College Days

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In college, I was the quiet guy who didn’t drink. So, I got left out of a lot of activities. But one weekend, being the quiet guy who didn’t drink lead me into a hot threesome with two drunk chicks I barely knew.

I lived in a rowdy dorm on the campus of a small midwestern college. Every weekend most of the guys would take a road trip to a popular dance club and get wasted. I’d stay up studying and doing homework until about 3am when they started rolling in from the bars. Then I’d sit in the common room and watch the show. Drunks stumbling in, falling down, getting lost in the hallway, throwing up, falling asleep on the floor. Good times. After all the guys had settled somewhere, I’d go back to my room to watch movies until I fell asleep. But this particular morning, as I watched TV, I heard a disturbance down the hall.

That time of morning was usually very quiet since most of the guys were in a drunken coma. So, when I heard a couple of agitated female voices coming from the hallway, I went to investigate. I knew the two girls from around campus. They were both in one of my classes, but I couldn’t remember their names. One was tall, with short blonde hair, and medium boobs. The other was shorter, with long curly hair, and boobs that had to be at least Ds, maybe larger.

Listening to their loud conversation as I approached, I gathered what they were upset about. They had come by to hook up with their boyfriends but found the guys both passed out. I didn’t want to leave two horny chicks alone in the hallway. So, being the gentleman I am, I invited them to my room to watch old movies. They hesitated until I mentioned that I had vodka to offer them as well.

The room was small, with not much more than a desk, chair, and two twin casino siteleri beds pushed together to make a “king” size. Using the bed as a couch, we all sat together, with the girls on one side and me on the other. After a few drinks we settled in to watch TV. Obviously, I had a fantasy brewing in my head, but realistically, I expected they’d probably just fall asleep.

As I watched the movie, and felt my own eyelids getting heavy, I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing next to me. I looked over to find the two girls lip-locked. Scooting over to get a better view, I just watched them for a while. They got increasingly more enthusiastic and aggressive with their kissing. They started making those beautiful noises that women make when they’re really excited. I watched as their hands started exploring each other’s bodies, sliding under their shirts, and down their pants. At a certain point, it seemed they decided there was no turning back, so they just started undressing each other. Their movements were drunken and awkward as they pulled their clothes off. Turns out even women have trouble getting bras unhooked sometimes. But with repeated attempts and some laughter, they soon were naked.

Tall Girl seemed to be the more aggressive of the two. She was on top, with her thigh pressed against Short Girl’s crotch, eliciting moans of pleasure. They were so into each other, I began to wonder if they even remembered I was there. So, I cautiously reminded them of my presence by moving in closer and laying down beside them. Their kissing was so intense, I wondered if they would end up with bruised lips. Eventually, TG moved down and sat between SG’s legs. She started kissing SG’s toes and moved slowly up to her crotch. I was getting a good view of SG’s pussy since she was flat on her canlı casino back with her legs spread. She had a thick dark bush above her opening, but shaved lips that looked really enticing to me. TG kissed up the thigh and started licking around her slit. SG moaned and wrapped her legs around the other girl’s neck. I wasn’t sure what I should do, or how I should participate, but I was certainly enjoying the show.

Short Girl’s giant breasts were fairly firm, but they still flattened out and shifted to the sides as she lay on her back. Carefully, I reached out and touched the nearest one. She made another “mmmm” sound and I wasn’t sure if it was because of me, or the other girl’s tongue in her pussy. But I took it as encouragement and gently wrapped my palm around her breast. I leaned down and tentatively kissed her, judging her response. She put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me in tight, shoving her tongue into my mouth. It was a powerful kiss, but it didn’t last long. Moments later she pulled away and cried out as she came.

Tall Girl lifted her face, covered with pussy juice and smiled dreamily, then climbed up to take my place kissing Short Girl. That’s when I felt a hand on my erection, and I’m honestly not sure whose it was. But it gripped my shaft and pulled me up towards their faces. I moved up so I was kneeling next to their heads. SG turned her head and took my cock in her mouth. TG knelt on the other side of her and started kissing me. I could hardly believe this was happening. One girl kissing me, another sucking my cock. It was almost too much. I had to be careful that it wasn’t over too soon. Fortunately, SG pulled away and rearranged everyone.

Now with Tall Girl on her back, Short Girl climbed on top of her in a 69 position. SG pulled my cock kaçak casino toward her mouth and kissed the head. Then she guided me into TG’s pussy and bent down to lick her clit. The position was exciting, but a bit difficult. I kept my strokes short and slow, and leaned back in an effort to allow her more room to use her tongue. Every once in a while, she’d pull my cock out and suck on it while she fingered the other girl’s pussy. Then she’d put me back in. That went on for a while, then she abruptly pushed me away so she could put her whole face into TG’s vagina. Since that hole was being used now, I just moved to another.

Going around to the other end, I offered my cock to Tall Girl’s mouth. She willingly accepted it, but her position was awkward. With Short Girl’s pussy hovering over her face, TG couldn’t reach much more than the head of my cock. So, she took my shaft and pointed it toward the other girl’s slot. I moved forward, with my knees on either side of TG’s head, and shoved my cock into SG’s pussy. For the next few minutes, the room was filled with the sounds of ecstasy. I was fucking SG, who was licking TG’s pussy, who was fondling my balls. I had lasted about as long as I could.

Tall Girl was the first to cum. Short Girl was sucking her clit, and had shoved two fingers deep into her slit, causing TG to scream, shiver, and grip my balls a little too tightly. That made me go into overdrive, which pushed SG into an orgasm. She cried out and yelled out a string of curses that surprised me. But I didn’t dwell on that since her orgasm pushed me over the edge too, and I fired my load into her pussy.

After we all caught our breath, I pulled out of Short Girl and unavoidable dribbled cum onto Tall Girl’s face. She didn’t seem to mind. The two women rearranged themselves so they could lie face to face, and SG licked my cum from TG’s cheek. I climbed up to spoon with TG and we all fell asleep in a jumble of arms and legs. A couple of hours later I was awakened by the sound of the door closing, and they were gone.

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