Caged Alpha Male

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I guess you would call us a power couple. I am a doctor and my husband a practicing lawyer. We have been married for about five years and have been extremely happy together. We both work long hours and are very type “A” personalities. We work hard and we play hard too. My husband Steve is a handsome man and is well built and very fit. He is six foot two inches tall and about 190 lbs of toned muscles. I am five foot two and 105 lbs., long brunette hair and a bubble butt that drives Steve over the edge. His mother says we remind her of Ken and Barbie.

Our sex life has been very fulfilling and kind of kinky. We have tried almost everything except bringing others into our bed. For me, that would be too much. I love Steve’s cock and love when he fucks me hard. It is about six inches and pretty thick. I have nothing to complain about. Lately, we have run out of things to try in the bedroom and have found ourselves reverting to good old-fashion missionary, wham, bam, thank you ma’am sex. Routine was beginning to take hold.

Two weeks ago, we had a new vendor show up at the hospital touting the virtues of 3D printing. Her name was Jocelyn and she was excited about what she could do. In fact, she made the bold statement that she could make or reproduce anything we gave her in less than 12 hours. We sat and listened to her story with some skepticism. When she finished her presentation, a doctor threw a syringe at her and told her to reproduce it as fast as she could.

Jocelyn set up her machine on a table, took some measurements and scanned the item with some sort of device. Soon the syringe appeared on the screen and the machine began to slowly spit out plastic. A short time later the syringe was finished, we all looked at it in awe. I asked her what else she could make, she told me she could do anything and handed me a catalog of things she had already made.

I thumbed through her catalog and saw the most amazing things, all made on her printer. The last couple of pages had some strange items on it that I did not recognize. I asked her what they were. Her face turned a bit red and she giggled and told me that they were chastity cages. I burst out laughing and asked her how anyone could fit in something so small. She assured me that all men would fit and that it was one of her biggest sellers. I was amazed and a bit dumbfounded.

As the day wore on, all I could think about was that chastity cage and if Steve would fit in it. It was something we had never tried and the thought of it made me wet. I could not help myself, so I called Jocelyn and ordered a cage for Steve. The next day a small package was delivered to my office. I opened it up and found a small white plastic cage with some instructions on how to put it on. There was also a “unicorn” attachment which resembled a sort of stump. A note was wrapped around this item. I opened it and it was from Jocelyn. It said that once my husband was locked up, I would need a cock to please me and that this item snaps onto the cage and is the base for a dildo.

My heart was racing at the thought of caging Steve and teasing the fuck out of him. I called Steve and told him not to work late and that I had a surprise for him when he got home. My mind raced the rest of the day and I got nothing done. All I could think of was how I was going to tease Steve. I raced home after work and put on some sexy underwear and waited for Steve to come home.

Steve opened the door and immediately smiled a mile wide. There before him was his tiny, sexy wife, almost naked. He asked what I had in mind. I told him I had a gift, but he would have to get naked first. Steve is such a dope sometimes and this was one of those times. He literally dropped his clothes right there at the door. His cock taksim escort was already at full attention as he approached me. I threw my arms around his neck and we kissed passionately for a minute. I slid my left hand down between his legs and stroked his cock slowly as we kiss some more. Steve was ready for action. Little did he know what I had planned for him.

We moved into the living room and I sat on the couch and had Steve stand in front of me. He assumed I was getting ready to suck his veiny pole. Instead, I took the white plastic ring and slipped it over his large balls. He asked what was happening and I told him to be quiet. Steve laugh and answered with a “yes ma’am.” The instruction for the cage said that once the ring was over his balls, I then needed to push his cock through the ring too. This seemed impossible as he was hard as a rock. I bent his cock sideways and he let out a yelp. I stated pushing the head under the edge of the ring. Soon the tip of his cock was trapped under the ring, so I pulled it hard and it popped through.

Steve looked down and asked what was happening. I looked up into his deep blue eyes and told him that I owned his cock tonight and that he needed to just accept what was happening. He looked down at me and said “yes ma’am” again. I then pulled out the cage, dripped some lube on the tip of his cock and began forcing down onto his penis. Much to my surprise, his cock responded by slowly deflating as I pushed. Steve just stared down at his shrinking penis with a look of astonishment. After about a minute, his thick six-inch cock had been reduced to a small nub. I slipped the cage into the ring and attached a lock that Jocelyn had provided.

