Caught on Camera

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Martin’s alarm didn’t go off that morning and when he finally awoke, stretching his lean arms above his hair and over his handsome face he glanced over at the clock which read 7:41. Startled he jumped out of bed and ran to his closet, pulling on his grey suit and tie whilst brushing his teeth. His wife, Becky turned over on her side not looking at him. She was mad due the argument the night before about him wanting to cancel their date night to go out with his friends the following night. He ignored her and ran downstairs grabbing his car keys. On his way in, whilst trying to flatten his dark hair he thought about Becky, and how they had been drifting lately. How they hadn’t fucked in at least a month and were arguing all the time. He also thought of Hannah. His office secretary. She was young, just 23 on a graduate scheme at the law firm he worked at. He thought of her long sleek blonde hair, her firm tits, her smooth thin thighs, her clean shaven pussy. He thought of how he loved Becky no matter how she looked and felt bad about fantasizing about Hannah.

As he arrived in the office he saw Hannah in the car park. She was wearing a tight black skirt that started at her skinny waist and ended at her knees, with a white shirt, she was holding two coffees. Greeting him with a smile and handing him one of the cups they proceeded in together. ‘Do you mind if I leave the office on my lunch hour today?’ she asked him as they got in the lift. ‘I’ve got a few things to take care of.’

‘Of course,’ he replied. ‘No problem.’

That morning dragged on, Martin had some cases to look over and kept checking back on Becky via the security system he had installed in their house. HD cameras in every room with sound. He often caught Becky masterbating in the day with her vibrator or dildo he had bought her, Becky was unaware of the cameras and Martin decided to keep it that way, but she hadn’t done it in a while.

As lunch time came Hannah began packing her things and left the office whilst Martin got out his pasta salad and carried on his cases, his security cameras up on his computer, istanbul escort he watched for a while as Becky got ready. Showering, shaving her legs, getting dressed, putting on the sexy, crotchless knickers Martin had got her for Christmas. Something wasn’t quite right. He wasn’t due home for hours. Then his phone began to ring. It was Becky.

‘Hello?’ he answered.

‘Hi hun it’s Becks, what you up to?’

‘I’m…I’m just having lunch in the offices, got a few cases to look over…you?’

‘Just watching TV, doing some marking.’

‘Right,’ said Martin, knowing she was lying, ‘well I’ll see you around 5 hun.’

‘Will do, love you.’ She replied.

‘Yeh…you too.’ Said Martin. He felt hot all over, was this the moment he was going to find out she was cheating on him.

He waited. The doorbell rang. Becky put on her dressing gown and went to answer it.

‘I’ve been waiting for you, you bad girl!’ Said Becky, Martin’s eyes snapped up to the screen. Girl?! There, in the doorway with her sleek hair, long skirt and skinny waist stood…Hannah?!

‘Please Miss, I got caught up and only just managed to get here.’ Pleaded Hannah.

‘Well, that’s not good enough,’ replied Becky, ‘You will have to be punished’.

They headed through the hallway and into the main bedroom. Becky undid her dressing gown and let it drop to the floor. Martin could hardly believe his eyes. He wasn’t mad he was…turned on. He had often fantasized about Hannah and Becky together. Becky began undoing Hannah’s shirt and unveiled her firm, large tits in a lacy white push up bra. Then she unzipped her skirt and let in fall to the floor. Hannah was wearing lace white underwear with white stockings and heels. Both woman stood there, one in red, one in white, then they embraced. Becky pulled Hannah round and pushed her on the bed on her back, and began sucking her tits.

‘Ummm…ummm..fuck,’ Hannah moaned, ‘Yes, just like that.’ Becky began to slide further down Hannah, and began kissing her thighs and Hannah moaned even more.

‘You want me to lick your pussy?’ beylikdüzü escort Asked Becky.

