Chance Encounter Ch. 25

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Miguel threw Father’s question back at him, “Why? I’m sure Jean told you her reasons.”

Father insisted Miguel answer the question, “I’m not asking her. I’m asking you.”

Miguel took in a deep breath then exhaled slowly, “Well, Father it’s because of her faith. She believes conception should occur at the moment of coital orgasm. She could get pregnant from me, but she wouldn’t conceive at the moment of coital bliss. Denying me intercourse reduces to zero the probability of her getting pregnant while not experiencing coital bliss.”

“It seems to me Jean has placed too much importance on conception and coital orgasm.”

Miguel answered, “All I know Father is if it matters to Jean it matters to me.”

Father smiled, “Miguel, the rock. She said I would understand why she wants to marry you even as her feelings for Leo have evolved into love.”

“Father, her love for Leo isn’t just tied to his semen making her more comfortable with him or feeling good around him, but her appreciation for how he made what she thought impossible, possible. She now knows there is nothing wrong with her, but with me. Leo has made it quite clear to her he has zero interest in marriage or fatherhood, but if his feelings and hers change after they conceive

I will step aside because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Your nobility is touching, Miguel but it could also be an excuse to get out of a relationship.”

“Father, if I wanted to break up with Jean I wouldn’t have driven 5 hours on a Saturday morning to meet with you. I don’t see it as being noble, but as pragmatic.”

“Pragmatic maybe, but emotionally it has to be tearing you up inside?”

Miguel sighed, “Right now it’s tough because she is pushing up the time table. She wants to get married sooner but believes she has to force their hand.”

“She might force her dad’s hand who will tell her to marry Leo.”

“I know which is why I want to accept paternity.”

“So, out of love you’re willing to be her cuckold?”

From the look on his face, Father knew Miguel was unfamiliar with the word, “The cuckoo bird lays its eggs in another bird’s nest. The male bird raises the cuckoo bird’s offspring as if they were his own. Leo is laying with Jean and attempting to fertilize her egg. If he succeeds you will raise their child but unlike the cuckoo bird you will know it’s not yours. Most men aren’t cuckolds by choice, but there are exceptions, you being one.”

Father let Miguel think about what he said, “You do understand Leo is the first, but not the last man Jean will have sexual intercourse with. The behavior you are seeing now you will see again and again.”

Miguel said, “I know. I can live with it.”

Father asked, “What about your family? What will they think? Marriage is more than just two people.”

Miguel answered, “They love Jean. My mom thinks she and Jean are cut from the same cloth. She says a woman like Jean, intelligent, strong, and independent, needs a man like me, selfless and supportive, just like my dad.”

“But when they see the child it will obviously not have any of your features. Tongues will wag. There will be innuendos; in fact it will embolden other cuckoo birds to lay their eggs in your nest.”

Miguel replied, “It will only be an issue if we allow it. Our families won’t say anything if they see how accepting we are of the baby and how openly affectionate we are. If we’re happy they’ll be happy.”

Father asked, “Miguel, describe for me a typical day spent with Jean.”

Miguel spent the next five minutes talking about all the things they did together.

Father said, “I’m glad you are connecting emotionally and socially. Jean gave similar answers. What the two of you have is a fetish. It’s important the fetish doesn’t become more important than the relationship. You seem content with her taking the reins. You’re able to handle and accept what most would consider difficult and unacceptable demands literally turning your pain into pleasure. You make what she desires your desire. Am I right?”

Miguel pondered the question, “Yes, you are.”

Father answered, “I’m glad you agree because I know I am. I have previous experience dealing with couples like you, but only after they’ve been married. During the course of their marriage she finds herself sexually unfulfilled and out of curiosity or more often than not his insistence she takes a lover, experiences for the first time real sexual fulfillment, the coital bliss Jean describes, which forever alters her relationship with her husband. She ultimately holds the power in the marriage. Many men bolt, but a great number don’t. They assume a subordinate role accepting and even being aroused and loving their wife more for her infidelities. Enhancing or pursuing more extramarital relationships for her becomes the focus if not aksaray escort the glue holding their marriage together, increasing his desire for her which makes her feel even more loved.”