I told Steve to step back. He did. I then just took in the whole scene. There was my handsome, sexy husband, standing in front of me with his cock locked tightly into a very-small cage. In fact, it was so small, his cock almost disappeared. A huge smile spread across my face as I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck. Steve looked down into my eyes and we kissed again, but this time he kissed me with force. Steve’s hands grabbed my ass and he pulled me into his body very tightly. It was if he had become possessed. This made my pussy drip. Strangely, something was missing. Normally, I would feel his warm rod pressed against my belly, but there was nothing there.

Steve picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and we made our way into the bedroom. He threw me onto the bed and began manhandling my body. His big hands moved across my body, touching, probing and exploring every hole. His warm lips sucked my perky nipples then made their way down my belly. Soft kisses on my inner thighs lead to his warm tongue probing my clit, then deeply into my wet pussy. He was a man possessed and in the mood for making love.

Our foreplay lasted for what seemed like an hour before Steve tried to mount me, but he couldn’t. He had nothing to mount me with. He got up on his knees and looked down on me and asked me to unlock him. I coyly asked why. He growled that he wanted to fuck my brains out. I told him to get between my legs, on his knees. He jumped there quickly. I then reached under the pillow and grabbed the unicorn attachment and my dildo. I attached them to his cage then looked up at him and asked what he was waiting for.

Steve looked down at me and growled that he was going to make me pay for my bad behavior. I looked up at him and taunted him with “make me pay baby”. As soon as those words left my lips, Steve grabbed my legs, pulled me close and slid my rubber friend deep into my dripping hole. I let out a gasp as he impaled me. Within seconds, he was pounding my vagina like he had never done before. He placed his large hand on my throat kadıköy escort as his body pressed against mine. His other hand grabbed my long brown hair. He pulled my lips to his and injected his warm tongue down my throat. I had never been fucked like this, so hard, so forcefully. Steve was a man with a mission.

His prosthetic cock penetrated me differently that his normal penis. The dildo was thicker, firmer and a full eight inches. It was reaching places that he had never been reached before. The firmness and thickness of his new tool also produced a feeling I had never felt before with his cock. My whole vagina tingled as if an electric current was being passed through it. It even caused my butt hole to pulse and quiver. The harder he fucked me, the more my body shook. I found myself in what felt like an out of body experience. His rubber cock was causing my G-spot to pulse, which them made my pussy contract and release over and over again. I had never felt my body this out of control. I could not control it; I was a quivering mess on the verge of orgasm.

Steve removed his tongue from my mouth and put his lips by my ear and asked me if I liked getting fucked by a big, thick cock. I blurted out a panting “YES”. This made him pump harder. The friction of the dildo on my G-spot set me off on a mind-blowing orgasm. One like I had never had before. In fact, I had never cum by just penetration before. I had always had to play with my clit to get off. My body stiffened, then shook violently. I let out an animalistic scream, wrapped my legs around his waist and locked my ankles. I pulled him as deeply as I could get him, inside me. My vagina convulsed uncontrollably on his rubber appendage. Wetness gushed from around the dildo, soaking the bed in sex. Steve’s crotch and caged nub was dripping with my juices. I was having an orgasm like I had never experienced. Raw, powerful and overwhelming.

As my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes to find Steve looking steely eyed at me. It was as if he was looking right through me. As soon as he could tell I was listening, he growled at me and said he was so horny he was going to explode. He demanded that I unlock him. I slyly asked him if he deserved it. He responded with a loud “FUCK”and told me to unlock him now. It was then, that I noticed, he was trembling a bit. He was so over excited that he could not control himself. I slid my hand between his legs to find nothing but his firm ball sack. I looked back up into his eyes and with a tease in my voice and asked him if his balls needed to release their load. He responded with a “yes, yes, please”.

