Confronting Brother

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Jerry waited until he heard the shower start before he stripped off his clothes and made his way naked into the hall. He listened at the door, hearing the shower spraying off the body inside. He grinned deviously and quietly slipped inside, gently closing the door behind him.

He looked at the body of his sister through the transparent glass doors as she soaked her long, blond hair in the steaming hot water. She turned her face into the spray and ran her hands down her body. Jerry followed her hands as they caressed her beautiful, firm tits, sliding them over the wet skin and down her smooth stomach. Her hand moved down and tickled the thin hair around her cunt. She moaned softly and Jerry could take it no more.

The snapping of the shower door opening brought Renee out of her revere and she turned to her brother with a smile. She looked over his stocky, muscular body, her eyes locking on his hard cock. Jerry pushed his way into the hot spray, shoving her back a step. It was a standing shower, but was large enough for them to practically lie down on the ceramic base. But he didn’t want her out of the way. He wanted to be closer to her. He moved his face towards hers and their lips met in a strong kiss. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, playing a battle of lust. Renee ran her hands along her brother’s arms and up through his short, thick hair. Jerry responded by grabbing her ass and pulling her towards him. His hard cock pumped up against her belly causing her to giggle in his mouth.

“We seem to have a problem here,” she said over the sound of the shower, her voice echoing sweetly in the tiled room. “Let me see if I can do something about that.”

Renee smiled and dropped quickly to her knees. She took her brother’s cock in hand and stroked the slick shaft several times. Jerry only moaned and she looked up. Staring into his eyes, she opened her mouth wide and eased his cock into her mouth. She swallowed the first few inches of the thick shaft before bobbing her head up and down in a slow, sensual rhythm. Her tongue worked over his swallow head, flicking in and out as her mouth moved over his cock. He moaned and closed his eyes, his hands moved down and grasped her wet head as she slowly worked him over.

For several minutes Renee sucked Jerry’s cock. Its was a deep, powerful suck, but meant to give pleasure to them both. Jerry moaned nonstop as Renee purred and slurped her brother’s cock. Her head gently bobbed up and down, sometimes pulling off to lick the side of his shaft or play with his balls, then taking him back in her mouth again. It was an incredible sensation, not just the feeling of having his cock in a mouth, but in his sister’s mouth.

Renee finally pulled off with a wet plop and climbed back up onto her feet. Their mouths met again in a hot kiss as they mashed their bodies together. Jerry pulled back and gently turned Renee around so that her back was facing him. He pushed at her shoulders, forcing her to bend three-quarters down at the waist. She reached out and grabbed hold of the shower wall to steady herself and waited eagerly for what was to come next.

Jerry looked over his sister from behind. He could see her firm tits swaying as she bent over. She parted her legs enough for him to move between them. The water splashed off her body and rolled and beaded down her tight ass. Her cunt was clearly exposed and waiting his attention. And he was ready to give it to her.

Renee closed her eyes and moaned as Jerry grabbed one of her hips and used his other hand to guide his cock to her cunt lips. He eased himself forward, easily pushing inside her already soaked cunt.

“Oh, yessss,” she screamed as he plunged all the way into her. His balls slapped against her and he hunched over her, grasping her tits in his hands while starting a slow rhythm with his hips. “Yesss, Jerry. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck your sister good.”

Jerry happily obliged and stood up straight. Taking a grip on both hips, he started pounding into her with a rapid, desperate pace. Their moans and squeals echoed in the shower, mingling with the slapping of skin on skin.

“Oh, yessss. Fuck. Fuck me, Jerry. Fuck me. I’m going to cum!” Jerry increased his pace and gritted his teeth as he felt his sister’s cunt begin to spasm around his cock. He wanted to cum with her.

“Fuck, yes sis. Fuck. I’m going to cum, Renee. I’m going to cum in my sister. Yes!”

Jerry’s squinted his eyes tightly as he jerked his cock off furiously to the image. The first jet of cum shot from his cock and splashed onto his bare stomach. The next spurted close by the first, then another, and other, until cum was oozing down his shaft and hand. He was panting hard, and moaned quietly as his body slowly relaxed.

