Claiming Her Ch. 03

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Aiden had been through three glasses of brandy and now he was standing in the hall, staring out the window. Dull, perhaps, but after a day such as the one he’d had, it was just what he needed. But in truth, not more than how he needed Millie. He needed her rosy cheeks, her sweet giggles whenever she saw something silly. He wanted to be the cause of that. He’d take delight in them every day. He needed her soft lips pressed against his, innocent and curious. He could feel the fire in her kiss when he demanded her response. The little chit was being quite difficult. But he wasn’t going to leave her alone. He wasn’t going to let this be a fantasy. She would be his. And with that determined thought, he found himself in her bedroom and her in bed; a stuffed animal was held tightly in her arms. Aiden hadn’t known she slept with what appeared to be a teddy bear or maybe mouse? The ears were a little too large to be a bear’s but perhaps it was a squirrel. Her gasp when he positioned himself on her bed amused and distracted his curiosity. She hadn’t heard him walk in. Good. The element of surprise always gave you the upper hand.

“Go away, please.”

“That’s no way to güvenilir bahis greet your uncle.” After a few seconds of silence, Aiden felt it was enough. “There’s nothing wrong with liking me, Amelia.”

He knew this would not be easy but he expected some respect from the girl. Suddenly, he leaned forward, placing one hand on each side. He had her full attention. Big brown eyes locked with his own accusing eyes. “You want me and you will give yourself to me. You will spread those legs and you’ll beg me to burry myself inside you.”

Millie’s jaw dropped from sheer stupefaction. “That is the most dis—”

Ah, a reaction. Quickly, he placed an index finger on her lips. “I wouldn’t finish that sentence if I were you. You will not enjoy eating more of those words.”

She jerked her head away, her lips burning. “I would never let you touch me even if you were the last man alive.”

But he knew she would let him touch her. He knew she would give in. His cock had pressed against her tummy this morning and she had wanted all of it.

“Please . . . leave me alone.”

His breath brushed against her just as it had earlier that morning. “I can’t. I know türkçe bahis you want me too. I can tell.”

Both his hands were running up her thighs. His fingers making a light feather touch up against her skin. Her breathing stopped and her cheeks flushed. He loved all the sexual responses he ignited in her.

“At least let me look at you, Millie. Let me see your sweet, tender place. I will only look, I promise.” But before Millie could even protest, he’d grabbed her panties, ripping them and she swallowed back a moan as the fabric pulled up and crushed her little clit. Her legs were spread and held as he towered over her, looking down at her through heavy eyelids. “You’re so small. Do you think I would fit you?”

Just when Millie thought her uncle had grown bored of looking at her privates, a calloused thumb tickled her folds. “Uncle Aiden, please! You said you’d only look.”

To an inexperienced man her pleads might sound like true rejection but Aiden knew to pay no attention to the words and understand the hidden tone behind them. Millie wanted him and he would show her just how much. He spread her little hole open and leaned down for a closer look. She güvenilir bahis siteleri was being a nice little girl letting her uncle look at her. He’d only told her he wanted to have a look and that was just what he was doing until her little clit throbbed before his eyes. “Oh, Amelia, I know. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I promise I will only look.”

She nodded and waited. She could feel his breath so close to her clit. It was almost as if he was about to kiss her there. Would he kiss her there? Millie gasped! The sharp hairs of his five o’clock shadow prickled her thigh. He’d moved away abruptly and away from her. Leaving her panting in her own bed with her legs spread, her little pussy opened and exposed. He hadn’t said a word, only made his way to the door. What happened? Didn’t he want her? Hadn’t he come here and told her he wanted her? “Where are you going?”

He stopped; there was a hidden bittersweet demand in her voice. “To my room.” He waited.

“Did . . . Didn’t you like it?”

“Liked what?”

“You know.”

“No, I don’t know, Amelia.”

“Did . . . You like what you saw?” She waited desperately for his response. Uncle Aiden only looked at her through the corner of his eyes and left.


Author’s Note:

What do you think, dear readers, should Uncle Aiden rape Millie or should they keep up a game of teasing and romance?

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