Cuckolded by My Filipina Wife

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“Wow, Jinky, JJ is so CUTE!” She even got me to admit how handsome JJ is one night, and when I admitted it to her, I felt like SUCH a FAGGOT! And of course I AM a faggot – and everyone knows it! Ha ha ha! People could never figure out what a hot Filipina like Jinky was doing with a PIECE Of SHIT white faggot like me!! Well, it was because she wanted to come to the states. We met online, got married and I brought her to the U.S.

She has good instincts, and she knew when I was scared to fuck her the first night we hooked up that I was probably gay. I could see the knowing smile on her face when I admitted to her that I thought JJ was cute! Jinky had suspicions about me being gay from day one. And now that I had confirmed those suspicions, it was a relief to her, because now she felt that it was ok to have a boyfriend. Filipina women are like that – they’ll stay with their husband even if they find out he’s a queer, as long as they can have sex with whomever they want.

After that she refused to have sex with me. One time, when I was bugging her for sex, she had a disgusted look and she said, “Wouldn’t you rather have a man on you?” And then she laughed. I hung my head in shame.

After that my relationship with Jinky was no longer one of a husband and wife, but more like a relationship between sisters or girlfriends. I had always liked women’s fashion and cosmetics, and now I would help Jinky with her make up and advise her on sexy things to wear – like a sister would do. She would tell me about JJ and the things they did together in bed, and we would giggle like a couple of horny prostitutes!

Since Jinky had cut me off, I had to content myself with masturbating to internet porn, and fantasizing my pretty little wife, wriggling naked in the buff arms of her black boyfriend! I became seriously addicted to interracial straight porn, and I began to fantasize about what if I was a woman? Jinky had this sexy Frederick’s of beylikdüzü anal yapan escort Hollywood black, silk shorty robe that she wore around the house. One night I was stroking my cock naked in front of the full length mirror, and admiring my soft looking body. On impulse I put on the shorty robe and smeared my lips with one of my wife’s lipsticks!

After awhile it was out in the open, and JJ started coming by our apartment complex to pick up Jinky. He had a deep bass voice – really masculine. My voice was soft, sometimes people mistook me on the phone for a woman because of my voice!

I remember the first time JJ knocked at the door. Jinky was still getting ready, so she told me to let him in. I was trembling in fear and – mostly – from embarrassment! Can you imagine – having to meet my wife’s black boyfriend – face to face! I gathered all my courage and opened the door. My knees were shaking from a mixture of fear and humiliation. I was smiling nervously, but he just looked at me as if I were a bug. “Where Jinky at?” he said.

“She’s almost ready,” I said. “Won’t you come in?” I stepped aside as he entered our apartment. “Excuse the mess,” I said, apologetically.

He came in and sat down. “Jinky! You ready, girl?” He yelled out in that deep voice.

“Almost, sweetie, Jinky yelled from the bedroom. Ronnie, get JJ something to drink!”

“Would you like a beer?” I asked him, meekly.

“Nah, I’m coo,” he said.

Then Jinky came out, her face flushed. How do I look?” she asked. She had on a tiny little belly baring crop top, the skimpiest, butt baring cut off jeans short shorts, and 6 inch high heels, and a proud smile on her cute face. She looked like a whore!

I could see the new tattoo she had on her neck – “JJ” in cursive lettering, and the “Queen of Spades” on her ankle, that indicated she was owned by a black man. These were her first beylikdüzü balıketli escort tattoos, but not the last. Soon she would be covered with tats – just like any other black man’s whore.

And recently Jinky had gone to the salon and had her hair peroxided blonde, permed, and then shaved to a quarter inch, so that her hair was like a black girl’s. She looked SO fuckin WHORISH!

“Oooo-WEE!” JJ said. “You lookin’ FINE, girl! C’mere lemme look atchyo ass!” He stood up and she ran to him and he cupped her ass in his huge black hands – right in front of me! And while he was doing it, they both looked at me. Jinky looked over her shoulder, laughed and said, “Enjoy the internet!”

Later that night, about 3 am, I stepped out for a smoke. I saw headlights so I stepped back into the shadows. It was JJ’s car. After a few minutes I heard voices. It was Jinky and JJ. He sounded pissed off. I snuck around the corner of the apartment block and saw them. JJ had Jinky up against the wall, holding her just on her toes, his hand around her neck. Then he set her down and bitch slapped her – hard!

Once when Jinky was gone for the weekend, I found a box of pictures of her naked, going down on several different black men! She still had her long hair, so I knew these pics were at leat 6 months old. In one pic 2 guys were standing on either side of her and she was on her knees with both hard cocks in her mouth! In another pic she had her nose up against the guy’s pubis, and a guy had pulled her long black hair back in a tight top knot, so as not to block the shot! There was a video too, The black guys were calling her, “Cumshot!” And they were laughing and saying things like, “Bitch gots SKILLS!” and, “We got this pussy on LOCKDOWN!” And Jinky was servicing all those black men! I don’t know, I felt such a mixture of – I don’t know – pride in her, and disgust in myself.

Those pics beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş and videos of my beautiful Filipina wife going down on those black men made me SO fuckin HAWT! I could hear another Filipina speaking off camera in Tagalog – I think it was Nancy, an older Pinay that Jinky was friends with – and she was telling Jinky to: “Sigi, Dai! Legs up, Dai! Kayat him, puta ka!”

And Jinky raised her sexy silky legs wide and high as this huge black man got up on her and eased his huge cock, balls deep into her shaved vagina – no rubber! One after another, 15 black men got up in her. And then she got on her knees to take all their loads on her beautiful face! All the while I could hear Nancy speaking instructions to her in Tagalog off camera, Telling her, “Kiss his chest, Jinky! Putang Ina!”

And then I watched the guy swab his sweaty chest with my wife’s pretty face. And every time he yanked her hair to pull her face up for a kiss, I saw the hawt whorish looks she gave him! Then he grabbed Jinky by the hair and yanked her off her feet, and pulled her completely naked into the bedroom. She had to crawl fast on her hands and knees to avoid having her hair yanked out by the roots. I could see the guy’s knotty fist and his muscular calves – he was wearing just work boots and sweat socks – as he roughly pulled her to the room for sex.

He kicked back on a chair as Jinky knelt and untied his work boots and removed them, and then pulled off his sweaty socks. Then she licked his toes and kissed his feet! Filipina women LOVE to worship a REAL man! He raised his big hairy legs, and Jinky got busy, spreading his buttocks with her small hands, turning to look at the camera and smiling, and delving in deep to eat out his funky anus!

Eventually our relationship got to where Jinky and I would do each other’s hair, nails, and makeup each afternoon. We’d try out different outfits and high heels, and then Jinky would kiss me goodbye and head to the strip club where she worked, and I would head to the adult bookstore where I had sex with men! One night my last trick was a hot black man, and I must have eaten out his hairy ass hole for an hour. Later I picked Jinky up at the club and we kissed. She pulled her head back, her nose wrinkled up, a quizzical look on her face: “What the fuck is THAT smell?” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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