Cross Country Trip with Mom

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I had just turned 18 and was enjoying the beginning of summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I had been a late bloomer in life and did not start school until I was 6 years old due to some development issues that I had, starting from when I was born premature, almost a month early.

I had managed to catch up with the rest of the kids my age, mentally, but not so much physically, and now at 18, I stood only 5’6″ tall, and only weighed about 150 pounds. I managed to get some muscle definition by working out feverishly in the weight room at school and doing Brazilian Jujutsu, so as long as I kept that up, I would at least have that going for me.

One thing that I did not have trouble with, as far as size goes, is the size of my dick. Yes, a lot of young guys like to boast about their cocks, but I did not have to boast, I knew I had big dick. When I got erection, which at my age was quite often, my cock measured in at ten inches long and six inches in circumference, according to the fabric tape measure my Mom kept in her sewing box.

The unfortunate part of being the owner of a porn star sized cock, was that I had not had the chance to use it yet, mostly since I was still painfully shy around girls, until I got to know them and I had not even started dating anyone. I had many friends that were girls, but it seemed I got looked over by many of them and always seemed to get put in the friendzone, due to the fact that I did not fit the so-called height requirements that many of those friends seem to desire in a guy.

So, here I was, now 18 years old, having never even kissed a girl yet preparing to go on a cross country vacation trip with my Mom. I was the only child to a single parent, Mom, who had never married. Mom had gotten pregnant with me at an early age, after being coerced into having sex with a boy at a friend’s party. By the time she told my grandparents about it, she was already four months pregnant, and she wanted to have me.

Mom worked hard after dropping out of school, then studying to get her GED and eventually a college degree in computer networking, all the while taking loving care of me, and working steady at her very lucrative job at a top tech company across town. Now at 34 years old, she had gotten her Doctorate degree and she was one of the youngest company executives.

That title made her well over six figures a year now, financially, more than enough to keep a roof over my head, well fed and clothed. You would think that I would have gotten spoiled, but quite the contrary, her work ethic and strong drive to make better of herself, rubbed off onto me as I worked hard in school to get remarkably high marks, and earning my way into the Nation Honor Society. I wanted to go to a very good college and I wanted to get there on merit, not through her purse strings.

Something else my Mom always took diligent care of, too, was herself. She worked out at a local gym, five days a week, doing cross fit classes, and getting herself in great shape, because she was looking absolutely amazing. Now Mom is about average in height, with strikingly beautiful flame red hair and a peppering of freckles all over her porcelain skinned body. Even though she was my mom, I had on many occasions, seen her naked, although a lot less frequent as I got older, not like when I was a young boy and having a shower with her.

I remember looking at her in amazement, especially at the red hairy bush between her legs, which was nearly eye level with me, at the time. Her breasts were full and soft looking, with pale nipples, nearly the color of the rest of her skin, gracing the tips of them. The only flaw on her was the small c-section scar just at the top of her bush, from when she had me. Now I imagine like most moms, when she noticed my curiosity getting the better of me, showers with mom came to a halt.

At least I was still treated to seeing her being nearly nude around the house, usually in just her panties and a t-shirt at night before she would go to bed, or in the morning after getting up for breakfast. I could not help but appreciate how beautiful she is and as I got older, just how sexy she was. Many times, I would steal glances at her hardened nipples through her t-shirt, or at her panties as they hugged her bottom perfectly when she walked by me.

By the time I was 18, I could not begin to count how many times I had jerked off thinking about my Mom, and I had to be careful not to get too deep in my perverted thoughts around her, because hiding my huge erection became a real problem and the few times that I did get an erection with her close by, I think she noticed because of the grin she would get when I excused myself from the same room.

Mom and I never talked much about her love life as she seemed too busy with work and taking care of me, but I was curious one day, recently, and thought to ask her about it. I looked at her, while we were eating breakfast the morning of leaving for vacation, and asked, “Mom, why haven’t you ever gotten tempobet giriş remarried or even dated anyone for that matter?”

