Carol’s Christmas

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The scent of cooked turkey still lingered in kitchens across America and the shops and stores were already decorated for Christmas; the coffee shop where Carol sat being no exception. Disconsolately sipping her latte, she didn’t feel in a very celebratory mood. The promise of employment that had motivated her to leave home and move to the city hadn’t materialized and now she was homesick, low on funds and still job hunting.

“Excuse me, things are rather crowded, would you mind if I sat here?”

She looked up to see an attractive woman in a tweed business suit, with dark hair in a short, yet stylish cut, minimal makeup and a lovely smile.

“Uh, yes, sure,” Carol replied, shifting over to make room on the bench. The woman slid in next to her and placed her steaming cup next to Carol’s on the tiny bistro table.

“My name’s Dorothy Osborn,” the woman said, offering her hand, “Quite a crowd, isn’t it?”

“Carol Barton,” she replied and they shook hands. “Yes, it usually isn’t this busy. Early holiday shoppers, I suppose.”

“I’m not worth a darn until I’ve had my morning coffee,” Dorothy said and laughed.

“I’m the same way,” Carol said. “That’s an attractive suit you’re wearing.”

“Thanks. Don’t tell anyone, but I found this for pennies on the dollar at a consignment store on the east side of town. I could never afford this label on my salary.”

“Oh, where do you work?”

“Hatfield Industries. Our building’s right down the block. I’m a supervisor in the IT Department. What about you?”

“At the moment, unemployed. I had a job offer, moved here, and then was told the position had been filled. As it turned out, the owner’s nephew had precedence. Now I’m job hunting and not having much luck. It seems that no one’s hiring recently graduated college students with no experience these days.”

“What’s your degree in?”

“Computer Studies and Information Processing. I can write code, program, even repair computers from mainframes on down. I had a solid B average all through school and it came easily to me.” She smiled ruefully, “I would have had all ‘A’s except for some of the instructors egos. I studied ahead of the class, turned in assignments early and, in some cases, knew more than they did. They chided me for ‘grandstanding’ and kept my grades at ‘B’s. So much for being an over achiever.”

“You know, we have an opening in my department for someone with your drive and talents. Our assistant programmer took a better job offer and is resigning effective Monday. When we finish here, c’mon back to the office with me and we’ll review your course of study.”

“That’d be great, but I have no experience, remember?”

“Not a problem, it’s easier to train someone with talent in how we do things rather than retrain someone who’s worked elsewhere.”


That afternoon, and in the three days that followed, Carol experienced the hurry up and wait of the corporate hiring process. First came the interviews, then paperwork, then skills testing, then more paperwork, orientation seminars, more paperwork and when all was said and done, Carol was hired as Assistant Programmer at Hatfield Industries.

When she heard what her starting salary would be, she was astonished; her benefits package was equally astonishing. When she was issued a laptop and a desktop computer, a smartphone and shown to her own office she felt on top of the world.

The next day, Dorothy strolled in, looking sharp as usual, with a big grin on her face and said “How do you like your office?”

“I love it!” Carol said. “Thank you so much, Dorothy, for all you’ve done. I’ll never be able to repay you.”

“Nonsense, you’re an extremely talented woman. You earned this position yourself, I just gave you a little push.”

“Regardless, it’s silly I know, but I feel as if I owe you something for helping me.”

“Buy me lunch?” Dorothy said, grinning again.

“Yes, of course. But it’s only eleven thirty.”

“One of the perks of being in management. Let’s go”


Carol set to work with the enthusiasm of the newly hired and, combined with her natural talents, enabled her to finish assigned projects ahead of schedule, pleasing both Dorothy and the suits upstairs. The other employees on her floor were aloof and wary of her at first, thinking she was Dorothy’s ‘fair haired girl’ and on the inside track.

When Carol freely took on the more difficult assignments, did them well and Dorothy showed her no favoritism, their attitudes softened and soon she had a circle of girlfriends to lunch with and have drinks after work.

Carol saw little of Dorothy during the work days; yet she occasionally stopped by Carol’s office to exchange pleasantries and inquire how things were going. Carol decided Dorothy must be a ‘touchy-feely’ sort of person as she always put her hand on Carol’s shoulder or her arm when they were together.

Sometimes she would casually brush an errant lock of Carol’s flaming red curly hair from her pale forehead istanbul escort and then smile. Carol didn’t mind the touching, as she thought of Dorothy as a ‘big sister’ and found it oddly comforting.