From outside the bedroom door, Renee listed to her brother masturbate and call her name in the throes of cumming with wide-eyed shock. She wouldn’t have believed it unless she had heard it herself. She heard him begin to move and hurried into her own casino şirketleri room before he carefully opened the door and dashed cum covered into the bathroom


It was a big day for Jerry. The first Saturday of December, he was about to move on with his life in giant leaps and bounds. He looked at his old bed, wondering what would become of it. The masturbation session had helped to cool his nerves. His bed looked so old and tattered as it sat alone in his empty room. The remainder of his belonging, plus the new items he had recently purchased were already packed between the small rental van and his father’s pick-up truck. Today was moving day.

It seemed about time he got on with his life. He was twenty-three, a college graduate, and still living at home. That all changed only a few weeks ago when he accepted an offer from a firm in a city three hours away. It was the right time for it. He was too old to be living at home. He was going no where in his current job, and this new one opened up new doors he has never even thought about. His friends were slowly starting to move. He had no relationship to hold him back. And only a month ago, he had finally had sex with his sister after a year of planning and scheming. He would miss the pictures and videos, but he had an entire hard drive full of images and clips, and a very tactile memory of their moment together to keep him going for a long time.

Renee started to act strangely around him shortly after that night. They had never been close, but she was more distant than usual, and always flashed him looks that he could never quite define. At first, he thought that Tricia had ratted him out. But Tricia assured him in every way possible that her lips had remained sealed, and then did her best to talk him into a blow job in the bushes. He felt satisfied with Tricia’s answer, and decided that the strange behaviour must be part of her breakup with Daryl. Someone had let on where Daryl had been for over two hours at the party. She dumped him flat the same day. Jerry could only wonder what must have been going through her head. He hoped that she thought Daryl and a friend had set her up. After all, he was not even at the house, as far as Renee knew.

His mother had insisted on one final breakfast, and then his dad left to fill up the vehicles. It was after lunch by the time they finally got on the road. Renee had fought with being forced into having to be a part of the move, but finally relented when her father made it clear there was no choice. He would be driving the van, and since her mother didn’t drive, needed someone to drive his truck home.

It was a horrible three hours for Jerry. Thoughts of his sister and being confronted had drifted further and further from his mind and this day approached. It was decided that son and father would ride together for a last time bonding session. Jerry listened for the first half-hour as he prattled on about how proud he was of his son and of everything that he had to look forward to. His mind wandered to thoughts of his new job, and the freedom of his new apartment. It would be hard making new friends, especially like the ones he was leaving behind, he knew that this move was the right one.

Sore and cramped from the long, non-stop drive, the entire family breathed a sigh of relief as they climbed out and stretched their limbs. They made a quick tour of the new, empty apartment, before beginning the laborious procession of unpacking. Renee continued to give her brother the same bizarre glances whenever they passed each other in the hall. Jerry did his best to ignore it and concentrate on getting the move done.

At some point close to the end, their mother had slipped out and got pizza from a restaurant down the block. They finished the unloading and somehow managed to get the table set up for a quick family dinner. His father continued to ramble on about everything and nothing before suddenly glancing at his watch. It was already 7:00. He intended to drive home as they had to get the rental back first thing in the morning. His mom gave him a long hug and his dad shook his hand vigorously, both insisting that he call often and return home for Christmas. It was after he promised both that Renee made a shocking – at least to her brother – statement.

If it was alright with them and Jerry, she would crash the night on his sofa, and drive home in the morning. She was exhausted from the drive and unpacking, and didn’t think she would be able to make the return trip. Her parents thought it was a excellent idea, oblivious to the distance that had defined the siblings’ relationship for most of their lives. The good-byes took the better part of fifteen minutes, when Jerry and Renee found themselves alone in his quiet apartment.

Uncertain of how to proceed, Jerry started unpacking, looking for the essentials he would need for the night and morning. The cable was already turned on, and he told Renee she could turn the TV on if she wanted. For the next couple of hours, casino firmaları Jerry busied himself with sorting through the maze of boxes, chiding himself for failing to label any of them. He caught Renee looking at him several times, only to turn back to the TV when he looked her way. She finally helped herself to a shower while he unpacked. When she finished, the scent was almost overpowering and lingered in the moist air, and Jerry breathed in the lotions and shampoo.