She looked at me and thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “Well, Nolan, I just never had the time, really, and to be honest, I have never met anyone yet, that I felt a connection with to even consider dating them. I have guy friends at work, but that’s definitely out of the question, just for the fact that I do not want to get involved with anyone at work, but even the guy friends I have at the gym, just never really piqued my interest, other than a quick sexual tryst here and there with a couple of them.”

I looked at her kind of shocked and said, “Mom, did you just say sexual tryst? So, you have been with another guy sexually then? Wow, I did not know.”

Mom giggled a little and said, “Well you didn’t think I had gone celibate after having you, did you? Even though I have not found ‘the guy’ yet, I still have the occasional sexual needs that masturbation just does not seem to fulfill.”

I felt my face begin to burn at her comment and my mouth hung open for a minute as I looked at her, not really sure what to say, but then managed to say something stupid like, “Well I sure hope you protected yourself.”

Mom laughed and said, “Ah, listen at you, now don’t you sound all grown up and responsible. Yes, Nolan sweetie, I most certainly protected myself. I don’t have to worry about pregnancy anymore since I had my tubes tied, but I do know better to be safe from diseases, though and thank you for caring.”

Now the conversation about her being sexually active and protecting herself and blah blah blah, managed to have one effect on me besides my shock and that was that I managed to get an erection that could have lifted the table had I let it out, so when we were finished with breakfast, I just waited there for a little bit after she had gone into her bedroom, to take a shower, before I going into my bedroom to do the same.

I must have looked silly walking back the hallway with a tent pole in my shorts and it was a good thing, Mom was already in the shower. Oh my, she was in the shower, I thought as I closed my bedroom door, then pushed my shorts down and released my hard cock to bob freely into the air at an upward 45-degree angle. She was in there naked and washing her sexy body up and all I could do was stand there and throb with excitement.

I quickly jumped into the shower and began jerking off. Thinking about Mom had my shooting ropes of pearly cream against the shower wall in no time flat and when I was finally done dumping my load, I leaned against the wall and felt relieved as my cock finally started to go soft. I knew Mom wanted to leave soon, so I finished up showering, got dressed and wheeled my suitcase out into the living room to wait for her to come out.

Mom came out a few minutes later, looked at me and smiled then said, “You got everything, Nolan? Phone charger, your wallet, clean underwear and condoms?”

What? I looked at her, then laughed and said, “As if I would need those anyway, you have to have sex to need them and in case you did not already know, your dear son is still very much as virginal as they come Mom.”

Now why did I just blurt that out? I quickly added, “Oh and yes to everything else.”

Mom smiled from ear to ear then giggled and said, “I was just kidding about the condoms, but that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Nolan, being a virgin and all. Your time will come, sweetie, just be patient, okay? Now let’s get going, our taxi is going to be downstairs waiting on us.”

Wow, I just ratted myself out that I was still a virgin to my own mother. Good grief, I thought to myself as I followed her out to the elevator, still not too embarrassed to check out her sexy ass in the white shorts she was wearing. I felt my prick stir and immediately went on to think about something else because I was going to be in close quarters with her for a few hours before we reached our first stop over and hiding another erection would not be easy.

Thankfully, I had put on a pair of snug boxer briefs, after taking a shower, as to help keep my meat missile pressed a little closer to my body. Mom and I got into the taxi and we were soon at the airport, checking in and heading to our departing gate. New York to Chicago, where we would make our first stop for a couple of days before heading on to Denver.

After arriving in Chicago and getting to our hotel along the waterfront, after some delays at the airport on both ends of our flight, Mom and I were tired and ready to relax in our hotel room. It was getting close to dinner time, so of course food was on my mind, along with sex, as usual.

While I waited for her, sitting in one of the lobby chairs, I could see that she did not look happy while talking with the hotel concierge. Mom was never one to treat people that worked in customer service, badly, so whatever happened, she took with a grain of salt, made sure the man behind tempobet yeni giriş the counter knew she was unhappy, but ended up smiling and taking our room key card after he apologized to her profusely.

When she turned and came over to me, I asked, “Mom, what happened? You seemed a little pissed at him.”