Wherever there are groups of people in a work place, there will be a gossip and rumor mill grinding away. Carol’s floor was no exception. Soon she’d heard who was dating whom, which of the couples were sleeping together, who had broken up with whom, who was suspected of stealing office supplies and raiding the coffee fund box, and so on, ad infinitum. Some rumors, of course, concerned this or that person’s sexuality and sexual orientation.

Patricia in Accounts Payable was a huge slut, Harold in Receiving was Gay as a Christmas hat, Sally in Human Resources was a notorious switch hitter and Mary Anne in Research and Development was a cruel bitch who acquired and discarded lovers like facial tissues.

Carol was surprised when the gossips also said that Dorothy was thought to be Gay or at least asexual. This was based on the fact that she had politely refused to date anyone who’d asked her, even those in the top floor crowd and pretty much kept to herself.

Carol wondered how this could possibly be the Dorothy she knew who was warm, witty and friendly. She chalked it up to envy or jealousy or resentment at being rejected and forgot about it. Her ‘big sister’ wasn’t anything like that.


With her newfound source of income, Carol quickly made plans to move to larger quarters, as the cramped efficiency where she currently lived was not much bigger than a walk in closet. It was all she could afford at the time and now she wanted more space.

After several weekends of apartment hunting, she discovered the third floor of a converted Victorian mansion on the east side of town was available. She quickly paid the first and last and damage deposit and, as she had few belongings other than her clothing and shoes, moved right in.

The next weekends were spent shopping with some of her girlfriends for furniture, sheets, linens, curtains, cooking utensils, pots and pans and the like. With all the excitement of her new job, her new apartment and her new friends, Carol was blissfully unaware of Christmas until there was less than a week to go.

She was able to book a flight home for the holidays, then was told a freakish blizzard has closed the airport nearest her home town and there was no telling when it would open again. Disappointed, she called her parents, who shared her disappointment and said she could come home anytime she wanted to visit and not wait for a holiday. Carol decided to make the best of things and celebrate Christmas by herself.

She bought decorations, some Christmas movie DVD’s, egg nog, petit fours, a bottle of Rum and some mixers. She’d pop popcorn on Christmas Eve, fix a drink, nibble on popcorn and petit fours and watch the Christmas DVD’s until she was tired and went to bed.

The next day, she would watch the parades on TV, fix breakfast, open the presents her parents had sent overnight express, then have dinner at one of her favorite Thai restaurants she knew would be open on the holiday. Once she had made plans, she felt better about being alone on Christmas.


Returning from lunch on Christmas Eve carrying some last minute, heavily discounted Christmas decorations she’d seen in a store, she encountered Dorothy in the lobby of their office building.

“Some last minute Christmas shopping?” Dorothy said pleasantly.

“Oh, hi Dorothy. Yes, it was such a bargain I couldn’t pass it up. How are you?”

“Just fine, thanks. I would have thought you’d be gone home for Christmas by now. Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, a blizzards what’s wrong. The airport’s closed indefinitely near my home and it’s too far to drive, so here I am. I’m just going to celebrate Christmas by myself this year.”

“Is that so?” Dorothy said. “What a shame, I … I have a fabulous idea. I’m going to be alone as well, would you like to spend Christmas with me? It would be such fun.”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t intrude,” Carol said, “You must already have plans.”

“Nonsense, we’ll have a sleepover tonight and celebrate in the morning. What do you say?”

Carol felt a blush creeping over her cheeks and said “I would like to very much. I can bring some snacks, a bottle of Rum and some Christmas movies on DVD, is that okay?”

“Wonderful,” Dorothy exclaimed, clapping her hands, “We’ll have a little party.” She took a pen and paper from her purse, scribbled on it, handed it to Carol and said “Here’s my address and ‘phone numbers. Drive up to the entrance and the staff will park your car. Come over, let’s say, around seven?”

“I’ll be there. Thank you so much Dorothy. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“As am I, my dear,” she replied, kissed Carol on the cheek and was gone.


Threading her way along the brightly lit city streets in her Toyota Prius, Carol soon found Dorothy’s apartment building, an imposing beylikdüzü escort tower of glass reaching up into the gathering dusk, light blazing from several panes up and down the structure.

She pulled up to the entrance, a doorman helped her out of the car and took her bags, an attendant drove her car away to park it elsewhere, then another doorman took her to the bank of elevators, helped her in and she was off to Dorothy’s apartment on the twenty fourth floor.

