Confession of a Panty Lover

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My love for panties started when I was about 18 years old. I attended a first aid course run by the Civil Defence unit. As part of the course they made us ‘manufacture’ all types of medical items, using pantyhose!! I was a naughty boy and very adventurous. I had a loft as my own place in our garage and would take a pair or two and make these medical items. I picked them up and noticed how sexy and good they felt in my fingers, I started enjoying playing with them and the way they felt on my hands. Then I got bold and started to use them against my skin in all different ways, even put on a full pair. I was completely nude at the time and I started to rub the pantyhose on my semi-hard cock. The more I rubbed the better it felt.

When I had the pantyhose on I was amazed as to how great they felt especially around my cock and balls. It felt so good. By this time I was engaged in a raging hardon. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock got. I started feeling my ass cheeks and jacking off my cock. All of a sudden I felt my balls tightened and I came a bucket load in the pantyhose. Man did that feel awesome.

I removed the pantyhose and put them back in my bag, feeling embarrassed saying to myself I can’t do this again. Little did I know?

This became a regular habit and I expanded my imagination by making myself a pantyhose top, so I could be completely clad, even with a head mask. I also used them to tie myself up while I engaged solo sessions.

One day bahis firmaları I was at the house of a mutual acquaintance, when I went to the bathroom I saw some white pantyhose sticking out the wash basket so before I sat in the toilet I pulled them out along with them came a pair of red panties. When I saw this I got an erection and could not pee, as my penis was pointing to the sky. I rubbed the hose and underwear on my swollen penis and didn’t realise that my pre-cum was leaking on them. When I saw that I had made them dirty, I got such a fright; I lost my erection almost immediately and then went to the toilet. When I was finished I started worrying that I would be found out to have messed in their daughters underwear. All I could do was fold them and put them in my pocket and leave. I worried about it for many days thereafter, but those items brought me much enjoyment.

When I had a girlfriend, these times were put on hold and only very seldom did I find the opportunity to indulge myself.

Recently I explored this with my girlfriend by suggesting we ‘swop panties’, this never happened but she did surprise me one day by putting her thong on me during foreplay. I couldn’t believe it. This was repeated in light bondage encounters and needless to say they were memorable, when I could manage to think straight.

On an occasion, before dinner she came round and I was under my covers naked. She enjoyed catching me like and we jumped each other. When I was kaçak iddaa whispering in her ear I was incredibly aroused and asked her if I could wear her panties when we went for dinner later. She replied positively and we had great sex. When we had finished my, libido had dropped after ejaculating and I started to get dressed, she then threw her panties at me hitting me in the chest. I felt a feeling of dread… I was not aroused any more and thought of chickening out, but was too proud and proceeded to put them on. They were a beige very lacy highcut brief, which rode up my between my butt cheeks. I was very uncomfortable and bothered me, but didn’t seem to lose my hardon! As the evening progressed many comments/discussion about my pantied region and my arousal continued returning. I am glad my girlfriend forced me to wear her panties. We went home after dinner and ravished each other.

For a little while we didn’t engage in this. An evening after a show I was following her home and texted her asking for her to surprise me, then I got brave and asked if I should surprise her. She said yes, so I pulled over and put on a pair of pink silky hotpanties I had purchased a little while earlier, as well as a flavoured condom.

One surprise is not enough ;))

I pulled up to her place, very nervous and entered. She got under the covers and I put my stuff down, I turned out all the lights so that she couldn’t see me climb into bed wearing the panties. We cuddled and kaçak bahis immediately she giggled after feeling a silky touch. She insisted on seeing them and, I think, she liked me surprising her like that. She then put her hand under them onto the condom and was surprised again, after which I made her taste her fingers. She then tickled me and made me very aware of what I was wearing in her company. She even told me that I was to be disciplined for what I was wearing. That night we had very passionate sex and my orgasm was extremely powerful.

One night later, we had foreplay using her pearl vibrator. She told me to put on her beige g-string, so I went upstairs and put them on, as well as a pair of white thigh high hold-ups. This surprised her very much, while I was getting super horny. We played with the vibrator and then went upstairs and before we had sex, I was disciplined for my naughty behaviour. While I was being fucked I was told that I was going to be wearing the g-string at our mutual work the next day, this drove me wild and crazy.

The next morning I showered and got dressed. In the bathroom my girlfriend slid her hand in my pants and gave a petite grunt of approval, that I had followed her command. That day during training, my mind wondered sexual thoughts constantly and I couldn’t wait to get home and be close to her. She is a devil, which makes me lose control.

I now have a nice pink pair of hotpanties of my own. I enjoy wearing any colour, silky (not cotton), thongs or hotpanties and the feel is great. I also wonder how this fetish will develop with such acceptance by my girlfriend. Only time will tell…

28 November 2007

updated: 15 January 2008

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