“Well, I’m not mad at him, just not happy about our reservation getting screwed up by the hotel. We were supposed to have a suite with a view of the lake, but there was a mix up somehow, so we still have a view of the lake, but it is a king room. Oh well, they are giving it to us for free since they screwed up,” she explained.

“Wow, a king room? That sounds like it would be nicer than a suite,” I replied.

“No, the suite had two bedrooms for us, but the king room just has one bedroom with a king-sized bed, so buckle up, son, you either have to sleep with me, or on the sofa,” she grinned and patted me on the shoulder as we walked toward the elevator.

I pretended to be annoyed, but inside my heart leaped knowing full well I would not even think of sleeping on the sofa as I said, “Aw great, now I have to listen to you snore.”

Mom laughed and gave me a soft elbow as we boarded the elevator and retorted, “I do not snore you horses ass!”

We soon got up to our room and settled in. The view over the lake was beautiful as the two of us, stepped out onto the balcony to take it all in. It was a very warm day but the wind that was blowing through. made the heat more bearable, and thankfully we had shade from the balcony above us to keep us out of the direct sunlight.

I looked over at Mom while she took it all in. The wind was blowing her beautiful red hair across her face as she stood there looking out across the view before her. To say that she was gorgeous would have been an understatement, as I just admired and adored her youthful looks and sexiness. Ah yes, her sexiness, as I looked down her body then back up, was what turned me on the most as I felt a stir in my shorts.

Mom looked and saw me watching her. She grinned and said, “Why are you looking at me like that, Nolan, and not looking at this view? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

My mouth moved before I could think and said, “You’re the most beautiful thing I see, Mom.”

She laughed and said, “Oh stop it, you’re such a sweet boy with those honey words, now let’s get ready and go find some food.”

While Mom went in and changed, I checked out the mini fridge and the drink selection that was there for us. There were juice bottles, water bottles, some sports drinks and about a dozen of those small airline sized liquor bottles of various spirits. Now I was never one to drink but since we were on vacation, I thought I would sneak a drink of the bourbon.

I opened it and tossed it back like a seasoned drinker, but as soon as the liquid hit the back of my throat, I was gasping for air. Good God! How do people drink this shit straight I thought to myself as I stood there coughing? I threw the bottle in the garbage and quickly took a drink of water to wash it all down, just as Mom came out.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay, Nolan? I heard you coughing up a lung out here,” she said with concern.

I shook my head and waved her off, then admitted my wrongdoing, “Well, I just tried one of those little bottles of bourbon and let me say this, that is nasty stuff, Mom!”

Mom then laughed, came over, patted me on the back, and said, “Uh huh! That’s what you get! Lesson learned, huh?”

I nodded and said, “Yeah, next time I need to mix it with something.”

She smirked and said, “No, how about just not drinking period.”

I nodded, remembering that she never did drink very much, maybe the occasional wine here and there, but never the hard stuff. Then I noticed what she had on and forgot all about the liquor that was still burning my gut. She had changed into a genuinely nice floral summer dress, which was held up with thin straps, clung just enough to her body to show her very sexy figure, and flowed down just above her knees.

My eyes widened and I gave her a small whistle and said, “Wow, Mom, you look hot! I love that dress on you.”

Mom smiled from ear to ear and said, “Oh my gosh, what is with you today with all your sweetness? Come on, let’s go eat.”

I quickly thought about what I would really like to eat in that very moment was not food, but just smiled at her as she looped her arm through mine, and the two of us headed out the door.

One of the things we wanted to try while we were here in Chicago was their deep-dish pizza, we got a cab and headed for Gino’s Pizzeria. Now being from New York, we know what real pizza is, but thought we would give it a try, and it did not disappoint. We both fell in love with it on first bite. Now it’s not traditional pizza as we see it, but it was delicious none the less, as the two of us ate our full, then headed back to the hotel room.

By the time we got back, we were both getting very tired. I went tempobet güvenilirmi in and changed into a t-shirt and some gym shorts, then went back out into the living area to turn on the television to chill out for a bit. Mom changed into a nightshirt that came down to her sexy thighs and left me wondering what she had on under it, as she went over to the cabinet by the mini fridge and pulled out a small bottle of wine.

