing when she was ready. Soon they had established a rhythm and Dan was able to speed up his pace. Kristen wrapped her legs around his hips and began pulling him deeper with every thrust. Both of them were fast approaching climax and became more vigorous in their movements. Kristen clawed at Dan’s back as she came over and over. Dan couldn’t hold back as Kristen’s pussy clamped down on his cock and milked it of his seed.

Spent, Dan rolled off of Kristen and snuggled up beside her kissing her neck and ear. “I hope that was as good as you deserved love,” he murmured.

“Mmm yes it was love. I can’t think of a better person to lose my virginity to. Was it what you hoped for love?”

Dan grinned, “That and more love.”

Nine months later I was born….


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