He set his bed up in the single bedroom and quickly threw a sheet and blanket over it. Satisfied that he had everything he would need, he carried a blanket and pillow out and set them on the table. He took a quick shower himself, glad to be away from her prying eyes and to wash the day’s dirt and sweat away. He threw on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt. Walking into the living room, he was surprised to see her dressed almost the exact same way, wearing his clothes that she must have scavenged. She looked incredible, with her hair still damp and clinging to her face and neck, and her body covered by thin clothe.

“I think I’ll head for bed,” he said nervously. He was having a hard time with the thought of being alone with his sister. “It’s been a long day. I’ll see you in the morning, before you leave.”

“Jerry?” she squeaked as he started to leave. “Can we talk for a minute?”

Jerry’s heart thudded in his chest and leaped into his throat. He looked to his bedroom door with an animal need to flee, but slowly nodded. He cleared the boxes from this armchair and gingerly sat down. He sat rigid with a clenched jaw and Renee stared at her hands for several minutes before looking him directly in the eye.

“I know what happened Halloween night,” she said with a defiance in her voice, daring him to challenge her statement. Jerry’s eyes widened, but he said nothing. “I found out about Daryl from someone at the party. And when I confronted Tricia, she told me you were the one who set it all up.”

Whore, Jerry thought as his fists clenched. I’ll kill her for this. But he could say nothing. He could feel his face flush as an uncomfortable warmth spread through his body.

“Was it really you that slept with me that night?”

The question was a like a bomb going off in Jerry’s head. Yes, yes he had slept with her, he had fucked his own sister while pretending to be her boyfriend. For the very first time guilt and shame entered the equation and Jerry could only stare helplessly at the floor. With a great effort, he slowly nodded. Renee took a deep breath and settled back on the couch. Jerry couldn’t tell if it was breath of shock or relief, but he wasn’t about to dare to look at her.

“Why?” she asked quietly.

That was a question that Jerry was not prepared to answer. She already knew about his scheming, how he helped her boyfriend into a situation that would lead to their breakup. She knew that he had been the one to fuck her that night. What else did she know? Had she talked to his friends? Did she know about the pictures and videos? It took all of his effort just to look up and stare her in her eye. He had no answer. She gave him a minute to try, but it was obvious that he wasn’t going to answer.

“When I found out what Daryl did,” she finally started, “I was disgusted and furious with him. He was drunk, but he knew what he was doing. I would never have slept with someone else, no matter how drunk I was.” She looked down to the floor. “If I knew who it was, that is.” She looked backed up at him. “When I spoke to Tricia, I was ready to kill her for doing something like this. She even tried to get me to sleep with her.” She smiled faintly at that. “But it wasn’t really her I was mad at. And then, when I found out that it was you that started it all, that you did it so you could fuck me, your own sister, well…” She trailed off and just looked at him for several moments. “I was furious with you, and a little freaked out. I mean, you’re my own brother.” Jerry finally found the words, but Renee quickly cut him off.

“Look, we’ve never been close, more like strangers living in the same house. And I don’t think that I can ever forgive you for what you did, but in the long run, it won’t really matter. Here’s the thing. Things are changing for both of us. You’re out here, now, starting a new life. I’m graduating in a few more months and will be moving on to my own thing. We likely won’t see much of each other anymore.”

She took a deep breath. “Daryl was the first and only guy I had slept with. Until that night, I didn’t know that it could feel like that.” She climbed to her feet and slowly approached him. “Jerry, I want to do it again, tonight. That’s why I stayed. I want you to do things to me, to make me feel like that again one more time.”