Exiting the elevator, Carol walked down the hall, looking at the door numbers embossed in script on brass plates until she reached 2427. She pressed the button and waited. The door opened and Dorothy said

“Carol! How delightful to see you. Please come in. Let me take your coat. You can put your purse and bags on that table over there. I’ve just made us a cocktail.”

Carol did as he was instructed, then Dorothy took her by the arm, saying “Let me show you around first.”

Dorothy’s apartment was huge with floor to ceiling glass doors leading to a balcony with an impressive view of the city; a vast, dark sea, sprinkled with lights, flashing signs and, high above, a three quarter moon shone brightly. Decorated in a Contemporary Modern theme with minimalist furnishings, the apartment boasted a separate living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two full baths and an exercise room.

Framed art hung on the walls that were painted a pale yellow interspersed every so often with vertical stripes in primary colors. The overall effect being one of relaxed sophistication.

The tour ended with Carol in awe, then, drinks in hand, they adjourned to the living room couch to watch movies. Dorothy loaded the DVD’s into a carousel player, took the remote and joined Carol on the couch. She had already set out bowls of popcorn and candies, so they were all set.

One by one they watched an angel get his wings, the three Spirits of Christmas change Scrooge, Santa Claus at Macy’s Department store, Ralphie, the BB gun and Farkus the bully and the opening of the Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby singing ‘White Christmas’ in rural New York.

By then most of the snacks and the Rum had been consumed and both women were feeling the effects of the alcohol. They had moved closer together on the couch as the evening wore on and were now snuggled together when the last movie ended.

“Woo, I think this Rum’s getting to me,” Carol said and hiccupped, “Ohh, pardon me.”

“Quite alright, my dear,” Dorothy replied, giving Carol a hug, “I think I’m a little tipsy myself.”

“You think we should finish that bottle?” Carol said, shaking it. “There’s enough for two drinks in here, maybe three.”

“We’ll share the last one then,” Dorothy said. She mixed three drinks, emptying the bottle, offered Carol one, took one for herself, snuggled with her guest again and pressed a button on the remote. Christmas music began playing softly on the sound system as the women sipped at their drinks, enjoying each other’s company.

“I’m so glad you invited me over tonight, Dorothy,” Carol said, putting her head on the woman’s shoulder, “And I’m so glad we met that day in the coffee shop. You changed my whole life.”

Dorothy chuckled, then said “I saw you the minute I walked in. That blaze of red hair caught my eye and I said to myself ‘Dorothy, you must meet that woman’. When we met, I liked you right away.”

“I liked you too,” Carol replied, “You were so nice and friendly and you’re so pretty too.” She hiccupped again and blushed, her pale cheeks turning pink, “I mean you’re really hot … Oh, crap, I’m drunk.”

“Thank you for the compliment dear,” Dorothy said, “I think you’re very pretty as well and you’re quite the hottie yourself.”

Carol pulled away from Dorothy, leaned back, wagged an accusatory finger at her host and said “Sayyy, did you invite me here to seduce me?”

Dorothy smiled, “I really didn’t think seduction would be necessary, love. I’ve seen how you look at me when you think I’m not looking. Yet I was watching you then so I guess were even.”

“Aww, no seduction tonight?” Carol said playfully. “My Christmas is ruined.”

“The night is young, dear,” Dorothy purred. “Tell me, sweetie, have you ever been with a woman?”

“I think I’m sitting next to one right now,” Carol said, knowing exactly what she meant. Then continued “My roomie in college and I used to fool around after we’d come home from dates and get each other off. Guys just aren’t interested in pleasing a woman. They just want to stick it in and get their jollies, then it’s ‘So long babe. See ya around’.” She hiccupped again, “Bastards.”

“Excuse me for a moment, won’t you?” Dorothy said, rising gracefully to her feet, “I’ll be right back.”

Carol nodded in assent, finished her drink, and then started on the third. She had nearly finished it when Dorothy returned. She no longer wore a skirt and blouse, instead she had wrapped a long flowing silk robe the color of night around her and secured it with a sash. esenyurt escort Her feet were bare and her eyes shone in anticipation of what was to come. She stood in front of Carol who gulped the remainder of her drink, looked up and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise.

“It’s after twelve,” Dorothy said her voice soft, “Merry Christmas, Carol, dear. It’s time to open your present.”

“But I didn’t get you anything, I’m sorry,” Carol wailed, then Dorothy handed her the sash of her robe and Carol knew, “Ohhhh, ohhh, oh my God.”