Miguel brightened at the news he and Jean, while unique, were not alone. Out of curiosity he asked, “Do the husbands in these marriages have affairs?”

Father asked, “Why? Are you contemplating one?”

Miguel answered, “Curiosity and no I am not contemplating one. I guess I’m just trying to figure out how different I am. Jean is the only woman I want.”

Father said, “Of all the cuckold couples I’ve counseled and there have been quite a few, no. For many reasons their fidelity makes sense. The fetish or focal point of their marriage and their sexual intimacy is her lover or boyfriend. He’s attaining the best sexual satisfaction of his life as is she. Cheating or evenly openly dating others would diminish that satisfaction. Furthermore she’s the one who holds the power. She has a lover who would probably marry her if she pursued the idea. On the other hand, the cuckold’s next lover would find him sexually disappointing. She might marry him, but eventually the cycle would play itself out again. Biology trumping reason. You might think you chose to be a cuckold, but you didn’t. At birth your destiny was sealed. Luckily you encountered the right woman. Think about all the other cuckolds out there in denial bouncing from marriage to marriage unwilling to accept themelves. They are self loathing, perenially unhappy, human beings.”

Miguel thought about his own family; his mom and Jean were so much alike, independent, strong, dominating their relationships. His dad was like him, doting, supportive, never complaining. His dad did everything around the house. His mother went out constantly while his dad stayed home. He remembered the rumors about her and how he had his first fight with a boy over something ugly he had said about his mom. His brothers were older, complete opposites of he and his dad, but they had their mom’s personality. As for looks they were big, strong men, with reputations as ladies’ men. At times and this was one of them he wished he was more like his brothers, his mom, or even Jean.

Father looked at the clock; everything was on track. In another hour he would be upstairs carefully and lovingly giving Kris, the very pregnant rectory assistant one final fuck before she delivered. It was only fitting it was also her last day at work. He hadn’t yet decided whether to invite her cuckold husband in to watch and assist or have him man the phones and answer the door while he pleasured Kris. He felt a stirring in his loins.

“Moving on, my goal here Miguel is not to change you and Jean’s relationship, but to make it conform with church teachings.”

Miguel wondered how that was remotely possible as what little he did know about his faith told him adultery wasn’t allowed.

“First I’m glad Jean is no longer using any barriers to prevent conception; that Leo’s climaxes are always inside her vagina. She also told me, in keeping with church belief all climaxes need to occur in the vagina she directed you to cease masturbating. Is that true?”

“Father, it is.”

“But you’re still having climaxes.”

“Well, yes, but they’re……”,

Father cut him off, “They’re not inside Jean’s vagina. You do want to do what’s right don’t you? Jean wants you too.”

Miguel protested, “It’s not like I can stop them. They just happen. The only way I can stop them is to cut off sexual contact with Jean. Is that what she wants?”

Father looked at him as though he was the class dunce, “No, that’s not what she wants. How she orgasms is both relevant and irrelevant. There is nothing sacred about her orgasms, but there are valid physiological, psychological, and religious reasons regarding your climaxes. She sees her orgasms via coitus as affirmation from above, that she is walking a just path, but there is nothing in scripture or church teachings to support her belief. That’s not to say her belief isn’t valid. I believe every woman should be able to experience orgasms during intercourse. I view it more as a right so in that sense it is God given. On the other hand where you climax weakens or enhances your relationship with Jean.”

Miguel said, “I don’t know if I believe that Father. Jean and I are plenty close.”

Father answered, “If you’re so certain then you wouldn’t mind sacrificing them.”

Miguel countered, “But I’m already abstaining.”

Father said, “It’s not enough. What Jean and I are asking is total abstinence. Don’t look at me like I’m insane. It would be temporary, until she’s pregnant. I would ask you to continue abstaining until marriage but I know how difficult a request that is for young people who are having premarital sex. It’s a win win for all alsancak escort Miguel. Jean gets her baby. You get Jean and within a short time of climaxing in her vagina you will be closer than ever. Best of all Miguel you don’t have to take precautions and neither does Jean because she can’t get pregnant while she’s pregnant.”