She was looking around in the other cabinets to find a glass and when she bent over to look in one of the lower, her nightshirt rode up and exposed the very bottom of her white panty covered ass. Well, I did not have to wonder long as I could clearly see her panties as the molded against her hot ass and her pussy mound. The blood instantly ran to my cock.

Mom found a glass, poured some wine into it, then turned with a smile and said, I’m going out on the balcony for a little bit, if you’d like to join me.”

Thankfully, I had one of the small throw pillows under my arm, which managed to shield my crotch from her view as my prick swelled behind it, as she walked by me and heading to the sliding glass door.

I managed to squeak out, “Uh, I’m going to watch some TV for a bit, Mom.”

“Okay, well you know where I will be,” she said, grinning, as she headed out the door and onto the balcony.

I sighed a breath of relief, but the throbbing in my shorts continued, and I pulled the pillow closer to cover it. The instant memory of seeing those panties of hers molded so tightly against her sex as she bent over. Oh my God, I could not help but fantasize about sliding my cock into her in that position, and it did not help matters that I could see her outside leaning against the balcony railing with her sexy ass pointing in my direction. Fuck me up one side and down the other, this was going to be a long painfully erect vacation.

I somehow managed to get my mind back into the program I was watching and finally felt my prick relax, making me feel relieved, especially when Mom came back through and said she was heading in to bed.

“Goodnight, Nolan, try not to stay up too late because we have a full day of exploring to do tomorrow,” she said, then bent down and kissed me on the forehead.

“Night Mom, I won’t stay up long, this movie is about over,” I replied.

Mom smiled, nodded, and then headed into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

The movie I was watching ended and I felt relaxed enough to head into bed. I turned off the lights and opened the door to the bedroom. It was pretty dark throughout the suite with the lights off, but I could see a little into the room from the dim nightlight coming from the bathroom. I was able to make out the silhouette of Mom as she laid there sleeping and when I got closer to the bed, I could see that she had kicked off the sheet covering her.

I moved around to my side of the bed, dropped my shorts off and took off my shirt, leaving me in just my underwear. When I climbed in bed, I was transfixed on Mom’s panty covered ass, as her nightshirt had lifted past her hips, completely uncovering her bottom. She was on her side facing away from me and had one leg lifted while the other leg was straight down, giving me a beautiful view of her crotch from behind.

I felt the stir in my underwear and knew I was going to be in for a hard night if I did not stop looking at her, so I quickly covered up with the sheet and rolled over facing away from her, desperately hoping that I would not get another erection. I thought up as much doom and gloom as I could to try and keep my mind off her and soon, I was off to dreamland.

The next morning as I began to slowly wake up, I felt the bedclothes being lifted off me, then laid back down on me, then repeated. I soon became keenly aware, as I laid there on my back before opening my eyes, that either I must have had a really good dream, or something because my cock was rock hard and had managed to escape well over the waistband of my underwear, lying flat on my stomach.

It was then after about the third lift of the bedclothes that I heard my Mom gasp and mumble something to herself. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to let her know that I was awake and after the last lift of the sheet, from what I could only imagine was her getting a good look at my huge prick, I felt the sheet drop and her get out of bed, quickly head into the bathroom and close the door.

I opened my eyes and looked around, then down under the sheet at my throbbing cock as it laid there, already starting to spew precum as a clear bead formed at the small orifice. I really did not know what to do at that point other than wait for Mom to finish in the bathroom, so I could get in there and jerk off. After about 15 minutes of her being in there showering, I rolled to my side and close my eyes, feigning sleep once more when I heard the door open.

Mom moved about the room, making noises as she unzipped her suitcase and rummaged around in it. I opened my eyes just a little and she had her back to me, facing one of the dressers. She had a towel wrapped around her body and one on her head, but in a flash, the one on her body fell and I was treated to the sight of her glorious sexy naked ass, and her amazing tits through the dresser mirror.

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