She tugged on the sash and the robe flowed from Dorothy’s smooth tanned shoulders forming an inky puddle on the carpet, revealing all her naked beauty.

Carol was finding it difficult to breathe and her mouth was dry as her eyes roamed over Dorothy’s lush curves. Her breasts were large, with no hint of sag, nipples thick as thimbles surrounded by the darker flesh of her wrinkled aureoles. Her hips were wide, her thighs and calves firm, her arms and legs long and muscular.

Her buttocks were taut, the ass cheeks well defined, a puckered star nestling between them. Her stomach was gently rounded and below it a well-trimmed thicket of tightly curled black pubic hair surrounded an already moist pussy; the fat labial lips and the pink inner ones shining with drops of natural lubricant. She was Mother Earth incarnate and Carol was mesmerized.

Dorothy offered her hand to Carol, saying “It’s time for bed, my love.”


After being led numbly into Dorothy’s large bedroom, Carol stood still while Dorothy removed her clothing and underwear while kissing the exposed flesh. She dared not breathe, hoping it wasn’t a dream and this beautiful woman really wanted her. When Dorothy had stripped her naked, she dropped to her knees and began to kiss Carol’s belly and thighs causing her to moan loudly.

Carol was slight of frame, her legs and arms long, her breasts firm, high, like ripe apples. Her skin was pinkish white, her shoulders, like her cheeks, dusted with freckles, her flared hips well upholstered with pale flesh, her buttocks gently rounded, and a flaming bush of pubic hair matching the cloud of ringlets on her head concealing her increasingly moist pussy; the pink inner and outer lips and fat clit pulsing with need.

Dorothy’s kisses were driving her wild and she longed for that pink tongue to be wiggling deep in her gooey hole. Sensing her desire, Dorothy led her to the broad canopied bed, turned down the duvet and top sheet, helped Carol climb up on the firm mattress and followed her.

Hugging and kissing, tongues exploring the others mouths, they began caressing and stroking the other’s body. Carol’s smooth pink skin erotically contrasted with Dorothy’s tanned flesh that showed no hint of tan line. She often sunbathed nude on her balcony, not caring who saw her.

Rubbing their bodies together, the kissing became intense, the caresses more ardent, fingers stroked pussies and hands gripped firm ass cheeks until Dorothy panted “I want to eat you, lover, I want to suck your sweet little pussy and have you cum in my mouth.”

“Oh God, yessss,” Carol whimpered, “Suck and lick my hot cunt, baby, eat me out until I scream, I wanna cum for you.”

Dorothy scooted down the bed, placed a pillow under Carol’s obediently raised hips, settled between her wantonly splayed legs and nuzzled her luxuriant red bush. She blew gently on Carol’s fat labial lips, evoking a moan from her then gave her several long, lingering licks with her broad tongue from her asshole to her clit.

“Oh Jesus,” Carol moaned, “Yes, right there, do it more, pleeease.”

Dorothy obliged her, holding her lover’s ass cheeks in a firm grip as she licked and licked, faster and faster, her long tongue going deep inside the moist pink tunnel, scooping out mouthfuls of precum, swallowing it and going back for more.

Dorothy’s tongue was driving Carol insane. She’d been eaten out plenty of times, but never like this. It was like a snake wiggling in her pussy and she began thrusting her hips against her lover’s greedy mouth, never wanting her to stop eating. Her moans became as loud as shouts when Dorothy took her hand from one ass cheek and plunged three bunched fingers deep into the molten crevice and twisted them around.

Carol shrieked as she was powerfully finger fucked and Dorothy’s lips sucked on her throbbing clit, lashing it with her tongue. Her body shook as her orgasm grew until it filled her entirely and she howled “Ohhhh Goddd … Ohhh Jesus … Fuck meeee …I’m sooo close … Don’t stoppp … Ahhhhh … here it comes … EEEYEEEE!!”

Dorothy clung like a bulldog to Carol’s hips, licking her pussy furiously as she bucked and thrashed on the bed, grabbing handfuls of the sheet as the most intense orgasm of her life rolled on and on until she gave a final shriek and lay quiet. Dorothy crawled up beside her, licking girl cum from her lips and held her close until Carol’s breathing returned to normal.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Dorothy said, kissing her new lover’s nose.

“Ohhh, Merry Christmas, sweetie,” Carol replied with a sigh. “That was the best present I think I’ve ever received. God, you can sure eat pussy. I thought my head would explode.”

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