Miguel didn’t say anything. Father let him mull over his proposition but pulled out a cassette recorder.

“Miguel I want you to listen this.” He pressed play.

A second later they were listening to Jean, “Hi Miguel, this is Jean. Father thought I should make this tape. I want you to have one hundred percent faith in him like you have in me. You are the love of my life, my man and my cuckold I can’t believe I said it. Until Father I didn’t even know there was such a word. You make me so happy. I’m sorry for all the grief I’ve given you. I’ll try to be better. Regarding where a man climaxes Father is right. My feelings for Leo have grown, but I also know they are transitory and I would have those feelings regardless of the man. They are more physiological than psychological. I look forward to when you and I will be closer not just on an intellectual, emotional level but on a physiological one. I adore the way you pleasure me. Giving that up would push me even closer to someone like Leo. I want you to do this for me Miguel, for your girl. Father completely understands us. He knows how to make this work. He’s made it work for other couples. He’s going to work with you, with us, to make our relationship even better, to take down any fences you’ve put up. You’re my cuckold Miguel. I love you.”

Father hit stop.

“Are you on board, Miguel?” Father asked.

“I am.”

“Excellent”, he opened a drawer, took out a gift wrapped box, and placed it in on the desk in front of Miguel.

Miguel looked at it wondering what he did to get a gift.

Father said, “Miguel, open it.”

Miguel did. Inside was something shiny and metallic. He asked, “Father, what is it?”

“A chastity cage, to prevent you from climaxing. It’s temporary, until Jean gets pregnant and you marry.”

“How do I wear it Father?”

Father took the box and pulled out the cage, “Your penis goes in this metal tube. The chain attaches to the base of the tube. You loop the chain under your scrotum to keep it secure. There’s a leather sheath you can needle the chain through, to lessen the chafing. It will take some getting used to. I recommend applying olive oil twice a day, just a few drops.

Miguel flipped the box over. Out dropped two keys and a lock. He asked, “What are these for?”

Father answered, “To prevent you from cheating. We’re all weak Miguel. Don’t think of this as a lock, but as insurance. Once you’ve put the cage on and are happy with the fit I will lock the chain in place. One key stays here. The other one you give Jean. She will be your keyholder. Your future climaxes will be at her discretion, not yours.”

Miguel took the tube from Father. It was well crafted, no sharp edges, the metal shiny. It was he had to admit a handsome piece of craftmanship.

“Put it on in here. I want to watch.”

Miguel stood up, unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. His penis, never big in the first place, looked even smaller. He was both excited and nervous as hell. He fastened the chain to one end of the tube and grabbing his penis slid it into the tube.

Father said, “Wait. Apply some of the chrism oil to your penis and scrotum. Put the chain through the leather sheath.”

Miguel put the tube down and standing in front of Father oiled his genitals.

Father handed him some tissues to dry his hands. He then slipped his penis back into the tube, routed the chain under his scrotum and was about to hook it to the tube when Father said, “Tighter. You’ll want it much tighter or it could slip off. It should squeeze your scrotum.”

Miguel tightened the chain but Father said, “That’s too much. Let it out by two links. You want it secure not to give you gangrene.”

Miguel did as Father directed. There was no sexual undercurrent as both were focused on the task.

“Good. Now come over here Miguel.”

Miguel waddled with his pants down to his knees to where Father was seated. Father picked up the lock and smoothly locked it into place. He then did something Miguel wasn’t expecting. He caressed Miguel’s scrotum commenting as he did, “How tight they are, ready to burst.” He then tugged on the tube and remarked how the fit was snug, “Your penis Miguel is going nowhere. Now walk around. Do some jumping jacks.”

Miguel did.

“How does it feel?”

Miguel answered, “Fine. It’s weird not having my testicles hang free.”

“You’ll get used to it Miguel. amasya escort Soon you’ll feel as though it’s always been a part of you. The worst part will be at night. Those nighttime erections will be a thing of the past. In fact you’ll hope you don’t have them because they will make your testicles ache, like you’ve been kicked. Don’t worry though; it will hurt but not kill you. Now come over here and kneel between my legs.”

