Crazy in Vegas Ch. 01

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Big Tits

It was totally coincidental that Holly and I were both in Vegas at the same time. I just found out a day earlier. I was there to visit three of my law school buddies who lived in Washington, and she was there for a bachelorette party for her good friend. We figured we should say hello to each other while we were there. My buddies were all asleep and surely suffering from giant hangovers. I was already up and ready to go. I called Holly. She said her friends were also still sleeping. We decided to meet briefly at my hotel room before we went about our ways.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything inappropriate when she came over. I wasn’t really sure what she had in mind until she got to my room. She knocked and I looked through the peephole. I saw a big grin and a lot of cleavage through the fisheye view. I wasn’t wearing boxers and was a little worried she would be able to see the outline of my cock through my pants. Whatever. She’d probably enjoy that, I thought.

I opened the door and she hopped on me with a big hug. She threw her arms around me and I put mine around her waist. The hug was warm and passionate and I could feel her big tits pressed against me. She smelled good and I got slightly aroused when she whispered, “Nice to see you.” in my ear.

We chatted briefly about our trips, still standing in the room. I poured us drinks and while I was talking I could see her keep briefly looking down. I was slightly hard beylikdüzü ucuz escort and you could clearly see a bulge in the thin pants I was wearing around the hotel room. I blushed and saw her raise an eyebrow. “Show off”, she said and we both laughed awkwardly. I sat down on the bed and she sat on the couch by the TV. As we were talking her hands kept brushing against her tits and her legs opened slightly. For a brief moment when she laughed I saw the shadow between her legs glistened. I was fairly certain I saw her pussy lips almost dripping wet.

I knew I couldn’t hide it now. I leaned back and just enjoyed the view while my dick got harder and harder until it was garishly obvious that I had a sizable hard-on in my pants. She stood up and said, “Ok, I can’t take it anymore.” She lunged forward onto her knees in front of me and gripped hard around the base through my pants. We both moaned, me in pleasure, and her in delight at the thickness.

“God, that’s a big cock”, she said as she wrapped her entire hand around it. Her fingers could barely touch as she got a handful of fabric and dick. She motioned for me to stand up. She sat on her knees staring at the bulge. She grabbed my pants and very slowly pulled them down. Inch after inch of hard cock was revealed. Her eyes got big and she looked up at me and licked her lips, her mouth watering. 8 inches of thick cock later it sprang forward, beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort almost hitting her in the face. She looked at it hungrily and a single drop of pre-cum started dripping from the tip. She stuck her tongue out to catch it, the salty drop making her salivate. She slowly licked it up to the tip couldn’t help but plunge her head down on me.

Her mouth quickly filled and she wrapped her lips tight around the thick shaft. Almost immediately I felt the back of her throat as she stuffed her face with big dick. I felt her nails on my thighs as she shook her head trying to get more. I thought I felt her throat relax and more of me disappeared into her eager mouth. She gagged and I liked the sound. I couldn’t help but thrust forward just slightly. That was just too much for her to take. Her body quivered but she didn’t move back. She took it and I heard the wet sounds of her choking. She sprang backwards gasping for air with a huge smile and tears in her eyes.

I was amazed at how zealously she took it. My cock was raging hard and sat there in the air. A long stream of spit still trailed from the tip of my cock to her lips. My balls were dripping on the floor and her cleavage was soaking. I didn’t know what to say. She leaned back forward and threw her shirt off, revealing her big tits and rock hard nipples. She took a few more deep breaths and grabbed beyoğlu escort the stream of spit from her mouth. She tightly wrapped her wet hands around my cock and said, “More!”

I grabbed her by her hair and directed my wet dick between her breasts. She grabbed them on both sides and wrapped them around me. I leaned her backwards and fucked her tits hard. My hips grinding down on her. Her tits were soaking now and she licked the tip as it brushed her lips with each stroke.

She abruptly got up and laid down on the bed, her head upside down off the side. “Come on. More”, she said. “Fuck my face.” I put my knees on the bed and carefully lined my cock up right in front of her. I could tell she was nervous. She opened her mouth wide. I plunged down into her throat. She immediately gagged and pushed me back. I thought it was too much but through the muffled mouthful of big dick I heard her moan, “mmm hmmm.”

I got into it and kept pumping away at her throat. She had relaxed now, her eyes rolled back in the pleasure of taking the most dick she had ever had down her throat. I looked down and saw her bottom jaw wide open, her tongue down the shaft. I was so deep now that I could actually see the outline of my cock in her neck, pulsing in and out. It was almost too much to handle…

At that point she spread her legs in front of me, her bare pussy in my face. I opened her lips with my fingers and went straight for her clit. I tightly squeezed it with my lips and her legs started shaking. She lost her rhythm and I pushed a little harder this time. She shuddered again as her throat filled to capacity and my soaking balls pressed tightly against her face. By now the streams of spit coated her entire face and slowly dripped down to the floor….

…to be continued, in HER p.o.v.

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