Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 06

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Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

Tiger walked bare foot in his Gi to the Dojo door. Looking back at little Dragon who was in the center of the room on the mat. He bowed with his hands clasped in form. “Strength of the Tiger and Wisdom of the Dragon.” He said while his left hand folded over his right fist. Turning he locked the door and pulled the shades then turned out the light.

“Like I said, all 4 elements in this world need the other 3 to sustain. They are inter-linked into each other.” Tiger said while turning. “All 4 elements, earth, wind, fire and water make up this world and all that is on it. Learn to use them to aid you in tasks, survival and life. Fear their rage yet embrace their comforts.”

Little Dragon smiled then spun in a circle with the dim light from the back room silhouetting her. Her spinning ended with her on one foot and the other pulled up high. Her knee bent before her, she poised. Her arms out from her with open hands.

“The fire of the Dragon is hot this night.” She said in a sensual tone. Looking at Tiger who was now slowly stepping on the mat after a short bow. Then slowly he paced closer to little Dragon.

“Then perhaps a breeze can cool its flame.” He somersaulted with his body’s twisting momentum. Till he came to her side and reached for a grabbing hold. But Dragon whipped in a spinning circle, pulling from him playfully.

“Be as the tree and bend with the wind.” She said smiling from her escaping dart. Then turned and kicked with her spinning heel. “The raging tornado excites the breeze.” She boast then spun in short circles. Stopping she swayed her hips seductively. Down she wiggled her ass till she was almost kneeling then swayed back up to a standing pose. Cocking her hips back and forth with her hands on her waist. Smiling from her alluring dance.

Twisting his body quickly he came behind Dragon before she could move and Tiger grabbed her. Holding her tightly with arms wrapped around her he leaned in and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. “Water consumes the fire.” He said with a slight laugh. His hand reached up cupping her firm breast.

Little Dragons hand come behind her low. Finding his leg and raising her hand to his crotch. She rubbed Tigers cock sensually. Felling his mound move she said. “Water is boiling from the fires heat.” Giggling she rubbed his mound more.

Tiger pushed into her hand. His concentration broke long enough that Little Dragon twisted quickly and pulled Tigers arms behind bonus veren siteler him. Locking him in a hold, she laughed. “Earth holds water.” Little Dragon held tightly onto Tiger keeping his bent arm pulled up high.

Tiger spun in the direction of her hold bringing them both to the ground. Rolling apart from each other they stopped and gazed at one another. “Be as water. You can not grasp water.” He said laughing, standing then walking to her. He put out his hand to help her up. “Water gives the Earth life.”

Little Dragon took Tigers hand and pulled her self up. Then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. They embraced each other with twirling tongues. Little Dragon pulled back her head slowly looking him in his eyes. “The Flame of desire is flickering.”

Gripping Dragon tight and slightly lifting her off the ground. Tiger spun in a circle quickly then let her feet touch the ground. “The passion of the Wind shall carry us to the flames of passion.” Tiger said looking in her eyes. His hands run slowly up and down her back sensually. Tiger leaned into her neck and kissed her below the ear, licking a wet spot and whispered. “And fire can not survive without air.” Then blew lightly below her ear.

Little Dragon’s head fell backwards allowing Tiger to kiss her neck. Her braided ponytail fell across her back. Tiger licked and kissed her neck and shoulders. His hand cupped her breast and squeezed lightly. Then sliding his hand into her sports bra and pulling her breast to his lips, sucking at her tit. Bringing her nipple to hardness as he enveloped it with his lips then pulled back a bit. “The fruits of the earth are sweet.” He said smiling.

Little Dragon moaned in pleasure as she reached down and found his mounded crotch. Lowering her fingers to fondle his balls. “The Earth produces some fine nuts too.” She said laughing. Tiger surged to hardness with her finger play. Pulling his tie on his black gi pants and allowing them to fall.

“May our souls soar on the wind while our bodies lie on the earth.” Tiger said while pulling Dragon’s top over her shoulders and down. Diving into her neck with nips at her flesh with light and playful tugs from his lips. “Drive ourselves to wetness as we fuel our fires.”

“Oh you’re always talking riddles. You want to fuck or not?” Little Dragon laughed while wrapping her arms around Tiger. Their bodies lightly drifted to the floor of the dojo together. Embraced and exploring bedava bahis each other’s tongues and contours wildly. Little Dragon sat on Tiger while her hands roamed his strong chest. Tiger gripped her waist with both hands guiding her over his stiffness.