‘Yes, yes Miss oh please, please lick my pussy, please!’ Pleaded Hannah. Becky smirked and pulled down Hannah’s underwear, then plunged her tongue deep into her pussy and began licking it up and down. ‘Fuck, oh fuck.’ Said Hannah, breathlessly. ‘Yes, oh yes right there right on my clit you’re gunna make me cum so hard on your face, yes!’ Martin was hard. He glanced over his computer, out of his office door, most of the office had left for lunch. He closed the door and sat back down, caressing his dick in his pants and taking it out, rubbing it. Becky was moving more vigorously now, her tongue on Hannah’s clit, two fingers moving inside Hannah. ‘Oh shit…oh shit..yes Miss…yes Miss please make me cum, I’m gunna cum…I’m gunna cum…yes…yes…yes…oh FUUUUCCKKK!!” Hannah writhed and twitched, her eyes rolling. Martin was tugging on his dick now, he could feel himself getting close.

‘What do you say?’ asked Becky as she began crawling up to Hannah’s face and kissing her.

‘Thankyou Miss.’ Panted Hannah.

They kissed for a while, caressing each others hard nipples pushing them together. Becky then moved up, still ontop of Hannah until her pussy was in line with Hannah’s tongue. Hannah began licking it whilst playing with her clit. Becky threw her head back and began riding Hannah’s tongue like she did Martin’s dick. Hannah moaned underneath her.

‘Oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes! Your tongue is so good in my clit, oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” Shouted Becky, riding faster and faster. Martin pulled on his member faster and faster, looking at his wife’s tits her clit on Hannah’s face, Hannah’s hands rubbing her dripping pussy. They came at the same time, Becky moaning, ‘Oh fuck yyeeessss I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!’ Martin shooting all the floor.

‘Thank you Miss, than you.’ Said Hannah, as Becky climbed down and lay next to her.

‘Now remember what a bad girl you are.’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Well it’s your turn to make it up to me.’

‘How Miss?’

‘You’re esenyurt escort going to do my like my husband won’t.’ Martin looked back at the screen. He couldn’t believe his ears. He has wanted to fuck her for ages but thought she didn’t want it. Becky reached over to her bedside drawer and rummaged in it, bringing out a strap on. Martin had never seen it before. Becky pulled Hannah up, unclasped her lace bra so her large tits fell free and strapped the cock round her waist. She then got on the bed on all fours, with her clit pointing up towards Hannah. Hannah bent down first, her face in Becky’s pussy, licking it and spitting on it. She then stepped back, out on leg up onto the bed and thrust the cock deep inside Becky’s dripping pussy. Deeper and deeper with each thrust. Becky moaned and wailed in delight. ‘Harder, harder, yes..YES!’ each thrust she moaned. Hannah sped up, in out, in out, in out, in out. She grabbed Becky by the waist and spun her over into the scissor position.

They both moved with each other, the dildo deep inside Becky, Hannah put her hand on Becky’s clit above the strap on and began rubbing it hard. ‘Ohh..fuck..oh fuck..’ Becky moaned louder. ‘Jesus Christ, fuck me, fuck me harder, you bad girl.’ Becky pushed Hannah off her and back onto the bed on her back, the strap on sticking up. Becky then sat on Hannah’s face again, this time Hannah began licker her arse hole and spitting on in, pushing her fingers in and out whilst Becky licked Hannah’s clit simultaneously. Becky then sat on the strap on, it plunged deep into her anus and she moaned loudly. She had never done anal with Martin. He was hard again and playing with his cock. Hannah reached around Becky, who was bouncing up and down on the dildo, and began playing with her clit. ‘Oh yes, yes, yes, I’m going to come so fucking hard, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, oh fuck!’ She groaned, bouncing harder and faster, her large tits jiggling up and down. ‘Oh…oh…ohhh.yyeeessss.’ She came. Hard.

Becky got off the dildo and lay down next to Hannah. They began kissing softly and giggling. After a while Hannah got up.

‘I better get going.’

‘Yeah,’ said Becky, ‘You better had.’ They smiled at each other as Hannah began to get dressed.

‘Same time next week then?’ Asked Hannah.

‘Definitely.’ Replied Becky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32