Jerry’s eyes tried to pop from their sockets as he sucked in a breath and bit his lip. His brain was working furiously, trying to decide if it had heard her words properly. His little sister, the lust of his life for the past year, güvenilir casino wanted to have sex with him? Sensing his doubt, she dropped to her knees in front of him and leaned in close. Her lips found his and pressed hard. At first, he could only stare as her mouth moved around his lips, but when he felt her tongue flick out, his body responded. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Their mouths opened in a french kiss as their tongues attacked each other. Renee’s hands found their way under his shirt and ran up and down his torso. Jerry moaned and she pulled back and stood up.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Jerry followed his sister into the room. It was like one of his masturbation fantasies come to life. He even stopped for a moment to make certain he wasn’t just lost in one, that it was really happening. Her wet kiss on his mouth was proof enough. He kissed her back, this time roaming her ass cheeks through the shorts. Her ass was tight and round, perfect on her body. Halloween night had been rushed. If she was going to allow this to happen, then Jerry was going to enjoy every second of it. He cursed to himself when he spotted his video camera sitting on top of a box. There was no way that he could get it set up and turned on without her noticing. Like the last time, he would have to allow this to be a memory only.

Jerry slowly pushed his sister back towards the bed. When she bumped up against it, he held her still, their mouths still kissing frantically and passionately. Jerry’s hands grabbed the bottom of the her t-shirt and gently pulled up on it. They broke their kiss long enough for her to raise her arms and allow the garment to be pulled over her head before their arms wrapped around one another again. He could feel her firm tits squish against his chest and his cock hardened. Renee could feel it press into her belly. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but she needed to feel that way again. His cock was all she had been able to think about for weeks, and she was going to enjoy this as much as him.

Jerry moved his hands into the back of her shorts, feeling the warm skin of her ass. Renee moaned when he slid his middle finger between her ass cheeks and brushed her cunt. It was already wet. Jerry hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pushed down. The shorts fell to the floor and she kicked them off as Jerry stepped back. Standing before him totally naked, she was a sight that he had longed for many months. The pictures could never do her justice. She blushed as he ran his eyes over her body, from her athletic, trim legs, to her neatly trimmed cunt, thin waist and perfect tits. Her nipples were hard, almost throbbing. She did a little spin, giving him a perfect view of her ass. Her blue eyes twinkled as she looked at her brother with longing.

Renee climbed onto bed on all fours. She was about to roll over when Jerry reached out and stopped her, grabbing her hips. She moaned softly when he ran his hands up and down her smooth thighs, finally cupping at her ass cheeks. Licking his lips, he moved in behind her and lowered his head. He tongue flicked out, licking at her exposed cunt from behind. She jumped slightly as the touch, then pushed back.

“Mmm, yes, lick my cunt,” she purred. “Lick me good. Daryl never liked to eat me out. Do it, Jerry. Lick your sister.”

Jerry didn’t need his sister’s encouragement, and moved his face in until his mouth was against her cunt. She groaned loudly as he started to lick and suck at her cunt, savouring the taste of his sister. He continued for several minutes, and could feel her approaching orgasm before he pulled back and flipped her onto her back. She howled in frustration as he climbed on top of her. His mouth locked onto hers. As she kissed her brother back, she tasted something she never had before, and suddenly realized it was her own juices. She only kissed him harder.

Jerry moved down her body, doing what he had dreamed of countless times. His mouth and hands touched every part of her body. He lingered a long time on her hard nipples, and he swore she could have cum just from that if he had continued. He finally found his way back between her legs and started licking and sucking her swollen cunt. The juices were flowing by the time he reached there, and he lapped them up greedily. Holding her hips, he settled in to eat out his sister as she played with her own tits.

“Mmm, yes, brother. Eat me, eat your sister. Fuck, eat me!” With a shriek, Jerry felt her body begin to tremble, then shake violently as he continued to lick her through a powerful orgasm that left her panting and covered in sweat.

When she came down enough to regain control of her body, she pulled him up on her and kissed him frantically. Jerry was giving her something that Daryl never had before; passion. And she was determined to return the favour. The kissed for several minutes before Renee pushed him off and helped him out of his shirt and shorts. His hard cock waved in the air, but Renee started higher. Like her brother, she took her time, feeling, tasting and exploring his body until she stopped at his cock. She tenderly wrapped her hand around it and jerked it slowly, causing Jerry to look at her and moan.

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