Miguel did. Father applied more oil on his thumb and making the sign of the cross on Miguel’s forehead blessed him encouraging him to be strong, like a rock. He asked, “Miguel, have you been confirmed?”

Miguel answered, “No Father.”

Father replied, “Then we need to work on getting you confirmed. Since you are Jean’s rock I think your confirmation name should be Peter. Before you go we have one more thing to do. Look down. Focus on my left inseam. You see the outline of my cock don’t you? Mine is so much bigger than yours isn’t it? It’s a man sized cock capable of bringing Jean to coital bliss. Run your hand along it.”

Miguel didn’t move. He just stared at Father’s inseam. Father pressed the play button on the recorder. Jean’s voice filled the room. He started to lift his head, but Father stopped him. He heard Jean say, “Miguel as my cuckold I want you to have an appreciation for my lover’s cock. He’s not there so Father has been kind enough to fill in. Do as Father says. I know you want to. It’s one thing to see a cock in a magazine or a movie but quite another to see it up close and personal. Go on. Run your hand along it. Soft it reminds you of an oversized hose. Squeeze it.”

“Now I want you to unbuckle his belt. Undo his slacks. Lower his zipper. Now reach into his boxers and bring it out. Quite impressive isn’t it? Caress it. Watch it grow. See the veins protrude as it gets harder, the head turning a deep purple. Look how long and thick it is, made to give women a snapshot of heaven. Have Father take down his pants. Look at his balls. Weigh them in your hands. Don’t they remind you of a bull’s? Don’t they scream virile? Are you still stroking it? Good. I bet you need both hands to jack it. Now I want you to kiss it. Softly with reverence. Now run your tongue along its length. That’s it cuck. Make him hard. Someday you will do this in front of me. Father calls it fluffing. You will make what was is now soft erect again. That’s enough, cuck. Grab the shaft with one hand and imagine yourself guiding that cock into your wife. Picture the pleasure she’ll experience as that cock goes in and out of her vagina”

“Good cuck. I’m so wet right now. Put your mouth back on his cock, but no sucking. Leave no part of his manhood untouched. That’s it lick his balls. Think of them filling me with their cum making us a baby. Now listen and lick.”

The next five or was it ten minutes consisted of someone fucking Jean. Her partner never said a word. Jean’s breath was ragged, broken up by high pitched oohs and aahs and more than a few yesses and oh Gods. He kept his mouth glued to Father’s cock which looked ready to burst. He was totally turned on by what he was doing, but more importantly by what he was hearing that he ignored his squished penis which had no place to go. His balls fared worse as his excitement made them swell.

When he heard Jean cum the first time her lover’s pace picked up. He was hammering her pussy. Her second orgasm and her lover’s first reminded Miguel of when he ate Jean and shot off in his pants as she came. His arousal peaked but there was no relief but pain as though someone was pricking his scrotum with lots of needles.

Father pushed his head away reminding him of Jean doing that when she was too sensitive to be licked, “That’s enough, Miguel.”

Miguel protested, “But Father..”.

Father stood firm, “No buts.” Miguel got off of his knees and Father stood up his cock sticking straight out. Miguel thought it had to be at least 9 inches long.

Father told him to take a seat. He reached over and hit the stop button on the recorder. He was breathing hard, “That felt a little too good Miguel. You almost convinced me but your throat isn’t a vagina. Then again maybe I should make an exception.” They watched as his manhood grew soft. When Father was satisfied it was soft enough to be pliable he returned it to the inside of his underwear. He then zipped up, buttoned up, and buckled up.

Done securing his manhood Father said, “Done. Now when is the next time you can come down? How about in two weeks? Same time?”

Miguel answered, “Yes, that works for me.”

Father escorted Miguel to the rectory front door. As they passed the receptionist’s office he barked at the receptionist and the man Miguel assumed was her husband, “Upstairs, now. Both of you.” They were out of the room before Miguel was out the door. He and Father shook hands and said goodbye. His departure seemed so businesslike Miguel thought made all the more peculiar by the fact not ten minutes prior he was down on his knees fellating Father. As Miguel saw it, even if he didn’t take his cock into his mouth it still counted as a blowjob.

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