Her swaying hips pressed lightly into Tigers crotch. He ached for her now as he worked to remove her bottoms. Her lips pressed hard against his while she pulled them off the rest of the way. “You want to bury that flaming torch in a pool of wetness and make some steam?” She said laughing.

Little Dragon climbed on top of Tiger and fixed his cock to her opening. Then lowered her self on him. Tilting her head back while he pressed in her slowly. Pulling her hips tighter while he pulsed up to her. She rocked above him slowly putting her fingers deeper in his chest. Her short pants were broken by the moans she sounded. Tiger watched her swinging hips grinding into him. Tightening his grip and thrusting upward, their passion rose with every meeting of their bodies crashing drives.

Tiger lay flat on his back while Little Dragon worked herself into a frenzy of humping pounces. Excited, Tiger began pumping faster driving himself deeper. Vigorously they pressed into each other. Little Dragon pressed her lips into Tigers. Wildly twirling her tongue in his mouth. Stretching her arms above him, pressing into him.

Whipping her head and flinging her ponytail to the outside. Kissing Tigers cheek then neck while swaying her hips back and forth. Grinding into him more and more with nipping bites at his shoulders. Her wetness flowed as she sucked on his flesh while releasing her passion.

Tiger held firmly while driving faster and faster with tightly held grip at her waist. He pumped her madly till he filled her with warmness. His pulsing cock moved deeper with his final push and held. Quivered done as he relaxed his tight hold and his body slowly drew from hers. He melted into the floor with muscles spent and relaxed.

Still holding her Tiger wrapped his arms around her bringing her close to his side. Little Dragon laid her head on his chest. His heart pounded loudly. She hugged him tightly letting out a sigh. They lay quiet and still for a while. Their breaths rang out in the silence. Little Dragon looked up at Tiger smiling.

“You make the Earth move under me.” She said with a giggle.

“You make my heart soar on the Wind.” Tiger smiled with his come back.

Little Dragon sat up to him deneme bonus closer; “My love is deeper than the Water in the ocean.” She said proudly. Looking at him for his reply, smiling big.

“Fire?” Tiger said thinking hard. Little Dragon giggled and watched him grinning. “My love is but a small candle.” He said looking at Dragon. She had a slight confused look on her face as her attentive ears cocked towards him smiling. “Humble in your brightness, but a flame to brighten your way. Bound to where you place me on this Earth. Flickering to the sway from the wind of your words. The body of water that I do love. Tranquility comes when all are at peace.”

“Or when I get me a piece, of Tiger’s tail.” Little Dragon said laughing. Tiger reached to tickle her for her comment. “Squeal,” Little Dragon let out while laughing. “Ok ok. I give.” Tiger withdrew his wiggling fingers from her side.

He pulled her to him and laid back. Smiling at little Dragons cautious way. She settled into him kissing his chest and working her way up to his lips. He kissed her back till she kissed his cheek then his neck.

“Ouch…” Tiger let out as Little Dragon raised up from her bite. Giggling she sat up while Tiger reached up and held the sting on his neck. She was slightly laughing; he was a bit startled.

“So is pain, Earth, Wind, Fire or Water?” She asked with her head tilted down and eyes looking up at him. She bit on her bottom lip trying to keep from bursting out laughing.

Tiger looked at her for a long time thinking, and then a smile grew across his face. He started to get up but Little Dragon sat waiting for her answer. He pushed up again to get her to move but she stayed and pressed him back down smiling.

“Well?” She asked short and serious. Looking him in the eyes and raising her hands to her hips. Tilting her head with waiting ears.

“Well what?” Tiger asked looking at her perky breast that bowed out from her sassy pose. Her eye’s narrowed and lips tightened. “Ok.” Tiger said giving in to her. “All four.” He said laughing as he got up and began dressing. Little Dragon sat there with a blank stare thinking. Then a smile grew across her face.

She grabbed her Gi and quickly put it on. Looking at Tiger and smiling. She run towards the back and flicked her ponytail as she said. “I’ll be ready to go in less than five minutes.” Then disappeared into the women’s change room.

Tiger quickly gathered his things and waited for Dragon to return. He looked around the dojo. The tranquility that came from the rare silence. “All the elements were at peace this night.” Tiger thought. Dee came out and the two left arm in arm.

The clicking of the door lock was the beginning of the silence that befell the empty studio.

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