To my surprise, I too, was sexually aroused by the power exchange. I had never had so much control of Steve. Normally he was the alpha male, in total control. Now, for a few brief moments I had total control of not just his manhood but of him and I liked it. I stroked his balls for a moment and teased him some more, then reach over to the nightstand and got the key. I had Steve sit back up, between my legs, on his knees. The sight was amazing. My husband was between my legs, sweaty from sex with a large, fat, hard cock dangling from between them. I did not want to unlock him, what I wanted was for him to fuck me again with that tool. However, Steve needed a release.

I took the key and unlocked the cage. As I did, his deflated penis began to grow quickly. Within seconds, he was as hard as a rock. He looked down at my wet hole and without a word, shoved his hard cock deep inside me. He began mindlessly thrusting his cock deeply into my dripping pussy. He was in pure animal mode. He was fucking me like a cheap whore. He seemed to only want a release. I wanted to tease him some more, so I whispered into his ear halkalı escort bayan that I love big fat cocks in my pussy. He moaned loudly. I then told him that I needed more big fat cocks to fuck me, that I needed it badly. He pounded me faster. Then I told him that I wanted him to only have sloppy seconds and to only fuck me after a bigger fatter cock had exploded into my pussy.

Steve’s body began to shake, then stiffen. His strong arms wrapped themselves tightly around my tiny body. His cock was so dep inside me that I thought he was going to split me in half. Then it happened. He took a deep breath, arched his back, then let out a sound like a wild animal. I could feel his balls against my ass pulsing, then the rhythmic throb of his cock pouring his seed deep inside me. Shot after shot filled my womb with his warm goo. His body shook and shuttered for what seemed like a full minute. I kept my legs wrapped around him, ankles locked, so there was no escape. I wanted his cum in me. I wanted to feel my man have a mind-blowing orgasm, like the one he had just given me. As his began to subside, his body relaxed and totally engulfed me. The feeling was amazing. I felt so small yet safe in his arms. He felt good inside me.

We laid there as one, for quite some time, until his penis retreated and slid from my satisfied hole. Within seconds, his gooey present began to drip from my hole. I slid my hand down between my legs and covered my finger with his gift, them placed it on my lips and tongue. It tasted warm and salty but delicious. I then kissed him deeply and made sure he got a taste of his handy work. He moaned a bit but did not object.

Later we laid next to each other and spooned. I asked him if he enjoyed what we had just done. He said that it was a true mind fucking. Steve said that the part that really fucked with his mind was when he was fucking me with the dildo, his body was doing everything it was supposed to do to make love, yet he could not feel anything. Although he was thrusting, his cock was totally out of the picture and there was no feeling, no pleasure. He was getting no sexual pleasure, yet he could see me getting off and enjoying myself. He also said, he had never seen me cum like that, ever. The intensity and shear length of my orgasm made his mind spin. Steve said that by the time I had orgasmed, he was in a trance, on autopilot, in total sexual animal mode. He thought his cock was going to break out of the cage he was so excited. This was exactly what I wanted to hear.

He then asked me what I thought. I told him that I had never had an orgasm like that before. The feeling of him fucking me with that cock was amazing. Although it was my dildo and I had used it hundreds of times before, it was always me using it. It had never been a strong, sexy man, forcing his big fat cock into my tight little pussy. Plus, it hit places his cock had never hit before. My dildo is longer and thicker than he is and created sensations that I had never experienced before, good feelings, fantastic sensations. As we spoke, I slipped my hand down between his legs and gently put my hand around his sleeping penis. It felt soft and warm and I wanted to tease him just a bit more.

I rolled over, placed my hands on his cock again and looked right into his eyes. I then told him that I love the feel of a big, fat cock deep inside my pussy. I said that a big fat cock makes me cum harder than I had ever cum before and that I wanted to have more of those mind-blowing orgasms. I told Steve that it was now his responsibility to ensure that I had the fat cock I needed, the orgasms that I wanted and deserved. Steve’s cock instantly jumped to attention in my hand as he responded with “oh really”. I laughed and told him to not be coy, his cock gave him away. I told him to admit, that he loved being caged and denied and watching me cum like I did. He laughed and agreed. I told him to get use to it, that this was going to be our new normal. He responded that he looked forward to that new normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32